Four days after Scott's rallying call to the pack things had certainly picked up for the eight of them, they had worked out a routine to patrol the preserve, kept an ear to the ground for any signs of the Apex Pack and had started training for the inevitable fight awaiting them.

Katie was taking a break from the training and watched with Dee whilst Scott worked with Flo, Sam and Eli. Currently all three were attempting to beat Scott into a corner but naturally he was too fast and strong for any of them. Sam lunged for Scott's head but he shifted out of range and pushed Sam to the ground, Eli dived at Scott from behind but sensing the attack he ducked and Eli simply flew over him, Flo ran at the stationary alpha, swiping with a left then a right causing Scott to backtrack before he caught Flo's next attack and threw her into the other two wolves. If any of Derek Hale's old pack had seen them training they would have been struck by how little pain Scott inflicted on his betas as opposed to Derek's consistent beating approach.

"You have to work together," Scott told the three tired wolves as they picked themselves off of the floor, "One beta won't be able to beat an alpha, they're too powerful".

"You did it," grumbled Flo.

"Not true," came Scott's reply "Derek and I were having our asses handed to us when we fought Peter, it took setting him on fire to weaken him enough to kill him. And whenever we took on the Alpha Pack one on one we got beaten, hell even two on one was a failure more often than not. In reality if any of you come up against Kane I want you to run, only fight him as a last resort and even then only in numbers"

Katie could see that the three younger werewolves were worried by this info so she decided to give them a pick me up. "Oh come on Scott, don't be too gloomy, yes we should only fight Kane in numbers but we can hold our own for enough time for help to arrive. Hell I could kick your ass".

Scott looked at her in surprise before he understood her intention; he gave a slight tilt of the head as acknowledgement he was on board before replying "Ok then, bring it"

"Oh maaaaaan I need to video this" came Dee's voice from behind the two of them, the sound of quick footsteps suggesting he had scrambled to his feet and was trying to find his phone.

Katie and Scott circled each other, trying to read the other for their first move as the four other members of the pack watched on. Katie made the first move and tried to sweep Scott off his feet, he jumped over her kick before swiping at her from the left which Katie dodged. She blocked his next attack and knocked his next swing out the way, leaving his face unguarded which she took advantage of to land a punch, Scott staggered under the hit as Katie kicked him in the chest sending him stumbling away from her.

A few whistles and hoots came as encouragement from the others whilst Katie tried to press home her advantage, she took a running jump at Scott as he tried to regain his balance but in the space of a split second Scott had righted himself and threw her out of the air into the concrete wall. Whistles and hoots were replaced by sympathetic groans except for Dee who cackled with delight at Katie's misfortune. Determined not to let him have any enjoyment from her pain Katie picked herself off her feet.

"Never lose focus, never take unnecessary chances," came Scott's instruction to the three werewolves, "It only takes one mistake and you could be killed".

"Yeah Katie stop making mistakes" Dee chimed in to which she just rolled her eyes.

Scott stepped off his right foot before hurtling towards her, knowing she couldn't take the hit Katie looked for a way to dodge his attack, she noticed an old drainage pipe overhead which would have to do, she jumped up and hauled herself up and out of the way of Scott's charge but as she let go to drop down the pipe sank by a few inches making a clanging that everyone could hear. Katie knew she had to keep Scott on the back foot so she rushed him. Scott turned around on a sixpence to find Katie swinging, punching and kicking for all she was worth, furiously landing blow upon blow which Scott could only block or dodge, constantly backtracking away from the barrage coming his way.

To knock Katie off her stride he lashed out with a kick; it didn't land but it forced Katie to stop attacking at which point Scott tackled her to the ground, however she used their momentum to push Scott off and roll away from him.

No one was hooting or whistling now instead completely enthralled by the fight in front of them, both wolves got to their feet less than fifteen meters away from each other. Predicting that Scott would charge again she looked around for a way to use his speed against him, the low hanging pipe caught her eye and an idea formed in her head.

As she had thought Scott rushed Katie and instead of avoiding the hit Katie prepared to jump for the pipe, she could hear Sam and Eli groan at her apparently stupid decision. Once again before Scott was within hitting distance Katie jumped for the pipe and hauled herself up but as Scott reached her she locked her legs around his neck and held firm. Like being closelined Scott lost his balance and fell backwards and which point Katie let go off the pipe and twisted her body so that she also fell onto her back. As they landed Katie reached forward and put her claws to Scott's neck.

