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Akitsu sighed with minor unhappiness at her current situation. She was currently clutching one of Naruto's hands while Xanna slept three quarters of the way on top of him.

That was not at all the cause of her unhappiness, not even close. The problem was that she'd woken up too early and now her bladder was telling her to get up and empty it, when all she wanted to do was stay there and just bask in the fact that she had a place to belong. Right now, she envied her masters for the fact that they apparently had no need of bathrooms. She'd certainly never seen either of them use one at least.

With another quiet sigh, she conceded to the demands of her bladder and padded into the bathroom. Akitsu supposed that she had only herself to blame for getting excited and waking up early, but she hadn't been able to help it. Naruto had suggested taking her to a movie theater since she'd never been to one before and Xanna had agreed to it as long as they brought along sufficient quantities of ice cream.

When Naruto had picked her up at that park, Akitsu hadn't expected that they would just be doing things that were so…normal. She'd expected guard duty, following orders, Sekirei battles and being used to fulfill her Ashikabi's juvenile fantasy of sleeping with multiple women.

Instead of that, she was playing fun video games, getting invited to watch movies, seeing her masters tear the entire Sekirei plan apart just because they had other plans and she could join in on their bedroom activities if she wanted to and was willing to play by their rules.

She certainly had no problems with their rules, it had been lots of fun. Especially the chains, she had really liked those. Maybe she should ask mistress to put some chains on her next kimono?

Akitsu contemplated the idea for a minute before shaking her head silently. That would be just tacky.

When she returned to the bedroom, she saw that Naruto had layed the arm that she'd been cuddling across Xanna's thigh.

Akitsu pouted slightly at the fact that she wouldn't be able to hold that arm anymore. After a moment of consideration, she decided to lay down on the other side instead. Carefully moving the mane of beautifully shining white hair, she pressed herself against Xanna's back and sighed contently. This was actually even better,

Unknown to her, Xanna had woken up as soon as her hair had been touched and smirked at how much of a cuddler Akitsu was. Good thing that she didn't sweat, or else being sandwiched between her husband and the ice sekirei would have gotten uncomfortable real fast.


"Ah…..master, I don't understand. Why did he do that?" Akitsu asked quietly. She'd been told to ask if she didn't understand something about the movie and the actions of the main antagonist just now made no sense to her.

Naruto leaned over to explain it to her. He'd figured that she would probably have trouble understanding the movie at certain points due to being unfamiliar with every aspect of technology or certain societal norms. It didn't bother him and it was interesting to note that she seemed to have a somewhat skewed view of relationships. He'd learned enough during the course of the movie that he was starting to become rather upset with the people at MBI, not to mention suspicious of their motives.

On the other side of him, Xanna continued to destroy another tub of ice cream at a rate that would make a calory obsessed teenager cringe in horror.

And then suddenly, he felt the back of his seat being kicked rather rudely.

"Hey asshole, some of us are trying to enjoy the movie. Could you shut the hell up? And tell your cosplay girlfriend to stop chewing so loudly."

Both Naruto and Xanna froze for a moment and then stood up to their full, imposing height to cast immolating glares at the teenager that had just spoken up, no doubt trying to impress the girl next to him.

The teen in question(along with the girl he was with) instantly broke into a cold sweat at the twin glares and tried to sink as far as possible into his seat .

"The only reason that I haven't ripped your heart out yet is because it would cause a panic and I want to finish this movie, but if you so much as move a muscle again, I will do it." Xanna stated in such a matter of fact tone that there was no choice but to believe it.

The teenager was too scared to even nod, though it would have made no difference since both Naruto and Xanna had already sat back down.

Meanwhile, Akitsu was silently fuming, though you'd be hard pressed to notice that due to her lack of expression. How dare that boy kick her master's seat and insult him? And how dare he say that mistress was chewing too loudly? Master was just being kind by explaining things to her and mistress hadn't been eating any louder than dozens of other people with their popcorn.

Feeling as if the boy had gotten off too lightly, she indulged in some petty vengeance by lowering the temperature around him by a considerable margin.

Soon, the boy was trying to keep control of his shivering and failing at it. He was tempted to simply escape out of the theater, but he was quite honestly too scared to move, fearing that even leaving would constitute as 'moving a muscle'. When the movie ended about forty five minutes later, he and his girlfriend were among the first ones up, though he needed some help moving since he was suffering the early stages of hypothermia at that point.

"That was rather mean of you Akitsu." Xanna commented. "Good girl."

Akitsu blushed slightly, pleased by the compliment.

"Come on, lets get out of here before she decides to freeze everyone for getting in our way." Naruto teased.

Xanna was struck with inspiration and started whispering a suggestion into Akitsu's mind before Naruto even finished speaking. She was fairly sure that Akitsu would be the type to go along with it.

"But master, Xanna-sama said I was a good girl. Don't I get a reward." Akitsu asked plaintively after a moment of silence.

"What kind of reward would you like?" Naruto asked bemusedly.

Instead of answering, Akitsu stuck her hand into his pants.

"Oh, I see." He said with a grin at her boldness. "Are you sure you want to do it right here?"

"Master…chicken?" Akitsu taunted, though it sounded a bit strange because her tone remained unchanged.

Xanna couldn't help snickering when she heard Akitsu's best attempt at a taunt. The girl was coming along just fine, but she definitely needed to expand her range of tonal inflection.

Naruto gaped at her for a moment and then he started chortling. Akitsu could call him master all she wanted, but he was going to see her becoming a functional and independent person whether she liked it or not and this was a good sign. If she still wanted to stick around and play at being his and Xanna's slave after that, then she was welcome to do so, but she would be capable of emotional independence even if it took him years to teach it to her.

