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Akitsu stared ahead morosely, her thoughts just going around in random circles. She was cold, dressed as she was in nothing but panties and a bloodied lab coat, but felt no particular impulse to go anywhere warmer. Her butt also felt sore from sitting on the hard park bench for so long, but she couldn't be bothered to move.

What was the point? She had escaped from the labs after the incompotent MBI adjustor had caused her to become incapable of winging, but for what? At the time she'd just run out of fear and instinct, but once that had passed she had lost the will to move.

Without the ability to have an Ashikabi, she had no purpose and no reason to go find food, shelter or warm clothing. So she kept on sitting the cold, hard bench as she had been doing for the past several hours despite the protests of her body. She didn't want to die, but as a scrapped number, she had no reason to exist. Nobody would want a broken Sekirei after all.

"What happened to you to make you so sad?" A deep voice with a distinct sub-vocal growl to it asked a lot more gently than you would expect such a voice to be capable of.

Akitsu blinked sleepily and looked towards the speaker that had somehow crept up on her without her noticing, though she hadn't really been paying attention either.

A big man, much bigger than her and full of muscle that was easily visible thanks to his open haori and lack of shirt. A mane of bright golden hair fell down to his waist and the hilt of a sword was visible over his shoulder, those were far from being his most distinct features though. No, that honor definitely belonged to the horns on his head and the fiery color of his slitted eyes, which were oddly compassionate in spite of their predatory look.

The people that were responsible for giving the Sekirei a basic education only made passing mentions of religion. Consequently, the demonic appearance of the man meant nothing to her.

Having no reason to refuse answering him, she spoke in her usual halting way. "Broken…scrapped number. I can't be winged."

Turning her eyes away, she expected that the odd man would leave now. She knew that most humans wouldn't know what that meant, but her limited exposure to the species had told her that they tended to be rather self absorbed. She'd never seen a human that looked like that, but didn't care enough to think too hard about it either. No matter if the man was human or not, her problem still stood.

"Well, that doesn't mean a damn thing to me." She heard him saying with some amusement in his voice. A brief flicker of irritation welled up in her before being drowned out by depression. She just didn't have it in her right now to muster any anger over being laughed at.

"Would you like to come with me? You look like you could use some food and a bath. I won't hurt you, I promise."

The sincere tone and offer caused her to look up at him again, though her depressed, sleepy expression still didn't change. "You…want me?" She asked quietly, just the faint tinge of disbelieving hope in the words.

"I'd like to take care of you." He answered honestly. Normally he might have made a joke about the suggestive sounding words, but even he could tell that this was a bad time. The depression that was practically rolling off the girl was enough of a clue on that count. "Do you want me to take you away from here?"

"Ah….yes." Akitsu agreed hesitantly, desperately hoping that she could find a place where she was wanted even if she couldn't be winged.

"Alright then, lets get you out of here."

She accepted the offered arm without hesitation and tried to stand, only for her legs to decided that they didn't want to cooperate now that she'd spent an unknown number of hours sitting on the cold and uncomfortable bench.

A strong hand caught her before she could stumble and she felt herself being lifted up into his arms before she managed to right herself.

"Easy there, looks like you won't be doing any walking just yet." Her still unnamed benefactor said soothingly and held her close to his chest.

A tinge of pink spread across her cheeks at how warm he was and how nice it felt to be held like that before a spike of fear welled up in her.

"Ah….sorry." She apologized shamefully, afraid that she would be abandoned already for being a burden.

"Don't be sorry, I was just looking for an excuse to carry you anyway." He teased gently.

Her cheeks pinked again and she settled against his chest more easily. She remembered some vague warning being told to her about not trusting suspicious looking men, especially at night, but she honestly couldn't care about that now.

A soft and warm blanket settled on her and was wrapped around her, causing her to blink in confusion. She didn't remember seeing any blankets being carried. Her thoughts on the puzzle were interrupted the rumble of her stomach.

"Sorry." She muttered again, trying to hide her face. She'd only had someone that wanted her for two minutes and she was being nothing but trouble.

His only response was a deep chuckle. "Don't worry sweetie, we'll get you something to eat soon."

"Ah….sweetie." She muttered to herself very quietly with her blush deepening slightly.

"I never got your name, I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He said, clearly more of a question than a statement.

Akitsu blinked slowly again before speaking. "Ah….Akitsu, Sekirei #07, now yours Naruto-sama." Privately, she relished speaking the words. So maybe she couldn't be winged, but this man wanted her and had been very kind, so she would do everything in her power to obey his orders and keep him safe. In this way, maybe she would find some purpose for herself.

"I have no idea what any of that means aside from the fact that your name is Akitsu," He commented with amusement. "but you would make me very happy if you called me 'onii-chan'."

Akitsu pressed her head into his chest before speaking again. "Onii-sama."

"Mou, so distant. I like onii-chan better."

She fidgeted nervously, uncomfortable adressing her self-chosen master in such a familiar manner. But he did say that it would make him happy…..


"You're so cute when you say that, it just makes me want to hug you." Naruto said happily and squeezed her tighter, much to Akitsu's hidden pleasure.


