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Ages- Every one's in high school

Amu- 15- Sophomore- 2nd year

Ikuto- 17- Senior- Last year

Ikuto and Utau are not related

Utau- 16- Sophomore- 2nd year

Kukai- 16- Sophomore- 2nd year

Nagi- 17- Junior- 3rd year

Rima- 15- Sophomore- 2nd year

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Chapter 1- First Day OF School-


Normal P.O.V- btw all this anime details are not right

Amu woke up late once again. She was going to be late for school and on her first day too. Now she really wished she has gone to sleep earlier last night than stayed up watching Anime, however, it was a new Fairy Tail episode. Plus, the new season of Sword Art online came out a couple of weeks ago. Then again she could have watched it on the weekend like a normal person. Oh who is she kidding? No normal person watches Anime on the weekend. The watch it whenever they want.

Amu rushed to the bathroom and finished getting ready in 10 minutes. She packed the new manga for Fairy tail that came out this month and grabbed her skateboard before going downstairs. She grabbed a piece of toast and put it in her moutH and was out the door riding to school at her own pace. She heard the bell ring from a distance and could tell she had 5 minutes left to head to class, because there were lots of people entering.

Amu kicked faster and went through a clearing. She went a bit to fast and is now out of control. She went throughout the entire yard, attracting everyone's attention. Someone opened the school door and she went in while screaming sorry. Good thing her class is on the first floor. The door was opened to her class so she rolled in really fast with her hands in front of her. She lost her balance and now everything went slow 'mo. She was now flying through the air and waited for impact with the hard ground. That never came. She landed on something warm. With arms.

"Hey...Hinamori. You OK?"

"Yeah, thanks."

"Names, Souma Kukai."( Ha, you all thought it was Ikuto)

"Thanks. Um...you can put me down now. Also, how do you know my name?"

"Well there's not a lot of pink headed people in this school, so yeah."

"Hello there whore. Stay away from Kukai, my boyfriend." A jealous Utau said

"Calm down. She's not going to do anything to take me away from you. No need to get jealous, Uta" Kukai was interrupted by the one and the only, Utau

"Don't you dare say that word with my name in the same sentence."

"OK," Kukai answered, obediently

"Class settle do- whoa!" Nikaido tripped again. On nothing, but air.

Everyone went to their own seats that they want. Since it was homeroom they just sit around for 10 minutes, then go to first period. There were 5 rows with 5 seats per row. Utau sat in the second row with Kukai next to her. Nagi sat behind Utau and Rima sat next to him. Amu took a seat in the left in the last row. Since there were not a lot of people in this homeroom only the first 4 rows filled. Amu took out her Manga and began to catch up on what was happening with Fairy tail.

"Class, I have to go to the main office real quick. I'll be back soon." Mr. Nikaido said, leaving the classroom

She took out her MP3 player and played Mirai Nikki's first opening. It was a little scary, but good. She may not understand the Japanese woman singing, but it sounded good. Amu didn't notice the popular snob, making her way over to where she sat. Utau then picked up Amu's book making Amu jolt up from her seat.

"Hey-"Amu started, but then saw who took her book. She fell silent.

"What? Cat got your tongue? What's this. You're still into this thing called...aninimne?" The tall blonde asked

"It's called anime, and yes. Now if you don't mind..." Amu snatched her book back

"...I'll be taking this back." She finished with her precious book in her hands.

"What's this?" Rima took out Amu's ear plug from the MP3 player and the Japanese song began playing throughout the room.

"You listen to this type of music and you have no idea what it means. Loser." The petite blonde commented.

"Hey, give me my things back." Amu snatched all her things and put them in her bag.

"He's coming!" a student yelled who was by the door. He keeps watch for whenever the teacher comes back to the room. Everyone ran to their seats and sat down like nothing ever happened.

'Why do they always have to tease me about something I love?' Amu thought

The rest of the day went by fast. Everyone was just getting to know everyone and the teachers. Amu got teased most of the time during the day. At least she had an escape twice a day. Amu found two spots for herself during the school day. One was by this tree with a big shade from the sun. She could go there during Lunch. There was also a way onto the roof without getting caught. She could ride her board and do tricks up their, during her free period.

She didn't make any friend, 'cause she doesn't need any. She always talks to herself when something happens in an anime that blows your mind. Besides, she has to go home and order celestial keys. She saw they had them on sale online. She planned to go to E bay. You could buy props from the anime at really cheap prices online.

