Dark Forest Code

1) Leaders and deputies have 9 lives and Dark at the start of their names. They need to go to the Bloodpool(filled with thier enemy's blood) to get their lives.

2) kits must be apprenticed at 4 moons.

3) All trespassers must become prisoners.

4) Apprentices must kill at least one prisoner to become a warrior. Senior warriors must have killed 4.

5) elders must be executed in the Bloodpool.

6) queens must leave their kits when the kits are 2 moons old.

7) deputies look after different quarters of the lake. Leader lives on the island

8) only Senior Warriors can mentor apprentices

9) if you break any of these rules you will get severally punished.



Leader: Darkflight- massive tabby tom. Descendant and copy of Tigerstar

Section 1

deputy: Darkwing- Blue tom

Senior warriors:

Nightflight -black shecat

Creampelt - cream shecat


Spotted flower dappled shecat

Skypool white tom

section 2

Deputy: Darkpelt - cream tom

Senior warriors:

Weedshine brown and black tom

Mistyleap grey shecat


Birdpelt- brown shecat

Section 3

Deputy: Darkclaw- brown tom with very sharp claws

Senior warriors:

Splashtail- white shecat

Lizardpelt brown tom(Bluepaw)

Shadowfall dark grey tom

Aspentail brown shecat (Firpaw)

Bouldernose grey tom(Redpaw)

Grasspelt brown shecat

Whitewhisker black tom with white whiskers(Spottedpaw)


Mintflower light grey shecat

Waterfur sleek black tom

Applenose red shecat

Snowflight white shecat

Cloudpelt cloudy white tom

Stripefur black tom with grey stripes

Raintail blue grey tom


Bluepaw blue tom

Redpaw red shecat

Spottedpaw dappled tom

Firpaw brown tom

Queens & Kits

Flowernose black she cat with a cream face (Moonkit, Stormkit and Cherrykit)


Leaf brown tom former loner

Bess calico shecat former kittypet

Bright golden tom former kittypet

Dawn dawn coloured shecat former rogue

Winter grey tom former loner

Lime light brown tom former kittypet

Marigold golden tom former loner

Fern grey shecat former kittypet

Maple red shecat former loner

Section 4

Deputy: Darkflame brown shecat

Senior warriors:

Bluepelt-blue tom

Greywing- grey tom


Skycloud- white shecat

I will add more cats in if i need them.


Firestar lay on the blood stained grass of starclan, his breath coming out in ragged gasps. Tigerstar stood over him, victorious at last. As Firestar's afterlife ebbed away, he managed to splutter out,

'Tigers will rein, and cats will fall, but not all hope is quenched, life will be saved by the Storm of rebellion.'

He closed his eyes and let out his final breath.

Starclan left, far away, but still taking in dead prisoners and dead good cats. Tiger clan thrived, with each leader as blood thirsty as the last. Yet they, being the most powerful in the forest, stopped believing in the Dark Forest, so they would stay dead.

Tigerstar, and all the leaders were haunted by this, but not worrying about the prophecy Firestar had uttered in his last moments because they knew they were the strongest force in all of the world.

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