Naruto grinned to himself as he carried Akitsu back towards the stupidly expensive hotel where he and Xanna had situated themselves. They hadn't even bothered to hide their horns.

It turns out that you could get away with a lot if you acted as if there was absolutely nothing strange about having horns, fangs, claws and slitted eyes. He'd definitely heard some people muttering about cosplay and how well he and Xanna were doing it. Seriously, people could convince themselves that anything was normal under the proper circumstances. Well that and if you happened to drop enough money to pay for six months use of the penthouse like it was nothing.

As soon as he and Xanna had entered this dimension they'd noticed the 108 strange chakra signatures, which had been rather startling. That there even were chakra signatures had been odd enough, even more so once they determined that these signatures were anything but normal.

But Naruto hadn't honestly cared about that too much. What he was interested in was seeing if any of those chakra signatures were girls in need of a big brother. With this in mind, he'd zeroed in on the one that was emanating the greatest amount of emotional pain.

Akitsu was quite something, that much he could tell already. She was clearly in a deep state of depression when he'd found her, but she seemed to be feeling a lot better already just because he'd come to talk to her and asked her to come with him. Actually it was rather worrying how easily she had agreed to go with a complete stranger, especially one that looked like him. What if some worthless scumbag had appproached her before he could?

Naruto had to admit that Akitsu was definitely a very beautiful woman. Not to mention that he hadn't seen a pair of natural breasts that big since Tsunade…or maybe Hinata…or Samui for that matter, and that marking on her forehead looked quite exotic. He'd need to ask her about that one later, as well as what the hell a Sekirei and Ashikabi was.

He could tell that it wasn't a tattoo, as it was somehow connected to the distinctly artificial feeling chakra core in her body. The very fact that all of her chakra seemed to be focused into some kind of orb inside her chest was strange enough, but he would discuss that with Xanna later.

Seeing that his passenger was about to fall asleep, Naruto took a shortcut and teleported up to the penthouse. He'd been enjoying the walk, but he didn't want her falling asleep before she got a bath and something to eat.


"Found one already?"

The distinctly female voice woke Akitsu from her slight doze and she looked around with sleepy curiousity at where her new master had brought her.

It was a spacious bathroom that fairly oozed decadent wealth, with its dominant feature being the large jacuzzi style bathtub that already had an occupant. The woman was as distinctive as Naruto with her shining white hair, slitted red eyes and horns. No doubt she was the one that had spoken, as she was now scrutinizing Akitsu with her intense gaze.

The words themselves confused her though. Had her new master been looking for a Sekirei? That would make the most sense, if not for the fact that he didn't seem to know anything about Sekirei or the Sekirei plan.

"Yeah, she looked like she needed someone to take care of her." Naruto confirmed and used one claw to cut off Akitsu's panties without bothering to ask for permission. He'd get her some new ones tomorrow.

"Akitsu, this is my wife, Xanna." He told her while removing the lab coat she was wearing, still without a single protest being sounded by the girl in his arms, much to Naruto's confusion. Usually if he'd done something like that, the woman in question would be screaming bloody murder long before now.

"Hello." She said quietly, instantly classifying the white haired woman as someone to be obeyed right after Naruto.

Once she was completely naked, he lowered her towards the water and was much amused when she jerked away as soon as her feet touched the water.


"Want me to cool it down a bit for you?" He asked with a grin.

Instead of answering, Akitsu dipped her toes into the water again and used her power over ice to cool the water down to a more manageable temperature.

"Oh? You have power over ice?" Xanna asked mostly rhetorically, having felt the distinct use of that element just now. These artificial chakra cores were quite the interesting things. Perhaps this would be more than just a universe where Naruto could get himself a few little sisters. Not much more, but she intended to investigate how this could possibly have come about.

"Yes, I am the Sekirei of ice." Akitsu said with a small nod of her head, now submerged in the water nearly up to her nose. She could already feel the water warming up as another power was used to heat it. She made no protest despite the small discomfort it brought her. It would pass once she got used to it anyway and it wasn't worth mentioning.

Xanna filed away that word for later. The girl was clearly exhausted and hungry and there was no need to badger her with that now. It wasn't as if there was any kind of rush.

Naruto entered the hot tub himself, paying no mind to the heat as he put an arm around his wife and another around his newly adopted little sister. "Feeling better Akitsu?

"Yes master."

The quiet response got an incredulous look from Naruto and a very amused one from Xanna.

"Husband, I thought you went out looking for a little sister, not a slave."

"I did." Naruto answered, trying to figure out how exactly this had happened. Had Akitsu seriously just been sitting there, waiting for someone to come along and take her with them with the expectation that she would become their slave?

Nah, it couldn't be. That was just too absurd.

"Akitsu, you aren't a slave, I brought you here because I wanted to help you. Do you understand?" He asked carefully.

"Yes." She replied with a short nod. It made her happy that he cared so much, but she still considered him her master. She didn't want to be told to leave after he was done helping her. She would have to do her very best so that she didn't get sent away.

"Well now that that's settled…..massage my feet while we wait for room service husband." Xanna said, moving away and plopping her feet on Naruto's lap.

