Author's Notes:

Welcome to Book #6 of the series I've written! I've included the following basic notes about my writing, the characters, etc. for your personal benefit:

1. Because this is a series looking at the world in an unknown view, I retain many artistic liberties as to my depiction of what would happen should the Colonists dominate the earth. However, I strive greatly to keep the X-Files specific history from the original series legitimate and accurate, with only a few minor artistic liberties taken (mainly in conjunction with what has already been written in my series prior to this one). My goal is to bridge these stories to the past using a rich sampling of X-Files series history to provide continuity.

2. What this means, essentially, is I don't own a damn thing about the X-Files, only what I write, my depiction of the world post-Colonization and any additional characters that have not appeared on the show previously, including my adult interpretation of William (as well as the original cover artwork). You can bet your boots that if I owned the X-Files, there would be more movies, a new series and anything else I could dream up.

3. I display real people in my cover images for this series because when I dreamt up these tales, they are the faces that inspired the characters. Personally, this helps me to eliminate the guessing game of what a "new" person looks like while reading, allowing me to enjoy their personality attributes that come alive through the dialogue. The people I've modeled the characters I've introduced after physically, and maybe even some personality traits, are as follows:

Brendan Fehr (Will/William Mulder)
Jennifer Lawrence (Cara/Caraline Mulder)
Liam Hemsworth (Cyrus English)
Lilly Collins (Christina Harrison)

The twins, Maddox and Emma, are represented by child actors/models.

Again, I don't own them. We'd all be in trouble if I did.

4. I believe in Mulder/Scully romance. They belong together. Period. So please don't expect them to just be friends or whatever. They are essentially married in my mind at this point in their lives. :) I believe, as well, in Doggett/Reyes, though I must admit to being responsible for their "permanent" elimination during this series. Ye have now been warned.

5. This story's rating hovers between a T and an M. Though the entire thing isn't dark, it also isn't all sunshine, puppies and rainbows. It's the end of the world, people. There are bound to be scary, unthinkable things happening in my interpretation of such a thing. But I promise, what is dealt with isn't super crazy or graphic, in my humble opinion. There are four letter (and five letter) words used thoughtfully to match the characters, setting, violence and implied scenarios. Don't want any of that? Then go no further than these notes. Again, ye have now been warned.

6. These stories of this new series are written for you, the fans. Each of the people who fell in love with William and Caraline, as well as the characters we all know and love, have motivated me to keep going. So please, feedback in the form of reviews is essential! This is for you, kids. You're driving. You're moving me along with your candor, so don't forget to leave a little note letting me know how your journey is going! :)

Thank you so very much for your support, love and energy - have an amazing final adventure!