But that was for the future, right now there was a challenge to be answered. "Very well then, if you want it right here, then I'll give it to you right here."

Not everyone had left the theater yet, but being the utterly shameless bastard that he was, Naruto didn't give a damn about that as he bent Akitsu over the seat in front of him and hiked up her kimono. It was fortunate that she had the same aversion to underwear as he and Xanna, which made things a bit easier.

"Sir, ma'am…could you please stop doing that?" An incredibly awkward looking young man who looked as if it was his job to clean the room when everyone left asked, having come into the room shortly after Naruto and Akitsu had gotten started.

"We'll stop when we're finished. Don't worry, it shouldn't take more than ten or fifteen minutes." Naruto answered over Akitsu's stifled moaning, feeling no shame at all.

Xanna snickered when his nerve broke and he fled the room with his face practically on fire.

Several minutes later, a trio of security guards entered the room, looking just as awkward as the young man from earlier.

Both Naruto and Xanna smothered a laugh when they overheard them talking about how to approach, catching words such as 'disgraceful', 'public indecency' and even 'the moral decay of society'.

Finally, the oldest of them approached with the other two as backup and adressed Naruto. Though Xanna had to wonder what these three thought they could do even if they believed the horns and claws were just cosplay. Naruto was a very big man with obviously powerful muscle definition and the three of them were just out of shape security guards.

"I'm going to have to insist that you stop immediately, you're committing a crime and police are already on their way." He said firmly. Privately, he was wondering how the hell this man even managed to get into the theater dressed like that.

"The more you bother them, the longer it's going to take." Xanna pointed out reasonably. "How do you expect him to finish in time for the police to get here if he has to keep talking to a flabby, balding middle aged man?"

"There's no need for insults ma'am." The aforementioned middle aged security guard said back, suppressing the urge to self consciously suck in his gut and run a hand over his receding hairline.

"Do I look like a ma'am to you?" Xanna demanded.

"Errr….no?" Was the nervous answer from the suddenly scared security guard. He had no idea what it was, but something was telling him that this horned woman was even more dangerous than the horned man, not to mention that at close range, those horns and fangs didn't look fake at all and the eyes looked much too real to be contacts.

"Just…leave." Xanna sighed. "Talking to you is giving me the urge to set someone on fire."

She knew that he was just doing his job and not trying to annoy her, but he was annoying her nonetheless.

There were days when she missed performing a few random acts of destructive violence as a form of stress relief, but she had worked too hard to get control of herself to go back to taking out her irritation on everything around her. She was not that weak willed anymore. She'd take her irritation out on Naruto's balls later, that way they could both have fun.

Wisely, the three security guards decided to do as they were told. Let the police deal with these three, it wasn't as if they were going anywhere apparently.

Just shy of ten minutes later, Naruto had already shot his load into Akitsu and a team of police officers were entering the room.

"Alright, lets go down to the station." The woman in charge said, suppressing a sigh. Why did she get all the crazies? Just the other day, she'd had to answer a call about a couple of young women throwing lightning around on the streets and now this crazy bunch of foreigners decides that a movie theater was a great place to have sex.

"Pass, we were just about to go back to our hotel." Naruto replied flippantly.

"You committed a crime, so I have to take you down to the station. You can't just 'pass'." The policewoman retorted sarcastically.

"Sekirei business police girl, you can direct your complaints and paperwork to Hiroto Minaka." He said back spontaneously, figuring that the police had been informed of the Sekirei and told to stay away from them.

"Fine then, just get out and don't do it again." The policewoman bit out with a scowl, confirming Naruto's guess. She hated having to let obvious law breakers go, but the crazy MBI president owned most of the city at this point and she knew that she'd lose her job if she meddled with his oh so important plans.

And no, she wasn't bitter about that at all.

"Ah…..mistress." Akitsu said quietly with an embarrassed blush and shuffle, drawing everyone's attention.

"What is it?" Xanna asked curiously.

"I'm leaking."


Ten minutes later, Naruto was still smirking to himself as they walked back to the hotel. Scandalizing all the prudes just never got old and it also amused him to think that Minaka was probably going to be receiving a strongly worded complaint from the police about the incident.

Akitsu was walking next to him, holding one of his hands. She would have liked to hold both his and Xanna's hands, but the horned woman was not much for holding hands in the first place and she didn't think that they'd let her walk in the middle anyway.

What they'd done just now had been strangely exciting for her despite the slight embarrassment she'd felt when people had started coming to bother them. Maybe next time, they would be able to do something like that without getting caught? She'd have to ask later.

Xanna was horny and intended to rape her husband as soon as they got back to the hotel. The only reason that she hadn't just teleported all three of them back already was because of the distraction that was going to be making itself known any second now. They had been following them ever since the movie theater after all. She'd even made sure that all the people had cleared the street so that they would just get on with it already.

"Gravity Hammer!"

Naruto cocked his head curiously at the girl that had just tried to swing a truly massive hammer at Akitsu's head, the head of which was now being held still by his hand. It had been swung by a light brown haired girl in a modest white dress who was much too small for her chosen weapon, though judging by the feel of her, she was a Sekirei, which would explain it.

Akitsu had noticed their tail as well, but had been cautioned to not react to it, so she just moved back a bit to give Naruto some room.

"Why is a cute girl like you going around trying to kill her sister?" He asked mildly, more focused on trying to unravel the tangled mess of emotions that he could sense from her than anything else. She felt like a roiling mass of negative emotions that were being kept bottled up by feelings of love and affection for the thug-ish looking guy in the green pullover that was watching from a short distance away. There was something seriously wrong with that, because there was no way that she could possibly be feeling love with that much negativity boiling just under the surface.

