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Chapter 8: Truth

I hate him.

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

Honestly, why does he have to be such an ass? Ginny thought as she continued sprinting down the hall away from Draco although she was pretty far from him as it was.

Draco had been an ass to her; there was no doubt about that. But what Ginny could not help wondering was why he all of sudden had such a change of heart. How could he kiss her and then just turn cold again and act like he always did to her? Wasn't he supposed to fall madly in love with her now, just like those couples in the muggle books at the back of the library? But then it hit Ginny.

They were just books - just pieces of fiction, and one cannot create a life around them and believe everything they say.

So then, was love just a waste of time like all those years she wasted on Harry only to have him go to Hermione?

Harry ...

Ginny let out an exasperated sigh. Harry. She forgot about Harry, Hermione, and that nice little set of slaps that got her into no Hogsmeade trips and three very long weeks of detention with her mortal enemy. She also forgot that the whole school saw her burst of anger and groaned when she remembered that she had to go back to the tower to sleep where she would no doubt encounter all of them and their stares and their blatant yelling and their never-ending degrading comments about her for doing that to the most admired couple in the school. So, in other words, she was public enemy number one and there was no doubt in her mind that the whole house was going to try and make her repent ... especially Ron.

But then Ginny thought about it ... didn't she hit them for a reason? Didn't she have a true motive behind her actions? Yes, yes she did. Harry had hurt her like no one else could. He made her love him, obsess over him for six long years without any feelings in return. And, then, all of those romantic feelings turned to the opposite when, over the summer, she saw Harry and Hermione in the garden behind the Burrow snogging like there was nothing else to do but snog ... and snog ... and snog. Every second that passed that Ginny saw them together morphed a portion of her feelings for Harry into hatred and rage. How could he do that to her? Didn't he know that she wanted him all those years? The longer Ginny looked at them, the more she realized that he did not. Harry did not in any way whatsoever know that, or possibly cared that, she loved him.

And that royally pissed her off. She wasted six years on him. Wasted them on nothing for Harry never returned her feelings, her gestures, her thoughts in return. Never.

So, Ginny acrimoniously thought as she neared the Fat Lady's portrait, he and his bitch deserved it. Deserved it well and good, and no one is going to make me apologize ...

... And if they try to, they won't know what's coming at them.

And as Ginny muttered the password and opened the door to the tower, she smirked knowing that if anyone had the nerve to approach her and make her repent, that person would get a taste of a side of Ginny that no one, not even her brothers, knew.


When Ginny walked into the common room, she was not surprised to hear hushed whispers from almost every person there ... and the people saying them weren't that quiet either as she walked past them and towards the staircase leading up to her prefect's room.

- "Is that her?"-

- "You're kidding me right? She hit Harry and Hermione?! Is she insane?" -

- "I can't believe they let people like her into Hogwarts. What's wrong with that old cahoot? Doesn't he see what a menace she is?" -

- "I told you, Jess ... it's always the quiet ones!" -

- "Why isn't she stopping? Shouldn't she say something? What a bitch!" -

Ginny just ignored this comment like the rest of them and started to ascend the staircase towards the Gryffindor Prefect's Tower ... that is until a strong, pale hand grabbed her forearm and turned her to face one of the people that she did not want to see: Ron.

And, oh boy, was he seething.

"Let go, Ron," Ginny managed to say through clenched teeth.

"What," Ron quickly replied as his eyes flashed showing the anger and frustration behind them, "is wrong with you? What kind of idiotic notion came over you to do that? Do you have ANY idea how STUPID THAT WAS?! Don't you have any respect, whatsoever? You hit Harry and Hermione! Not only did you hit them, but you did it in front of everybody!"


"Give them what they deserved? What are you talking about! You think they deserved to have my mad -

- "excuse me?" -

- sister attack them like that? They never did anything to you!"

"Are you insane? Have you missed what everybody else has figured out after six years? I LOVED HIM! I loved Harry, got it? And then I had to find out that he was snogging and who knows maybe shagging that ugly whore?!"

"First off, Hermione is the most brilliant person I've ever met and she is most definitely not a whore! And second off, that still doesn't give you the right to hit anybody!"

