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He looked at the sky in wonder as it roared. It reflected his exact emotions at the moment. It was all he could think about, numb to the real pain he was feeling. Ignoring life, because it would be too painful to deal with it right now.

He just looked at the clouds in a distracted state. People in the park started to worry for the unknown small boy. He had been lying in the grass for more than two hours now. Not moving an inch. Nobody came looking for him - he wasn't older than eight years old.

It slowly started to drizzle and all at once it started to rain horribly. As people ran for cover, the boy stayed there, just closing his eyes, letting the harsh drops of water hit him. Maybe that would wash the pain away.

Right then and there it sank in. He had no one. He was all alone. What was he supposed to do now? Slowly but surely he copied the clouds' actions. Tears started pouring down the boy's chocolate brown eyes. He tried to stop them. He had to be tough. With nobody around to hear him, he started screaming in anguish.

"How is this fair? I'm just eight years old. I NEED HIM!" he said as he gripped and pulled at the grass. He stood up and started kicking a nearby tree. He was normally not a violent person, but he needed to get the pain out before it ate him.

One particular kick had him on the floor gripping his tiny foot.

"Ow!" He sat down and just tried to calm himself down, rain dropping harder by the second. He slowly relaxed, listening to the pitter-patter sound the water made once it hit the ground.

Jennifer Knight was driving back home from the supermarket. She hated driving in this weather, gallons of water falling so hard on her windshield that it seemed like a cloud of smoke was in her way. She felt sorry for whoever was out in this weather. Thankfully, Kendall and Katie were in the comfort of her home with Mr. Knight preparing for Kendall's "super-dooper-awesomely-awesome first ever sleepover," as he referred to it.

Little James and Carlos from down the street were coming over. She had known the kids for well over three years, when they started going to kindergarden together. So after years of begging, she and the other parents finally allowed them to have a sleepover.

She was thinking of what cookies to make when she was driving by the park, when out of nowhere she saw the smallest little figure just sitting on the grass, head down, getting soaked in rain. With her motherly instinct kicking in, she wondered how she didn't injure herself when she harshly stepped on the brakes.

She quickly got out and took an umbrella from the trunk of the van, racing to reach the boy. She could hear him sobbing from a distance.

"Are you okay, honey?" she spoke loudly over the rain. He looked up from his feet and showed his big brown, red-rimmed eyes to her.

He stayed silent, knowing not to talk to strangers.

"Are you cold? Do you live far from here? Do your parents know where you are?"

He looked at the red-haired lady. With every question, she got closer and closer, until they were both covered by the umbrella. She tried a different method.

"It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. If you want I'll stay here with you until it clears up."

He stayed silent. After a while she spoke again.

"You know I have a son around your age. You probably know him. His name is Kendall."

"I just moved," whispered the small kid.

"Well, pleasure. My name is Jennifer Knight."

"I'm Logan, Logan Mitchell."

"Mind my asking Logan, but why are you out here in the rain, all alone? You could get very sick," she asked him.

"I like it here. It's like the clouds know how I feel."

"Do your parents know where you are?"

"My mommy is in her room crying. My daddy is in heaven," he said as a sob escaped his tiny body.

Jennifer was in shock. She didn't even know what to do with that information. Nobody should lose a parent at such a young age.

She did the only thing she could think of doing. No matter how wet Logan was, she put him on her lap and gave him a hug. Logan lay still for a moment, surprised by the affection, but gave in to the love the nice lady was offering. No words were exchanged.

They stayed like that for a long time, the rain slowly stopping and the sky getting darker. She decided she would take him to her house and get him dried off before taking him home. She was about to let go of the hug when she realized he had fallen asleep. With a small, sad smile she carried him into her car. She wrapped a blanket around him. She always left one in the car for emergencies.

Just as she was getting ready to drive, she looked up at the gray clouds above her. Just then understanding what he meant when he said they knew how he felt. She looked behind her to the sleeping boy and noticed the smallest of smiles on his lips. And only when she started driving did she noticed the smallest of white clouds appear.

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