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Artemis sighed. She was tired, emotionally and physically drained. She ran a hand through her long blonde hair. 'I really need to cut my hair' she thought. Her thoughts drifted to Wally. Wall-man. Her boyfriend. Her dead boyfriend. Artemis sighed once more. She knew if she continued like this she'd never get over his death. She walked through the small halls of her Palo-Alto apartment that she shared- well, had,with Wally. Artemis stripped of her clothes and stepped into the shower. The blazing hot droplets hit her skin, and relaxed her aching muscles. She knew she needed sleep, and soon. Artemis quickly stepped out, dressed, and climbed into bed. Hoping that soon Wally would join her soon, but alas, that wouldn't happen.

The Next Day, Palo Alto

"Artemis! Quickly open the door! You need to hear my good news!" Zatanna's fists pounded against the doors of Artemis' small apartment. Artemis rolled over in bed and groaned. She grudgingly stood up and walked past their dog, who was sleeping soundly next to the door and opened it with a soft 'click'. "Hey!" Zatanna smiled and gave her long-time friend a hug. Artemis smiled and hugged back in return. "Okay," Artemis began, "What was such big news you needed to come pounding at my door at," she paused to look over at the clock hanging over the television, "7:48, in the morning?" She raised a shaped eyebrow.

"Well, I thought you wanted to know that a certain best friend/sorcerer knew how to get Wally back from the dead.." she sing-singed. Artemis gaped at her. 'No way that's possible, Wally is dead. He's gone.' Artemis thought in sorrow.

"How? Wally is dead. You and I both know that. He was sucked into the speedforce. We went to his funeral last week. He. Is. Dead." Artemis croaked out, her voice breaking halfway trough.

"Exactly. He got sucked into the speedforce, but that's either on another plane of existence or even in a different dimension or even universe! Artemis, I have this amazing idea to bring him back and stop everyone from being sad anymore! Especially you and Nightwing. Ever since his death you guys have been so depressed, and it's killing everyone. Please, I know how to get him back but I need your help. Please." Zatanna begged. Artemis looked up beneath her thick eyelashes. Zatanna could see the tears brewing in her eyes. Artemis sighed and shifted her weight from one leg to the other. After a few moments of silence, just as Zatanna was leaving with her eyes glued to the floor, Artemis said two words.

"I'm in."

"Great," Zatanna smiled. "Meet me in the Watchtower in 30. I'll fill you and Nightwing on my plan when we're all together. I'll see you soon okay?" Artemis smiled in agreement. She closed the door and sighed. She headed into her room for the long day ahead.

In The Watchtower, Planet Earth

"Recognized, Tigress, B-07; Recognized, Nightwing, B-01" The Zeta Tubes lit up with bright light as the two heroes were transported. They walked to Zatanna who in the middle of the room had the computer screen filled with complicated math equations, a list of destinations, and a specific plan. "Nightwing. Artemis." Zatanna acknowledged. "Okay, so time and space. Two things you will be going through in order to find Wally. I've prepared a list of what you could encounter while on your mission. Alternate versions of us, new and different people, different laws, even a different way of living which includes laws of physics and gravity. Who knows there might be less gravity in one universe and everything is floating around? You guys need to expect the unexpected. Now, I'm pretty sure there will be alternate versions of us, so be careful, you might think you have found the correct Wally, but he could have been together with Artemis since she joined the team instead of on New Years all those years ago? I'm serious guys, bring back the wrong Wally and everything could be thrown out of whack." They both nodded.

"Wait a minute, if Nightwing is coming, then who will lead the team?" Artemis questioned. A soft 'yeah' from Dick (a.n. okay so lets pretend Artemis knows Robin's identity and from now I'm going to call him Dick so it'll be easier than referring to him in instead of his hero form all the time) followed Artemis' inquiry. "Don't worry, I've found a replacement just while you guys look for him." she reassured the pair.

