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It was chilly, especially for mid-August. The weather was still enjoyable temperature wise, relenting from harsh heat of summer as the signs of fall soon approached. However, when the skies clouded up, it wasn't long before the first rain drop descended, followed immediately by its companions.

A young oriental girl raced down the street as rain quickly began to pour. Her name was Mikasa Ackerman, a sophmore in college who lived alone in a small apartment. It wasn't easy for her to afford, working at a small restaurant when she wasn't going to school. Her life stayed rather hectic, little chance for even a day to herself ever presenting itself.

She came to a halt when she spotted a small café on the other side of the street. The sign read 'open', and she smiled. Maybe she could get some quiet here, she thought as she quickly hurried across the street.

Mikasa gently opened the door to the coffee shop she had spotted from across the street. She silently made her way inside, hanging up her dripping jacket on the coat rack and plopped down in an empty chair on the main counter. Well, at least she was out of the rain now.

"What can I get for you, miss?" The blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy at the counter said with a friendly smile.

"Huh?!" She responded, being snapped to attention by his voice. His question processed in her mind for a few moments.

"Uhhh, how much is a small cup?"

He told her the price.

"Okay," Mikasa said, digging her pockets for exact change. "I'll take a small. Black, please."

"Alright." The blonde replied, taking the change from her with a smile. "Be right back."

While she waited, Mikasa pulled out her history textbook. She had to study for her exam tomorrow. So far this was the only place quiet enough for her to even think in. And as long as she paid for something, surely she wouldn't be a problem.

Her eyes scanned for the nearest clock. It read six o' clock.

'Good. I have a few hours before I have to get to work.'

"Here you are." The blonde said as he placed the coffee in front of her.

"Thank you." she said, and he left to attend to the other customers.

As she sat sipping her hot drink, her optimism faded when she realized how much she needed to review.

'This will take all night!'

Still, she opened it to her desired page and began her cram session. She had to pass that exam tomorrow.

"Hey, Eren." Armin greeted as Eren walked in through the back door of the café, unusually on time for his shift. He normally ran a few minutes late.

"Hey." Eren replied as he removed his wet jacket and ear buds. "How's it been today?"

"Slow." The blonde answered. "Just slow."

"My type of business." Eren replied, putting on his required black apron.

"Eren, that's not how a business makes money." Armin sighed. "Well, I'd better get going. Erwin is expecting me in an hour."

Erwin Smith was Armin's adoptive dad and the owner of this café. He was a pretty cool guy and the only father figure Armin had ever known. Erwin had worked with his grandfather for a few years before old Grandpa Arlert died, leaving a seven year old Armin an orphan. Erwin adopted the boy, having grown quite fond of the kid. Eren personally respected Erwin, especially after seeing how he'd taken care of his best friend.

"Oh, Eren?" Armin called to Eren."Make sure you take care of that girl over there, okay?"

The brown haired boy followed the finger that was pointing to a black haired girl sitting at the counter, hair hiding her face.

"Who is she?" Eren asked, eyebrows raised. "Your crush?"

"I don't know her. I've never met her until today." Armin replied as he took another glance at her. "But just let her stay here until you have to close, okay? She seems like she needs it."

"Sure, sure." Eren replied."Whatever."

Armin left to meet up with Erwin shortly after, leaving Eren the only worker left at the café.The best part about this shift was that he didn't have to deal with too many people. All he really did this time of night was clean up.

He had some more customers came in after Armin left. A regular named Sasha, who brought her study group of four with her. Then there was Annie, a girl that he'd shared a couple of classes at the college with.

As the hour of closing arrived and he started to tidy up, he finally noticed the black haired girl again. How long had she been here? He looked at the clock. It was now 12:30 AM. Thirty minutes until closing time. Eren had come in at 8 that evening, and Armin said that she'd already been here for a couple of hours. He noted the book she was reading. It looked like it was a college textbook.

'She must be studying for an exam...' he thought to himself.

Despite his usual stand-offish demeanor, he found himself walking over to her.

"Hey, do you want another cup?" He asked, in lack of anything better to say.

Mikasa was startled by the sudden voice, having been deep into thought. She reluctantly glanced up to see a boy with messy brown hair and beautiful green eyes.

"I can't afford another cup. I didn't bring enough change..." she answered honestly, beginning to gather her belongings. She must be in his way. "I'm sorry. I'm in the way of your business."

"No! No!" The boy immediately said, waving his hands. "You're absolutely fine. You're not bothering anything. And I can give you a cup on the house, if you want."

Mikasa paused for a moment. "Your boss won't be upset...?"

The boy snorted. "Please. My boss is my best friend's dad. Neither of them will care. Now do you want a cup?"

She nodded. "Yes, please."

"How do you like it?"

"Black, please."

"Coming right up." The boy left the table, leaving Mikasa at the small table.

'She's...really pretty...' he thought to himself as he poured the hot, caffeinated drink into a new Styrofoam cup. Her eyes were a stormy grey, her hair a raven black, which contrasted greatly with her porcelain skin.

He shortly returned with the new cup, steaming hot, and set it on the table in front of her.

"Thanks." She said, picking it up and taking a sip of the hot drink. It felt good as it hit the bottom of her stomach, heating her cold, damp body.

"No problem." He replied, turning around to the sink to wet his rag. He slowly began to wipe off the counters and tables. It was just the two of them in there now, the normal quiet now becoming pure silence, save for the running water and chairs moving occasionally.

Mikasa returned to her history book, jotting down every note she could in her mind. She was almost finished with the last chapter.

Twenty minutes later, after what seemed an eternity, she closed the book, a relieved smile on her face as she stretched her arms.

"I see someone finished their reading assignment."

She glanced up at brown haired boy as he finished the last of the dishes. He had a crooked smile on his face when he looked at her.

"Yes, I did!" Mikasa replied, sounding proud of herself. "I think I'm ready for that exam tomorrow."

"That's good." He commented. "That's the attitude you have to have when you face a challenge."

Mikasa slowly got up from her seat, taking her book and putting it in her bag. She began to walk toward the exit, him following behind her. When she stepped out, she was very relieved to see that she wouldn't be walking home in the rain.

"You got done just in time for closing."

"Thank you for letting me stay." she told him as he turned the lights out and locked the front door of the shop. "I'm really grateful to your kindness."

"Oh, it wasn't a problem at all." The boy mumbled to her with an embarrassed expression on his face as he held out his hand awkwardly. "Eren."

"I'm Mikasa." She replied, her tiny hand swallowed by his large, warm one in a hand shake.

"Mikasa..." he repeated, testing the name on his lips. "That's a pretty name."

"Thanks." Mikasa replied, hiding the light pink that colored her face. No one had ever complimented her like that before."Anyway, I had better go. I don't have long before I have to go to work. But maybe...I'll see you around."

"Yeah. See you." He called as she turned around and walked down the sidewalk, away from the café.

'It's one o' clock in the morning and that girl is going to work?' Eren pondered as he watched her figure disappear from sight.

He stood there momentarily, wondering if she'd be back tomorrow. As strange as it seemed, even though he'd just met her, she fascinated him.

He climbed onto his bike which was parked on the side of the building and rode to his small apartment, just a couple of blocks away. He had just enough time to finish his English paper and get some sleep.

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