"And bang you're dead." She called triumphantly.

For a brief second the other four members of Scott's pack were too dumbfounded to react but only for a second, they soon burst out shouting and celebrating Katie's surprise win, Katie just smiled as she got off Scott and reached down to give him a hand up. For his part Scott looked happy at Katie's victory and took her outstretched hand.

"Still getting beaten by girls Scott? Allison will be disappointed she's not the only one to do it"

All six heads turned around to find Lydia Martin standing amongst them in the station. She took in the bewildered looks on all their faces, confused over how she got there.

"Oh please," she rolled her eyes," don't be so shocked, you were all so absorbed in the fight over there that none of you heard me come in".

"Hey Lydia its great to see you" Scott called from the other side of the room. He walked over to the redheaded girl to give her a hug.

"Please McCall, you said I need to be careful with your scents, well I am not having an extra strong brand of alpha werewolf sweat on me." In a manner of second Lydia had once again brought out an expression of sheepishness on Scott's face, it wasn't one Katie saw often and she loved that Lydia could seemingly summon this look at will.

"Oh right, yeah my bad, you're probably right".

"I'm always right Scott," Lydia chided the werewolf before turning to face the rest, "Hey guys how's it going?"

"Great, I just kicked Scott's ass and have thoroughly earned my rest" was Katie's reply.

Everyone else made their greetings before going back to training with Scott whilst Katie and Lydia sat down together.

"Hey guys I'm going for cigarettes, anyone need anything? Scott, maybe a magnifying glass so we can find your dignity?" Dee asked as he was leaving the station.

Scott just laughed off Dee's remark and went back to training, Dee having taken requests, left to find the nearest convenience store, leaving Katie and Lydia alone to talk.

Lydia was the first to speak, "So things are really stepping up here huh?"

"Yeah well Scott gave us a big speech a couple days ago, let us know that we're in this to win but we've all known it was going to come down to this eventually."

"And how do you feel about it?"

Katie was surprised by the question, as one of the oldest members of the pack no one really asked her, they just expected her to be sure of what she was feeling. And whilst she was sure of some things, her devotion to Scott and the others, sometimes she wished someone would reassure her when things got dark, someone other than Scott.

"It isn't going to be pretty and I'm scared, really scared actually. But if we don't fight we die anyway, that or become forced to join them. So I'm glad we're finally stepping up to the plate, glad we are going to do something. I'm just terrified that someone will get hurt."

Lydia looked down for a beat, "Maybe they don't have to. Do you think you could talk to Scott, get him to let me tell the others, you don't have to do this alone, we could fig-"

"No Lydia," Katie smiled at the redhead before continuing, "I could never go against him when he makes a final decision on something, not because he's my alpha but because he's my best friend. Besides, we have no right asking you to get involved in this; your pack has been through enough and Scott…Scott isn't ready."

Lydia stared at Katie, eyes lined with sorrow and regret and looked as if she was going to argue before ultimately holding her tongue, "I'm sorry".

Katie just nudged Lydia with her shoulder before asking "Was it always like this? Did you always run around with this crushing sense of dread and over-whelming anxiety?"

"Well I wasn't really around for the first crisis, and I only knew about half the story with Jackson but yeah, I was always worried, always scared."

Katie didn't understand, there was Lydia Martin, stuff of legend in her pack who was a strong, confident girl in control of every situation when she had no right to be. Who had no right to be alive, been through enough to have a nervous breakdown and still there she was.

"How did you do it? How did you survive?"

Lydia just smiled at Katie, probably aware of the thoughts going through her mind, "Because we had Scott. And that's why you're going to get through this, he won't stop fighting, he always be there, and he's a badass True Alpha, no other werewolf can beat that".

As if one cue, Scott came under attack from the three other wolves, all attacking him from different sides at the same time at ferocious speed but in the space of a couple seconds Scott had ducked, dodged and hit back to leave the other three sprawled on the ground.

Katie started laughing, perhaps at the perfect timing, perhaps at the sight of the others on the ground or perhaps because her nerves were shot, she wasn't too sure, soon Lydia joined in and the two girls laughed long and loud for a good couple minutes.