"And what are you," Ginny replied and spat on her brother's second-hand shoes, "my conscience?! I have my own voice, brother dearest, I was just hoping that for ONCE you'd LISTEN TO IT and NOT PUT YOUR FRIENDS ABOVE ME! I'm your sister!"

"You know what, Gin? I'm not going to deal with this. You said you have a voice? Well, then, you know what that great voice of yours should do? " Ron angrily uttered, grabbed his sister's hand again, and dragged her towards the Hermione's Head Girl's Room. "Apologize."

"Over my dead body. Now, let go of me! I'm SIXTEEN RON! What am I a baby?"

"The way you're acting ... YES!" Then, in one swift move, Ron opened the door to Hermione's room and roughly pushed his sister into it to face Harry and Hermione (both of whom still had marks on their faces) standing in front of the Head Girl's bed.

"Hello, Ginny, " Hermione voiced with a surprisingly calm tone.

Ginny did not move and just stared straight back at the girl who she loathed beyond anything in the world ... maybe except for Draco, that is.

Harry still had not said anything.

Arms across her chest, Hermione slowly walked over to where Ginny was standing. "I'll take your refusal to speak back as some kind of acknowledgement of me being here."

Ginny could not stand being in that room anymore although she had only stood in it for a mere three minutes or so. She could not stand looking at Hermione, whose every being disgusted her knowing what she had probably done with Harry, the boy she used to love. Speaking of which, she also could not stand the fact that Harry was still leaning leisurely against one of the bedposts on Hermione's bed with a relatively cool demeanor.

Hermione noticed where she was staring.

"Looking at Harry, are you? Care to hit him and me again? In a mood to have a little skirmish?" Hermione harshly replied wiping away the calm tone she had before and quickly grabbed Ginny's red locks pulling the girl's head towards herself to whisper in her (Ginny's) ear. Looking over Hermione's shoulder, Ginny had a full view of Harry leaning against the bedpost and unemotionally staring back at them. The insouciant look on his face unnerved her. Wasn't he going to say something? Wasn't he going to grab her away from Hermione, who was clearly and slightly insane now? No - Harry didn't. He just glanced back at Ginny's startled face with a you-deserve-this look on his own.

"Now you listen to me you little wench," Hermione haltingly whispered in the red head's ear. "You better NEVER try to hit me again. Harry and I are together - both figuratively and," Hermione chuckled lightly, " ... and literally." At this, Ginny involuntarily shuddered and closed her eyes trying to erase the image of Harry and Hermione previously shagging on the bed in front of her. She felt her blood boil again with rage as the image stayed in her mind.

Harry never loved me.

Harry never loved me.

Harry never loved me.

It was like a broken record in her mind that kept playing everytime an image of Harry and Hermione flashed through her head. Ginny felt like breaking down and crying there on the floor especially when she looked up again and found Harry still staring back at her with that nonchalant expression. She closed her eyes and felt his stare burning behind her eyes. It hurt her terribly to know that Harry would never glance at her like he did at Hermione and again she felt those last remaining feelings of love for him turn into hate.

And when she opened her eyes again, they turned to purple. This time, neither Harry nor Hermione missed it.

Out of surprise because of her rapid eye color change, Hermione jumped away from Ginny and moved toward her boyfriend who stood up straight and alert.

"Ginny?" Harry said, his voice shaking slightly.

"So now you speak to me?" Ginny quietly said while looking at the wood floor. "Now, after ignoring me for who knows how long, you decide to speak to me?

"I waited for you for six long years, Harry. I loved you, but you never even felt the same things in return ... let alone speak to me unless I asked you a question that you had no choice but to answer," Ginny said as her calm voice quickly turned into one of choked rage that was becoming harder and harder to contain. She looked back at Harry, who fearfully stared back at the enraged girl and protectively grabbed Hermione around her waist. The anger continued to rise in her as she viewed his caring actions that were not directed towards herself but at Hermione.

Finally, when her rage rose to a point where she could not contain it any longer, purple-eyed Ginny screamed with all her might and shouted with all the force she had, "You ignored me! And now? NOW I HATE YOU HARRY POTTER!"

