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Summery: After the meeting in LA between Angel and Buffy, Buffy goes back to Sunnydale and tries to commit suicide. She fails and is now in a mental hospital to get the help that she needs.

Authors Note: Ok I was mad at what happened and decided to fix the story. It may not make a whole lot of sense though so I am sorry. I'm mad at Angel for leaving so that's why he may seem slightly cruel. Please read and respond.

"AHHH" I heard Cordelia scream from the lobby, and ran out to see what was going on. Well I guessed that she had had a vision, but I needed to see what the vision was and if it really was a vision. In the lobby I saw Weasly holding Cordelia and giving her pain killers. "Are you all right Cordelia?" I asked as she took the pain killers. "I hate these things, and why did they need to send me that. I think they should have just let it happen. I mean it's not like she deserves our help after everything she put you through." Buffy my mind automatically screamed, the only one that had really hurt me enough to make Cordelia say that. "What happened to Buffy in the vision Cordy?" "Ummm well she was dead, in a coffin and everything. That's all that I saw." That didn't tell us much of anything, except that if we didn't succeed then Buffy would die. No matter how many fights and how much she hurt me I would always love Buffy. What had happened a three months ago had hurt more then I could imagine it would. Still she was my mate and I would not allow her to die, even if it was no longer my job to protect her. "Well what are we waiting for, we're should get there as soon as possible. We'll go talk to Giles and see what the danger at the moment is." I left to go get packed for the trip ahead. My mind on our last meeting exactly a month ago. Why couldn't I let her go, she wasn't mine anymore.

By the time we had gotten to Sunnydale my mind was making up the most awful ways in which she could be killed. I was surprised when we got to Giles' apartment the entire place smelled of alcohol and despair, was Buffy already dead. Cordy marched up to the door and knocked. I heard someone moan and shuffle over to the door where we were standing.

I was completely stunned at Giles' appearance. He had a small beard, and looked like he hadn't slept in weeks. I smelt the exhaustion and depression on him, and couldn't help but think that Buffy had already died. Cordy being her charming self demanded to know what was going on and where Buffy was.