Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to Nine Crime, Nine Kings. For those of you who are fans of my other work I'm glad to have you back, but keep in mind that I won't be posting every day like before. It'll be more around once a week, but the chapters will be longer too. This is my first real life Naruto fanfic and I must say I'm very excited for it. It'll be heavily influenced by the work of the Coen Brothers, Quentin Tarantino, and Martin Scorsese. I've always been a fan of crime television and films such as Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction, so this is a real joy for me to write. Shall we begin?

A young blonde man, just over 24 years old, slowly opened his eyes and sat up in his bed. He looked around at his relatively empty room. The walls were blank and bare and dresser was almost empty. Only his sheets were unique, which were a bright orange. He just loved the color, even if it was strange.

The young man walked over a picked up the only thing that was on the dresser, a small statue. It was a stone fox with nine tails flowing behind it and was sitting on a circle of wood with a small inscription on the bottom, 'For the man who assembled the Nine.'

He smiled at the statue and put it back down, then he grabbed a shirt from the ground and put it over his well built body, as all he was wearing was a pair of shorts. Walking out of his bedroom and into his living room, he heard one of two cellphones on he kept on the desk ringing. The prepaid one, which he only bought so that he it couldn't be traced.

He walked over and answered the phone, "Hello?"

A male voice responded, "Naruto?"

The blonde sighed, "That would be the only person who's ever answered this phone, yes."

The man on the other end responded, "Alright, fair point. It's Kakashi. Just wanted to give you a little heads up that we're gonna have some guys coming to take you in today."

Naruto got a twinge of irritation on his face, "Do I at least have time to grab myself some breakfast?"

The things Naruto said never failed to make Kakashi laugh, "Yeah, you have like half an hour. I'll see you when you get to the precinct."

"Alright, see you then," Naruto replied and hung up the phone. At least he knew he wouldn't have to go on an empty stomach.

Yamato had known what he wanted to be from a young age. He'd grown up never knowing who his parents were and being bounced from foster home to foster home. Not all of them were the nicest places in the world, but the people who'd been there to help were the police. If the bottles started being thrown or the fists start to fly, he could always call them to come and help. As soon as he got the chance, he went into the Police Academy and quickly rose through the ranks. Before he knew it, he made detective.

Now he was standing at the front door of a man he'd been after for nearly two years. Granted, what he had on him was shaky, but it gave him a chance to take a peek around the boy's apartment and question him.

He knocked on the door of the large apartment, the brown haired man was wearing one of his nicer suits and was with two men who were in police uniforms, "Naruto Uzumaki, this is the police. Open the door!"

The door opened and with a bored look on his face, "No need to yell, you could've just knocked. Hello Detective Yamato."

Yamato tried to look calm, although he was going insane on the inside, "Hello Mr. Uzumaki. We have a warrant to search the premises."

Naruto motioned for all of them to come in, "You didn't have to get a warrant, the lovely officers of the Konoha Police Department are always welcome in my home. Can I get you something to drink?"

Yamato couldn't believe how calm and polite he was being, "No thank you. We'll also be needing you to come down to the precinct and answer a few questions for us."

"Not a problem, I don't really have much to do today. May I ask what all this is about though?" Naruto asked, feigning ignorance.

Yamato wanted to smack the innocent smile right off from his face, "There's been some claims that you're connected to some art that recently went missing. It was shipped to the museum, but never actually arrived. This was very valuable stuff, so we're being pressured to follow up on every lead we get."

Naruto had a feeling that's what this was about, "Really? Well I wouldn't know anything about that. Why don't we just go to the precinct now while your friends here look through my apartment?"

"That'll work just fine. I'll drive you there myself," Yamato responded, surprised that he was so willing to the let them be alone in his home.

Naruto grabbed the coat from his chair, "Alright, let's head out then."

He and Yamato walked out of the apartment and down the stairs. Naruto lived on top floor of The Hidden Leaf Apartment Complex, called that because of it's peaceful secluded nature. It was one of the nicest complexes in all of Konoha, a relatively large city with a population just shy of 600,000 people. The Hidden Leaf wasn't the priciest place in Konoha, but Naruto prefered not to be very flashy. That would be far too riskey.