A quick buzz from Lydia's pocket interrupted their revelry; the redhead withdrew the source of the noise; her phone from her pocket and checked the screen whilst Katie was busy trying to reign in her giggles.

"It's Allison", said Lydia, "Crap I'm supposed to meet her to go shopping".

"You can go shopping at a time like this?"

"Sweetheart how can you not go shopping at a time like this, if we don't then you just sit there and wallow which isn't healthy."
At the other side of the room the training stopped, Katie had noticed Scott's head whip round in their direction at the mention of Allison's name, Lydia on the other hand had not, instead she was studying Katie like she was a math book which had the young werewolf unnerved.

"How would you like to come with us? And FYI that isn't a question honey"

Katie was taken aback by Lydia's invitation, she hadn't thought Lydia would've been interested in spending time with anyone except Scott. The more she thought about it the more she wanted to go. She hadn't been shopping in a mall with other girls in years, not since before her father and she had started travelling. There were of course complications.

"But what would you tell Allison, about who I was? Plus my scent will be all over the both of you, someone could smell that".

Lydia didn't need anytime to answer "We'll say that you're my cousin who's visiting, you are staying in a hotel and as for the smell, I'll just ask Allison to go running with me which will lead to showers. Any more questions?"

"You run?"

"Please, you don't need to have a genius level IQ to know that in this town, being fit and fast enough to run away could save your life. So are you coming?"

The truth was it wasn't just the younger members of the pack fascinated with Scott's previous life and his pack, Katie was hugely curious to find out more about his past and she was sorely tempted to go with Lydia to see Allison Argent, the hunter who fell in love with a werewolf. But she had to be sure it was good by Scott, it would have been disrespectful if she didn't ask.

She turned around to ask him but to her surprise he was already stood next to her, he wore a reserved expression on his face as he said, "You should go, Lydia's right, we can't obsess over things, we need an outlet."

Katie wasn't thoroughly convinced but before she could change her mind Lydia had grabbed Katie's hand and as dragging her towards the exit. She stopped pulling Katie for a second to run back over and hug Scott before telling him "I'll come visit again soon".

Scott wore a genuine smile when he replied, "I'd love that. Be safe".

The two girls left the railway station behind them and got into Lydia's car, they were going to pick Allison on the way Lydia told Katie as she pulled out of the car park and drove through town. Katie stared out the window and took everything about Beacon Hills she could in, Lydia noticing what Katie was doing spoke up, "I guess it's kind of weird being in Beacon Hills where Scott grew up huh?"

Katie nodded, grateful that Lydia could understand, "It's so odd, this place looks like any other suburban town I've been in and yet it's this hub of supernatural activity. If it wasn't for this town I don't know where I'd be, I wouldn't have Scott and the pack., I'd be alone".

Lydia seemed to consider what Katie had said for a couple minutes until she spoke up again, " Ok we'll play a game, you answer my questions about the pack and what you've been doing and I'll answer yours about Beacon Hills."

Katie and her curiosity were immediately sucked into Lydia's game with a million questions she wanted to ask "Ok sure, I'm game".

Lydia smiled at Katie's enthusiasm, "Ok, I'll answer first".

Katie took some time to compose herself and mentally shift through all the questions she had thought of over the years before she choose one, "What is Scott's mom like?"

Lydia was quick to answer, "She is the warmest person I have ever met and definitely the coolest mom. It doesn't matter who you are, she always treats you like family. We call her pack mom, and its really fitting, at one point or another she has taken care of all of us. When she married the Sheriff she made sure we were all involved in the wedding".

"Wait she married the Sheriff, as in Stiles' dad?"

"Oh yeah they married three years ago, it feels like they've always been together because its so normal. It was such an amazing wedding. Stiles was so happy, I hadn't seen him that happy since Scott left…Does he know?"

"If he has he hasn't mentioned anything to me, I'll tell him when I get back". Katie was worried about that conversation, she didn't want to put anything else on him that he wasn't ready for but then at the same time she couldn't keep this from him.

Lydia's first question broke her train of thought, "So what is Flo's story, she's fourteen right? So she must have joined you guys this year or last? Where are her parents?"

Katie's heart sank at that question, of all the ones to open with Lydia had unknowingly picked the worst.

