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"What! No, no I'm not doing that thing again. You can't make me!" Jack O'Neill all but yelled at the General.

"Colonel O'Neill I'm afraid I can" The general answered him

"Nope, La, la, la, la, la" Jack sang as he covered his ears. "I can't hear you!"

"Colonel you will stop that right now!"

"Sir it's just a simple test, it will be fine" Sam pulled Jacks hands off of his ears.

"Fine but don't be surprised if I'm a little moody for the next few days." Jack said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Alright sg-1 you will have the Zatarc testing redone at 0900 tomorrow. Dismissed" General Hammond stood and left the room.

"Well I'm going home, see you all tomorrow" Jack smiled as he got up to leave.

"We better see you here sir" Sam smiled as she watched Jack leave.

"Maybe one of us should go to his house tomorrow morning"

"Thanks for volunteering Daniel!" Sam said as she almost ran out of the room.

"What! I never, but- SAM!" Daniel called. Daniel turned to look over at Teal'c with almost pleading eyes.

"I am afraid I can be of no assistance to you Daniel Jackson for I have not yet learned how to drive." Teal'c bowed his head as he left Daniel alone in the room.

"How do I always get myself into these messes?" Daniel asked to no one in particular as he to left the room.

**************************************************************************** *

"Well that wasn't so bad" Daniel said as he came out of the room where the testing was being done.

"Your up Colonel!" Janet said as she came out of the room behind Daniel.

"Oh great!"

"Don't worry so much sir, it'll be fine" Sam said placing a hand on her Co's shoulder. "Yeah that's what you say now."

"Come on Colonel." Janet said taking him by the arm and leading him into the room.

"Have fun Jack!" Daniel called in after him, as the door to the room slowly came to a close.

**************************************************************************** *******

"Alright Colonel O'Neill we have one more question for you." Said Dr. Mackenzie.

"Okay I think I can handle that." Jack said smiling after a job well done.

"What happened during your time in Iraq?"

After a long silence on Jack's part he spoke up. "Uh sorry but no."

"You have to tell us Colonel." Colonel Simmons said.

"Wait this wasn't part of the testing he doesn't have to answer that." Janet said coming to Jacks aid.

"Yes he does, don't make us do this the hard way Colonel, Now tell us what happed during your time in Iraq." The colonel stated.

"No, no, no, no" Jack said while trying his best to shake his head.

"Alright suit yourself." The colonel nodded towards Dr. Mackenzie, who pulled out a needle from his jacket pocket.

"What is this?" Janet said seeing the needle.

"Oh just a little something we came up with that will help Jack remember his time in Iraq." The colonel said smiling.

"Don't you dare put that thing in me." Jack said giving Dr. Mackenzie one of his famous death glares.

"Hey stop right there." Janet said as she tried to get over to Jack but was held back by the Colonel.

"Now Colonel O'Neill this will only hurt for a second." Dr. Mackenzie said as he lowered the needle into Jack's arm. After a few moments Jack's face paled. "What's happening how much did you give him?" the colonel asked Dr. Mackenzie.

"The whole thing, why how much was I supposed to give him?"

"Not even half you idiot!"

Someone get me a medical team down here now!" Janet yelled. "Help me get him out of this thing." Janet said half running over to Jack. "You two get out." Janet said to the Colonel and Doctor.

"Watch these two and make sure they don't go anywhere." Janet said looking towards the rest of sg-1.

"Janet what's going on?" Sam asked seeing the look of doubt mixed with fear in her friend's eyes.

"I don't know Sam just watch these two for me okay." Janet said as she finally gave the two men death glare and returned into the room leaving the door slightly ajar.

"SHIT, Colonel don't do this, not now!" Sam heard Janet yell inside the room. "Where's my medical team?" Janet yelled. Sam saw as a small team of medical people run down the hall and disappear into the room.

"Shit, charge the paddles to 200" Janet told her team.

"Clear" Janet called. After a moment Sam heard her again. "Damn it charge 360. Clear."

Sam looked inside the room careful not to push the door open any further. The only thing she could see was Jacks lifeless hand. "Again" Janet called. "Clear" Sam saw Jack's hand rise a little from the shock.

"Alright one more time." Sam could feel tears coming to her eyes.

"Doctor wait, look"

"Oh thank god. Get him on to the stretcher"

Moments later Janet and the rest of her team came out of the room with a very pale Colonel O'Neill on the stretcher. "Take him to the infirmary. I'll be there in a second." Janet said to her team.

"What the hell did you give him?" Janet asked Dr. Mackenzie and Colonel Simmons.

"It was just a little something to help him remember" Colonel Simmons replied.

"What kind of something?" Sam asked seeing Janet about to burst.

"Sorry but you are on a need to know biases and this you do not need to know." Colonel Simmons replied smiling.

"Colonel O'Neill just about died in there, so help me god if he does I will not stop until you are both put away for life" Janet said giving them both death glares.

"Alright doctor you win. It was a substance we acquired a while back, from some other world. We developed it and now it helps to take a person back to a certain area in there life, so they can remember in full detail what happened."

"You wanted to send Colonel O'Neill back to Iraq because?"

"Well you see we were just testing it on him and we figured Iraq was the best place to start. He never talks about it and he has repressed it far enough into his mind that he has begun to forget what happened, who could be a better subject?"

"You wanted to send him back to the most traumatizing experience of his life, just so you could see if that thing worked" By this time Janet was really ready to explode.

"Well yes, unfortunately the good Doctor here gave him way to much, so now we have no clue what colonel O'Neill has gone back to."

"Wait what are you saying?" Daniel asked.

"I'm saying doctor Jackson that Colonel O'Neill might have gone back to Iraq or even France for all I know, but we wont know until he wakes up, will we?" Colonel Simmons smiled.

"So help me God if he dies I'm coming after you both." Janet said before she left for the Infirmary.

"Teal'c take them down to lock up." Sam said as she followed Janet.

**************************************************************************** ********

"Janet what's going to happen to him?" Sam asked from her seat next to Jack's bed.

"I don't know Sam. You should get some rest"

"But I can't leave him. What if he wakes up?"

"Sam go I'll call you if anything happens."

"Alright" Sam reluctantly got up to leave.

"Sam don't worry he'll pull through." Janet said following Sam to the door.

"Yeah he better."

"He will Sam. He will" Janet said as she turned out the lights to the infirmary.