"I….my Ashikabi….s-she's a Sekirei." The girl stammered incoherently, now feeling very scared of this man that had been able to block her strongest attack with one hand as if it was nothing. She barely registered the fact that he'd called the Sekirei with the forehead tattoo her sister.

"Yashima, you stupid bitch! Stop talking and kill him!" The hollering of the unsavoury looking guy made the now named Yashima flinch as if she'd been struck.

"I-I can't move my hammer Ashikabi-sama." She said fearfully and tugged on her hammer to no effect.

"Worthless slut." He spat derisively, pulling out a small pocket knife and rushing at Naruto with it.

Akitsu tensed with the instinctive desire to protect Naruto, but Xanna's hand on her shoulder stopped her.

Naruto didn't bother moving and kept his chest wide open, knowing exactly what would happen when the idiot tried to stab him. He'd already deduced the situation when the idiot had opened his mouth for the first time and he wasn't feeling very merciful.

The knife hit just off center on his stomach and very much contrary to the expectations of Junichi Tanigawa, completely failed to penetrate the skin, causing him to badly sprain his wrist due to the unexpected resistance and his amateurish knife hold.

His shout of pain was cut off when a large hand clamped around his jaw like a bear trap and lifted him into the air.

"Ashikabi-sama!" Yashima exclaimed in worry and looked ready to attack again.

"Sleep." Naruto commanded with a short glance at the girl, causing her to slump instantly. "Akitsu, be a dear and pick her up will you?"

"Yes master." The ice Sekirei said and immediately did as she was told.

With that taken care of, Naruto turned his attention back to the lowlife he was dangling off the ground. "Have you ever wondered what it sounds like to hear your own skull cracking?"

Junichi let out a muffled scream and flailed wildly when the pressure on his jaw was increased to the point where he did indeed hear the bone cracking.

"Hold on for a moment husband." Xanna spoke and approached the dangling man.

"Something you wanted to know?" Naruto asked curiously, letting up on the pressure much to Junichi's relief.

"Indeed. I suspect that you'll be wanting to adopt that girl, so this is a good a time as any to see if I can break this 'winging' without killing her." She answered and nonchalantly stabbed her hand into the hanging man's guts.

About fifteen seconds of muffled screaming later, she withdrew it and healed the wound just enough to prevent extensive bleeding. "So that's how it works, how perverse."

"Did you actually need to stab him to find out how it works?" Naruto asked amusedly.

"Of course not, I just felt like stabbing him." Xanna replied with a scoff.

Naruto snickered, having expected something like that and once more turned to the recently stabbed man.

"Now, since you've been following us for quite a while already, I'm guessing that you must have been targeting us specifically. We've never met and we haven't been here long enough to have killed anyone you know which can only mean that someone paid you to do this and that could only be Minaka, since he seems like the type that loses his shit if he doesn't control everything. How am I doing so far?" He asked his captive.

Junichi made desperate noises of agreement, hoping that he would be let go if he ratted out the guy that had payed him to attack the trio. Mind you, he didn't actually know if the money had come from Minaka, but at this point he would have admitted to being the tooth fairy if someone asked him.

It wasn't supposed to be like this! He'd been assured that the Sekirei with them was weak and that they were just a couple of strangely tall cosplayers.

"Well, you've heard your jaw cracking, but have you ever wondered what it was like to fly?" Naruto asked with a sinister grin.

Junichi went wide eyed with sudden fear of what this horned monster was intending to do. The way that he was eyeballing the MBI clock tower was not very comforting.

"I've broken the bond Naruto, feel free to dispose of the trash." Xanna said from her spot near Akitsu.

With much gusto, Naruto hurled his captive towards the tallest window of the MBI tower, figuring that it was probably Minaka's office window.

The city echoed with a scream of terror as Junichi Tanigawa flew through the air at far beyond terminal velocity. It didn't take more than a second before he crashed into the wall just under the window and exploded in an orgy of blood, shattered bone and pulverized organs, liberally painting the building crimson. The MBI clocktower now sported a large, omnidirectional bloodstain, while the shattered remains of Junichi Tanigawa slid out of the new indentation in the wall in a macabre mess that was only barely recognizable as a human corpse.

"You missed." Xanna stated flatly.

"I haven't had too much occasion to practice my human throwing technique." Naruto responded dryly. "I didn't count on his flailing throwing off my aim."

"Ah….fatality." Akitsu added.

Both Naruto and Xanna slowly turned to look at Akitsu, making her shuffle nervously before they started snickering and then full out laughing.

"Damn, that was a good one." Naruto said with a last chuckle. "Real nice Akitsu."

Akitsu flushed with pleasure. She hadn't been sure if her joke would be funny or not.

"Now we just have to teach you how to freeze someone solid and rip out their skull and spine with your bare hands." Xanna commented.

Naruto sweatdropped at his wife, fairly certain that there was no pressing need to teach Akitsu how to perform gruesome and bloody executions. "Lets not get carried away."


Minaka just so happened to be in his office while this was going on and was observing the whole thing with MBI's satellite. Due to this, he had just enough time to realise that Naruto was looking towards his building when his office shuddered under the impact of a human body thrown with enourmous strength and his window was streaked with blood from the corpse of the Ashikabi that had impacted just beneath it.

He wiped a bit of sweat off his forehead when he realised that if that body had landed any higher, it would have likely killed him as well. Naruto couldn't have said 'I know what you did.' any clearer if he had written a sign.

He had bribed the abusive Ashikabi of #84 Yashima to attack them because he wanted to create a situation that would let him learn more about the horned duo and hopefully give him some kind of hint about how to control them or at least how dangerous they were. Yashima was a fairly weak Sekirei, meaning that her Ashikabi was a non-entity in the Sekirei Plan, which had made them expendable.