"To be honest Lydia, Flo's story is probably the worst of anyone's. Really heartbreakingly tragic but its better you know".

Lydia expression turned to one of apprehension; she kept her eyes on the road whilst waiting for Katie to talk.

"Flo is an orphan, her mom died in childbirth and her dad was murdered a year later, so she spent her entire life in foster care. Nearby the town where she lived was a family of werewolves who were decimated by a group of hunters leaving only the Alpha and his daughter left. We don't know when that happened just that it did. When Flo was eleven the alpha's daughter died, again we don't know how or why just that it happened. This alpha went mad with grief, lost control and became purely animalistic when he wandered into the town and where he found Flo alone walking home."

Lydia hadn't said anything during Katie's recollection but Katie could see her grip on the wheel tighten and she thought she looked a little paler. She continued.

"He bit her. I don't know why, maybe he was afraid of being alone or maybe he wanted to replace his daughter, nothing will ever justify it. When the alpha finally regained his senses and saw what he had done, he killed himself out of shame. That's when we found her, she was terrified, she had no idea what had happened or what she was. She was a mess, understandably."

If Katie had thought Lydia had looked pale before, she was positively white now and her eyes were glistening. She sniffed heavily and wiped her eyes with her sleeve before taking a left turn. Katie looked down at the floor for a second and when she looked back Lydia had completely composed herself, the strong exterior back up.

"It's not all bad, I mean it mostly is, its mostly terrible, but over time Flo came out of her shell and you saw her before, she's stronger than any of us could have dreamed of being at that age. And whenever she speaks about it, she always says that it brought her a family, one she'd never had before".

Lydia managed to find her voice, "Scott was sixteen. Sixteen and saddled with the burden of saving so many lives, But even that could never be as bad as that story."

Katie nodded in agreement, 'He says as much himself, says he would choose what happened to him over that every time, personally I'm not so sure, Flo gained a family but Scott had to loose one. Are you ready for another question?"


This was how the two girls continued for the rest of the journey to Allison's building until they pulled up outside.

Suddenly Katie wasn't so sure about her decision to tag along, she was scared of saying the wrong thing and giving away who she was or information about Scott and the pack. And what if Allison didn't like her? It seemed a silly thing to worry about considering but this girl was important to Scott so she didn't want to put her foot in it, the fact that the only girl she had spoken to her age in the last five years was Lydia did nothing to calm her nerves.

Before Katie could backtrack on her decision a tall, pale brunette emerged from the apartment building opposite the road. 'Ok so she is gorgeous, I have to give her that' was the first thought that popped into her head and suddenly Katie's curiosity was back and more compelling than ever. She wanted to know what this girl was like.

Katie quickly wriggled her way to the back of the car before Allison arrived despite Lydia's arched eyebrows which conveyed just how silly she thought Katie was being, there was no need to rock the boat by taking her place or anything like that. Allison rounded the car, opened the door and slide into the passenger seat, oblivious that only moments before it had been occupied.

The huntress gave Lydia a beaming smile before greeting her, 'Hey Lydia, sorry I took so long, I had to talk to my dad about the Ape-' Allison cut herself off as she became aware of the third member of their party.

Lydia quickly made introductions, "Oh don't worry about it, Allison this is my cousin Katie, Katie Allison. So what was it you were saying about the apes?"

Allison, having expected Lydia to cover for her rather than put her on the spot looked shocked before quickly stuttering out an answer, 'Errm, wel…. Uhh they are in danger and ermm I told him that we had to do something about it".

Allison quickly deflected, mentioning the song on the radio and how good it was. Katie caught Lydia's eye in the drivers mirror and the redhead winked back at the blonde.

'So Katie where are you from? Lydia never mentioned a cousin"

Now it was Katie's turn to be alarmed but, having worked out a story with Lydia earlier, she rehearsed her practiced answer. "Oh well we don't see each other that much, because we live way out west in Utah, so this is quite a rare occasion for us to see each other. I came to California because I'm thinking about coming here for college and Aunt Natalie offered to house me in the meantime."

Right on her cue Lydia chipped in "Naturally I wouldn't have a cousin of mine going round California with no idea of where she should actually be going, nor would I let her walk in my town in her tragic mid-western fashion, a trip to the Macy's was definitely in order".

