Harry Potter and the Aliens

Minerva McGonagall sighed as she looked at this year's list of first years. She was about to start addressing the letters when a name caught her eye. Emiko Ikisatashi, the list said.

That name sounds Japanese; why would a Japanese girl come all the way to England for school? Minerva wondered. From what I've heard, the Japanese magical community is pretty closed in; they don't send their children to outside schools. And the address doesn't make sense either. It's in an outer part of London; maybe they're immigrants or something?

She looked at the list again, and was surprised to see that Emiko was a muggleborn. Well, I'll probably have to visit them anyways, to explain this; I guess I'll find out then, Minerva thought, and started addressing the letters.


One week later: Minerva was currently walking up to a rather nondescript house in a small, but nice, neighborhood. She rang the bell, and waited. A few minutes later, the door was opened by a teenage boy with dark green hair and golden eyes. "Who are you?" he asked warily. He had a Japanese accent.

"My name is Minerva McGonagall; I came to talk to your parents about an Emiko Ikisatashi," Minerva said.

The boy called over his shoulder, "Aunt Yuki, should I let her in?"

"Yes, Kisshu," a woman's voice called. "That's the name on the letter, remember?"

Kisshu turned back to Minerva and said, "Come in, then." He stood back to let her in, and then closed the door behind her. A woman came through a doorway to the left, and said, "Please come in, Minerva-san. I assume you're here to discuss the letter you sent us?"

"Yes," Minerva said. "Is Emiko here?"

"Yes, she's waiting in the living room," the woman said. "I'm her adoptive mother, Ikisatashi Yuki, and this is my nephew Kisshu. My two sons are at the park right now; I'll inform them of this later."

"Alright," Minerva said. "Four kids, then?"

"Yes," Yuki said, smiling slightly. She led the way into the living room, and Minerva saw a slim girl with black hair and blue eyes sitting on a sofa. She was wearing a soft blue knee-length skirt, and a plain black mock turtleneck. She looked up as Minerva, Yuki, and Kisshu came in, then got up, looking nervous. "Yuki-obasan wa, kono josei wa, buhin nekodesu," she said. (Translation: Aunt Yuki, this lady is part cat.)

"Emiko, can you please speak English?" Yuki asked gently.

Emiko shook her head stubbornly. "Iieyo," she said. "Atashi wa atashi no yuujin to sore o hanasu." (No! I only speak that with my friends.)

Yuki sighed and said, "I'm sorry, Minerva-san; Emiko speaks English fluently, but refuses to do so with people she doesn't know. I've tried everything already, so I'll translate for you."

"Alright," Minerva said, a bit startled. "Can you tell me what she said?"

"She claims you're part cat, and says she only speaks English with her friends," Kisshu said from behind them. Minerva was startled again; she hadn't even realized he had followed them.

"Let's have a seat," Yuki said. She sat on the sofa with Emiko, and Kisshu sat on Emiko's other side. Emiko promptly climbed into his lap as Yuki asked, "So what was with that letter? Emiko may not have complete control over her powers yet, but there's nothing magic about it."

Minerva was confused by this, and asked, "What do you mean? Her name showed up on the list of new students for this year; it claims she's a witch."

"I was under the impression magic was a human idea," Kisshu said quietly. Minerva noticed he seemed very wary of her, but what he said next completely shocked her. "We're not human. We have our own powers, but they don't come from outside objects like sticks in those picture books. We may have been exiled, but that doesn't make us human, even though we have to live that way."

"What are you, then?" Minerva asked.

"We're Cyniclons," Kisshu said. "Though I believe most humans use the term 'aliens'. We were exiled from our home planet after failing to take over Earth, and since we'd get recognized in Japan, we moved here."

Minerva McGonagall was not an easily startled woman, but this announcement was shocking to her. Letters that had been sent out from Hogwarts always went to humans. She couldn't remember there ever being a letter being sent out to an alien before.

Yuki noticed her shock, and said, "Kisshu, why don't you take Emiko upstairs; she doesn't need to hear the rest of the story."

"Okay," Kisshu said. He took Emiko's hand as she slid off his lap, and left with her.

