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Now, as for how the jewelry caused Elsa to be able to break free... I forget exactly what was going through my mind at the time, because I wrote it several weeks ago. But here's my current interpretation. So, it might have seemed like Elsa was holding onto love while she was trapped, right? Well, she was, but she wasn't holding onto the trues, purest, most unconditional love that she had the capacity to feel: her platonic love for Nico. That was too painful for her. In my mind, true love means loving them despite all of the pain, heartbreak, and sadness that you can feel because of them. You will go through all of their pain with them because you love them. You'll go pretty much anywhere or do almost anything for them (even though you might have a few limits). Now, Elsa was holding onto the least painful love. Her love for Anna and Bianca. She couldn't love Bianca because she didn't meet Bianca until after her heart was frozen. She cared about Bianca, she just couldn't love her. She physically could not. Now, with Anna, Elsa was going for the easy love. The love where it would cause her the least amount of pain. Yes, it did cause her pain to leave Anna to keep her safe. That was true love. But this love wasn't strong enough to set Elsa free. The ring, when she put it on, unconsciously reignited the true love she felt for Nico, which was the strongest. Remember; the love Nico felt for Elsa was able to thaw her frozen head. The ring, which was from this time, reminded her how much he loved her. This love was strong enough to overpower the fear that Khione imposes on Elsa, and it broke the hold Khione has on her. The crown unconsciously reminded Elsa of when Nico literally climbed a mountain just to get her and comfort her, and of what she gave up in order to be with him, which she did not regret. The necklace unconsciously reminded her of how she began to love him (platonically); when she was trapped in her room. Two people who were isolated from everyone else came together and found platonic love with each other. Elsa decided to take the pain with the love, and this is what broke Khione's hold. The fact that she was no longer pushing away the most important love that she could feel. I hope this explains stuff better... If not, feel free to PM me with your questions.

Elsa knew that the stakes were high in this battle. It would almost certainly be the last one between her and Khione. It had to be a fight to the death between the two of them. Elsa just couldn't go on like this; constantly worrying about whether or not Khione would find her. Wondering if she was finally safe… Living in constant fear…

This would be make it or break it. All or nothing. Winner takes it all. Life or death.

She'd known this when she chose to fight her mother for the last time.

The battle could only go two ways… Either Khione won, and Elsa was killed, or Elsa would win, and Khione would be the one to be killed.

Frankly, Elsa admitted to herself that she was scared. Who wouldn't be? Only a fool wouldn't be scared of what she was about to do. Elsa knew that courage wasn't not being afraid; it was facing your fears. And this was what she was doing. Facing Khione. This was inevitable, as she'd figured out. Elsa had just decided to do this sooner rather than later. Get it out of the way. She'd save herself worry over when this would happen.

Going into this, she was aware of everything. She knew that she could die doing this. Or she could live. But still. Elsa chose this road. The road with the fork in it. The two paths. Her destiny was no longer in her hands. It rested with the Fates. It was up to them now which path she'd travel down. She only hoped that things would turn out right.

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