"Honestly Detective Yamato, with the number of times you've called me in for questioning I almost think you have something against me," Naruto said with a sly smile."

Yamato ground his teeth as Naruto kept picking at him, "What can I say, you just seem to keep falling into our crosshairs. I mean almost every investigation I do or hear about has your name coming up."

Naruto just loved to push Yamato's buttons, "You're a homicide detective right? That means you don't really cover theft. So you must have heard about this and asked specifically to question me yourself."

Yamato couldn't deny how intelligent Naruto was, "I figured it was better that you were questioned by me rather than some stranger."

Yamato opened passenger side door of his car and Naruto got in and said, "Well thank you for being so considerate."

"My pleasure," Yamato said as he slammed the door. Naruto just kept smirking. This was going to be a fun day for him.

It didn't take long for the two of them to get to the precinct and to get Naruto set up in an interrogation room. Yamato was currently watching him through one way glass, so he could see Naruto but Naruto couldn't see him. Honestly, Yamato had lost track ages ago of how many times he'd watched the blonde through the glass like this.

In his gut, Yamato knew that this guy was dirty. For the past 21 months, Yamato had been keeping track of when it start, almost ⅔'s of the murder investigations he did seemed to involve Naruto in some way. At bare minimum, the name Uzumaki came up. When Yamato looked into it, it turned out that Naruto Uzumaki was on just about everybody's watch list. It was like everyone in the world thought he was a criminal, but no one had an ounce of proof.

That's when a thin man walked in with gray hair, wearing a suit that similar to Yamato's but he was wearing a mask made of thin black cloth that covered his mouth. He also a had a patch over his left eye as well. Yamato noticed as soon as he walked in, "Hey Kakashi, do you need something?"

Kakashi looked at the who was in the interrogation room and sighed, "Come on Yamato, again, why are you putting yourself through this again? You know you don't have shit on him."

"A buddy of mine got a call in today that said our friend here might be linked to some stolen art. I told him that everything dealing with Uzumaki should go through me," Yamato told the older man with determination.

Kakashi really didn't want to hear that Yamato was gonna be watching every little thing Naruto did, "Aren't you going a little overboard here? You've got better things to do with your time your know?"

Yamato couldn't have felt Kakashi was more wrong, "I know this sick fuck is hiding something and I'm not just gonna let him walk."

Kakashi shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair, "I'm 45 years old Yamato, but I went gray way back when I was in my 20's because I stressed myself out chasing leads that would never gonna go anywhere. Take it from me, you're better off just cutting this guy lose and finding a case that'll have a chance of being prosecuted. Hell, you don't even know if he actually did anything."

Yamato looked back into the interrogation room, "Oh he did something alright, and I'll be on him like shit on velcro until I get find out what."

"Alright, I guess it's your decision. If you need some help then I'll come in and take my mask off to scare him," Kakashi joked as he left the room.

"Very funny Kakashi," Yamato said as he continued to stare at Naruto, "Alright you freaking punk, let's see what you're hiding."

As Naruto took stock of the all too familiar integration, he noted the same thing he always noted. This room was one of the most boring places a person could ever be stuck in. The walls were a baby barf greenish color and paint was chipping. His home may not have had a ton in it, but at least he kept the walls a pleasant white that didn't insult your eyes. There were nothing to look at in the room either, expect for a few filing cabinets and the glass window. He couldn't wait for Yamato to get in here so that he had something to do.

Finally the door opened and Yamato walked in, throwing a file on the table, "We've still got this left over from the last time we had to go through your house."

"Right, back when my old teacher Mizuki died," Naruto recollected.

Yamato corrected him, "He was murdered, and you had motive and means to do it."

"Yes, but you didn't find a shred of evidence that I had anything to do with it. Besides, I wouldn't call him flunking me in high school a motive for murder," Naruto said, remembering his old teacher and chuckling to himself at where the asshole was now.

Yamato looked through the file and showed Naruto some pictures of high end electronics, "For someone who flunked high school you do very well for yourself."

Naruto looked over the pictures, "What can I say, the restaurant I started up is doing very well. Teuchi and Ayame are making me a killing."