BOOM! As Ginny screamed, the windows in Hermione's room all powerfully burst open by some strong, invisible wind (revealing the afternoon sun), hit their respective walls, and shattered against them making glass shards fly everywhere.

Hermione was screaming, to Ginny's delight. She liked the sound of the other girl's pain as the glass cut her skin. With shards still flying everywhere, Ginny looked out one of the windows and saw black spots that were rapidly advancing on the Head Girl's room in the tower.

Then, to make matters worse, the "black spots" turned out to be black ravens with harsh black eyes. The loud, cawing birds entered the head girl's room and immediately circled the couple leaving Ginny unharmed. The birds' annoying sounds became louder and began to drown out the frightened shouts from Harry and Hermione. But, Ginny could hear them anyway.

"Ginny!" Hermione fearfully screamed. "Make it stop! What are you doing Ginny?! PLEASE STOP IT!"

"Ginny! Listen to Hermione, Please!"

Yet, all she did was smile, turned her back on the couple who began to grab their wands out of their pockets to throw spells at the circling birds, and walked out the door past her brother, down the stairs, past the eiree silence from everyone in the common room, and out the Gryffindor Tower door.

But Ginny, as she walked down the hallways towards her solace (the library), glanced down at her hands and couldn't help wondering - what had come over her? When those ravens entered the room, she felt as if she was controlling them and telling them to give Harry and Hermione what they deserved. She also felt as if she told some kind of windy force to blow through the room.

Oh, Merlin ... what's wrong with me?

Then, she remembered what Dumbledore had said: "Remember this, Miss Weasley. You are special, one of a kind to be exact."

So, if she was so special, Ginny thought believing more of what Dumbledore said as every second passed, then there had to be something that could tell her what was so strange about herself in the library.


It was no use. Ginny had been sitting at a secluded table in the library for over two hours going through books upon books trying to discover why Dumbledore had called her special when she started to feel slightly woozy. Ginny rested her head on the book she was currently flipping through and quickly fell asleep due to the day's exhaustions.

As soon as she did so, an old man with half moon spectacles placed a book in front of her and then walked away.


A dreamless and peaceful sleep did not come that easily to Ginny Weasley.

It was the same dream that she had before, except now, Ginny was partially in an awake dream state (A/N: this is where you can actively remember your dreams kind of like you're watching a movie) and could now fully remember it:

He was in a cage surrounded by blue, iridescent bars that immured him in the structure. He sat huddled with his knees drawn up, arms around his legs, and a gash with blood staining it on his head. His hair, body, and eyes glowed with a white/blue light that swirled gracefully around the cage and he.

The walls and columns in the room were made of limestone while the floor was covered in a deep blue marble almost the color of the ocean at night. There were no windows, no doors, no way for anyone to enter or exit.

However, Ginny then saw herself, purpled eyed and in a cloud of diaphanous fog that shimmered in the glow from the aura around the caged figure. The dream Ginny stood directly in front of him wearing a dress that was intertwined with hues of white and gold. Outstretching her arm and holding her hand palm up, she delicately touched Draco's fingers, and on her palm was etched like a tattoo a figure of the Celtic Spiral of Life, a sign with no beginning or end that indicates birth, death, and the afterlife. Yet, the moment their digits brushed together, the scene changed although they remained in the same spot.

But then, Ginny, watching her dream from her semi-sleep state, noticed something different. For, unlike the other time she had this recurring dream, now Ginny and Draco were suspended in mid air with blackness surrounding them on all sides. Then, from this darkness, a pair of bright red eyes appeared that seemed to be staring past the dream and actually at Ginny, who was watching it occur.

And a snake-like voice spoke from the depths of the black surroundings:

"You will be mine, Ginny, when I find you ... and I will."

Like a rubber band, the voice broke Ginny away from her dream and made her awake to the sound of her own ragged breathing.

What ... who ... was that?

Her hands were shaking from the dream out of fear. That voice ... she heard it before but could not place from exactly where, but what she did know was that it frightened her and that whoever or whatever wanted to find her (if there really was something) it sounded completely determined to do so.

Moving her head slightly to rid herself from any remnants of sleep, her head accidentally hit something in front of her that was not there before she nodded off: a book. Ginny eyed it suspiciously and wondered how it got there for she did not pick it out.

