Chapter 12 (Naida's Backstory)

A little girl pushed six year old Naida down a slide. The girl and her group pointed and laughed at her. Naida had temper issues and would easily get mad. When the girl stuck her tongue out at her, Naida screamed at her and flames started forming in her hands. A few kids noticed her and one of them shouted, "Demon child!" A few others caught on to that name. Her fire extinguished.

"Demon child! Demon child!" small children chanted, surrounding Naida. She lay on the floor crying, the fire gone. Little bodies pushed up against her and she felt fists pounding her. A foot made contact with her stomach and she fell to the ground.

"Stop it, guys!" a boy's voice shouted from over the crowd. They didn't listen and through Naida's tear filled eyes, she saw a boy with short black hair and freckles. He wrapped his arms around her and the pain immediately stopped. She opened her eyes to find tears falling from the boy's face. He was taking all the pain for her. Finally a teacher separated the kids from the two. Naida was in the boy's embrace and she hugged him back, happy it was over. But the kids laughed and exclaimed, "Tommy is with the demon girl!"

"Are you okay?" the Teacher exclaimed.

"Kinda," Tommy replied, starting to stand.

"Tommy, go to the nurse and I will carry Naida."

Tommy limped inside. As Naida was picked up and hurried to the school nurse.

She lay in the bed next to the bed where tommy was. The school nurse told them the stay there until their parents picked them up.

"Thank you," Naida said.

"You're welcome," Tommy replied.

"Do you wanna be friends?"


Years went by and people slowly stopped making fun of her and Tommy. During the fifth grade dance party at school, Naida immediately went to find Tommy. He was with a bunch of his guy friends and with a few girls that Naida didn't know. Tommy was quite popular at their school.

"Tommy!" Naida shouted through the loudness of the Gym.

"Naida!" Tommy waved at her.

Naida joined his little circle. At one end there a guy named Nick was holding hands with her acquaintance, Ashely. They were "dating". Apparently dating was cool. Tommy walked up to Naida and asked, "You want to get fruit punch with me?" Naida nodded. The circle remained, but some people were staring their way.

"Hey," Tommy said.

"Hey," Naida responded.

"Can I ask you something?"


"You know, since we were friends for a while, you want to try dating?"

Naida looked at him in shock, but nodded her head. He smiled.

"Cool! Let's hold hands then!" Tommy took her hand and started walking towards their circle, forgetting about the punch.

Naida's thirteenth birthday ended and everyone practically went home except for Tommy. His parents let him sleepover because they assumed that he wanted to stay over. Naida's parents were driving her friends back to their houses and Naida and Tommy were sitting on the couch. He placed his arm around Naida's shoulder. They were keeping their "being a couple" thing a secret because their parents were against young dating.

"Can I open your present now?" Naida asked. Tommy nodded, and Naida got up and took the present. She sat back down, and removed the tissue paper from the bag. Inside was a gold colored box. Naida took out a locket shaped as a flame, with Naida and Tommy's photos in it.

"You said you liked the colors of fire, so I got you a locket shaped as a fire," Tommy stated.

"I love it! Thank you!" Naida exclaimed, hugging Tommy.

"Wait, there's one more gift."

"Really?" Naida looked back into the bag.

"It's not in the bag."

Naida turned her head, facing Tommy.

"Close your eyes first," Tommy ordered.

Naida did as he said. For a few seconds nothing happened. Then, she felt something soft make contact with her lips. She opened her eyes, to find Tommy kissing her. She didn't do anything for a whole five seconds, but then she kissed him back. It was a light, awkward first kiss, but it was magical. After the kiss, that's when she realized, she loved Tommy.

The months after, they have been awkward around each other. Other people asked what happened, but they never told them. One day Naida was carpooling with Tommy and it was the most awkward thing ever.

They sat in the car, Naida looking out the window, and Tommy fiddling with his thumbs.

"Hey, Naida," Tommy said.

"Yeah?" Naida replied.


A horn honked loudly, and everything felt like it was in slow motion. Headlights blinded her from behind Tommy. Naida's eyes widened and she reached her arms out to get Tommy, but it was too late. Everything turned black.

Naida woke up with a start. LED lights shined from the ceiling. A faint beeping sound was in the background.

"Tommy. TOMMY!" Naida exclaimed, starting to sit up. Sudden pain shot throughout her body. When she looked forward, she noticed her leg was in a cast and so were her arms.

"TOMMY! PLEASE! SOMEONE!" Naida screamed in her hospital room.

A nurse ran in.

"Is everything alright?" she asked.

"Where is Tommy?" Naida cried.

"You mean the boy that was with you during the crash?"


Her eyes went down.

"What happened to him?" Naida yelled, "WHAT HAPPENED?"

"He's gone. Tommy died instantly when the cars collided."

Tears slid down Naida's face.

"No. He's not dead. He can't be. He's on the bed next to me."

Naida sat up, the pain piercing her, but she kept moving.

"Please honey, stay still," the nurse pleaded.

"He's right next to me."

"Stay still."

"He's right here."

Naida's arm managed to stretch out to the curtain next to her and swung it open. No one was there.

"He's in another room. He's alive. He's alive," Naida cried. Tears rolled down her face and she sobbed. Naida bawled, knowing that his last word was her name.

The next year has been rough on her. She wore the necklace every day or kept it near her at all times. She didn't go to school for almost half a year until her mom told her that she needed to move on. When she went back, Naida was ignored. She spent her lunch time in the library corner.

When she finally started feeling better, her mom died. Naida's depression came back. She refused to go to an orphanage so she ran away. A satyr found her and brought her to Camp Half-Blood. When she learned that Leo was like her, she felt like she could trust him. Slowly, a love for him budded. Tommy would have wanted her to move on. She vowed that she would do anything to keep Leo. When she saw Calypso kissing Leo, her temper got the best of her, and she ended up in the camp cell.

Naida sat on the floor and reached into her pocket. The locket shined in her palm and she smiled. In her locket were Tommy and her, during a time where she was actually happy.

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