Big author note folks!

Yes I'm making my first What if Doctor who story. I mean hey if my best friend Lord Primeval can make on so can I. Ps. I DONT OWN DOCTOR WHO the BBC does!

But there are some rules to follow folks! As you know this story will involve the New Who companions start travailing with the Classic Doctors, so here is how it goes.

Oh but Ps. You guys get to vote on which new who companion gets to travel with one of the classic doctors.

Rule number 1. For the new who companions I'll have Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy pond and last but not least Clara Oswald. The reason why sometimes each new season of the New Doctor who involves the first appearance of those lovely women.

Rule number 2. The Classic Doctors will be 1-7. The reason why I'm not having the 8th Doctor in is because I'm not a hatter for the guy, it's just I don't know to much on his personality.

And Rule number 3….well ill think about that after the stories begin! (points on any Whovian that gets that reference!)

Now you can vote on my main page or you can say who you want to travel with who on the review. Hell you can pick even the monsters for them to fight.

The reason I said that is because who ever you guys pick for the companion to travel with will depend on who they will meet some might be the same while some may be different and any more question on this story PM me on it.

So for the voting we will start with the first companion to start the New Who Rose Tyler.

Voting ends at the end of each month, with ever Doctor gets the most votes will have that Companion travel with him.

So let the voting Start!