Oh well ... anything that helps.

So ignoring the fact that the book appeared out of nowhere, Ginny pulled it closer to herself and was about to open it ... when the book did it itself.

Ginny sat wide-eyed as the book magically opened itself to the table of contents and then started to rapidly flip pages as if they were blowing in the wind. Yet, as quickly as it started, the book stopped turning its pages and stopped on one that immediately caught the girl's attention. On the top of the page, in bold script letters, two words were written that she remembered Dumbledore mentioning: The Balance

Following the title were a series of paragraphs each with a picture next to it of different women with red hair and blue eyes. Ginny's fingers slowly ran the length of the pictures noticing how the women looked exactly like her. She scanned the page quickly and found a paragraph that seemed to call out to her; she began to read:

The Balance of nature and humanity is something that has existed ever since man has consciously separated himself from nature. However, its intrinsic origin is still unknown, buried in the depths of every mystery that has ever lived upon this planet. It is said that The Balance is as old as magic; however, it is still said that no one as of yet has even discovered when magic first appeared. Therefore, the origins of the balance may never be uncovered. However, it has not been until recently that wizards have found the object that harnesses the power of the balance.

In the late 1500s, magical researchers started looking for the source of the balance because they believed that he, she or it could bring permanent harmony to the world. However, there were also evil wizards and witches who thought that this creature could bring about the terrible events that they wickedly desired to occur. Luckily, although some of these creatures (who have turned out to be red haired, blue eyed women) have been discovered, none of them have been unearthed by the powers of evil.

It is not exactly known how one of these creatures is chosen; however, it is believed that the Higher Powers have some kind of voice in this. Several characteristics can be found in many of these women such as a perseverance, a kind heart, and strength (the kind of which differs from woman to woman).

The powers of one of them, other than eye color change that occurs from the moment of her birth appears after her first kiss. Depending on the age that this happens, her powers can emerge at any time. This could be tied to the fact that most of her actions are connected to actions of love (as stated below in the following paragraph).

The picture opposite this paragraph shows the first rare witch that was discovered in the early 1600s to have shown some mysterious powers that were not known to the magical world. First, the most distinct attribute of these beings, which have recently been termed Equaliques because of their ability to keep The Balance, is that their eye color (blue in all cases) will turn purple during periods of extreme emotion such as anger, hate, and love. Second, they have close connections to animals. Although they cannot speak to the creatures in their animal form, they can speak to their Greater Spirits, the higher animal in the species, who will relay the information or emotions that the Equalique gives them to the animals in the species. Because of these connections with the Greater Spirits, the Equalique can accomplish almost any feat that involves some kind of animal. Third, the Equalique has the power to take away life although it cannot give it without the approval of the Higher Powers (humans still have not discovered who or what they are even after centuries of searching - perhaps it is supposed to be a mystery). And, finally, Equaliques can grant any wish whether their own or another's. However, it must be a wish that is true of heart and must be asked only in the act of pure love without feelings of anger, sadness, or hatred. Otherwise, the wish will not occur.

Last, in moments when the Equalique desperately needs to protect herself or those close to her, she will transform - into what, you may ask? To answer ... no one is completely sure for a situation where she must change has never happened before. In the past, evil had never discovered the identity of an Equalique, and for the sake of our world, let us hope that evil never will uncover the identity of one.

Ginny finished reading the excerpt from the page and was rendered speechless. Her mouth continued to open and close like a dying fish. Finally, a thought registered in her head after being left for maybe five minutes with a brain completely empty of coherent thoughts.

That's ... that's me. There's no doubt about it whatsoever! I mean, my eyes turn purple when I'm angry, I sought those ravens on Harry and Hermione, and ... and ...

... I feel like I have a connection with Malfoy.

Ginny gasped, surprised at what she just said. A connection with Draco? How was that even possible? But then it hit her. She forgot that Draco was half-animal ... and well, since she was an Equalique, she had some kind of link with animals. But, Ginny wondered, how could she have a connection with Draco when he turned animal by accident? He was not born a creature. He was accidentally made one.

That still, Ginny thought and let out an exasperated breath, doesn't mean that I can't consider him a narcissistic, crude, asshole with no trace of ...

