Yuri went to his room at the space center, he usually slept here at night. Opening the door, he noticed a package at the side of his bed. Walking over to it, he noticed a note on it. He didn't even need to read the signature to know who it was from; he knew that sloppy hand writing of Clay's from anywhere. Screwing up his E's with his A's and not even bothering to erase it...

Yuri sat on the matress and looked at the message

Happy Birthday! E-Eh why does the table want to? YOUR NOT FUNNY TABLE _

Bought you this sexe Lava Lamp! Can't say that Solomon was anything like that bbbb!

Anyways! To Operate: Glare at the Batteries! Then Laugh alone at yourself AND FINALLY! Grin magically at your ear!

Well? You thinking what Immm thinking?

DrOp the note!

Yuri set the note down and got on the floor to read it

Just kidding Haha! Good one Solomon! Got me good too though~ xd


Clay Terrrrrrrren

Yuri glared at the note, before setting it aside and getting up and unwrapping the Lava Lamp. Thanks, Clay. He plugged it into the electrical socket and Waited For The Lava To Heat Up. He turned off the lights it was a Hilarious shade of blue. Well more or less Cyan ish.

Once the Lava was heated up, Yuri Went to bed but! He watched the sexe Lava Lamp. Clay was right.? It was a really pretty lamp he wanted to kiss it uhh. Well I guess he could do it but who am I to kiss a meme sweet dreams are made of b.

Yuri pulled the lamp LCOSE? CLOSe yeah Close really close okay LRAIRGHT.

HE wait lol I thought my lightbulb was the moon for a second neevr ! Never mind that was a good one, lgithblulb. ANWYAYS

Yuri looked at the lamp lovingly and pressed his lips against the Lava Lamp and he felt desire want. WNATR!Hee kissed the lava lamp again and relazied he was in love with the lava lamp and went to sleep the end good one this is the greatest fanfic lol