Yuki sighed when they were gone, and said, "Emiko was human before we found her, but from what I gathered, she was turned into a Cyniclon somehow. I don't know all the details, but her family was killed when she was six years old, and she was taken away by scientists. Emiko is from Kyoto, Japan, but the scientists who killed her family took her to a lab in Tokyo, which is where Kisshu found her after she had been turned into one of us. She lost control of her powers soon after she was turned into a Cyniclon, and that caused the lab she was being held captive in to blow up. I don't think anyone besides her made it out alive. As far as I can tell, the scientists wanted her because she had the ability to read minds, along with a few other incidents when she was angry or sad. She said that her parents tried to stop the scientists with some kind of powers of their own, but apparently there were either too many of them or they were just better equipped, because Emiko's parents were killed in front of her. It took a long time for her to open up to anyone besides Kisshu, and she's still very attached to him. She may not have lost all her human DNA yet, which is probably why your school thought she was a witch, but I doubt her magic will last very long as her human DNA is canceled out. Our DNA is much stronger than human DNA, and Emiko is a Cyniclon now. She learned to keep up an illusion to appear human, but right now it puts a strain on her energy levels. If she had to keep that up all day and all night, for ten months, the energy loss would most likely kill her. The most she can do it for right now is about twelve hours, maximum."

"Is that a hint that she shouldn't go to Hogwarts?" Minerva asked.

"If it's all humans, and she has no contact with us besides calls or letters, it's not a good idea at all," Kisshu said from the doorway. Minerva nearly jumped; he hadn't made a sound! Kisshu continued, "Emiko has trouble just interacting with kids her own age; expose her to too many humans, and she'll completely shut down, especially if anyone is nasty to her. We can teach her how to use her Cyniclon powers, and she hasn't shown any sign of having anything besides normal Cyniclon powers. The only unusual thing about her powers is her personal talent; she has a gift for languages. She can literally speak any language fluently, even though she refuses to speak anything besides Japanese. I don't think a school so far away from her family and me in particular is going to be good for her. I know we can easily get there in less than a minute, but I think it's better for her to stay here."

"How can you get there in less than a minute?" Minerva asked, puzzled.

"We can teleport," Yuki said. "And Kisshu and I have the ability to teleport directly to Emiko no matter where she is. As long as she's alive, we can find her. And Kisshu can sense her emotions, so if something happened, he'd know immediately. Not to mention Kisshu is beyond overprotective when it comes to Emiko; anyone who tried to stop him would go down in flames."

"Aunt Yuki, I'm not THAT bad," Kisshu said grouchily.

"I beg to differ," Yuki said. "You nearly killed Natalie's older brother when he made fun of Emiko's clothes. I shudder to think what would happen if someone hurt her physically."

"Kisshu, you seem very wary of me," Minerva commented.

"I'm not wary of you; I'm wary of your headmaster," Kisshu said. "There is no way I'm letting my little sister anywhere near that guy."

"Any particular reason?" Minerva asked, intrigued by this.

"The more power someone has, the less likely it is that their intentions are pure," Kisshu said. "I've seen this firsthand. And the old geezer is manipulating you and everyone around you."

"You've never met Professor Dumbledore, though," Minerva commented.

"I went through your mind; the main reason you don't see what I do is that your opinion of him from the start clouds your judgment of him now," Kisshu said.

"Kisshu!" Yuki scolded. "What did I tell you about going through peoples' minds?"

"Aunt Yuki, we don't know anything about these people or why they want Emiko," Kisshu said.

"Students whose names appear on our list aren't forced to attend school unless their magic is out of control and in danger of harming someone," Minerva said. "As long as Emiko's powers can be trained here, there's no reason why she should have to go to Hogwarts. I merely came to explain the magical world to you, but I'm not going to force the issue. I'm due back at Hogwarts for a meeting anyways, so I'll let the teachers and Dumbledore know that Emiko is being homeschooled for her powers."

Kisshu nodded, and Yuki said, "I'll walk you out." The two women got up, and went back to the front door. Even though Minerva didn't look back, she knew Kisshu was watching her. As soon as she found a safe place, she Apparated back to Hogsmeade, and went back to Hogwarts from there.


When Minerva entered the teacher's meeting, everyone was already there. "Minerva, glad you could make it," Dumbledore said. "I trust nothing went wrong?"

"Emiko will not be coming to Hogwarts," Minerva said, taking her seat. "Her family was very adamant about that, and frankly I'm surprised she received a letter."

"Why is that?" Dumbledore asked.

"She's not human," Minerva said. "None of her family is human; in fact they're not even from this planet, much less from England."

"How did she get on the list, then?" Professor Flitwick asked, curious.