"A lot of people these days are using their business to launder money so they can spend their ill gotten gains," Yamato told him matter a factly.

Naruto always loved Yamato's lack of subtlety, "I've heard something about that kind of stuff, yeah. Of course I'd never do something like that."

"Of course not," Yamato replied with a hint of anger.

Naruto decided to cut to the chase, "So other than this call, what makes you think I might have something to do with this?"

Yamato had been hoping he wouldn't ask that. Now he'd have to bluff, "Well the first time we went into your apartment we found a few pieces of very nice art. You're clearly an art lover and we've got no other leads. With the it being such an expensive piece of art, we just didn't want to leave any stone unturned."

Naruto acted like it was no big deal, "I understand. You'll soon see that I have absolutely nothing to hide."

Yamato pulled out one last picture and it was of the fox statue Naruto's dresser, "Can ask what the deal is with this fox thing? I've just gotta know what in the hell it is."

Naruto smiled at the very mention of the fox, "That my friend, would be the Kyuubi. He's an ancient monster of Japanese folklore. Legend had it that he could destroy mountains and create valleys with a flick of one of his nine tails. However, he's also a master of tricky. They say that he could take to form of anything he wanted to and that no one could tell the difference."

Yamato could see he'd taken quite an interest in this thing, "You seem to be quite fond of it."

"You have no idea. I've got a tattoo of it on my back that I got when I was younger. The Kyuubi takes what it wants, and doesn't ask question. Sometimes it won't even use it's power and use his intelligence just for fun. Kind of like me," Naruto said with a hint of pride in his voice.

Yamato had a feeling he'd found what he could use to get to Naruto, "Are you saying that you take whatever you want and don't care about the consequences?"

Naruto caught himself very quickly, "I was more referring to not always using my power and sometimes just letting my intelligence take over."

"So you're saying you're very powerful?" Yamato said, still attacking everything he could.

Naruto just had to laugh, "Is there anything I can say that you won't try and find some deeper meaning in?"

Yamato leaned back in his chair, "Maybe it's just the way you talk."

Before Yamato could respond, the door opened on the interrogation room and woman with long black hair and ruby eyes who was wearing a suit and skirt walked in, "Well then it's a good thing he won't be doing any more talking."

Naruto looked up at the woman, "Well if it isn't my lovely lawyer Ms. Kurenai Yuhi. Always good to see you."

"Likewise Naruto. Now Detective, care to explain to me why you're talking to my client with out his attorney present? Better yet how did you got a warrant for his apartment on nothing more than an anonymous phone call?" Kurenai asked with a lot irritation.

Yamato knew Kurenai Yuhi very well at this point. She wasn't just a lawyer, she's was Konoha's best lawyer. They called her the Mistress of Illusion because of her ability to make a jury or a judge believe almost anything, "That's really none of your concern Ms. Yuhi."

"It is If I think you're harassing my client. How many time have you called him in with little or no evidence over the past year? You're lucky I haven't filed a complaint with your superiors." Kurenai said in a very threatening voice.

Naruto stood and stopped her, "Now Kurenai, he's just doing his job. I'm sure their search turned up nothing."

Kurenai turned back to Yamato, "On that much he's right. I stopped by there before I came here and they found absolutely nothing. Once again Detective, you've wasted everyone's time. Please don't let it happen in the future."

Yamato could see he was gonna have to save face, "My apologies, I'll try and be more cautious next time."

Kurenai walked out with Naruto, "See to it that you do, or I will have your badge."

As they left Yamato mumbled at himself, "Another day, another crime you've wormed your way out of…"

Kurenai was advising Naruto as they walked away, "I'm telling you Naruto, you need to file a complaint! You can't let them keep dragging you in like this!"

Naruto waved the whole thing off as usual, "Nah, it's just too much fun watching Yamato chase after me over and over again."

"If that's what you want, then fine. You're just lucky Kakashi called me before you could've given Yamato anything he could work with," Kurenai warned.

Naruto felt she was underestimating him, "I wouldn't do something that stupid and you know it. Why don't we just change the subject? For instance, how's it going with you and Asuma?"

Kurenai just had to smile, "You were right, once you get to know him he's sweet, kind, smart, and…" She blushed a little, "He's great in bed."