Well, it had certainly told him that they were hideously dangerous. There was no Sekirei that was even close to being that strong. More importantly, it told him that they would be entirely uncontrollable if they were willing to kill someone in broad daylight(or evening as the case may be) and in the middle of the street. Worse still, there had been no termination notification for Yashima, which could only mean that the horned woman whose name he still didn't know was capable of safely unwinging Sekirei.

To sum up, he had on his hands a pair of enourmously powerful beings that he knew nothing about and couldn't possibly hope to control. Frankly, he wasn't sure if it could get any worse.

"I believe I told you that I would rip off your fingers if you made any more threats and an assassination attempt counts, I wouldn't want to be called a liar after all." A horribly familiar female voice stated casually, making Minaka jump out of his chair in fright.

"How did you get in here?" He demanded harshly, his usual eccentric antics nowhere to be seen because of his surprise. He would also very much like to know how she was somehow able to be in two places at once, since according to his satellite she was still on the street.

"Wrong question, you should be asking what I'm going to do now that I am here." Xanna said and began approaching the MBI president.

Minaka tried to lunge for the button that would call Disciplinary Squad, only to find himself thrown away from it by some invisible force. His mind raced feverishly for a way out of this situation when one hand was wrenched behind his back painfully and the sharp points of clawed digits were placed around his thumb.

"Wait, there is no need for this! I'm sure we could come to an agreement!" He tried to bargain desperately.

"We are already in agreement. I am going to do as I said I would and rip your fingers off and you are going to scream loudly while I do it." Xanna responded uncooperatively and proceeded to rip off the thumb.

Minaka did indeed scream loudly, but he still tried to bargain in a desperate attempt to save the rest of his fingers. "Wait please, I have a lot that I could give you if you would just stop."

"Such as these Jinki things that I see in your mind?" Xanna revealed, causing the knot of terror in Minaka's gut to grow larger. "Yes I do believe I'll be taking them, along with the bodies of all the Sekirei that have been deactivated so far."

Minaka didn't even have time to consider just how badly his plans were ruined when she continued speaking. "But first, seven more fingers to go. I'll be leaving your pinkies alone in case you were wondering. Granted, it's mostly because I find the idea of you with just your pinky fingers amusing, but you need to appreciate the small things in life."

Minaka screamed again as his index finger was torn off.


Minaka had not been the only one watching through that satellite. In a room that could only be described as the wet dream of a computer nerd(secret, dark, lighted only by the glow of many monitors and pungent with the smell of food, sweat and perversion), a glasses wearing redhead was staring with incredulity at what had just happened.

Once she'd gotten over her shock at seeing the horned duo that had #07 following them around brutally kill an Ashikabi and take his Sekirei, she immediatelly started hunting down any information she could find on them.

And she found….absolutely nothing! The only piece of information that existed on them was a name used to sign into the hotel(The most expensive one in the city at that) and that wasn't guaranteed to be accurate by a long shot.

Matsu, Sekirei #02 made a noise of frustration as every single attempt at finding any information on them turned up nothing. Any internet search on 'horned people' predictably turned up only results of demons and various other mythological stuff that was no help at all in clarifying the situation.

Some time later, Miya was also staring at the screen with surprise and confusion.

"You don't know anything about this either, huh Miya-tan?" Matsu asked with her usual childish use of honorifics.

Asama Miya, landlady of Izumo Inn and Sekirei #01, known to very few as the Sekirei Pillar, pursed her lips and stared thoughtfully at the images on the screen.

"No Matsu, I do not. That level of physical strength alone is far beyond what I've ever seen a Sekirei possess and they clearly don't consider Minaka a threat if they're willing to openly provoke him like this. They are likely as foreign to this planet as we are though." She said consideringly.

"What do you think they want with the Sekirei?"

"I cannot say, but on the surface of it, it does not appear to be malicious. I suppose we will know once I speak to them."

"You're going to go talk to them?" Matsu asked in surprise.

"It's a bit far for a humble landlady like myself to go, but I expect that they will come to Izumo Inn eventually uhuhuhuhu."

Matsu sweatdropped as she stared after the retreating form of the purple haired woman and muttered to herself. "Humble landlady my ass."

A miasma of terror began to exude from Miya and formed into the infamous Hannya mask as she stopped and turned around with a pleasant smile. "What was that Matsu? I could swear that I just heard you cussing, but that can't be right, because foul language is forbidden in Izumo Inn."

"Matsu-tan is sorry!"


Naruto gently laid Yashima into the bed and turned towards the silent Akitsu. "Could you stay with her tonight? She's going to be scared and it would probably make her feel better to if you were there when she waked up."

Akitsu nodded, but her mind was on something else entirely.

"You're wondering if it's possible to fix you so that you could be winged aren't you?" Naruto asked, feeling quite sure that he was correct.

She nodded again, unable to prevent the hopeful look that flittered across her face.

"Come sit with me." He said and went to the couch.

Doing as she was told, Akitsu sat down next to him and fixed him with an expectant look. She was a bit confused as to why he looked amused, but it fled her mind when he pulled her closer so that she was half way lying on him.

"You'd like either me or Xanna to wing you wouldn't you?"

"Yes master."

"We can restore your ability to be winged, but we can't wing you."

"But why?" Akitsu did her best to keep the disappointment from her voice, but wasn't entirely successful.

"Tell me what you know about the winging process."

"Ah….when an Ashikabi and Sekirei kiss, the Sekirei becomes bound to and must obey the commands of their Ashikabi." Akitsu explained her very limited knowledge of the process as best she could.

