Elsa watched the sky through the window of her room in the castle in Arendelle. She was bored and lonely. But, after nearly killing Anna, Elsa had to stay in her room and learn to control her powers. She'd been in there for four years. Alone. Sometimes she just sat and cried because she was alone. Elsa sighed, fogging up the glass of the window. She began to draw shapes, with her gloved hands, in the fog created from her breath. As always, she was wearing a pair of gloves. That day, she had on a pair of her thinner cotton gloves. Her powers weren't acting up much at all that day, so she hadn't felt the need to put on a pair of her wool gloves just yet. She also didn't feel that she needed her kid gloves, or her leather gloves.

In her breath, Elsa was drawing a snowflake. She was twelve years old. Too old for her current activity, but it was something to do. When she finished, Elsa wiped away the art with the sleeve of her dark blue dress, got up from the window seat, and walked away from it. She came to a halt in front of her massive bookcase. She smiled faintly and selected her favorite books. It was a large volume of Greek myths. Next to it, and her second favorite, was a book of Roman myths. Elsa settled into her favorite chair and opened the book. She began to read and was soon engrossed in the world of Greek mythology.

The blonde girl didn't look up when her afternoon meal cart was brought in. She was used to it, and wasn't hungry, so she ignored it. Elsa was absorbed in the story of Persephone and how the goddess was kidnapped by Hades. She was thinking about how it would be a great treat for her if she were kidnapped by the god, because it would mean that she was finally out of her room for the first time in years, since she was locked in her room 24/7.

No, she finally looked up when a boy suddenly appeared in her room, muttering to himself. The boy had messy black hair, dark eyes, an olive skin tone, all black clothing, and a black sword hanging by his side. He was practically the physical opposite of ivory skinned, white blonde haired, ice blue eyed Elsa. He looked very strange to Elsa, who abruptly stood up and gasped when it occurred to her that this boy had just appeared out of nowhere.

When Elsa gasped, the boy looked up, around the room and groaned, but it turned into a yawn.

"Oh, not again." He moaned, like appearing in girls' bedrooms was a common occurrence. He was speaking English. "Sorry to have just appeared out of the blue like that. I uh…" He trailed off, and Elsa seized the opportunity to ask questions.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my room? How did you get in here? Why are you in here?" Elsa fired off, speaking English too, even though she wasn't as good with the language as she'd have liked to be. She stood up, forgetting that the Greek mythology book was still in her lap. It fell to the floor with a thud, since it was a large book. Both of them ignored it.

"I guess I have some explaining to do." The boy said with a sigh, running his fingers through his hair. He looked at the ground, but his face lit up when he saw the mythology book. "Okay, you've read the Greek myths, right?" Elsa nodded; her eyes wide with fear and surprise. She saw the sword at his side. She was inching towards the fireplace, where a fire burned in the hearth. Next to it was a wood box full of extra firewood. Next to the wood box was a rack with iron tools. A small shovel, a small broom, a pair of tongs, and a poker. These were for tending the fire and keeping the hearth neat. What Elsa was really after was the poker. Well, that was her first choice, but really; any of the tools would do to defend her in case the boy attacked her.

She had strategized what she would do if he did attack. Plan A was screaming for help. Plan B was fend him off with any of the tools by the fire. Plan C was run out of the room to hide, and Plan D was taking off the gloves and using her powers. That was the last on her list for a reason. She was afraid of her powers; afraid that she'd hurt someone again.

Elsa looked down at her gloved hands. They had a layer of frost over them. She gasped and stepped back; away from the boy, she didn't want to hurt him unless he tried to attack her first. Elsa examined how bad it was, silently praying that her powers wouldn't get much stronger or act up.

"…Well, they're real." The boy was saying. "The gods, monsters, demigods; all of it is real." He took notice of Elsa staring at her gloves as if she was terrified, which she was. "Hey, are you okay?" He asked, stepping forwards, but Elsa backed away.