Naruto knew they'd hit it off, "Didn't know you had it in you Kurenai. Good for you." He could see Kakashi has walked out behind them, "I'm gonna go and chat up Kakashi. Always good to so see you Kurenai."

"Yeah, you too," Kurenai said with a little wave.

Kakashi walked up behind him, being careful to make sure Yamato wasn't watching them, "Care to explain what in hell happened back there?"

Naruto gave him a quizzical look, "What you mean? It was the same thing that always happens. Yamato brought me in, I screwed with him a bit, then left."

"I don't give a shit about that! Who in the hell is leaving anonymous calls about you?" Kakashi said with both fear and anger in his voice.

Naruto suddenly understood, "Oh that. Yeah, I'm going to look into it before I can give you a definite answer."

That wasn't good enough for Kakashi, "Well you'd better be fast about it. Yamato has his heart set on taking your ass down and whoever left this call seems to wanna help him. Fudging the occasional piece of paper work or pointing them in the wrong direction about an investigation every now and then is one thing, but I'm starting to have to protect your ass every other week. It's not gonna be long before people start questioning everything I do."

Naruto couldn't help but feel a bit guilty at the thought of Kakashi getting caught because of him. For the past three and half years Kakashi had been Naruto's man on the inside. He told Naruto what all was happening in the precinct and who all they were looking at for recent crimes. On more than one occasion Kakashi had told Naruto who to pay off or what to do when people started to look into his business.

Without him, Naruto wouldn't know what to do, "Look man, I'm sorry about all this. I know you're sticking your neck out for me and I appreciate it. I'll tell Kurenai to file a complaint about Yamato so he'll stop chasing me and then figure out who's trying to get me."

Kakashi was about to say something else but Naruto was already chasing after Kurenai and yelling, "Hey Kurenai, hold on second!"

Kakashi didn't feel completely in the right here, "Maybe I did stick my neck out for you...but let's face it. I owed you that much.

Flashback to four years ago

"You son of a bitch! You ruined my life," Naruto screamed from the holding cell.

Kakashi had never felt this guilty before, "Please, just let me explain!"

Naruto just kept screaming, "I don't care! There's nothing that you can say that would make me forgive you!"

"Let me try and make it up to you. I'll...I'll just…" Kakashi tried to think.

Naruto turned away and walked back to the other eight people in his holding cell, "You can go fuck yourself for all I care."

Kakashi just kept looking into the bars with horror filled eyes. He would make this right...he just had to make it right!

Flashback end

Kakashi did make it up to Naruto that day, although it had taken some doing. From that day on he'd been looking out for Naruto. As far as what he'd done to Naruto to make him feel so bad...well he really didn't wanna think about that. At least not today. It was just too painful

Once Naruto had gotten to Kurenai and told her to file the complaint, which she'd been very happy about, he called up a buddy of his to start trying to figure out who'd gotten him taken in. Of course he once again used the prepaid cell phone. He dialed the phone and waited as it rang, "Come on man. Pick up, pick up, pick the hell up."

Fine the other line answered and a young man said, "Hello, Nara Technical Support, Shikamaru speaking."

"Hey Shikamaru, it's Naruto. I got something I need you to do for me," Naruto explained.

Shikamaru Nara was a young, thin, black haired genius who had helped Naruto on several occasions. He may have acted like the head of a elections repair shop, but his real skill that he used to make cash was his ability to hack into just about any system in the world. That was just what Naruto needed right now, "What'd ya need Naruto?"

"We got someone who seems to be sticking their nose in my business. Kakashi should've sent you something so that you can figure out who it is. He's not allowed to track down anonymous calls," Naruto started.

"But I am,"Shikamaru finished, "I'll figure track down the where the call was made from."

Naruto knew he'd called the right guy, "Thanks a million, I'll be sure to send you your usual fee."

Shikamaru had been pulling up what Kakashi sent him as they spoke, "That's all I need. I can tell already that the call was sent from a landline."

"People still uses those?" Naruto joked.

"Apparently they do. I can almost guarantee you it's gonna be a house or apartment. I should have the address in ten minutes,"Shikamaru informed him.