"Okay, so when exactly does this mission start?" Dick smirked behind his mask. "Now." was all Zatanna said before she quickly muttered a few words and pushed a large backpack into Dick's, and before they knew it they were surrounded by white light and then water, then darkness.

Meanwhile.. Titans Tower, Jump City

"Friend Speedy! Friend Aqualad! Friend Bumblebee! Ooo," Starfire giggled as Más ý Ménos grabbed onto her legs holding onto her with all their might.

"Hey boss!" Kid Flash greeted as he sped into the living room of the titans tower, with Jinx in his arms. "You can put me down now you know!" Jinx growled, obviously not happy of being carried at the speed of sound. After he put his ex-villain girlfriend Kid Flash sped over to the array of food that graced a table overlooking the view of Jump City and the water surrounding the tower. Chatter filled the room as more and more titans entered into the celebratory party held by Robin, boy wonder, and his team. Soon enough, all honorary titans and regular titans filled the room, reconnecting with each other and having a good time.

"Excuse me, um... hello? Yes, Okay so welcome to Titans Tower to those of you that have never been here before I welcome you with open arms. I hope you're all having a fantastic time seeing as you all deserved it with all of your handwork not only-" Robin's speech was interrupted by a loud crashing sound and the sight of water being slashed so high, it hit the windows of the living room. Intrigued by the interruption all titans, of every size rushed to the window to see the cause. And there, washed upon shore, lay a skinny blonde woman, with Asian/Caucasian features and a man with fair skin, deep black hair, and a mask over his eyes; resembling the one to Robin, the boy wonder.

But what made everyone surprised, were the spandex they were both wearing. The woman, a green top, with the Green Arrow insignia, and the man, a tight black suit with a blue bird plastered across his chest. Starfire gasped. All eyes turned to her. " That man... he... is wearing Robin's future costume. The Nightwing."

"Wait a minute, if that guy is Rob in the future then who is the girl?" Cyborg asked. "Well I vote we go see if they are okay, they have taken quite a swim and I'm pretty sure they're injured seeing as they're both unconscious." Raven proposed. Everyone agreed in unison and went to help their mysterious guests.

The Med Bay, Titans Tower, Jump City

Artemis stirred. She groaned as she struggled to open her eyes; the bright lights of the medical bay, making it harder for her to see. "Dick?" she called, and heard no response. On impulse, she sat up quickly until she was met with a sharp pain in her chest, arm, and leg. She carefully laid back down. Artemis studied her surroundings and body. A large bandage wrapped around her shoulders and chest, a cast around her left arm and another around her right leg. 'Great.. Now I might not be able to fight crime' she mentally brooded. Suddenly someone was at her side. Artemis turned her head to see a cyborg studying her bandages. "Who are you!?" Artemis yelled, filled with fear at the mysterious man. "Settle down little lady, my name is Cyborg, and I won't hurt you, I'm here to help you. You and your friend in the dark suit washed up on the rocks next to our tower and being the heroes we are, we obviously needed to help you."

"So, you said tower right? What do you people do here that you have your own med bay?" Artemis asked as Cyborg as he proceeded to change the bandages around her chest. He froze. "You don't know? You know the Teen Titans save Jump City again!" He was bewildered by her confused then comprehending expression.

"I'm... not from this universe Cyborg. In my universe there are no titans, or a jump city, instead there's a Gotham a-and a Happy Harbor, and Central City, and Star City, and.." Artemis swallowed a lump in her throat and dried the tears that began forming beneath her eyes, " a-and Palo-Alto, I came here to look for my boyfriend, well, fiancée but we hadn't announced it yet," she choked, "Wally West, aka Kid Flash." Cyborg grabbed the tissue box and handed it to the blonde. He smiled softly at her until he was interrupted by a small moaning sound coming from the bed next to Artemis. Her head snapped up and turned in the direction in which the sound came from as Cyborg jogged over to the bed next to hers.

"Dick," Artemis smiled. "Thank god you're awake, are you okay?" Artemis said softly. "Yeah I'm fine, but where are we?" he asked.

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