"No! Stay away!" Elsa commanded. She didn't want to hurt anyone else with her powers. She didn't want to accidentally leave this boy, who had done nothing to her yet, on the ground, skin ice cold, with a lock of white hair that hadn't been there before. "Just… Stay away from me if you don't want to be hurt." Elsa turned away from him, holding her gloved hands to her chest, hoping that her powers would calm down.

Conceal it, don't feel it. Don't let it show.

"Explain yourself." Elsa said firmly. She had found that she could convince people to do what she wanted. She guessed that it was because she was a princess, and hoped that this boy would recognize that.

"Look, I'm really sorry about randomly appearing in your room with a sword." The boy said. Elsa took a deep breath, calming down. She turned back around, her hands clasped behind her back. "It was an accident. I swear; I'm not going to hurt you. I'm a demigod; son of Hades who got lost shadow traveling. My name is Nico di Angelo. I didn't mean to end up in your room. It was totally accidental." Elsa believed Nico. She took a deep breath to help her completely regain her composure.

"My name's Princess Elsa of Arendelle." Elsa replied, doing her best to control her powers. She took a good look at Nico, who was swaying. He yawned and looked like he was about to pass out. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm just tired. Shadow travel takes a lot out of me." He explained. "Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Princess Elsa." He bowed. Elsa felt weird being bowed to. She realized how little human contact she'd had. She realized that Nico would probably be the last person besides her parents and the servants she'd talk to for a long time.

"I suppose that if I weren't locked up in this room, I would not be so desperate for someone to talk to." Elsa sighed and walked over to the window, surveying the view outside. "The only company I really get is my servant Gerda coming in with food, to clean, and help me dress and bathe. My parents do come in from time to time. Other than that, I don't really have human contact. So, Nico di Angelo, would you join me for my afternoon meal?"

"I'd like that, Princess Elsa." Nico said, bowing again.

"Please; call me Elsa." The blonde girl said, making a face. "Only Gerda still calls me Princess, and I always have to remind her to just call me Elsa." She walked over to her chest of drawers and quickly changed her gloves to a thicker pair. She thanked her lucky stars that Nico didn't question her actions.

"Then, please; just call me Nico." The black haired boy said back, still smiling. "So, why are you locked in this room?" Elsa froze. She put a finger on her lips and motioned for Nico to wait a moment. Soon, the sound of someone running up to the door could be heard. A knock sounded on the door.

Elsa squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head furiously when Nico raised an eyebrow, curious. He hoped the door was locked. Elsa didn't look worried as much as she did upset, so he assumed that it was, indeed locked.

"Elsa, come on out of that room! Let's go play together!" A voice piped up in language Nico didn't understand. "You can't stay locked up in that room forever! Can we just build a snowman? I'm lonely out here. Please? Can we build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman." Elsa grimaced and then spoke.

"Go away Anna." Elsa said, her voice full of emotion, and in the same language as the girl on the other side of the door. Nico could see that saying this caused Elsa pain. Clearly, she hated saying this to whoever was on the other side of the door.

"Oh, okay." The voice on the other side of the door said, keeping to the language she had been speaking. "Bye Elsa." The blonde girl looked like she wanted to cry. The footsteps started again, and faded away. She looked down at the ground and sighed. A tear slipped down her cheek.

"Are…" Nico paused. "Elsa, are you okay?" She nodded and took a breath. Elsa turned back towards him, her face unreadable. She had wiped her tears away and regained her composure. She was calm again.

"Come," She gestured, speaking in English again. Nico followed Elsa to an ornately carved table with four matching chairs. Next to the table was a cart with good smells coming from it. Nico's stomach rumbled as he inhaled the fragrances coming from the cart. Elsa gestured for him to sit, so he did. The blonde girl placed a large teapot in the middle of the table. "Hot chocolate," She explained. "I can't stand coffee or tea." A ghost of a smile found its way onto her face.

"Me too," Nico agreed. Elsa placed a tray on the table with sandwiches on it. She then placed a bow of fruit next to the sandwiches. Elsa placed a teacup and saucer in front of Nico, and then one across from him. He raised an eyebrow.