Naruto always was impressed with how fast Shikamaru with this crap, "Sounds perfect. Do me a favor and send the address to Kiba and Ino once you've got it."

"Sure thing man. Talk to you later,"Shikamaru said and hung up.

Naruto hung up his line as well and then started to dial some other numbers, "While they're taking care of that, I've got a meeting to set up."

Kiba Inuzuka and Ino Yamanaka had married at a very young age, just 19 years old. Kiba was studying to become a veterinarian while making ends meet as a bartender and Ino was working a day job at her parents flower shop until she could finish up with her psychology degree. They both had lived rather privileged lives and grew very bored of it very quickly. No risks, no worries, no excitement. That boredom ended briefly when they'd first met each other, but before long they just became bored together.

However, they did finally find something to amuse the two of them...breaking the law. It started off so small, they would occasionally skip out on a check or steal a little trinket from a friend. Before they even knew what happened they were out of control, breaking the law at every chance they got. For them, it was like some strange kind of drug. Prue raw excitement!

While it almost got them killed on a couple of occasion, they soon found a way to get their excitement without getting into trouble with the help of one Naruto Uzumaki. He'd met Kiba before and when he found out about him being pulled in for assault and battery, Naruto made him an offer. Kiba and Ino would become his personal fixers and Naruto would make sure they never got caught. It was a dream come true for the two lovers.

At the moment the two of them were having lunch in a nice restaurant with another couple they were friends with. They were bullshitting about student loans and other high end crap. Ino was talking about her flower shop stuff, "And so this guy comes in and asks for half a dozen roses. I tell him that we only sell flowers by the dozen, which is true, it's my mom's policy. He flips out for no damn reason. Says that he only needs half a dozen and that's all he's paying for. Eventually I got him to pay for full dozen but I almost had call the cops."

Their friends laughed, "Oh man, that's just too much."

"I think my girl can take care of herself just fine, she doesn't any cops to take care of her," Kiba said as he felt his phone go off.

He looked down at his phone and it was just an address with a short sentence, 'These guys seem to know something about a blonde friend of yours. Go find out how.'

Kiba nudged his wife's shoulder, "Hey babe, we're gonna have to cut this lunch short."

He showed her the phone so that the others couldn't see it, "Looks like we do. I'm sorry guys, we'll catch up with you later."

The two of them got up with their friends waving goodbye, "Not a problem guys, don't be strangers now!"

Kiba and Ino waved back at them, "Don't worry, we won't!"

As soon as they were out of earshot Ino said, "Talk about a couple of douchebags."

Kiba couldn't agree more, "Yeah, but they make us look good. At least we got to leave early right?"

Ino and Kiba got to their car and pulled a couple of pistol out of their trunks, "I guess that's true. Now let's go have some real fun!"

If you asked anyone in Konoha who the Nine Kings were, they'd all look at you like you were insane. Half of the people would look at you like because they wouldn't have a clue what you were talking about, the other half would look at you like because you'd have to be crazy to talk about the Nine Kings.

So who were the Nine Kings? In the most basic terms, they were the nine kings of various crimes that took place in Konoha. No one was better than them and no one questioned them because they knew what would happen if they did. Naruto was head of this little organization, with his job being to use all of his connections in law enforcement and the crime world to make sure none of them got caught. Since each king had their own domain to make cash with that no one could challenge them in, none of them got into any fights. It was the perfect set up.

Speaking of Naruto, he was waiting for for the other eight kings to arrive in one of his favorite restaurants. Not his own of course, that would be far too risky. A friend of his, Choji Akimichi, owned a nice restaurant and was more than willing to look the other way about anything illegal that happened in exchanged for a little extra cash in his check at the end of the night.

Naruto was sitting at the table with Kakashi by his side as a sort of bodyguard. All of the kings trusted one another, but they weren't idiots. No one was gonna go in completely unprotected in case something big went down.

The first of the kings to arrive besides Naruto was Gaara, the King of Hitmen. If you wanted someone in Konoha dead and you weren't willing to do it yourself, he was who you saw. Gaara was Naruto's age with short red hair and a thin build. He was a rather quiet person, but if you set him off you'd best get the hell out of the way. Next to him was his older brother Kankuro, a brown hair well built man who knew more lethal poisons that wouldn't show up on an autopsy then you could shake a stick at, and his older sister Temari, a beautiful blonde who knew her way around several different kinds of knifes.

