Kaitlyn texts AJ. 'Open your door'.

'AJ texts back. 'Why? I don't want to :('

'I guess you don't want your surprise'.

AJ sighed and got out of her bed. Her eyes were puffy. She looked devastated. And miserable. She opened the door to see kaitlyn standing there.

AJ didn't say anything. She closed the door and wrapped her legs around her girlfriend. "I missed you so much". AJ said.

"I missed you too, baby". Kaitlyn hugged her tightly. "What happened?". She asked.

"Does it matter? You're here now".

"It does. It's important to get whatever it is your feeling out off of your chest".

"Can we not talk about my parents getting a divorce? The only thing I want to feel besides loneliness and betrayal, is the warmth of me bein gin your arms".

Kaitlyn smiled. "Can I just tell you one thing?".


"It does get better, AJ. With time it will".

"I'm so happy I get to see you. I don't know what I'd do without you". AJ cooed.

"You'll never have to find out because I'll always be by your side. Even when we're 70 years old, and in our rocking chairs with 5 dogs and 5 cats".

AJ giggled.

"I don't like being away from you". AJ said.

"I know, I hate it too. But it's part of the job, unfortunately".

AJ kissed Kaitlyn again and again and many more times after that. Kaitlyn blushed. " Oh, god! I miss your kisses. I missed my spider monkey". Kaitlyn smiled into the kiss.

"Spider monkey?". AJ questioned.

"Yeah. You like to hang on me like a monkey, like I'm your personal tree or something! And I have you on my phone as, spider girl".

AJ laughed. "Have you told your friends about us?".

"Yeah! And they keep on asking when they get to meet you".

"How about for the Survivor series PPV?".



"OH MY GOD YOU'RE THE BEST". Kaitlyn beamed.

"Well, you've given me someone I'm falling deeper for. And make sure I don't sit by any perverts".

"Don't worry, I won't put you next to anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable".

"Celeste Bonnin, I really hope I get to be your one true love".

"Who am I to say you aren't already?". Kaitlyn winked at her.

"Now I have a surprise for you. It's in my bedroom".

"Oh yeah?".

"Yeah. I...I want you to be my first".

"Are you sure? We don't exactly have to-"

"Please Celeste? I really, really want to!".

Celeste smiled. "I'll go slow. I promise".