A grandfather clock in the library interrupted her thoughts and chimed eight times ...

Oh, no! It's eight already! I'm going to be late!

Grabbing her things and piling her inks and quills into her bag, Ginny jumped out of her chair and was about to sprint out of the library when she remembered the book that remained opened onto the page that told her everything that she needed to know. Grabbing a sheet of paper from her bag, Ginny marked the page, picked up the book, and ran quickly out of the library, ignoring Madam Pince's shrill yell to not run.


Draco checked his watch.

It was two minutes past eight.

Where was she?! He had to put his Bother-Ginny-Senseless Plan into action to hurry up and get her off his back and his conscience so that he could continue down the path of gaining complete and utter respect. And, now that he thought about it, he really wanted to get some beauty rest too, but if Ginny did not arrive soon, that would mean five minutes taken off from his sleep. As it was they would probably be getting back to their rooms at around midnight.

Pacing up and down the second hall main corridor, Draco looked down at the floor and kept running his hands through his hair, which he didn't have any time to put gel into.

Maybe he should have kept his eyes ahead of him, for Ginny, rounding a corner and therefore having a large blindspot, ran right into him ... again ... making him fall to the floor in a heap and her land spread eagle on top of him

"Weasel, do you have some kind of knack for pinning guys down? If I couldn't say better, seeing this is the second time you've done this, I'd say you were hopelessly attracted to my sexy self," Draco smirked noticing that something was nudging him ... down there. He glanced downwards and saw that when Ginny landed on him, her knee was a little too close to where his legs met. Wriggling his arms out from under Ginny and placing them under his head, he huskily muttered, "Like what you're lying on?"

Ginny finally opened her eyes and followed to where his were looking ...

"Oh my God!!! Oh shit!"

Draco gave a conceited smirk and winked. "I thought so, Weasel."

Ginny quickly jumped off of him and retrieved her bag. "Gods, you're gross! Is there anything that you ever think about other than sex?

"Anyway," Ginny said with a disgusted look still on her face, "can you get off the floor? I want to get this over with and go to sleep."

"Well, you were late in the first place, Weaselette," Draco sneered raising himself off the ground. "Why? You think I'm looking forward to a full four hours with you?"

"You know what, Malfoy? I'm not going to take this. Just tell me what I have to do and I'll be out of your hair and you out of mine."

"In a rush aren't we?"

"Don't deny that you aren't either."

"Fine, then. For tonight, you get to clean the mess the fifth years made in potions today. I heard that about seven of them spilled truth potions on the floor. Come on, we're heading for Snape's room."

"What?" Ginny replied with a frustrated sigh. "Truth potions? Do you know how dangerous those are? Even if you step in a puddle, you'll spew secrets!"

"Well then, Weaselette," Draco laughed, "I guess you better watch your back. You know how much fun it'll be to see you reveal everything about yourself, hmm? I can see it now, you revealing your undying love for Potter. Too bad Mudblood stole him."

You know? Draco just has to say some things, doesn't he?

The second after he said this, he found himself pinned to a wall by Ginny and strangely, he was unable to move although he was one of the strongest people in the school. She had her hands on his shoulders holding him back and a knee close to his groin ready to lift in case he pissed her off anymore. Draco simply stared back at her with his common, unemotional face.

"Malfoy..." Ginny said trying to restrain her anger as to not receive more detentions or possibly a suspension. Instead, she grabbed his shirt where her hands were on his shoulders and started to twist it. "I swear ... if you say another thing about Harry, I'll do something to you. I can't think of what it is right now, but I swear that it'll hurt." Letting go of him, Ginny continued moving towards Snape's room.

Surprised by her strength, Draco found himself dumbfounded for the rest of the way to the dungeons and partly into the detention.


"Oh ..." Ginny moaned as she crawled on hands and knees for the past two hours scrubbing Truth Potion off the floor. "This is sooo gross and dangerous. Just sit there Malfoy, why don't you? A true gentlemen would help." Ginny laughed. " ... then again, you're anything but that."