'Well I like her clothes and how practically Katie is dressed, I think you could learn a thing or two Lydia"

"I know, I keep telling her that, how is she meant to go her whole life strutting around in heels, it isn't right" Katie smiled at Allison for her kind words and the brunette returned the gesture.

"Please" came Lydia's reply, "Neither of you can comment on the way I dress".

As the day continued Katie felt that she was getting along very well with Allison, they had a similar sense of humor and both found it hilarious how frustrated Lydia became with them as they took their time choosing clothes. Truth be told Katie was thoroughly enjoying herself, this wasn't something she had often done as a child, and never since she became an adolescent, it was fun and being guided by both Allison and Lydia helped her feel like she was getting the best of both worlds, practical and fashionable.

Hours later the girls found themselves sat in a coffee shop, resting their weary legs, Katie for one had no idea how Lydia could do this so often, werewolf or not she had expended all the energy she could muster just walking, let alone carrying the extra bags she had. Lydia had twice the amount and had been walking in heels all day, Katie was starting to see the inner resolve that Scott had so often attributed to the banshee, even if it was in completely different circumstances.

A text on Katie's phone distracted the three girls from their conversation, to Katie's dismay the name that came up on the screen very clearly read 'Scott'.

Katie kept her cool, picked up her phone and read the text like it wasn't from the love of the girl on her left's life. It read 'Going out with Eli and Flo, the others are back at the station, Dee wants smokes, again'.

Katie let out the breath she didn't know she was holding before looking up from her phone; Lydia had a strained look of calm on her face whilst Allison's eyes still focused on Katie's phone.

"Sorry 'bout that guys, just my brother asking how my baptism to the shopping world went"

"You have a brother called Scott?" asked Allison

"Oh yeah, we're a pretty big family back in Utah, Scott is my older brother but not by a lot".

"Katie isn't wrong, cousins coming out the walls back in old Utah. Don't mind that look on Allison's face, the name Scott is a sore subject for her"

Katie had been hoping for an opportunity to quiz Allison about her feelings for Scott ever since she got to Beacon Hills, so as it presented itself she wasn't going to let it go. "Bad break-up?

Allison was immediate with her answer, "No! No... nothing like that, well it was a bad break-up but it had nothing to do with him"

Katie had been focused on Allison but a small nudge under the table reminded her that Lydia knew exactly what Katie was doing, the blonde looked at her 'cousin' who in turn nodded as if to say it was ok before excusing herself to go to the bathroom.

"So what made it so bad, if you don't mind me asking"

Allison turned to Katie, as if only seeing her for the first time before gathering herself, "No its ok, well umm he was my first-"

"Eww a little too much information there Allison"

"No I didn't mean it like that', the huntress burst out laughing at Katie's reaction, "I mean he was my first love, well the only one really, and when I broke up with him I felt it was the right thing to do"

"But now you don't?"

"Not just now, back then, everyday I questioned my decision and just when I was sure I had been wrong, he left"

"He left?"

"Yeah, no explanation, no reason, no warning, no note… I was ready to tell him and he disappeared. And I mean I get that I have no right to be holding onto it this tight, no right to demand he explained himself to me but I thought we meant more to each other than that."

Katie had wanted to know how Allison felt about Scott and so far she felt what she had found out was good, on the one hand Allison still obviously felt for Scott, although on the other she was holding in a lot of resentment, resentment that wouldn't go away until she saw Scott, if she ever did.

"Maybe he left for a good reason?"

Allison paused, reminded of her conversation with Isaac earlier that month. Everyone said that Scott left for a good reason, that they should trust him. But it was he who didn't trust them, didn't trust them to help or go with his wishes and that was what stung the most, that and the space left in his absence.

"Yeh I'm sure he did but it doesn't make it hurt any less".

Katie really felt for Allison, she could see how hurt she was and her knowledge of Scott and what he'd been doing whilst away from Allison made it worse, but it wasn't her place to intervene.

"For what its worth, I'm sure he is in as much pain as you've been".

That seemed to resonate with Allison and she smiled her thanks at Katie for her kind words just as Lydia arrived and then the conversation headed elsewhere.

