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In the dark night sky there was a moon - a harvest moon to be exact with its looming warm yellow glow. But it was alone this night. No stars could be seen, the Forbidden Forest was invisible, no animals (not even the werewolves) could be heard. The blackness of the night drowned all sounds like a vacuum devouring matter and life alike. There was no smell in the air, for it was winter and the flowers in the gardens have all withered and temporarily died forbidding their invigorating scents from escaping into the air.

It was a perfect night for her.

She would do it tonight. No more waiting. No more second thoughts. No more apprehension. Tonight was the night. So she creaked open the door to her private balcony (compliments of her prefect room), climbed atop the banister and stood there with her face upturned towards the sky. A faint wind blew and threw her waist-length red curly hair in all directions. She smelled the air but no fragrance awoke her senses leaving her feeling as dead as she was a few moments ago - and not even!

I've been dead for a little more than three years, after my second year that is. I've been ignored - no surprise there. Almost everyone is scared of me even though it has been three years since my possessed rampaging - damn Tom Riddle. Now, I have grown. I am sixteen, a sixth year, and I still haven't lived. Harry and Hermione have. They love and yearn for each other. Ron's happy, being a single that is. One woman to the next is his saying . perv. But, I'm still here. I'm still alone. No one listens and no one hears me. I scream at night - internally that is - and no one awakens to calm me, to make me feel better. They all have someone, but I have no one. All that I know is emptiness - an immutable one that will not change no matter how far I go in life; it will always be there, and it will always hinder what I feel. It's like something burning in your throat that you want to rid by screaming, yet when you try, a noise doesn't come out, and it stays there forever. I want to change who I am, but I can't. You can't change who you are. And I am lonely.

Ginny turned her head slowly and without care over her shoulder for one last look at life. She saw nothing. Ginny was empty. She's seen people come and go in her life and has suffered loss. To be more exact, she lost Harry. Hermione has him now and they look like they're on top of the world - for lack of a better phrase. Earnestly saying, they were. Ginny saw them everyday laughing, joking, and playing. And it hurt her. Like Hell it hurt her! She felt the flames burn inside eating and corroding all life in its path. Every single day it tore her apart watching them. The frequent snogs, the journeys to the broom closet, and of course, above all, those smiles - UGH! Those fucking smiles! The ones that only true lovers exchange because they are so happily in love. The torture!

AND NEVER ONCE DID HE NOTICE ME! I WAS THERE! I COMFORTED HIM! I HELPED HIM THROUGH THE TIMES WHEN THOSE THAT HE LOVED DEPARTED! When Hagrid - ignorant giant - went into one of the battles and died in the process, I was there for Harry when he grieved. He cried in my arms, but then pushed me away for Hermione of all people. The nerd, the brain, the so-called compassionate one. HA! I was there most of the time. It's always Harry, Hermione, and Ron - the inseparable trio. More like Charlie's Angels if you ask me.

So they ignored me. They never noticed how I would run out of a room making up silly excuses like I forgot my potion's homework or I was supposed to help Neville search for his toad. I actually came up here to my room and cried. But no one heard. I slit my wrists. But no one noticed. No one sees the pain I go through. No one loves me. I'm just a ghost to them. What difference would it make if I became one?

A single tear traveled down her fair cheek, striking the rays from the moon and illuminating that part of her face with a pale glow. Ginny looked down from her tower to the unseen grass below. She thought that there was no other way out. She already suffered too much. No one answered her warnings like the innumerable slits on her arms. Better yet, no one saw her warnings. And now, no one will notice her death.

So she took one last look at the sky, noticed the loneliness of the moon, and pushed herself forward. Ginny tumbled through the air with her red cloak billowing out from behind her. She closed her eyes shut feeling safe in the darkness.

Now, it's goodbye. I won't suffer anymore. Goodbye Ron, goodbye mom, goodbye dad, goodbye. Harry. Harry. no.NO! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! I WANT TO LIVE! HARRY! PLEASE!


But Harry didn't come, and yet as she fell through the air, a figure watched from above. His quick reflexes enacted immediately. He swooped in from his perch, grabbed the flailing Ginny, and lifted her back to his resting spot above the astronomy tower before she hit the ground.

Her hold was tight on his leather jacket as he carried her in his warm, soft, strong arms. Ginny smelled his scent. It was like vanilla, and it drugged her. She opened her heavy amber eyes, and the last thing that she saw before darkness enveloped her were a pair of silver orbs or eyes to be exact.

They weren't Harry's.


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