They had been like that for the past hour and a half. Draco spewing insults at Ginny, trying to make his plan work, only to find her say something as witty back at him. So, all in all, his little bother Ginny Weasley plan was not working. And, quite frankly, he was getting quite tired of losing.

"You know what, Weasley? How about we call it a night? I'm tired -

- "pfft, like you've done anything."

" - and I want to go to bed."

"You're so lazy, you know that? I swear, do you do anything at your house? Or do the house elves cater to your every need? Does your deatheater father give you everything you want, you spoiled brat?"

"Weasley," Draco sneered walking carefully over to where Ginny was scrubbing the floors as to not step on the potion, "I think you're jealous. I can do whatever I want. I have clothes and money while you," Draco laughed down at her and touched the patched hood of her cloak and her red hair, "are just a flaming, ugly, poor witch."

Ginny stopped moving. "What Weasley ... Weasel got your tongue? Too embarrassed to say anything?" Draco paused. "You know, make up wouldn't even help you."

Ginny was quiet for a few seconds. It was too bad Draco couldn't see the sly look that came over her face. "Is that what you think Malfoy?" she replied in a sickly sweet voice while soaking up the brush she was using with truth potion.

"Well, duh. So now not only are you ugly, you're slow too. I guess it runs in the family."

Whack! Ginny, after Draco said this, turned around with a smile on her face and pressed the brush with the truth potion to Draco's arm that was idly hanging by his side. Draco was stunned speechless for the second time that night.

"Weasley ..." he quietly said regaining some of his composure yet feeling a slight tingling sensation throughout his body, "what ... what have you done?!"

"Shouldn't you know Malfoy? I mean you are a seventh year," Ginny happily replied knowing that this was going to be great payback although she only had two or three minutes to get some blackmail from him. After all, Snape would never give a real dose of truth potion for kids to make. He was smarter than that.

Draco knew what was going to happen though. "I swear Weasley, if you even think -"

Too late.

"So, Malfoy, you really think I'm ugly?"

Draco tried to restrain himself, hold it out for the three minutes that he had, but the pain was becoming unbearable ... he didn't want to say it but he had to.

"No. I don't. I actually think you're prettier than most of the girls in the school."

Ginny stared wide-eyed. Did he really just say that?


"Uggghhh," Draco tried restraining himself again but to no avail. "Because you ... just are. You're beautiful without make up. When I saw you falling that night, I saw your face ... and I thought you were beautiful."

He really does think I'm beautiful. No one has said that before.

And then she asked the question that was bugging her for a while.

"Why ... why did you kiss me that night and then pretend like you hated me the next day?" she said quietly looking into his eyes.

"Because ... because ..." Oh Merlin! Don't make me do this! "because I like you and I can't allow myself to."

Ginny was taken aback again ... he liked her. He liked her. But before she could ask why he couldn't allow himself to, the spell wore off and a very pissed off Draco stood in front of her. Then, as quick as lightening, Draco scooped up the brush with the potion on it and put it on Ginny's bare arm.

"You ferret!" she screamed. Why oh why didn't she think that he'd do the same to her?

"What," Draco said anger seething through him, "you thought that I would let you get away with it?"

"I hate you."

"Now, now Weasley ... do you really?"

Ginny gasped. How could he ask her that? She hated him, she knew she did! But then again ... the night he kissed her, she swear that she saw something different in him that she liked .. but she didn't want to admit that. Ginny tried with all her might to keep that to herself, but the potion was too powerful.

"Sometimes I do," Ginny glared at him, "but on the night you kissed me, I really liked you and I think part of me still does. But you're such an ass sometimes!"

Oh no! no! no! no! I said it! Oh, Merlin, save me please.

Draco simply raised his eyebrow when she said this. She liked him? Since when does a Weasley like a Malfoy.

But since when does a Malfoy like a Weasley?

Gah! Touche. Oh this sucks, Draco thought.

"Don't worry Weasley, I'll end your misery soon. Just one more question," Draco eagerly said with a hint of mischieviousness behind his eyes.

Oh no Ginny thought. She really didn't like that look.

"What made you hit Harry and Hermione?"