"Don't you find that rather strange? What kind of race is forced into submission when they kiss someone?" Naruto asked pointedly.

Akitsu's forehead creased in slight confusion. She'd never really thought about it and it had never seemed strange to her. She knew that humans had nothing like that, but Sekirei weren't human.

"….That is the way of the Sekirei." She responded uncertainly, no longer sure if that was true.

"No, it isn't. Minaka changed you all before he released you, changing the nature of the winging into what it is now. The winging was meant to happen when a Sekirei finds a person that they love and want to bond with and it was meant to be initiated by both parties, forcing the bond on a Sekirei should have been impossible and a single Ashikabi having multiple Sekirei should also have been impossible. The winging as it is now is a perversion of something that should have been beautiful."

Xanna had found all of this and more in Minaka's skull and relayed it all to him. A genius the man might be, but he was also completely insane. Limiting the Sekirei's power had been a wise move and from a certain point of view, even the changes to the winging had been smart at the time, but he'd taken things much too far. Minaka was already quite high on Naruto's to-do list, but he'd been effectively neutered when Xanna had taken away the Jinki and the bodies of the deactivated Sekirei.

He'd kill the man later, it might be amusing to grind his plans into dust one piece at a time.

"But….why can't you wing me?" Akitsu asked hesitantly once she'd processed the shock.

"Xanna and I are already bonded, there isn't any room for another. The bond between Sekirei and Ashikabi as it is now is a bond between master and slave no matter how flowery anyone describes it, which is why multiple Sekirei can be bonded to a single Ashikabi. The bond between me and Xanna is a bond between equals and by its very nature does not allow a third person to join." Naruto explained.

"Ah….I don't need to be equal." Akitsu offered hopefully.

"Nice try Akitsu, but that still wouldn't work even if one of us wanted to do it." He answere dryly. "Once we learn how to do it safely, we're going to restore the Sekirei to how they were supposed to be, you included. When that happens, I'd like to see you find someone that you could love and bond with as an equal. You're welcome to stay with us if you like, but we can't give you what you want."

Akitsu was disappointed that she wouldn't be winged, but she was determined to stay exactly where she was. In the end, nothing had changed and she was happy with things as they were, wings or no. She wasn't going to give up this happiness and security even if she could get her wings with someone else.


"So, are you going to tell me why and how an Ashikabi ended up splattered across the building and you lost eight fingers?" Sahashi Takami, MBI head researcher demanded unsympathetically of her boss and much to her regret, the father of her children.

Minaka had been getting steadily more obsessed with his insane Sekirei Plan over the years and nothing she did seemed to limit the damage he was intent on doing. Instead of trying to protect the Sekirei, he had become hellbent on sacrificing them all in an attempt to bring about some nebulous 'New Age of the Gods'.

The only reason that Minaka was still alive was because she'd been on the way up to his office before he'd started losing fingers, otherwise he might well have bled to death before help could arrive.

Truth be told, she thought it served him right for his schemes to blow up in his face for once and didn't feel at all sorry for him, nor was she upset about the death of #84's Ashikabi, as the man had been scum of the highest order.

She was far more interested in the fact that Yashima hadn't been deactivated by his death.

"A pair of unknows that do not play by the rules have suddenly appeared Takami-chan." Minaka proclaimed, suppressing the urge to gesticulate with his hands. No reason to cause himself any more pain than necessary, he would just have to wait for the doctors to fit him with cybernetic fingers. It was an experimental technology and it would never be as good as the real thing but it was better than nothing.

"Don't call me Takami-chan you ass." She snapped and kicked at his hospital bed to shake it and make him yelp in pain as his injuries were jostled. "Now explain what happened."

Minaka did so, knowing that she would find out about it soon enough anyway, or most of it at least. He'd kept it from her so far, wanting to find out more about the two anomalies before he informed her so that he could better predict and control her actions, but there was no point hiding it now.

Takami massaged the bridge of her nose, feeling a migraine coming on due to her sheer irritation at his stupidity. He had somehow managed to earn himself the anger of what were obviously two massively powerful, remorseless killers. Even worse, they had no idea just how powerful they were or what their motives were aside from having an interest in the Sekirei. The only thing that they did actually know was that they would react with extreme levels of violence to any action taken against them. Additionally, they had now lost all of the Jinki as well as the bodies of the Sekirei that had already been deactivated.

This was potentially worse than if Miya had decided that she didn't feel like playing nice anymore.

Still, there were some bright points to the situation. Clearly, they weren't intent on exterminating the Sekirei or causing random bloodbaths if their treatment of the unfortunate Akitsu and Yashima were any clue.

Their appparent ability to unwing a Sekirei was also quite shocking, but not unwelcome news to her. There were far too many Sekirei winged unwillingly by Ashikabi who only saw them as tools to be used.

In any case, the only point on which she agreed with Minaka was that they couldn't just be left alone, but she also didn't dare provoke them too much. The rest of the world was all too eager for a crack to open through which they could slip in and kidnap a few Sekirei to be used either for experimentation or breeding. Exactly the kind of crack that would appear if those two decided that MBI would look better if it was in pieces.

The question was, what could she do?


At this point still unknown to just about everyone, the event had also attracted the attention of Karasuba.

The Black Sekirei didn't know who had done it or why they had done it, but she admired the beautiful brutality of it. The raw strength needed to throw a human hard enough that their body literally exploded under the force alone was enough to catch her interest.

Whoever had done this had just made themselves interesting to her and she would find them. Find them and fight them. It promised to be a glorious battle and she was bored of being MBI's watchdog.


Yashima woke up feeling….strange.

Usually, waking up was followed by the mixed emotions of love and fear for her Ashikabi, but there was none of that this time.