Privately, she was rather amused by the situation Naruto had gotten himself into just now and she very much doubted that it had been settled just like that. This had all sorts of potential for some laughs.

"Yes dear." Naruto said in amusement, grinning as he started working on her feet. He knew that Xanna liked it when he massaged her feet and he certainly had no problem doing it.

Akitsu blinked slowly as she watched her self chosen master getting told to do something by his wife. Perhaps Xanna should be obeyed above all others if she could tell her master what to do? So confusing, she would need to watch carefully to figure this out.

Akitsu wasn't much of a talker, but she had always been very perceptive. She would figure it out.


Hours later, Naruto and Xanna were spooning in their ridiculously huge bed after the usual sex that they constantly engaged in. They'd blocked the sound to make sure they didn't wake up Akitsu, that girl needed her rest.

"I'm sure you've noticed that your new slave girl has an artificial chakra core." Xanna said conversationally.

"She's not my slave." Naruto said with an eyeroll. "But yes, I have noticed."

"I find myself curious as to how exactly someone managed that feat. The ability to do something like this is no small matter, even if it appears limited to a single power if Akitsu is any kind of measuring stick."

"She did say something about being broken, but I was going to wait until tomorrow to ask her about that." Naruto admitted.

"Not to mention this Sekirei thing that she claims to be." Xanna added.

"Yeah, that too." Naruto agreed. "She says it as if it's her race, but she seems human to me. A human with the energy of her body and spirit twisted very strangely, but human all the same."

"Well, time enough for that tomorrow." Xanna said carelessly and pressed herself back against him, just enjoying the feeling of being held. "Cuddle time now."

Naruto rumbled a wordless agreement into her ear and held tighter. He'd never say no to a cuddle.


Akitsu woke up just as the first light of dawn began to light up the day and jerked slightly in fright as she didn't recognize where she was for a moment.

Her memory cleared soon enough and she remembered being taken in by her kind new master. The thought brought a tiny little smile to her face before it smoothed back into its usual sleepy look.

She looked around the room she was in idle curiousity, having apparently fallen asleep soon after eating as her exhaustion caught up to her. It was a very big room, with obviously expensive furniture that was worlds better than what she was used to seeing in the MBI labs. The only thing she didn't like about the room was the fact that it obviously wasn't her master's. There had been a quiet hope in her mind that she would have been allowed to sleep next to him.

Looking down at herself, she discovered that she was wearing a set of white PJ's made of high quality silk. The way that it slid across her bare nipples was rather distractingly arousing actually and it made her cheeks go pink as she imagined her master touching them.

Still with that thought in mind, she very quietly padded over to what she guessed was the master bedroom and silently opened the door just a crack.

What she saw made her bite her lip in envy. Her master was tightly and lovingly spooning his wife. She wished with all her heart that she could be the one to be there or that she could join them. But she didn't know if either of them would mind if she just invited herself to their bed. It had not been hard to see that her master valued Xanna above all else and she him. She didn't want to do anything to make either of them angry at her.

In fact it would probably be for the best if she just considered Xanna her mistress as well. It would clear up confusion at least.

"Ah…lucky." She murmured to herself with a tiny smile. It would be almost like having two Ashikabi.

Feeling a bit more cheered up, she placed herself in front of the door and stood guard. She would show them that she was worth keeping!


Xanna opened a single crimson eye and assessed the situation.

Naruto was spooning her and she was feeling very comfortable. Another benefit of not needing to dispose of waste, you never needed to get up from a comfortable position in the morning because of something as silly as a full bladder!

Akitsu was standing in front of the door, radiating determination mixed with longing. Without a single thought as to the privacy of the girl's thoughts, she took a peek into her head and couldn't stop a smirk from forming on her face.

Not only had Akitsu almost completely disregarded Naruto's assurance that he was not her master, but she had also started thinking of Xanna herself as her mistress. She seemed to be under the impression that she would be cast aside if she didn't prove her worth to them.

The thought of it almost made her scoff. Naruto never abandoned those he took as his little sisters, they could abandon him though. Though it was blatantly obvious that Akitsu didn't want to be a little sister.

The longing was nothing more than the desire to join them in the bed. The ice user was starved for affection of any sort and wanted it desperately.

She also got some vague impressions of what this Sekirei business was about, but didn't pry too far into that. Akitsu could explain it herself once they woke up.

An idea started taking shape in her mind, an idea that might be worth quite a few laughs. Most of them at Naruto's expense.


Akitsu was still standing guard outside the master bedroom, ignorant of the fact that those within didn't need protecting, when her vigil was disturbed.

Come into the room Akitsu.

Akitsu blinked to herself in puzzlement. While she was still somewhat tired, she hadn't thought it was bad enough that she would be hearing voices in her head. True, she really did want to join her master and mistress in the bed, but it would be foolish to risk their anger by doing so without invitation. This hallucination of her mistresses voice asking her to enter the room was just too good to be true, so she didn't listen to it.

Besides, despite the chance of enemy Ashikabi attacking here being small, it was not zero, so she would stay watchful.

You are not hallucinating Akitsu and we are both much stronger than you. We don't need protecting.

This time, the voice in her head was full of exasperated amusement that made Akitsu's cheeks go pink.