This time, Ginny gave up trying to resist the truth potion and looked straight into Draco's eyes, telling him everything. "Because ever since I was ten until this summer, I've loved Harry but then, at the Burrow, he got together with Hermione and I saw them, Malfoy. I saw them in the backyard snogging like there was no tomorrow. And do you know how that feels? It feels like shit, Malfoy. It feels like you're the dirt of the earth and everybody just wants to step on you because it's funny. Oh look!" Ginny said, mimicking the snobby people in her house. "Here comes Ginny Weasley. Poor little Ginny Weasley. So innocent! Let's just use her. She won't know any better! So, put that on top of knowing that Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived, never liked you ... never even talked to you. You want to know when Harry actually said something to me? When he asked me to pass the butter at the dinner table! I don't get it! No one understands me, Malfoy. I know who I am, but no one else does and then along comes you making me feel even worse than I do. Do you have a conscience? Why am I even asking this? Of course, you do not. Since when has a Malfoy ever said something nice to a Weasley ... out of his own will that is and not under a stupid potion! That night that you kissed me, I felt on top of the world. I felt all of my worries slip away. I felt like nothing could hurt me ever again because I felt happy, ok? I felt happy. But then, like always, you have to take it all away. I really can't stand you," and at this, Ginny let out a choked sob as tears fell down her face, "I really, really can't sometimes."

Draco didn't know what to say. Did he really do this to her? Did he really make her feel that bad?

Did he have a conscience?

Yes, he did as a matter of fact. But Draco Malfoy never showed it to anyone.

"Are you happy now?" Ginny said trying to keep her face composed. "Are you happy knowing that you make peoples' lives miserable?"

"I am who I am, Weasley," Draco softly said, not knowing exactly how to respond. "Oh, and by the way," he chuckled, "the potion wore off about three minutes ago ... everything you just said was out of your own accord."

The room become eerily quiet.

"Oh ... well, then, I um guess that I just needed to get it out ... maybe."

"Yea," Draco curtly replied.

"Listen, Malfoy, I've had enough for tonight. You can continue being an ass to me tomorrow. I'm going to bed." Ginny moved towards the door, picked up her bag that was lying next to it, and walked out into the hallway towards the staircase that led to the main hallway, but before she got halfway there, Draco started running towards her, finally catching up with her quickened steps.

"You know, Weasley, I'm ... uh ... I'm s-sorry, I guess." He ran his hands through his hair out of nervousness. He never really said sorry to anyone before.

Ginny stopped abruptly, turned around and looked him straight in the eye.

"If you really were Malfoy, then you'd leave me alone. I really," Ginny sighed, "don't need this right now okay? Not only am I tired but I just spilled out pretty much everything to a guy who doesn't even care. Now leave me be." Walking slowly at first to make sure that Draco would stay where he was, Ginny soon walked at her normal pace towards the main hall stairs leaving Draco to stand in the hallway, running his hands through his hair, contemplating over what just happened and why, he of all people, actually said sorry.

The clicking of Ginny's heels bounced off the walls.


Ginny was slowly making progress as she moved further away from Draco with every step. She needed to get away from him. She couldn't believe that she told him pretty much everything, everything that she had felt over the past summer.

Ginny, put a hand to her forehead as she was halfway up the stairs. She could feel a headache coming on, but before Ginny could register what was happening, a sharp pain ran up the side of her head making her let out a painful yelp.

What's wrong?

And then it appeared again as she closed her eyes. She saw those red ones that had haunted her dream and scared her with their message when she woke up. Except this time, not only were they causing pain but they began to shrink and mold onto the face of a body that she knew all too well.

Before her closed eyes stood Tom Riddle. Ginny immediately reached out and felt for the banister to hold up her weight. She felt sick ... frighteningly emotionally and physically sick. Tom Riddle was staring back at her. Him ... him again.

"Hello, Ginny," he said, smirking at her from the vision before her eyes, "I've been looking for you. You and me, Gin, we'll do many things together. I just have to find you first and when I do, you'll be mine." With every word spoken, he started to disappear from her vision and the pain increased until she lost her balance and fell ... fell into the arms of Draco Malfoy for the second time over the past week.


Draco stood in the hallway contemplating what just happened and listening to the clickety click sounds of Ginny's shoes echo off the walls. He didn't understand. He told Ginny that he thought she was beautiful and here she was telling him that he had caused her all of this pain. Well it wasn't his fault!

