T'ryl walked through the main city of the Asian nation-state on Potter's Rock, named Asiatica. When the majority of asian descended mages elected to create their own centralized nation and other countries expressed interest in doing the same, Fleur, the acting mage-general, had put it to a popular vote with numerous provisions.

Each nation-state would be allowed certain cultural allowances but all nations were required to adopt a specific set of laws, unifying the world even as they began to break apart. There could be no nationalism, it would be their end if it happened. So each country had a one hundred one person council based on the british wizengamot which had birthed the ICM. Those councils also had thirty four appointed foreign advisors/councilors/ambassadors from the other seventeen nation-states.

She nodded politely as an elderly woman held out an artfully arranged vegetable mix on a stick, shaped like the stairway, trees, and buddhist arch to the Japanese temple she had just visited.

She had watched the shinto ceremonies, noting differences from the ones she had seen on earth. Even discounting the small magic performed, there had been significant religious shift, adding in elements from buddhism, Catholicism, and elements of early judaism and christianity including sacred sex.

Her guide whispered "the couple have been having intimacy issues and elected to perform this ceremony."

Disguised magically, the couple began a slow ritual foreplay at the direction of a nude miko save for her makeup that covered her whole body, a contrasting obi, and the purse hanging from the obi filled with ritual components.

T'ryl could smell the majority of the observers becoming aroused as the ritual continued. She was not as removed as she would prefer as the display also aroused her as she imagined Harry performing the same ceremony with her. Perhaps on the synth-deck, she mused when the ceremony ended.


Done with the tour of the shrine, she was led to a waiting palanquin. The thestrals that would convey them to their next item on the itinerary—a factory that crafted palanquins designed for the asian version of quidditch—snorted and took off once they were all within.

The thestrals knew exactly where to go and they arrived in less than an hour. The polite conversation on the trip had mostly centered on the differences between Potter's Rock—a mostly temperate forest or subtropical rainforest—and New Vulcan. They were all shocked to learn they had elected to turn a world that could have been made a paradise into a massive dessert. "Many of our cultural relics like the kahs-wan requires a dessert but unlike Vulcan, our poles are temperate forests as preserves for fauna and flora that had been extinct or near extinction on Vulcan due to the planetary shift early in our history."

They watched a palanquin being assembled then saw a game of asian quidditch testing brand new palanquins by students. Instead of hoops, they used two pyres of flame. The quaffle was a globe of water that when properly thrown would extinguish the flames while points were scored by the beaters' skill at protecting their players or harming their opponents added a single point. Once both pyres on a side were out—or the snitch caught—the game ended. The snitch added thirty points when caught while both pyres extinguished was worth twenty.

The two school teams landed at the end of the game and bowed to her and she elected to answer a few questions due to how eager they looked. The Emperor had visited their schools and answered questions but they were curious about her job for the Emperor.