"Ah….mistress?" She asked tentatively, wanting to confirm that she was indeed being spoken to by her mistress and not hallucinating.

Yes Akitsu, I really am speaking to you and I note that you still haven't done as I told you. Xanna replied pointedly.

Akitsu hastened to obey now that it was established that she was not in fact hallucinating, fearing that she had irritated her new mistress with the delay. Despite her haste, she still entered the room with her customary silence. She had never liked making noise when she moved or spoke, which naturally made all of her actions silent and deliberate.

Once she was inside the room she shuffled uncertainly, not knowing what to do next. They both seemed to be sleeping, though it was obvious that Xanna at least was awake.

Join me on the bed. That is what you wanted isn't it? Xanna's mental voice came again.

Akitsu's face didn't budge the slightest bit, but inwardly she was jumping for joy and did as she was told without hesitation.

After some very careful positioning so that Naruto didn't wake up, she ended up being spooned by the significantly taller woman and her face developed a happy glow once she was settled. She was curious about the obvious power displayed by Xanna just now, but didn't ask. It wasn't her place to ask questions. The only thing she cared about was the fact that neither of her two new masters were Sekirei and that she belonged to someone.

Stay quiet for me Akitsu, we wouldn't want to wake up Naruto now would we. Xanna murmured into her mind and slid her right hand under the top half of Akitsu's PJ's, resting it just beneath her breasts.

Already obeying, Akitsu just nodded her head without speaking, though she did twitch and let out a tiny gasp at the touch. Her resolve to keep silent was tested was she suddenly felt herself being engulfed by a power so vast that she could feel no end to it. It swamped her utterly, making her feel completely insignificant and she understood what Xanna had meant when she said that they didn't need her protection. Even the fearsome Black Sekirei Karasuba was nothing to them.

Many would have felt terrified by this realisation, but not Akitsu. She felt nothing but happiness that she had been found and claimed by someone so powerful. They had no need of her, but she had been chosen anyway. Anything that she could do, they could do better. That did much to allay her fears of being discarded, though she still intended to do her best so as not to waste this opportunity.

Additionally, being completely drowned in the vast power of her new mistress also felt incredibly good. Especially so because of Akitsu's particular submissive kink, though she had never thought of it that way.

On Xanna's end, she was well aware of Akitsu's skyrocketing arousal and quite amused by it, but it was not why she had done this. She was doing this because she was interested in the artificial chakra core and wanted to examine it, as well as making the first step of her little prank on Naruto.

It was a curious thing to be sure. The energy of her body was being concentrated inside her and then given shape by her spirit, no doubt focusing and locking it into control over the ice element. She had never even considered doing something so ass backwards before and it was quite clear that this was more likely done through technology rather than being chakra manipulation by a superior being such as herself or Naruto.

That was actually rather impressive in its own right, even though it was crude and inflexible. The bodies of these Sekirei were generally more durable than the average shinobi, but they were locked to the use of a single ability.

Curiously enough, Akitsu's core seemed damaged somehow, which she figured tied into her claim of being broken. No longer willing to wait for an explanation now that she had the girl in her clutches already, she rummaged around in her head until she found the answers she sought.

Ah, so this inability to be 'winged' is why you claim to be broken. Xanna muttered mentally to herself. Akitsu heard it too, but was in no state to respond, busy as she was trying to hold back moans of pleasure.

She felt that she could fix the damage, but didn't want to attempt it without seeing a normal 'Sekirei core' as it was called, up close. A rather ostentatious name for a chakra core in her opinion, but it was of no concern to her. She would seek out another Sekirei later and examine their core to see the difference, probably more than one for the sake of comparison.

Finished with her examination, she withdrew and discovered that Akitsu was desperately trying to keep still and quiet as she had been told to do. This was made difficult by her heavy breathing and her body all but burning in arousal. It was hard for her to resist grinding against Xanna in a wordless plea for more.

"Oh you liked that did you?" She purred into her ear and grabbed on to one of Akitsu's nipples, pulling and pinching it ever so slightly.

Akitsu swallowed heavily and nodded jerkily, forcing down the mewl of pleasure that wanted to crawl out of her throat.

"You must be aching for more." Xanna continued sensually, sliding her hand down Akitsu's stomach and stopping to scratch at the dark brown fuzz of hair just above her entrance.

Akitsu panted and was about to answer when a growl from the still sleeping Naruto made her freeze, fearing that she had failed her mistress by waking him. Much to her relief, he settled back into sleep.

Xanna was amused by the whole thing, knowing that it would take more than that to wake up her husband, who slept like a log despite both his teachers repeteadly telling him that shinobi should be light sleepers. Ten years spent in isolation had only made that trait more prominent.

Naruto never was a very good shinobi. Powerful to be sure, but 'shock trooper' was a far more apt description of his combat style.

"Well, if you want more, then here is what you do….." Xanna began explaining while simulataneously lightly rubbing Akitsu's groin, just enough to make her arousal even stronger without giving her an orgasm.

"Do you understand?" She asked a few minutes later and removed her hand.

"Yes mistress." Akitsu answered breathlessly, her groin sopping wet and feeling like it was on fire.