Wait, Draco thought, yea it is.

And then he wondered why he even cared. Wasn't he supposed to be making this girl's life a living hell so that she'd leave him be? But here he was, thinking about Ginny's emotional state ... like some shrink.

And it was then that Draco heard the clicking of Ginny's heels stop. The silence unnerved him; something was wrong. She couldn't have walked up the hallway and up the stairs that quickly.

"Weasley?" he said quietly still staring at the floor and running his hands through his hair.

No answer.

But he heard a pained yelp.

Quickly turning around at the direction in which it came from, Draco found Ginny holding onto the banister on the staircase as if it was her lifeline. Her knees were shaking and she was holding one hand to her forehead.

"Weasley?!" Draco yelled louder walking towards her and slowly up the stairs.

"Weasel are you alright?" Glancing down at her feet, Draco noticed that they were slipping out from under her. She was falling ... and at that moment, a picture of Ginny falling out of her window flashed through his mind. And as she tripped over the step behind her, Draco caught her weak, limp body.

"Ginny!" he yelled looking at her face and noticing that it was as pale as ever.

"Oh shit. Oh shit," Draco muttered and surprisingly found himself scared that Ginny was dead.

No Draco thought she's not, she just fainted that's all.

But Draco was worrying about her ... a lot. Picking her limp body up and holding her against him, Draco ran down the corridors like hell was chasing him towards the infirmary. When he arrived there, he looked down at Ginny again and saw that her breathing was shallow, slow, not at a normal pace.

"Madam Pompfrey! Madam Pompfrey!" he screamed with all his might, banging against the door even after the light from inside came on until the door opened and the tired nurse looked at him and then at the girl in his arms.

"OH MY! Mr. Malfoy, what happened? Quick, bring her to that bed!" she quickly said pointing to the one in the middle of the room.

"I don't know! She just ... well ... collapsed. She was holding her head and the banister and then just fainted."

"I'll be right back. I need some potions."

Draco glanced at Ginny again with a scared look on his face. Was she ok? What happened? Softly, he put her gently down onto the bed just as Madam Pompfrey returned with a whole bunch of magical potions and ingredients.

"Stand away, Mr. Malfoy." But Draco didn't move.

"Mr. Malfoy, please, go stand by the door."

"If you don't mind, Madam, I'd like to stand here, after all I did bring her in."

"Fine, fine, just let me work."

After giving Ginny a few potions, Madam Pompfrey turned to him. "That's all I can do Mr. Malfoy. I'm guessing you left Ms. Weasley's bag on the staircase?"

Draco nodded at this. He did leave it there.

"Well, then maybe before you go back to your dorm, you should pick it up. It would be a nice gesture. You can't trust some kids now-a-days ... stealing and such things. Well, goodnight." Turning away from him, the nurse went into her office and closed the door.

Draco squatted down by Ginny's bedside and looked at her through questioning eyes. She looked fragile, tired, and sad and he couldn't help but think that it was all because of him. But, he still had to get rid of her, he thought. He wanted respect, he wanted people to look up to him.

As Draco was thinking to himself, a piece of Ginny's red hair fell across her face. The strands of hair were annoyingly close to her nose and would just bother her and wake her up. So, against his own plan, Draco slowly moved his fingers over to her face and pushed the hair behind her ear.

His fingers tingled and he looked at them.

Yes, Weasley will definitely become one of my weaknesses if I keep this up.

And that couldn't happen.

And then, he noticed that she wasn't under the covers that were rolled up at the end of the bed.

So, for the second time, Draco again went against his plan and pulled the blankets up and around her.

What did I just do?

He shook his head lightly.

... A weakness ... definitely a weakness.

Looking at her one more time before leaving the room, Draco couldn't help but think how peaceful she looked curled up in the blankets without any tears on her face ... some of them being ones that he caused.

But why was she holding onto the banister like that? What was wrong?

Sighing to himself, he walked to the end of the bed and towards the door.

Impulse overtook him and before he walked out the infirmary door to get her bag and then go to bed, he quietly said with a hint of emotion (which is more for Draco normally), "Goodnight."