Another hour later and the three women were in the car heading home, firstly to Allison's and then later the train station although Allison wasn't to know that. Katie was sad the day was coming to an end, she hadn't had as much fun as she had that day in a long time, for a couple of hours she had managed to forget the darkness that was part of her life and it had been bittersweet. It turned out she and Allison had a lot in common and a friendship had fast formed, numbers had been exchanged and Katie was beginning to understand why Allison and Lydia had been a part of Scott's pack.

Lydia's car pulled up outside of Allison's building and the brunette turned around to say goodbye to Katie.

"So maybe I'll see you soon?

"Sure, I'll text you at some point."

'Lydia I'll pick you up before going to Derek's?

"Actually, I was hoping we could go for a run later and head over after."

"Lydia Martin suggesting a run? Ok, you're on"

"Eight o'clock sharp Argent."

Allison waved the two girls farewell as she entered her building, Lydia started the car up and they began their journey home.

Her conversation with Allison was really bugging her, she wasn't sure if it was her place to speak up but she felt that if she knew more she could help Scott.

"So Scott leaving, it hit really Allison hard didn't it?"

Lydia glanced at Katie through her mirror, careful to keep her eyes on the road, "And you're telling me that Scott hasn't spent the last five years being constantly mopey?"

It was obvious to see that Katie hadn't been satisfied by that answer so Lydia continued,

"Its difficult to understand if you hadn't seen what they were like before, it was sickening, no really, they were nauseatingly connected. From day one it was like the only thing that was important to any of them was the other. I don't think Scott would've beaten Peter if he wasn't doing it for Allison"

"Then why did they break up?"

"They needed the time apart, well Allison needed it, Gerard had twisted her so much that she needed time to unravel and she couldn't do that with Scott constantly reminding her of what she'd done and what she'd lost. After everything with the Alpha Pack it looked like they would finally have some peace and time to think and then he was gone. It was a big blow to us all but Allison had been hoping to get back on track and after the sacrifice I think it hit her and Stiles even harder. Too hard".

"Does she still love him?"

"I think you already know the answer to that".

Katie was silent and thought back to all she now knew, Allison hesitating in the middle of the road because she thought she saw Scott, her mood change when reminded of the past with him and she mirrored that with the Alpha's own emotions.

"She does".

"And now Scott's back in town, so what are we going to do about that?"

"I don't know if we can do anything, or if we should."

Lydia's eyebrows were arched in the mirror and Katie immediately felt sheepish, if a genius disagrees with you it can be pretty intimidating stuff, werewolf or not and besides, Katie wasn't sure if she believed what she had said either.

"Don't give me that pack loyalty crap, Scott doesn't have to completely cut off his old life anymore, if he made contact the others would understand and no one would expect him to stay. Just to exist again. He doesn't see that, we do and as his friends we need to help him understand that."

"Its not as easy as that Lydia. I think you're right and it'd make Scott happier but there's more to consider. With the Alpha Pack now there's danger to your people now and that's on us. We brought them here. Scott already feels like he is always putting you all in danger, bringing you in would make that worse. "

"I'm not asking you to bring us in, although I still think you should, we are still going looking for them after all"

"You can't, you said you wouldn't!"

"I said I wouldn't tell them what I knew or where to go looking but if we find them we fight them."

Katie knew they were right to and so wasn't going to argue with them on that, and she knew Lydia was right about Scott too but she still didn't know if they could do anything, even as her best friend Scott was her alpha too, she wasn't going to disrespect him.

"There isn't much we can do Lydia, I'll try to talk to him about it after the fight is over and you can too but until that day nothing will happen."

"Which gives us plenty of time to come up with a persuasive argument, I think you and I can be very convincing." Lydia smiled at Katie in the mirror and both girls started to laugh, the tension in the car evaporated.

They soon arrived at the station and both girls made their way inside. They found the pack gathered around the carriages with Scott, Dee and Connor stood around a map they had placed upon a stack of crates; the others huddled around eating, talking and laughing. They looked so content; which considering the fight they were preparing themselves for was incredible. Katie was continually finding herself bursting with pride for these people, her family who kept smiling, in spite of all they had been through. Scott waved at Katie before signaling for her to come over, she split with Lydia who went to show Flo the new heels she had bought her, the young werewolf's first pair.

Connor and Dee were walking inside the carriage as they passed Katie, she preempted the shove from Dee on Connor, with the aim of sending him hurtling into her, when she stepped aside to miss being taken down with the falling werewolf there was a loud slam as Connor hit the floor. Dee looked on horror at the consequences of his shove, fully aware of the repercussions and sprinted out of the carriage to hide. Connor jumped up and tore after him.