He walked up to Naruto and Kakashi and nodded, "It is good to see the two of you again. I do hope this meeting won't have too much bad news."

Naruto had gotten used to Gaara's monotone at this point, "I wouldn't say bad news, I just need to fill you guys in on something."

Gaara turned around and sat down in his seat, "I'm glad to hear it."

Just after he sat down, the next King, or Queen more accurately, walked in. Yugito, a blonde woman wearing incredibly nice clothes, was the master of white collar crime. Bank fraud, embezzlement, and insurance fraud were her bread and butter. She was great at what she did, but that didn't mean she was well liked. Even the other kings had to admit, she was a snobby bitch. Dodai, an old man with one eye, was her personal bodyguard. He might have looked old, but he could still hold his own against the best of them.

She didn't even bother to say hello to anyone. She just went and sat right down, "This better be good Naruto. I was in the middle of a rather important meeting."

Naruto almost snapped at her but Kakashi cut in, "I assure, it's very important Yugito."

Before Naruto could speak his mind the next King arrived. Yugaru was the youngest king at just 20 years old, a blonde boy who looked like he wasn't even done growing. He was the king of falsifying documents. Not just simple little things, he could create and destroy people with just a few pieces of paper. He didn't need a gun or a knife to kill someone, just paper and ink. His guards were two of the baddest motherfuckers in all of Konoha. Zabuza was known as a demon for his merciless killings and Kisame had actually gotten the nickname 'The Shark' because of his sharper than natural teeth and the rumors that he'd dabbled in cannibalism. It wasn't true, but he let the rumor go on for fear's sake.

Yagaru went right to his chair and sat down while Zabuza and Kisame said a quick hello to Naruto. Kakashi tried to talk to the young King, "So how's life been treating you Yagaru?"

Yagaru was clearly not interested in a chat, "I'm not up for a conversation Kakashi. I've never been much of a talker."

Kakashi frowned under his mask as another King walked in. Roshi was known by most as the King Bribery. While traditionally a white collar crime, not even Yugito could deny just how good Roshi was at it. He didn't necessarily do the bribery himself, he was usually more of an advisor. It was his job to tell someone who to bribe or if they should be getting bribed, how much they should pay or how much they should get paid, things like that. When trying not get yourself in a whole shit ton of trouble, a guy like Roshi was nice to have. For his monetary fee, of course. Kurotsuchi, his 23 year old black haired cousin, was guarding him, and she was one hell of a fighter.

The red haired bearded man shook Naruto and Kakashi's hands, "Nice to see you two again. How are you doing."

"Were doing good, thanks," Naruto said, "How are you two."

"Can't complain, not that anyone would listen if I did," Roshi said as he sat down.

Kakashi chuckled at the joke when Han, another of the King's who wore a mask and a large red straw hat, arrived. All that you could see of him were his eyes, which were an orangish-red color. He was a quiet man who only ever spoke when spoken to. That attitude, plus the fact that he was incredibly tall and muscular, made many people nervous around him. He was the King black market goods. If you wanted to sell something that was stolen in Konoha, you had to go through him.

Han didn't really say anything, he just tipped his hat to them. Next to him was his bodyguard, Deidara, a man obsessed with explosions and art, which he considered to be one and the same. He was a rather feminine man, even having been mistaken for a woman more than once. Those that made that mistake never made it more than once. In fact they never found all of their body parts in the same place again.

When Han sat down Naruto asked him, "So are you doing well Han?"

Han said simply, "I'm doing very well, thank you."

Naruto wanted to think of something to get his attention, but nothing came to mind before the next King showed up. Utakata was the king of prostitution, and he was damn good at it. The thin dark haired man wasn't a pimp by any means, he was too smart to pull something like that. He treated all of his women fairly and never beat or abused them. They knew he expected a certain amount of the money they made to be given to him and if they didn't like it, they could leave. If they wanted to sell him out, then he'd kill them. He would n'tbe cruel about it though, just a quick shot to the back of the head and it was over.