Amu went home quick on her board. This time she was in control and did a few tricks while leaving. When she got home she greeted her mother and told her all lies.

"Hi, dear. How was your first day of school?"

"Hi mama. It was awesome. I made lot's of friends and everyone's so nice to me."

"Oh that's good. Ok you go upstairs and wash up."

Amu went upstairs to her bedroom. She felt bad for lying to her mom. Then again, she can't tell them the truth. She doesn't want pity and they would make a big deal about it. That's something Amu doesn't want to do. Amu grabbed her laptop from her charger and plopped down on her bed. She went online to E bay and ordered. Her mom gave her a personal credit card for anything anime related. Amu bought they keys and the set should be at her house in 3-5 weeks.

Amu couldn't wait. She watched anime all day until dinner. When she finished eating she went upstairs to finish some homework. It's not really homework. It's just to fill out what clubs you want to do and other things. Once Amu finished, she read one book of Gauken Alice. Then she went to bed around 10:30, the earliest she has ever went to sleep.

Amu wanted to wake up early for school. Before she went to bed though she went to someplace online. She chatted with a total stranger. She's been using this thing for about a year now. That person online who she has never met before, is her only friend. Amu tells her everything about what happens at school. She tells the truth to this mystery person. By the sounds of it the mystery person is a girl.

Amu told this girl about her problem at school. Mystery girls said "I'm sure everything will be fine in the morning."

Amu wondered what she meant. Amu didn't think about it much and fell asleep.

Next Morning-

For once Amu woke up early. School starts at 8:15 and she woke up at 7:25. She looked very presentable today. Her school has no uniform. She wore a blue shirt and it was a little frilly at the bottom. There was a lace at the shoulders and a top layer of lace around the bottom part of the shirt. She put on a jeans skirt, that showed her skinny, creamy legs. She actually ate some breakfast.

Her mom asked her to go get the mail. Amu went outside and found a box. Nobody told her they were ordering something. Amu got the mail and set it inside. She came back outside and took the small box to her room. The box was sent for her, because it had her name. She opened it and there was a note with a necklace. The note was an explanation for what was going on.

"Dear Hinamori Amu,

You may be wondering what this is. I'll explain everything.

This necklace is special. It has a lock on the necklace.

You'll find out why there is no key to it later on.

First off, when you wear this, you must never take it off ever.

Never give it to anyone. Bad things will happen.

Don't think this is a prank, because it's not.

If you do take it off, don't say I didn't warn you.

This necklace holds a special gift with it.

That's all I'm allowed to say. I hope this helps

with your entire life.

Sincerely, Mystery friend.

'Who could of send that?' Amu thought To herself. Amu looked for the necklace and put it on. The lock was in the shape of a four leaf clover. Amu thought this might bring her some luck. Amu secured the necklace around her neck and rode to school on her board. Even in a skirt she's an awesome border. She watched this anime called Air gear. The people would have these roller skates and were in the air. Having a skate board is pretty close to that.

Nothing seemed to change in school that much. She still got teased about her abnormal hair color and her obsession to anime. Amu thought the necklace was just a piece of crap. It changed nothing. She still kept it on in case something might happen. After school she went home. Her parents had work so she had the entire house to herself for the day. She decided to go make a little anime cave on her bed and watch Tora Dora. She could also maybe watch some of Kuro shit suji. So much to do. Good thing she has no homework.

3 Hours later-

It was now 7:30. Amu was now on the episode where Taiga went to go check on Ami.

(Not Amu's sister. She's an only child. I'm talking about the Ami from Tora Dora)

Taiga came downstairs halfway where Ruuji was waiting at the bottom. She made a sound and put one hand in front of her breast and made a noise saying "Booh! And Booh!...and...booh- ahh!" Taiga was then put both her hands down where her privates where and made and explosion noise. Then Ami came down the stairs and threw a show at Taiga making her fall down the stairs.

As Taiga fell Amu heard a tapping noise from her balcony window. She paused the video as Taiga was falling down. She waited to hear something again. After 5 seconds there was another tapping. Amu slowly got out of her cave on the bed and slowly made her way to the balcony. When she got close enough she pulled the curtain open. She was sure someone would be there. She then went out side to see the city lights.

Then Amu turned around to go back inside. She froze at what she saw. There. Was. A. Man. In. Her. Bed.

She had no idea what to say so she fainted on the spot.


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