"Good, now clean up this mess you left on my hand." Xanna said in satisfaction and placed her hand, which was now sticky from Akitsu's arousal, in front of the ice Sekirei's mouth.

Akitsu didn't hesitate to start licking it clean for even a moment. She was so happy with who her master and mistress were that even her inability to be winged didn't hurt as much as it used to.


An approving sound rumbled from Naruto's throat as a pair of soft lips paid attention to one of his nipples. Still half asleep, he grabbed the owner of said lips by the butt and pressed her naked body down on his already rock hard erection, eliciting a gasp as her slit was rubbed along it lengthwise.

He frowned slightly, finding that gasp to be rather unfamiliar. Come to think of it, the ass he was fondling wasn't as firm as it was supposed to be and the breasts squashed into his chest were too big. Additionally, the teeth weren't sharp enough and if he didn't miss his guess, there was a lot of missing heigth.

Opening his eyes, he was greeted by Akitsu's perpetually sleepy expression while she continued to nibble on his nipple.

"Good morning master." Akitsu greeted briefly and flicked her tongue over the nipple again.

"Akitsu." He greeted back, not too perturbed to find her lying on top of him. "Didn't I tell you that I wasn't your master?"

"Ah….Akitsu was a bad girl." The ice Sekirei said and continued in a hopeful tone. "Spank me?"

Naruto couldn't help laughing at that and proceeded to slap her butt lightly, drawing a disctinctly pleasured sounding yelp from her.

"What are you doing on top of me?" He asked mildly.

Akitsu stifled the urge to scramble off him and give an apology. Xanna had told her that she didn't need to be afraid of abandonment and that Naruto wouldn't be angry at her for doing this. His good natured reactions so far confirmed that and gave her the courage to continue.

"Ah…..rubbing myself against master's body makes me happy." She emphasised this by sliding her sopping wet entrance slowly over his member.

"Is that so?" Naruto asked in bemusement. "I'm guessing that you don't really want to be my little sister?"

"Ah….master likes incest?" She asked, seemingly in realisation, though it was hard to tell when her expression barely changed. "Please be gentle with me onii-chan."

Naruto chuckled again and pushed down on her butt, coincidentally also pushing her more firmly down on his member. "I'm getting the feeling that my dear wife put you up to this."

"Ah….." Akitsu moaned out but managed to answer. "mistress…..helped."

"Mistress huh?" Naruto said musingly. "Is this really what you want?"

"Ah, yes….please take good care of me master." She answered almost shyly, picking up on the fact that it was an important question.

"Well, I certainly wasn't expecting to end up in this kind of situation when we came here yesterday." He muttered to himself, voice heavy with irony.

"Please don't reject me." Akitsu pleaded with quiet desperation, her courage leaving her at the prospect. She couldn't go back to being the scrapped number, not after feeling wanted for even a short while.

Naruto sighed with amused resignation and gave the girl a hug. "Don't worry Akitsu, I'm not going to reject you. You'll have a place with me and Xanna for as long as you want it."

Akitsu returned the hug, sighing happily.

Less than half a minute later she started fidgeting and rubbing her still aching womanhood over his member again. "Ah…Rip open my virgin pussy master."

Naruto gave the ice Sekirei an odd look before figuring out where that had come from. "Xanna told you to say that didn't she?"

Akitsu's expression didn't change, but Naruto could clearly feel that she was embarrassed as she nodded. Obviously not something that she would have said on her own.

"Strangely enough, you're the first virgin I'm going to have sex with. You're a special girl Akitsu." He said teasingly.

"Ah….I'm special." She said to herself, flushing with pleasure. Akitsu decided that she liked being special.

Any further thought on the subject was interrupted when he rolled them over so that he was on top. Akitsu gasped in both surprise and pleasure. The sense of restrained power pressing down on her was both comforting and arousing to the ice Sekirei.

Comforting because she knew that she belonged to the owner of this power now and arousing because she simply liked the idea of her master being stronger than her.

Another, far more drawn out gasp escaped her throat when she felt him slowly begin to penetrate her. She was more than ready, so there was no pain, only a wonderful feeling of being stretched and filled.

"Now lets take care of that pesky virginity of yours." He murmured into her ear and pushed further inside. Akitsu felt only a brief flare of pain before a curious numbness smothered it.

After that, there was only pleasure and she loved every moment of it.


Hiroto Minaka was feeling undecisive. A very odd state of mind for him and one that he didn't like.

His feeling of indecision was entirely due to the two unexpected new arrivals in his city. He wasn't stupid enough to think that the horned man and woman were just eccentric rich cosplayers like most people, but he couldn't for the life of them figure out what they really were.

They had just appeared in Shinto Teito literally out of nowhere and moved into the penthouse of the most expensive hotel in the city. That had been more than enough to capture his interest, but the fact that the male of the two, Uzumaki Naruto, had made a beeline for #07 solidified it. Not that the name helped him at all, since there was absolutely no information that would indicate the existence of such a man.