This time, that was absent along with the everpresent bond.

Without the bond keeping her negative emotions bottled up, they roared to the surface and took her completely by surprise so that she didn't even notice Akitsu laying next to her.

Akitsu herself was woken up when Yashima suddenly surged into a sitting position and looked around frantically for her hammer, wanting the reassurance of her weapon.

"Ah…..good morning." Akitsu said quietly.

"You! You're that Sekirei I attacked. Where am I? What happened to my Ashikabi." Yashima babbled, confused as to why the thought of her Ashikabi brought up only feelings of anger and fear.

"Naruto-sama killed your Ashikabi. You are in Naruto-sama and Xanna-sama's hotel room." Akitsu asnwered with a slight cocking of her head. She could see now why Naruto had asked her to stay with the freed Sekirei, the girl was a mess.

"He's dead?" Yashima was surprised by the relief in her own voice. Shouldn't she be feeling upset at the loss of her Ashikabi? "Wait, if he's dead then how am I still alive?"

"Xanna-sama unwinged you before Naruto-sama killed him."

"But it's impossible to unwing a Sekirei after they become winged." Yashima insisted. That was what they had always been told. Winging was supposed to be permanent.

"Naruto-sama and Xanna-sama are gods, they can do anything." Akitsu explained patiently.

"Gods?" Yashima repeated dubiously, privately thinking that this Sekirei had an Ashikabi with a massively oversized ego. Her own former Ashikabi had an undeservedly high opinion of himself too, just not this high. "Who are you anyway? We never introduced each other. I'm Yashima, #84."

"Ah….Akitsu, Sekirei #07."

"A single digit?" Yashima said in surprise. She'd been told that the Sekirei that she was to attack was weak, but a single digit was easily a lot more powerful than her. "So which one is your Ashikabi?"

"….Neither, I am a scrapped number, unwingable." Akitsu didn't really want to explain everything that Naruto had told her earlier, so she stuck with the old explanation. At the moment it was still true anyway.

Yashima sat down on the bed next to Akitsu and hugged her legs, memories of how terrible it had been to be winged by her abusive Ashikabi bubbling to the forefront of her mind. It hadn't seemed all that bad while she'd been winged, but now that she was free and not looking at Tanigawa through rose tinted glasses, it was horrible.

"I wish I'd been unwingable when I met that bastard." She muttered to herself bitterly, feeling dirty from the memories of the things he'd told her to do and which she had been more than willing to go along with.

"Ah…you are now. Xanna-sama made you unwingable." Akitsu said, managing to put some simpathy in her voice. Nothing like seeing someone else in a worse situation to appreciate the benefits of your own circumstances.

"But how?" Yashima asked in shock.

Akitsu merely cocked her head slightly and stared at her fellow Sekirei.

"Right, gods." Yashima said with a mutter, still not entirely sure she believed that.

"….You should speak to them." Akitsu said. She was not the person to speak to if you wanted explanations.


When Naruto had fully explained the situation to her, Yashima was very angry. Not at him, but at Minaka and MBI. Because of their meddling she'd ended up winged by that abusive asshole and had only gotten out of it because she'd gotten lucky. She was looking forward to the day when her winging ability was fixed to the way it was supposed to be, but she was determined to make absolutely certain that any Ashikabi she picked in the future was one that was worth bonding to. It was a huge relief to hear that it would be her that would be initiating the winging next time instead of it being forced on her.

The only reason Tanigawa had even been able to forcibly wing her had been because MBI had drummed it into her head that she wasn't supposed to kill humans, so she hadn't fought against him when he'd kissed her. It was just bad luck that he happened to be an Ashikabi since not all humans were capable of winging a Sekirei.

Still, one question nagged at her mind. "Why are you doing this? The Sekirei Plan has nothing to do with you and you say that you can't wing any Sekirei, but you're still collecting them. "

"Because it makes me happy to adopt a few little sisters and take care of them." Naruto explained with a grin.

Yashima continued to look sceptical. She hadn't been this distrustful when MBI had first released her, but her bad experience with Tanigawa had instilled a lot of cynicism in her.

"…..Master is a pervert." Akitsu asserted with a nod.

Xanna snorted in amused agreement. Akitsu was rapidly becoming the queen of one-liners, most of them aimed at Naruto.

Xanna was pleased.

"You're getting awfully cheeky Akitsu." Naruto commented with a sweatdrop.

The ice Sekirei merely cocked her head and gave him an innocent look, which was remarkably effective when combined with her sleepy expression. It made him want to hug her.

"You say you're just doing this because you want to take care of the Sekirei, but you make her call you master?" Yashima asked disapprovingly.

"Make her?" Naruto asked back with an eyebrow raised in incredulity. "I can't make her stop."

Yashima looked at her fellow Sekirei, who continued to look innocent and began to get the feeling that Naruto was not the only pervert in the room. Shaking it off, she turned to the horned duo and asked another question. "Is that really all there is to it? You just got invovled in the Sekirei Plan because it makes you happy to take care of a few girls?"

"We got involved because we wanted to. There is only so much time you can spend on a deserted island doing nothing but sleeping, fighting and sexing before you get bored."

"Sexing is not a word master." Akitsu interjected, flushing at her own boldness.

"Did you just interrupt me to make a wisecrack?" He asked incredulously.

"Ah, yes?" Akitsu said back uncertainly, old doubts coming back and making her think that she had gone too far.

"I'm so proud." Naruto said, wiping away a fake tear.

"So am I, keep it up Akitsu." Xanna added.

A miniature smile came to Akitsu's face for a few moments before it smoothed back into her standard sleepy expression, but she was still smiling on the inside. Akitsu decided that she liked it when they were proud of her, it gave her the odd urge to stick her chest out proudly and made her feel warm inside.

