To one seven-year-old Motomiya Daisuke, she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen She was taller than he, but at that age, what girl was not? Her eyes reminded him of those tiny, dainty little flowers that grew in the grass, the ones no bigger than his little thumbnail. Her hair shimmered like a roarling blaze in the sunlight. Her face was delicate.

But she never smiled.

Daisuke hated that. She was such a pretty girl! Why couldn't she smile?

Daisuke could almost imagine it: her pouting lips will curve into an adorable crescent and her lavender eyes will light up with a subtle spark. Or maybe those white teeth will be visible as she grinned widely, the corners of her eyes crinkling cutely, her irises dancing with amusement.

Of course, no amount of imagination could compare to the real thing. Therefore, Motomiya Daisuke made it his goal to make Makino Ruki smile.