Disclaimer: These characters are not my own.

Summery: After the meeting in LA between Angel and Buffy, Buffy goes back to Sunnydale and tries to commit suicide. She fails and is now in a mental hospital to get the help that she needs.

Authors Note: Ok I was mad at what happened and decided to fix the story. It may not make a whole lot of sense though so I am sorry. I'm mad at Angel for leaving so that's why he may seem slightly cruel. Please read and respond.


"What the hell are you doing here?" asked Spike. Quickly turning around with a stake in hand I looked down at my childe with surprise.


"What do you mean what are we doing here, what are you doing here?" Cordelia blurted out at the vampire that was known for killing humans and tormenting and trying to kill Buffy and friends. Spike looked at me with such anger and hatred that I was surprised. Even when I was torturing him or fucking Drusilla in front of him he never showed that much feeling.

"Well now that you've been here why don't you bloody leave." He said not even looking at Cordelia while he said this.

"What are you doing here" I asked both surprised and almost scared that Spike was hanging around Giles' house.

"It's none of your bloody business but if you must know I am helping out." Why doesn't he look away from my eyes. Better question why can't I look away.

"Why would you help out the Scooby gang, you've always tried to kill them before, and you better answer me Will." The question bugs at me and enrages me that he gets to help Buffy and I can't for some reason.

"What don't talk to anyone in the Bloody Scooby Gang anymore, I would have thought that you would have. But if you must know I got a bloody chip in my head that makes it so that I can't bite humans anymore. Your slayer found me and dragged me to Giles. I decided to help out so here I am." Spike answered with the same flippant attitude he always had but still there was that burning anger in his eyes.

"Ok, well do you know where we can find Buffy? We really need to speak to her." I said trying to put my feelings for Buffy aside, she was just another case. Someone to save, not someone to get emotionally attached too. Why couldn't this be as easy as it used to be and still was for anyone but Buffy.

"Why the bloody hell should I tell you. You don't deserve to look at her, none of you are. So why should I tell you Angelus. Give me one good reason that you should know where the little chit is?"