"Apparently she used to be human; it's possible before she was turned into a Cyniclon that her parents were from the magical community in Japan," Minerva said. "Yuki, her adoptive mother, said that her family was killed in front of her and she was taken away by Muggle scientists, then turned into a Cyniclon. Yuki apparently doesn't know all the details, but it sounds like the scientists discovered she could use magic and decided she'd be perfect for their experiments. Some of the things Yuki described sounded like accidental magic, but apparently she has nearly full control over her powers now, and Yuki says that she and her family will continue Emiko's training. I'm not going to argue with them; they seem perfectly capable of teaching her, and Yuki thinks her magic will fade soon anyways; apparently she doesn't have much human left in her."

"There's something else, isn't there?" Dumbledore asked.

"Emiko's older brother is very overprotective of her, and I frankly don't want to mess with him," Minerva admitted. "The way he looked at me…. it's clear he's had training in more than just his powers. He was extremely wary of me, and it's also clear he's good at stealth; I didn't even sense his presence until he spoke, nor did I hear footsteps when he came back downstairs."

She noticed Dumbledore had a faint scheming look on his face, but decided to ignore it as the look faded and Dumbledore asked, "Anything else about this girl?"

"She refuses to speak English," Minerva said. "I've been told she can speak it; she just doesn't like to for some reason. My guess is she's more comfortable speaking her native language, which is Japanese."

"I see," Dumbledore said. "Well, since she's not coming, I suppose her choice of language isn't going to be an issue. Let's continue the meeting, shall we?"

Minerva and the other teachers nodded, but Minerva resolved to think about this later. Something about Dumbledore's manner bothered her.


After the meeting, Minerva was leaving when Snape came up to her, and said, "Minerva, a word, if you please?"

"Alright," Minerva said, wondering if this was about Emiko. She followed him to his office, and they sat down. Snape warded the room, and said without preamble, "Dumbledore is plotting something with the girl you mentioned. Since you seem so concerned with her welfare, I thought you should know."

"Do you know what he's going to do?" Minerva asked.

"Not precisely," Snape admitted. "But I get the sense it's not her in particular he wants. Do you know what they're doing here, if they're not from this planet?"

"Apparently they were exiled due to a failed attempt to take over Earth," Minerva replied. "They left Japan and came here so they wouldn't be recognized."

"What can you tell me about the girl's older brother?" Snape asked. "I wonder if he's the one Dumbledore is trying to get."

"Not much," Minerva said. "He said nothing about himself. He seemed very wary of me, and I asked him about it. He said he wasn't wary of me, he was wary of Dumbledore. He then went on to inform me that he had gone through my mind and that I was letting my original opinion of Dumbledore cloud my judgment on him now."

"He went through your mind to that extent and you didn't notice a thing?" Snape demanded.

"That's what bothers me; I had no clue he was going through my mind," Minerva said. "I assumed that it's a Cyniclon power; he wasn't using Legilimency on me."

"That may be why Dumbledore is after him," Snape said. "How old is this boy?"

"I'd say fifteen," Minerva said. "But that was just from looking at him; he acted much older. What do you think Dumbledore wants with Kisshu?"

"Consider the announcement about the Triwizard Tournament," Snape said. "I know Dumbledore is hiding something from us, and considering his choice of DADA professor, I believe something is going to happen that involves Potter again."

"Are you saying that Dumbledore is trying to lure Kisshu here to protect Harry Potter?" Minerva asked incredulously.

"Quite possibly," Snape said. "We need to stop him; if your observations of this boy are even half right, kidnapping his little sister to lure him here is going to result in catastrophe."

"Surely Dumbledore wouldn't…." Minerva trailed off as she thought about what Kisshu had told her about clouded judgment.

"I would recommend looking at the Sorting list carefully this year, and alerting the others if this girl's name shows up," Snape said, as if Minerva hadn't spoken.

"I will," Minerva said. She stood, and said, "I have some thinking to do, Severus; if you'll excuse me?"

"Of course," Snape said. Almost as an afterthought, he added, "Be careful of Dumbledore, Minerva."

Minerva nodded, and left.

If anyone is reading this, I would like to say that since this is the first time I've written anything Harry Potter-related, some of the characters might be a bit off. Also, this is set in Fourth Year, and the events of Tokyo Mew Mew have already happened. The Mews will not be in this, but the Cyniclons will be. I don't know how long this will be, but if you have suggestions, please let me know, via review or PM.