Next to him was the incredibly beautiful and deadly Mei, with auburn hair, a curvaceous figure, and mile long legs. She may have looked sweet but she was a killer though and trough. Mei had started out as another call girl, but when Utakata saw here other skills he decided to use her elsewhere. Occasionally she did go back to her old profession, as men were willing to pay a high price to be with her. An incredibly high price actually.

Mei gave Naruto a quick wink as she walked by, she was a very flirtatious woman, and Utakata just said, "Glad we can all get together again. Hopefully we have a good time."

"I'll do my best," Naruto replied with a slight smile.

"Well hey there lover boy, how've you been?" asked the next King, actually Queen, as she walked in. Fu was 24 years old, Naruto's age, with tan skin and green hair that was supposedly natural, although not many people believed her. She was known for her Illegal trafficking of goods and exotic animals. Unlike most traffickers, Fu always made sure the animals they captured and sold were treated humanely and went to a good home. All Fu was trying to do was bring rare animals into a good home. The trafficking of goods was where she made her real money.

She was being guarded by an old friend of hers, a long black haired man Shibuki. He was just a general bodygaurd, not really a lot to him. If she needed to be protected, Fu knew that she could count on Naruto. Their relationship was far from just a professional one. They'd spent many a night in each other's arms.

Naruto looked at tight skirt and slightly revealing top, "Damn Fu, you look great."

Fu gave him a little giggle, "Maybe you'll get to see how good later. Right now we've got a meeting to get underway."

"Aw man, you're killing me," Naruto said as Fu brushed her hand against his cheek.

With that the final King arrived, a large black man who most people knew as Killer Bee. He was the King of Narcotics, although he didn't touch them himself. As they say, 'Never get high on your own supply.' Killer Bee mainly just sold whatever he could get his hands on. If you paid the fee, Bee was fine. If you didn't, well let's just say price was no long the thing that was getting cut.

For whatever reason, he also liked to rap when he talked at times, "Yo, together we are the Nine Kings! So let commence with the meeting!"

Bee's older brother, A, who was his bodyguard and was ripped enough to kill someone with his bare hands, smacked him, "Shut the hell up Bee."

Naruto found Bee's wrapping very funny, "Just as much fun as I remember Bee. He's right though, why don't you sit down and we'll get this meeting started?"

Both of them were high as a kite, so damn high that they couldn't even remember their names. They were two nobodies, living out their days getting high off prescription drugs in a house that looked like a damn shack. It had a TV, not that they could afford to to have cable, and a phone. That was pretty much it. Every last dime they had, they spent on drugs.

They were just laying on the ground, staring up at the ceiling with vacant looks on their faces. It was empty bliss for quite some time, until they heard a knock on the door. One of them managed to stumble their way up and answer the door, "What the fuck do you want?...Oh shit, get over here dude!"

The other guy got up and went to the door to find a smoking hot blond there, "Well hi boys, how are you doing?"

They couldn't believe this was happening, "Did you call her?"

The other guy shook his head, "No way man, I ain't got that kind of cash."

"My name's Ino. Do you mind if my friend and I come inside?" Ino asked the two stoned men.

"Holy shit, she's got a friend," One of the men said, grabbing his friend shirt.

The other one was almost bouncing up and down, "Yeah, get your friend in here babe!"

Ino walked in and was quickly followed by her husband. The two of them took out their pistols and pointed at the stoned idiots head's, "Thank you so much for letting us in so nicely boys."

The men had a very quick mood swing, "Oh man. Look, what the fuck did we ever do to you people?"

Kiba walked around them, his gun never pointing away from the man's head, "It's not what you did to us, it's the call you made about a friend of ours, Naruto Uzumaki."

"Wait, that's the name that doctor guy said on the phone," One of them yelled.

The other added on, "Yeah, we didn't have anything to do with that. We barely even heard what he said. He was just some guy who wanted to use our phone!"

Ino pressed her gun to the man's temple, "So why did you let him use your phone?"

"Because he was a doctor and he gave us our favorite pills. All he wanted us to do was let him use our phone," He told them.

Kiba rolled his eyes, "And you never thought it was weird?"