The only reason he even knew the horned man's name was because he'd used it to sign into the hotel, but the fact that he'd gone and picked up the scrapped number was a point of some concern. His plan for the broken Sekirei had been to let that brat of an Ashikabi in the south get her, fully expecting the depressed and dependent Akitsu to latch onto the first person to show any interest in her. She was meant to be an unwingable wildcard that would make the game more interesting.

Well, he'd gotten his wildcard alright, but it was a bit more wild than he'd anticipated. This complete unknown now had possession of the scrapped number and no normal Sekirei to make him a true contender in the Sekirei Plan. And that wasn't even accounting for his complete lack of intelligence on the demonic looking duo. For all he knew, they were another pair of aliens with superhuman powers.

His indecision was based on the fact that he didn't know if he should contact them in order to explain the rules of the Sekirei Plan or if he should just let them do whatever they wanted until one of them acquired a normal Sekirei.

In the end he decided that it would be better to contact them immediately, since they'd likely get another, normal Sekirei soon enough. Besides, what was a game without some unknowns?


"Hehehe, I'm gonna get you Akitsu." Naruto crowed triumphantly, grinning all the while.

"Ah….no." Akitsu denied quietly but firmly, her sleepy expression replaced by one of intense focus as she stared at the large TV mounted on the wall, fingers furiously manipulating the controller in her hand with superhuman speed. She was still dressed in the very comfortable silk PJ's, but would be getting some new clothing soon.

Xanna watched in amusement as the two of them played the latest Mortal Kombat game on the latest gaming console(which Naruto had stolen in some other corner of the world recently). They'd been at it ever since finishing off breakfast, which had been a couple of hours ago now. She'd have to try this herself later, it looked as if it might be interesting.

This dimension seemed to be aproximately twenty years chronologically ahead of the previous one and Naruto had spared little time in investigating how the gaming industry had progressed, having taken an interest in it before they left. He'd also wasted no time in challenging Akitsu to a battle after setting the whole thing up.

The shy ice Sekirei had been hesitant at first, but had gotten into it quickly enough and was now giving it her all to beat her self chosen master at the game. They'd been at it for a couple of hours already and there was a small pile of crushed and frozen controllers nearby, a silent testament to the fact that they hadn't been made for people with super powers.

Naruto had solidly dominated the battles at first, as Akitsu was both more unfamiliar with it and seemed to think that she should be letting her master win. That had changed once she'd gotten used to it and Xanna had encouraged her to do her best.

Honestly, the way that those people in MBI had systematically destroyed Akitsu's self worth was monstrous and she knew that Naruto would decide to murder them all as soon as he found out.

But to return to the game, Akitsu had started actually winning lately, though that was probably mostly because she refused to play any character aside from Sub-Zero, while Naruto liked to switch between them a lot. It gave her the edge of being more familiar with her chosen character.

Naruto was at this point growling to himself in focus as he tried desperately to outmaneouver Akitsu's skilled use of Sub-Zero's freezing powers. He finally managed it and was in a perfect position to execute a punishing combo move that would end with Akitsu's defeat, followed by a spectacular fatality finish.

And then suddenly their fight was interrupted as the screen changed to show a white haired man with a ridiculous hair style, wearing glasses and dressed in a rather pompous looking white cloak over a white suit.

"Greetings Uzumaki Naruto-san and welcome to the Sekirei Plan!"

Naruto leaned back on the couch, throwing his crushed controller on the pile of previously crushed ones and spoke with a very even voice. "You just interrupted my epic finishing move, the epic finishing move that I've been trying to pull off for the past half hour."

Inhaling deeply in a way that most people would understand was a sign of deep irritation, he spoke again. "So, who the hell are you and what do you want?"

Minaka blinked in surprise at the response but ploughed onward. "I am Hiroto Minaka, president of MBI, game master of the Sekirei Plan and I am here to explain to you the rules of the game you've entered."

"Alright, I'll pretend to care about your rules for a few minutes, but first, why don't you explain to me how you know my name and how you're talking to me through the TV."

"As the president of MBI, I know everything that goes on in Shinto Teito and I can connect to any electronic device." Minaka boasted grandly. "But you Uzumaki-san, you and your companion are a mystery. Appearing out of nowhere like that and setting up basecamp practically in the middle of the city, appparently having knowledge of the Sekirei if your decision to immediately approach Akitsu is any clue. I am quite impressed by your boldness and curious as to your origins and would like to invite you to a meeting in the MBI tower for this discussion. I am certain that someone of your obvious wealth would prefer-"

"Oh yes, you dirty bitch! Work the shaft!" Naruto interrupted lewdly, having gotten fed up with this moron's blabbering.

"Excuse me?" Minaka asked, blinking in confusion at the interruption.

"Oh, never mind me. I just like to dirty talk when someone is sucking my dick." Naruto explained with a placid smile.

"Right, perhaps I should just skip to the point." Minaka said, regaining his composture. Eccentric he might be, but slow on the uptake he was not. Clearly, Uzumaki Naruto was not the type to appreciate politeness.

"Might be a good idea." Naruto agreed.

"I would like you to come meet me in my office, so that I can explain to you the intricacies of the Sekirei Plan in a more comfortable setting."