"Gerda always puts an extra set on. Just in case." Elsa explained, not elaborating on why, as she placed a plate in front of each of them. She dealt out silverware and fabric napkins in silence.

"Why? The same reason you have to wear gloves and be isolated?" Nico asked. Elsa paused, closed her eyes, took a huge deep breath, and nodded grimly.

"I-I" Elsa stopped and took a deep breath. "I'm not ready to talk about that just yet." Nico nodded, respecting Elsa's wishes and privacy, she wasn't getting too nosy about him, and would most likely respect his privacy, so Nico was going to do the same for her.

The hot chocolate was delicious, especially with extra cream. The sandwiches were of a variety. Some had been toasted in the oven, some were cold, but all of them were scrumptious. Nico scarfed down about six or seven. The fruit was juicy and sweet. Nico had been starving since he had first started shadow traveling that day. He was tired from his accidental detour. He knew the he probably wouldn't be missed for a while, so he relaxed and chatted with Elsa. She liked to hear about his life as a demigod. Nico soon discovered that Elsa's life as a princess was composed of learning a lot of what she knew from books, gazing out at the kingdom from the window, and telling Anna no when she asked to play.

Elsa was entranced with Nico's stories about the upcoming Titan war, and the things he'd done. She served a tray of cookies, but there was a faraway look in her eyes, like she was imagining leaving her room for the first time in four years. She envisioned Camp Half-Blood while Nico described it. To Elsa, it sounded like heaven.

Nico was, in turn, interested in Arendelle, its history, and the fact that one day, Elsa would inherit the throne and rule the kingdom. But that could only happen once she became of age—21 years old. Nico was thirteen, and Elsa was twelve, so imagining being able to rule a kingdom in nine or eight years was huge. When Nico asked her how she felt about one day ruling Arendelle, Elsa didn't seem as enthusiastic as any other twelve year old girl might be.

"I'm actually glad that this is a long way off." Elsa had said, looking down at her lap. "I'm not even close to ready to rule Arendelle right now." Nico, to take Elsa's mind off of it (she seemed to be upset at the idea of her ruling the kingdom, and not her parents), told her more about Camp Half-Blood and the upcoming war. But not about Percy Jackson. Nico couldn't bear to mention him.

When the clock struck five (Nico had been there since about one), Elsa's eyes widened and she began to talk quickly. She knew Gerda was coming, and she couldn't afford to let her see Nico. She might never see him again, if Gerda saw Nico.

"It was lovely to get to meet you." Elsa said. "I did enjoy talking to you, Nico. Will you come back again soon?" She looked desperate. Elsa'd had very limited contact. She would have something to look forward to if Nico were to visit again. She would have more reason to work at controlling her powers. Nico gazed at the blonde girl's face; it was full of hope.

"Yes," Nico decided. "I like talking to you, Elsa. I'll try to come back within a few days, and if I can't I'll be here later on this week." Elsa's face lit up and, she smiled. Nico smiled too. He would have something to look forward to, too. They were both isolated children who had been made old before their time, and had lost contact with the one person who understood and accepted them for who they were.

"I think you should use this room for coming and going." Elsa said as she led Nico into a room of things she had outgrown. In the room were dolls, clothes, books, shoes, and an awful lot of gloves. It was dark in there, but Nico had already explained that he didn't mind the dark. In fact, he liked it. "I only use it for storage of things I have outgrown. My parents aren't an issue, and Gerda never goes in here. It's a small tradition I started, since I have nothing better to do." She shrugged. "Whenever I outgrow something, and it's still in good condition, I put it in here. As you can see, I don't have much else to do. This is perfect, since I insist upon cleaning this room." Elsa prattled on. "What do you think, Nico?" The black haired boy smiled and nodded, still looking around.

"You're right Elsa; it is perfect." Nico faced his new friend. "Goodbye. I promise that I will see you again soon." Elsa waved as Nico shut the door. She walked back to her seat by the window and picked up her abandoned book of mythology. She put it back on the shelf and selected a book of foreign languages. One thing was for sure; Elsa didn't need the myths anymore. She didn't need to escape from her life anymore. She needed to study up to become a queen.