"Anyway, as I was saying…there is no more Sekirei Plan, we've already wrecked it and Minaka is only alive because we think it might be funny to see what he'll do now that Xanna ripped off eight of his fingers and took away most of the stuff that made the Sekirei Plan work."

"You ripped off his fingers?" Yashima asked incredulously, staring at the horned woman.

"Oh yes, my only regret is that I did not think to record the event. His screaming was most amusing." Xanna confirmed with a smirk.

"So….now what?" The hammer wielding Sekirei asked uncertainly after a moment of silence. The horned woman was scary.

"Why are you asking me?" Naruto asked back, amused. "You can do whatever you want."

Surprised by the response, Yashima realised that she had no idea what to do with herself. The Sekirei Plan had given her direction, but without it she had nothing. The only thing she was any good at was swinging her hammer around and following the orders of her Ashikabi, which she didn't have anymore. Without the Sekirei Plan which told her to fight her fellow Sekirei and without an Ashikabi, she felt lost.

"You can stay here with us for as long as you need a place to stay. You'll be protected and provided for." Naruto offered, knowing that the girl had nothing but her hammer. It was a nice hammer, but it wouldn't help her get food or a place to sleep. Not without turning to crime anyway and Yashima didn't seem like the criminal type.

"I…..thank you." She said quietly. "What would you want in return for this?"

"Hugs and onii-chan?"


Takami fought down the nervous urge to start smoking as the elevator made its way up to the penthouse where the horned duo lived.

After much deliberation, she had come to the conclusion that the wisest course of action would be to approach them openly and simply talk to them. There was far too much that could go wrong if she tried any subterfuge and they decided to react with the same lack of restraint as before.

The creepy way that the door swung open all by itself as she approached it did nothing to settle her nerves.

Steeling herself, she entered the room with an air of confidence despite the fact that she felt rather shaken by the fact that she was obviously expected despite having made no appointment.

"Ah…..Takami-san." Akitsu greeted. This was one of the only MBI researchers that had always been nice.

"Akitsu." Takami returned. "Doing well I hope?"

"Ah…yes. Master and mistress have been treating me well."

"I'm glad to hear it." Takami was not at all surprised by the submissive way that Akitsu spoke of the two. The ice Sekirei had always been very deferential.

She forced herself not to react to the sight of the seven Jinki that had not very long ago been in MBI's most secure vault lying carelessly on the table as if they were no more than pretty trinkets.

"Akitsu? Is someone there?" Yashima called and entered the room. "Oh, Takami-san."

"Yashima." The researcher in her desperately wanted to take Yashima back to the lab and investigate her miraculous unwinging, but she kept that firmly in check. She didn't want to end up as a second bloodstain on the MBI clocktower in case this 'Uzumaki Naruto' took offense to that even if she had only good intentions.

The floor shook slightly as someone heavy landed on their feet right behind her, making Takami freeze in surprised fright. Slowly, she turned around and found herself facing a muscular bare chest.

Craning her head upwards, she saw that the chest belonged to the very man that she had come to speak with, a man that was currently aiming a grin full of sharp teeth at her, clearly amused by the fact that he'd made her jump.

"Uzumaki-san." She greeted.

"Sahashi Takami, MBI head researcher and the woman in charge of the Sekirei Plan….supposedly, though in reality not in charge of it at all." Naruto greeted back, still grinning.

"And how would you know that?" Takami said back, giving no hint of just how unnerved she was. That unnaturally intense slit eyed gaze was making her feel like a mouse and his intimidating size wasn't helping to lessen that feeling.

"My wife violated Minaka's mind while she was tearing off his fingers. We know everything that he knows, including the fact that he still sporadically wets his bed. The last time was four months ago in case you were wondering."

"I see." Now Takami was even more unnerved. Minaka hadn't mentioned any mind reading, though in hindsight she should have known it would be something like that. How else would they have known of the Jinki? "May I ask where your wife is?"

"Napping, she does that sometimes."


"Why are you here Takami-chan?"Naruto asked, deliberately using the cutesy honorific.

Takami scowled, somehow knowing that he'd called her that with the express purpose of irritating her.

"I had some questions I wanted to ask you."

"By all means." He said magnanimously.

"First, I'd like to know what you are."

Naruto grinned at the predictable question. "Horny."

"And apparently fond of bad puns." Takami shot back.

"Very fond of them." He agreed.

"….Master is a pervert." Akitsu offered helpfully.

"Thank you Akitsu, it sure is nice to have you around so that people know I'm a pervert right away." Naruto said dryly.

"You say that as if it isn't obvious onii-chan." Yashima added. "You walk around barechested all the time and take every opportunity to make a lewd statement."

"Alright, but what species are you?" Takami persisted, trying to get the conversation back on track, making a note of the way Yashima addressed the man. It did a lot to calm her down to see that he was treating the unwinged Sekirei as a little sister rather than as a new acqusition.

"Human ascended to divinity." Naruto answered, eagerly taking in the incredulous and disbelieving expression. It never got old.

"You think you're a god?" Takami asked, her tone full of incredulity. And she'd thought that Minaka was insane.

Instead of answering, Naruto pointed a hand out the window.

Takami looked in that direction and felt her mouth going dry when the previously cloudless day became a violent thunderstorm, complete with huge lightning bolts and deafening peals of thunder and then it suddenly dispersed as if nothing had happened.

"I could also make some portentous statements about the world suffering two million years of darkness under a black sun and a red moon if you'd like." He offered.

"No, that's ok." Takami said faintly, still staring outside, which was once again a perfect, sunny day.