"And I would have liked to finish my game with Akitsu without being interrupted, but this stupid looking, self entitled little shitstain decided that he needed to make a grand appearance on our TV just as I was about to execute a flawless combo move." Naruto retorted, doing his best imitation of Xanna's most condescending tone.

"Err, alright then. I'll just explain it now." Minaka said, containing his annoyance with some difficulty. He had no idea what he was dealing with here and didn't want to make any rash moves, but Uzumaki was proving to be inordinately good at pissing people off. "Even though she is a scrapped number, now that you've claimed Akitsu, you are part of the Sekirei Plan and it is expected of you to keep it secret or face retaliation from MBI."

"And what exactly gave you the idea that Akitsu belongs to him?" Xanna interrupted with cool disdain.

"Well he was the one to pick her up from the park wasn't he?" Minaka asked in confusion.

"Come here Akitsu." Xanna said to the ice Sekirei, without the disdain she'd showed for the MBI CEO.

"Yes mistress." Akitsu said immediately, and obediently sat at Xanna's feet, leaning her head back in pleasure when the horned goddess gently scratched her scalp.

"Ah, I see." Minaka said with a tone of realisation, figuring that the woman was the one in control. "May I have your name miss?"

"You may not even lick the dirt under my feet insect, much less have my name ." Was the derisive response.

Minaka had to struggle hard now to keep his temper in check. He'd never met a pair of people quite so infuriating before. One was crass, rude and insulting while the other was intolerably arrogant and insulting.

"Akitsu, you don't happen to know how to get this retard to buzz off do you? I want a rematch on that last fight." Naruto asked the Sekirei, dismissing Minaka completely.

"Ah….no master." She replied, confusing Minaka further. Were the two of them sharing the scrapped number between them or something?

"I guess there's no helping it then, I'll just have to kill him." Naruto said with a flippant shrug.

Akitsu was privately glad to see her master and mistress mocking the head of MBI like this and knowing that there was nothing the man could do about it. She'd never liked him or MBI in general. They had been the ones to experiment on her and break her ability to be winged and she wasn't naïve enough to think that Minaka hadn't know about it or even planned for it to happen. If it hadn't been for him then maybe she could have been a proper Sekirei for them like they deserved, instead of a scrapped number.

"There is no need for that, I was just leaving." Minaka butted in, his good humor gone. He didn't believe that they could match the might of Karasuba but there was no sense in escalating things that far so early in the game. "As long as you respect the rules, I will only contact you to update you on the progress of the Sekirei Plan from now on."

"Don't bother, whatever stupid plan you're talking about stopped mattering when we came into town. As of that point, the only plan that still matters is Naruto's Little Sister Plan." The horned blond said dismissively.

Minaka couldn't help chuckling at that. He'd been laying down the groundwork for the Sekirei Plan for decades and now it was suddenly unimportant just because of a couple of new arrivals? How absurd. "I'm afraid you don't understand the severity of the-"

"If you attempt to make another threat, I will rip off your fingers. One. By. One." Xanna interrupted with slow deliberation, her crimson gaze glowing slightly as it bored into the arrogant CEO.

In spite of himself, Minaka froze with instinctive terror, his lizard hindbrain warning him of danger that higher brain functions weren't geared to recognize. "Right well…..don't tell anyone about the Sekirei Plan."

After that last nervous statement, he quickly cut the connection and decided that he desperately needed more information on these two.

Naruto looked over at where Akitsu was still enjoying the headscratching like a satisfied cat and spoke to her. "So, how about that rematch Akitsu?"

"Ah….." Akitsu started but didn't finish, being far too busy with the petting.

"What, you too chicken? Afraid you'll lose" He teased, privately amused by how distracted the girl was.

Xanna leaned down to whisper something in Akitsu's ear, making the ice Sekirei open her eyes and look at Naruto for a few seconds before speaking.

"…..Master is too much of a noob for me."

Naruto's taken aback look at hearing Akitsu trash talk him made Xanna chuckle in amusement. She'd have the girl trained to constantly mock her husband in no time.


Xanna's eyebrow twitched with irritation as Naruto skipped over yet another song on his recently compiled playlist for no particularly good reason. He'd long since familiarized himself with the use of computers and was even now downloading anything that happened to interest him, ranging from movies to video games and music. He wasn't going to be hacking anything any time soon, but he knew enough to do that much.

Deciding it was better to simply ignore her husband's antics, she focused on Akitsu instead. The ice Sekirei was still going around the hotel penthouse wearing nothing but PJ's and bathrobes and Xanna had decided that it was past time to make the girl something else to wear.

"What kind of clothing would you like to wear Akitsu?" She asked.

Akitsu blinked in apparent surprise at the question before replying. "Ah….whatever kind you want me to wear mistress."

Xanna sighed slightly, not even managing to feel irritated at the unhelpful response. She really should have expected that. "Akitsu, neither myself nor Naruto want a mindless doll. I want you to think this over and decide for yourself, ask my idiot husband if you need help using the computer to do research."

Alright, so Naruto's constant song skipping may be irritating her slightly more than she had previously thought.

"Oi, why am I being called an idiot this time?" Naruto demanded in protest.

"Because you constantly keep skipping the songs in your playlist. Why would you even put them in your playlist if you never listen to them?" She retorted.