"Not even a hello, pair of dicks" Katie muttered.

"Talking to yourself again?'

The blonde werewolf did not have to turn around to know who was behind her.

"Hey Scott, how you doing? Also with our hearing I don't think it's ever possible to speak to yourself".

"I'm good, little stressed but none more than usual. That is true, like the time I heard you and Dee trying to work out when my birthday is"

"Yeah I don't get why you won't tell any of us, or what about that time Wallace and Eli tried hiding the leftover pie?

"Katie that was yesterday, you can't say that time'

"Ok well what about the countless times you've told one of us your stories when we couldn't sleep or were scared? You might not be aware of this but I listen every time you talk about it here and I'm pretty sure the others do too."

Scott's customary sheepish look appeared after hearing Katie's words, he may have been embarrassed then but Katie knew that down the line he needed the confidence boost. Everyone else saw him as their invincible alpha and awesome leader, which was all true but he was 21 and it was natural for him to lose belief in himself. "You really always listen?

"You kidding? Every time. I love hearing about your life before this, to the rest of us it's the stuff of legend'.

"Is that why you wanted to see Allison today?"

Katie knew she was going to be quizzed on her afternoon with a certain huntress but she hadn't expected Scott to take a line of questioning like this. She contemplated her answer, obviously lying was out the question but she wasn't too sure how to reply. For his part Scott didn't look angry, well in fairness he didn't look anything, his face set like cement.

"It played a part, definitely. I mean Scott come on this is the Allison, in the Beacon Hills. This place is your story. And meeting Lydia has been great, well minus the circumstances in which we did meet her, so when she invited me to shop with them I did want to go but you let me!"

"I know, I'm not upset or anything Katie, I'm glad you went, its nice to think of my two families meeting although I guess it doesn't really count. To be honest while you were with her it was the most relieved I'd been all day, the two of you could look out for each other if something happened.

"So why are you so down?"

Scott moved to take a seat; he leant back against the chair before slumping down. Katie mirrored him, save for the slouching.

"It's the darkness, the heaviness of it like I can barely stand straight, its 90 degrees out and I feel cold and every time I look in the mirror my face is covered in blood".

Katie was worried; Scott had never described the darkness as having physical symptoms before, an deterioration at this time was not what they needed, "Is it getting worse?'

"No, it's been worse than this before, like at the start. I think its because I'm back here, back near the Nemeton. It's pulling at me."

"What can I do?"

"Distract me, keeping busy today has helped me a little'."

"Allison still loves you".

The words had slipped out quicker than Katie could rope them back in, it wasn't that she didn't want Scott to know but it was a delicate subject and she had been trying to decide on the best way to tell him. Apparently she was a fan of the ripping Band-Aid approach.

"W-what? "

The blonde werewolf turned to look at her alpha dead in his brown eyes where she could see a reflection of her own blue ones, slowed her heart rate so he could listen. "Allison is still in love with you. And for the record I am so sorry for just blurting it out like that. It was uncool man"

"Why do you think that, did she say something?" Scott stopped speaking to let his mouth catch up with his brain, he looked at Katie with wide eyes; "Did you say something?"

"Hell no! I don't need to get involved with this! But as one of your best friends I wanted to know what was what, that being the main reason I went out with Lydia and Allison today. And no she didn't say anything explicit but we talked about you- the Big Ex- and you could tell, I mean it was so obvious with the way her voice wavered on your name, how she kept looking around the mall. Plus she has the exact same look you have when you think no one is watching you. Oh and Lydia confirmed it for me".

"But what about Isaac?"

"Nothing in it, they are just good friends exactly like you and me"

"Why hasn't she found anyone else?

"No idea, I didn't ask. Your mom married the Sheriff btw"

"Yeah I know, I saw them when I first got into town"


"Hey guys, you have one minute to get here before we eat all of the donuts Flo and Sam brought back. This isn't a threat but a fact".

Scott stood up from his seat in the train, "Come on, lets go Dee always eat the jellies and I love the jellies. And Katie-"



Katie beamed at Scott as they left the carriage and although she didn't mention it, she noticed that Scott was standing ten feet taller.

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