"Any more questions?"

Shaking off her shock, she focused back on the matter at hand. "What is your interest in the Sekirei?"

"Most of them are just so cute and I like having little sisters to play with."

"Uh huh." She said sceptically. "What about Akitsu then?" What kind of man sees a dozens of highly beautiful, busty women and thinks 'little sisters'?

"Akitsu is a pervert." Naruto explained.

"...Master is so mean." The ice Sekirei said in her defense. "He likes to put me in chains and spank me."

"Notice how she never said that she isn't a pervert." Naruto pointed out dryly. "Or that she likes the chains even more than me."

"Riiight, last question." Takami drawled, wanting to get away from what was obviously a room full of perverts as soon as possible. "Could you please not destroy MBI? We won't be able to protect the Sekirei from the rest of the world without it."

"Why the sudden concern for the Sekirei Takami-chan? Weren't you one of those that advocated the changes to the winging?" Naruto asked with amusement, cocking his head at the scientist. "Guilty conscience?"

Taking a deep breath to center herself again, more because she was shaken at the reminder that he knew everything than at the annoying honorific. It had been easy to forget that when he wasn't mentioning it. "I thought it was the right thing to do at the time. It wasn't and I want to protect the Sekirei from any further harm."

"Don't worry yourself too much Takami-chan, I'll keep the Sekirei safe from being kidnapped and eventually I'll unwing those that are bound to….unworthy Ashikabi. Of course, I'll probably also kill quite a few of them since I already know that not all of the Sekirei are good people."

"Right, well…..that's all I guess." All in all, Takami was pleased with the way things had gone. Naruto had been reasonable and friendly and he didn't have any particularly nefarious purposes in mind. None that he was willing to share at least, though she sorely doubted her ability to do anything about it if he did have any nefarious purposes. The only point of worry was the fact that he never said that he wouldn't destroy MBI, but that was honestly a minor issue compared to everything else even if she did end up losing her job .

"Feel free to drop by again Takami-chan, it's been a while since I've slept with a MILF." Naruto said when she was almost out the door.

Takami froze again before moving forward stiffly, her eyebrow twitching in restrained anger. She wasn't sure if that was a veiled hint that he knew about her children and was making a threat or if it was honestly just a lewd proposition. Either way it was pissing her off.

Once the woman was gone, Naruto turned to the two Sekirei and announced. "Well, now that that's over with, lets go."


"Are you sure this is a good idea onii-chan?" Yashima asked worriedly from her place on Naruto's shoulders.

"Of course it isn't a good idea Yashima, if it was a good idea, then it wouldn't be any fun. I'll keep you safe though, don't worry." Naruto answered and turned towards Akitsu, who was standing next to him on the roof of the hotel. "Ready Akitsu?"

"Ah…..yes." The ice Sekirei confirmed. She was wearing casual pants and a T-shirt instead of her usual kimono today. The kimono would get in the way too much.

With a countdown, they threw themselves over the edge, creating a slippery path of ice under their feet as they went, sliding across the Shinto Teito skyline.

Yashima released a terrified scream right into Naruto's ears for a few seconds until she got used to it and started enjoying herself.

Unfortunately, they had no more than fifteen seconds of time to enjoy it before Akitsu's ice path gave off an ominous creaking sound and broke under its own weight.

Naruto swiftly grabbed the ice Sekirei into a bridal style hold and melted the falling ice into water so that it didn't kill anyone under it. They'd get a nasty cold street shower though.

"Damn you physics, always ruining the fun." He swore. He'd forgotten That Akitsu couldn't make her ice unbreakable the way that he could.

"Ah….I like this better." Akitsu admitted as they glided across the city.

"You would." Yashima commented from Naruto's back.

The continued this for several minutes longer, receiving many shocked exclamations from the people under them until a large chunk of the city had an ice path over it.

All three of them took note of the three Sekirei jumping across the rooftops in an effort to catch them and Naruto eventually slid to a stop on the rooftop of a building that was fairly close to their hotel, willing the ice to melt and drenching a lot of people in ice cold water.

Ah, the indignant anger radiating from the people below at this instant, it was glorious.

When the three Sekirei that had been chasing them caught up, both Akitsu and Yashima stiffened in recognition.

"Ah, you must be the infamous Disciplinary Squad." Naruto said as a greeting, assessing the threat level of the three females.

The pink haired one was giving him a strangely Sakura vibe for some reason, but she wasn't even close to being as dangerous as his old teammate. The bandaged one with the claws was at a similar level.

The long haired one with the sword was a lot more dangerous than them.

"We are." Karasuba confirmed. "You wouldn't happen to be the guy that gave the MBI tower its wonderful new coat of paint would you?"

"I am indeed. Are you here to make something of it Little Crow?" Naruto asked with a grin.

Karasuba gave a menacing little chuckle that concealed just how irritated she was by the nickname. "You've got some balls to call me, the Black Sekirei, Little Crow. I'm going to enjoy cutting them off."

"Girls, go back home without me. Looks like Karasuba wants to play too and it would be rude deny her when she obviously put in so much effort to track me down, and don't worry, I'll be fine." Naruto said to Akitsu and Yashima.

They looked worried for a moment, before recalling what he was and started roof hopping away after a simple nod.

"Good girls."

"Not very nice of you to lie to them." Karasuba commented after they were out of earshot. She had no interest in those two.

Naruto snickered, much to Karasuba's irritation and pleasure. On one hand, the fact that he was laughing at her pissed her off and on the other, it would make the fight even better.

"Come on then if you're so certain of yourself Little Crow." He taunted and summoned the Kusanagi to his hand, having left it at the hotel to give Yashima room to ride on his back.


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