"I don't know, it's like…I know that there are better songs in the playlist and I want to hear those, so I skip the others." Naruto explained.

"That makes no sense. If you like some of them better than others, then just remove the ones you don't like." Xanna shot down his logic.

"It's not that I don't like them, it's just that I like some of them better than others and I don't want to remove them because I want to listen to those too."

"Then stop skippping them!"

"I told you already, I'm skipping them because I want to listen to others first." He tried to explain in frustration.

"Then simply select those instead of playing a blind lottery with the random shuffling until you get to the one you want."

Naruto took a breath to make a counter argument and then suddenly deflated. "It's just not the same."

For just a moment, Xanna felt sorely tempted to throw a fireball at her husband's head. What kind of stupid reasoning was that?

During this entire byplay, Akitsu had been shuffling nervously and alternating between looking at the ground and glancing at Xanna while biting her lip slightly.

She was actually trying to muster the courage to say that she liked the way that Xanna was dressed and asking for something similar, but wasn't sure if that would be alright. She didn't know much about fashion but she preferred the more traditional style of Japanese dress as opposed to the modern, western influenced one. She also liked the white color, magatama decoration and wide sleeves of Xanna's highly customized kimono.

Still, both Naruto and Xanna had encouraged her to speak her mind and tell them what she wanted so maybe it would be alright if she asked for something like it…..

Once she was sure that the good natured bickering was finished and that she wouldn't be interrupting, she spoke up. "Ah…mistress, could I have something similar to yours?"

Xanna shifted her attention back to Akitsu and frowned thoughtfully. "You like what I'm wearing?"

Akitsu nodded, silently relieved to see that the horned woman did not appear offended and waited patiently for her response.

Xanna considered what she could create for the ice Sekirei without it being a complete copy of her own clothing style. Somewhat fond of the submissive girl she might be, but she wasn't going to have her walking about in the exact same style of clothing. Aside from the fact that she simply didn't want anyone to be dressed the same as she was, it would also be impractical. Her customized kimono should slide right off her shoulders according to physics, the only reason it didn't was because it was kept in place by her power, but a different style of kimono was certainly not a problem to make.

Akitsu remained still as the horned woman inspected her with a contemplative look on her face for a few minutes, fighting down the urge to fidget under the scrutiny.

"Here, try this on." Xanna finally said and handed her a bundle of white and blue clothing.

Without hesitation, Akitsu stepped out of the bathrobe she had been wearing and put on the offered clothing. Or, she tried to at least. She had some trouble figuring out how to tie the obi properly since she'd never worn anything of the sort and needed some help from Xanna to do it, but other than that it was not a big deal.

Looking at herself in a full length mirror, Akitsu smiled ever so slightly. It was a very pretty kimono in a blue colors, decorated with white snowflakes and a much deeper blue obi. It showed a good deal of cleavage as her prodigiously large breasts made it impractical and slightly uncomfortable to cover them completely, not to mention that Xanna felt that her husband would no doubt appreciate the view. She rather liked it herself to be completely honest.

It was the nicest thing Akitsu had ever worn, but the fact that it had been made specifically for her by Xanna was much more important than the beauty and comfort of the garment.

"Looking good Akitsu, it suits you." Naruto complimented with a grin, causing Akitsu's cheeks to go pink.

"Of course it suits her, I made it after all." Xanna added haughtily.

Naruto rolled his eyes at that and smirked. "Of course, because you are a goddess and heaven forbid that anything you do is wrong or sub-standard."

"Don't be ridiculous husband," She retorted with false derision, hiding a grin at the old running gag. "I am Heaven."

"Well I can't argue with that….." He said back slyly and blatantly looked her over.

Akitsu payed close attention as the air became noticeably sexually charged with her two masters giving off low growls and staring at each other like predators that were about to leap in for the kill. She flinched slightly when they crashed into each other with a violence that she'd never seen from either one before and fretted as she contemplated trying to stop them with her ice powers.

Her worry abated once it became obvious that they weren't fighting so much as ripping each other's clothes off and maneouvering towards the bedroom. Now that the worry was gone however, longing replaced it. Her first experience with sex had been wonderful and Naruto had already made sure that she wasn't in any pain from losing her virginity and she really wanted to join in. If sex with just one of her masters had been so good, then she could only imagine that it would be even better with both, but once again she wasn't sure if they would be annoyed by her intrusion.

If you ever want to join us then you will need to show some backbone, If you cannot muster your courage then you will not be allowed to sleep with Naruto again either.

Xanna's voice in her mind jolted her out of the miniature funk she'd fallen into and caused her to titter in indecision for a moment before her sleepy expression hardened ever so slightly in resolve.

Making her way to the bedroom and opening the door, she immediately saw that Naruto had apparently succeeded in pinning his wife down and was already thrusting into her forcefully. With just a final moment of hesitation, she entered and approached, hoping that they would accept her joining them.

Naruto's momentary inattention when he noticed her was all Xanna needed to turn the tables and pin him instead.

Akitsu didn't even get the chance to mourn the tragic death of her new kimono as it was shredded before Xanna planted her directly on Naruto's face.


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