They were both in tears, "We just wanted the fucking drugs man, we swear! Please don't kill us."

Ino clicked off her safety, "We would, but a couple of drug addicts who would do something that stupid for some pills really can't be trusted in any way, shape, or form. You're too stupid to try and trick us and too high to remember anything else. Pleasure talking with you though."

Both Kiba and Ino pulled their triggers and sent the men's brains splattering across the floor. Kiba looked at the mess they'd made, "Thank god we ain't gotta clean that up."

Ino looked around, "Their couch seems pretty clean, perfectly usable. Nice and sturdy too."

Kiba knew what she was getting at, "You wanna fuck on their couch, don't you?"

"You got a problem with that," Ino asked with a seductive smile.

Kiba took off his jacket, "Not even a little bit. Just let me call Shikamaru and tell him what we found."

All of the Kings had gotten a little irritated when Naruto's phone went off right in the middle of filling them in on what had gone down with Yamato, but when Naruto had seen it was Shikamaru calling, he just had to pick up. They all watched him him nod and occasionally mumble something like, 'So you're sure they had no connection to anyone', and 'I guess that make sense if he was a doctor.

Naruto hung up and told the others, "Alright, so it's looking like it was doctor who'd made the call,"

"Oh for god's sake, before we start hearing this crap about some doctor who probably won't even turn out to have existed, I'm just gonna say what we're all thinking! Why aren't we wondering what Han's place in all this is? I mean, it was his stolen art that they were saying you're involved with right?" Yugito just bursted out.

The usually calm Han stood up, "What did you just say?"

Yugito stood up too, "You heard me! I was just telling the truth!"

Han's eye was twitching in rage and he said in a low growl, "For a woman you've got a set of balls on you."

Naruto slammed his hand on the table, "Enough! Both of you just shut the fuck up!"

Yugito glared at him hard, "Don't you dare talk to me that way!"

"Don't you dare open your mouth again! You're accusing Han on a some baseless hunch and I won't stand for it!" Naruto started, "I'd trust any of the Nine Kings with my life and I'd like to think you'd all do the same!"

Gaara decided to cut in, "Do I need to remind you, Yugito, of the promise we all made four years ago?"

He pulled his shirt down and showed them all a tanuki tattoo on his shoulder and Naruto pulled his shirt up to show them the Kyuubi on his back. Yugito felt rather ashamed and felt the tattoo of a blue cat with two tails on her ankle. Yugaru felt his tattoo of a three tailed turtle on side. Roshi felt the four tailed ape tattoo on his left bicep and Han felt the fived tailed horse on his right. Utataku put his hand on the six tailed slug on his chest and Fu brushed the seven tailed locust on her waist. Bee put his hand on his neck where his eight tailed bull tattoo was.

Naruto reminded them all, "When we all got put in that holding cell together, we promised that we would protect one another and make each other completely untouchable. You saw my tattoo and Gaara's tattoo and decided you each get one for yourself as a mark. That's the way we've lived for the past four years and we've built something pretty great here haven't we?"

They all nodded and Yugito looked at Han, "I guess that I shouldn't have accused so quickly. Naruto, as you were saying."

Naruto finally finished, "My guy says that a doctor used some no name druggies phone to make the call accusing me. He probably pulled some files to see who had a track record of being cut off from getting pain killers for abusing them and went to the trashy place he could find so that whoever he used wouldn't be credible enough to ID him."

"Okay, but why? He must have known it wouldn't actually do anything," Fu reasoned.

Naruto had a bad feeling about that, "I think he was trying to send a message. He knows who we are and he's coming for us."

Gaara had a simple solution, "We'll just have to kill him."

"Well yeah, but we have to figure out who he is first. All we know is that he's a doctor which isn't much to go on. I just wanted to fill you all in on what happened. Keep an eye out for anybody being weird, okay?" They all nodded, "Good, dinner's on me and I'll see you all later."

Naruto got up to leave but Fu grabbed his arm, "You're not going anywhere without me. We haven't gotten together in two and half weeks. For the rest of the night, you're mine."

Naruto grinned and told Kakashi, "You can leave for the night. Looks like I'm going to be very busy."

They walked away and Kakashi called, "Don't forgot to use protection you two!"