Well, this is what happens when two bored Sengoku Basara fans get talking and decide to mess with the timeline. Co written with Fortune Maiden, we both admit that we own nothing to do with Sengoku Basara, but that it holds a dear place in our hearts.

Now, let the madness...BEGIN!

Alright, if someone up there's laughing at me, then quit it. There's nothing funny about a fifteen (nearly sixteen!) year old trying to rent a wooden wagon in this modern day and age. Though, if you're laughing at me about the cowpat I nearly slipped in, then yeah, carry on. That part was pretty funny. "How big did you say it needed to be?"

"Uh..." Okay, how many of us were there again? Last time I checked, it was around seven or eight, but that number was going up and up with each message. "Just give me the biggest one you've got."
"Hmm, will this do?" Chewing on the inside of my cheek (really should stop doing that) I looked it over, tilting my head to one side. Well, there was room for at least ten people in the back and then another two on the box in front. Taking room off for supplies... "Kid?"

"Two things: Yeah, it'll do and I'm not a kid!"

"Anyone who needs to get a permission slip is a kid. Got it?" Nodding, I clenched my fists again, taking the farmer's proffered hand. If this guy didn't owe my aunt's ex husband's sister a favour... then I'd be looking for another farmer. Who would probably make me pay a lot more. Why did I hate this guy again? "Right, so I'll go grab the shire horse from the stables so you can actually get somewhere with this thing."
Ah, a non believer. To think I used to be one. The second his back was turned, I crept onto the box, putting my hands together and scrunching my eyes. "Don't mess this up for me."

Huh... so this is what my stepdad meant by America being strange. After all, if I was steering the wagon through England then the taxis would've been black, not yellow and... what? Oh...yeah, welcome to America! Don't ask how me and the horse got here, just know that ferries are very kind to horses, and that no one questions lone travellers.

Wriggling my nose to get rid of a particularly annoying itch, I shifted my position slightly, getting rid of the numb sensation. Hopefully Fortune would be willing to lend some couch cushions for this endeavour, because if the benches in the wagon were anything like the box, then we were in for a bad time. Then again, that depended on two things: My driving skills and America's geography. As all my friends loved to joke, the girl taking GSCE Geography is also the only girl who could get lost three streets away from home, which meant in a different city, in another country on another continent, I had no chance.

But I had an advantage! One that not even the worst naysayer could dispute. I had...a satnav that may or may not have come from my brother's car. If all went well on this trip, I'd be back with enough time to replace it before he even realised it was gone. Finally, as it seemed like I was never going to get anywhere, the little computer finally dinged with the most heavenly sound, 'You have arrived at your destination.'

Dropping from the box, I landed neatly, making my way to the wall of buzzers before me, finally hitting on a snag. I had no idea what my partner's last name is, or even her first name (common sense dictates you don't release some things online, take note kiddies) so I leapt at the chance to do something I'd always wanted to do.

Placing my finger on a button, I proceeded to drag it down, pressing every single buzzer in sight.

There was an unmistakable pain in my lungs as I dragged myself up the last step. Alright, I would never complain about the second floor in school again, this was the worst form of exercise known to man! Collapsing on the landing, I gave a small wave to the woman coming up behind me, who fixed me with an odd look and carried on walking. In an attempt to get my breathing back under control, I closed my eyes, letting my chest rise and fall slowly.

About three minutes passed, with very little foot traffic, until a foot nudged my side. "I'm gonna guess. You're the FlaxenHairedSamurai?"

Blinking slowly, I opened one eye, looking up at a semi familiar face. Looks like Oichi from Pokémon Conquest. "Only if you're Fortune Maiden."

Grinning, Fortune pulled me back to both feet, frowning when I stood a little taller (genes are awesome that way.) "The wagon's out front. I'm ready to go when you are. But first... I don't suppose you'd be willing to lend some cushions?"

Once Fortunes stuff was safely loaded in the wagon, along with the food and water, I hopped back onto the box, taking up the reins again. "So 88mph, and then we'll be seeing some serious history?"

"That's the general idea." Biting my lip, I looked towards my travelling partner. With my hair tightly pulled back, there was no way of hiding my expression. I was terrified.

But with trembling hands, I urged the horse forwards, watching it steadily gain speed, until there was a flash of bright light... and fresh air hit our nostrils.