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**************************************************************************** ********************************************************************

"Hey Laira how ya been?" Jack asked as he and Sam walked into the debriefing room.

General Hammond and the rest of sg-1 along with Janet and Laira were all waiting for them. "Colonel it is wonderful to see you again after so long." Laira said as she walked over to Jack and hugged him.

"Good to see you to." Jack said returning the hug. "Look not to sound rude or anything but what are you doing here?" Jack asked as he took his seat next to Sam.

"I have come to find out how little Jonathan is doing. We have not heard from you in so long we feared something was not right." Laira said smiling.

"Well that really nice of you but Jonathan went up north to Canada to visit with his Grandmother now that the threat is no longer around we don't have to worry about him getting hurt or anything." Jack said smiling all the while think how full of BS he was.

"Well as long as he is no longer in danger I will be going. Samantha?"

Sam looked up at Laira for the first time since they arrived. "Sorry what?"
"Will you be coming to collect your belonging?"

"Yes if that's alright with you General?" Sam asked looking towards the General.

"Of course major. You may leave whenever you wish."

"Thank you sir." Both Sam and Jack answered.

**************************************************************************** *******************

"So where to?" Jack asked as they stepped out on to the planet.

"This way." Sam said smiling.

Sam lead Jack to a house surrounded by trees it was only one story but it was big. Jack could hear running water from the nearby stream. "We used to sit by the lake every morning." Sam said smiling.

"Really?" Jack asked.

"Yep you'd plat in the water and bring anything you thought was cool back to me." Sam smiled before turning back to the house. "And this is where we lived."

"Looks nice. Care to show me around?" Jack asked walking up to the front door.

"Of course." Sam walked up to the house and opened the door. "This is the living room." Jack walked in and took in his surroundings. There was a fireplace at the end of the room. And a bay window was right beside the door, and turning to the left was a hallway. On the left you could see where the wall opened up to reveal the kitchen. Jack walked into the living room to look around more. There were pictures everywhere Jack looked. Jack picked up a picture frame and stared at it.

"That was taken shortly after we came here." Sam said seeing the picture Jack was holding. It was of her and Jonathan outside near the stream. They were sitting on a blanket and Jonathan was in Sam's lap with Sam's arms around him, they were both smiling.

"You loved getting your picture taken." Sam said smiling. "Look at this one." Sam picked up another frame that had a picture of just him. He had mud all over him and was still smiling.

"What happened?" Jack asked seeing the picture.

"You fell and couldn't get up when you were trying to catch an animal that looked like a frog." Sam said smiling.

"Oh well then!" Jack smiled back. "You miss him don't you?" Jack asked seeing the far away look in Sam's eyes.

"Yes but now I have big you and you're just as good if not better." Sam said smiling. "Now to the rest of the house."

**************************************************************************** ********************

"This was your room." Sam said opening the last door in the house.

Jack stepped into the room. There was a dresser in the corner of the room with more pictures of him and the other kids. Some toys were in a box under the window and to the side was his bed that had sheets with stars on them. On his bedside table was another picture of him and Sam and some more toys. "It's nice." Jack said as he walked around the room.

"You were hardly ever in here." Sam said. "I want to take some of this stuff back with us if that's okay?" Sam said picking up one of Jonathan's stuffed animals.

"No problem, I don't blame you for wanting to keep this stuff. You guys obviously had a lot of fun together."

"We did. You were perfect in every way." Sam said smiling as she wrapped her arms around Jack.

"Show me the stream." Jack said as he looked out the window.

"That always was your favourite place to be." Sam smiled as she took Jack's hand and led him out of the house.

**************************************************************************** **************

"Okay open your eyes." Sam said as she got Jack in just the right position over looking their spot. "This is it."

"Oh wow!" Jack said as he took in his surroundings. In front of him there was a stream that was being fed by a waterfall further up the stream. "It's amazing."

"We found it on one of our walks. You loved to take walks with me. You were still so little that everything amazed you. You loved watching the animals, and playing in the stream."

"Sam I'm sorry." Jack said.

"For what?" Sam looked up at Jack.

"Taking away your little boy."

Sam walked over to Jack and wrapped her arms around his neck, Jack placed him arms around her waist. "Jack you never took him away from me. You are him, sure you bigger and older now but I like that better. Yes I miss my little Jonathan but I see him in you every time your with other children, and I know someday I might get a new little boy that I'll be able to keep forever, and he'll look just like his father so in a way I'll get my little Jonathan back." Sam said smiling up at Jack.

"Well I suggest we get packing and head home then." Jack said smiling.


"These things take time we have to start now if you want him by Christmas."

Sam laughed at Jack before kissing him deeply, but not before whispering in his ear, "Who says we have to go home?"

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