A/N: Not quite the update I wanted, but I was suddenly struck with several ideas that I needed to put down in writing.

Therefore, here's a totes skippable Pyrrha-centric omake.

Omake: Iron Maiden

"So," Pyrrha glanced at the heiress, "You are saying that those Knights are completely mechanical? And that those Paladins have an ejection mechanism for its pilot?"

"Yes." Weiss grimly answered. "There has to be nearly five hundred of those marching towards us!"

"Is that so?" Pyrrha offhandedly remarked. The red-head's attention was more focused on the approaching army the White Fang and Roman Torchwick commandeered and unleashed. Pyrrha picked up her shield and spear. "If you will excuse me."

"Wh-where are you going!" Weiss yelled. "Don't tell me you plan to confront them alone! We have to wait for instructions from Professor Ozpin!"

Pyrrha turned to her and tilted her head innocently. "Oh, I'm just going out for a stroll." She glanced around and nodded her head to the approaching knight. "And if anybody wishes to join me, they may do so."

"A what?" Weiss spluttered.

A firm hand settled on her shoulder and drew her gaze. To her surprise, she was met with a calm Jaune.

"Weiss," He began, grinning at her reassuringly. "Just watch."

"Watch? Watch what? A massacre?"


Weiss' eyes suddenly narrowed when she saw where she was heading. "Wait, that's not the door!"

Pyrrha leapt over the tower's balcony.

"PYRRHA!" Weiss screamed and ran towards the balcony.

"Oh, relax." Jaune waved off her worries as he casually approached the panicking Schnee. "You don't give her enough credit. Look."

Weiss' gaze followed Jaune's finger—

-and Weiss' jaw actually dropped.

"Is she—flying?"

"It's her semblance."

"Her semblance is magnetism."

"And she's wearing metal armor…"

Weiss forewent arguing with Jaune in favor of the more flabbergasting concern.


Jaune discreetly took a photo of the dumbfounded heiress with his scroll.

"Oh, oh!" An excited voice roused Weiss from her stupor. Nora jumped atop the railings and squinted to get a clearer picture of the battlefield, her massive hammer slung around her shoulder. "Jauney, Jauney, look! It's a war! A WAR!"

"Yes, it is a war."

"Can I join too?" Nora grinned widely.

The only thing that kept Weiss from fainting at Nora's eagerness was her outrage. "You want to join that?"

"We're just waiting for Pyrrha." Lie Ren supplied, and only then did Weiss realize that Team JNPR had gathered, armed and ready.

Even Jaune.

"Shouldn't you all wait for the headmaster's instructions?"

"We can contain this." Jaune assured her. "Well, Pyrrha can. We're just here to assist. Besides, it's not every day Pyrrha can cut loose. She just wants to have a little fun."

Invincible as Pyrrha was, her weakness was anything blood, flesh, and bone. It wasn't as if Pyrrha had the skill to extract biological metals from living beings… yet.

"You call that fun?" Weiss asked him incredulously.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" Nora was rocking on her soles in anticipation. "Hurry up, magical girl!"

"Magical girl?" Weiss parroted, once more thrown out of the loop. Seriously, had Team JNPR always been this incomprehensible?

Pyrrha stopped before the army.

Weiss squinted; why was Pyrrha raising her—DEAR LORD!

"Yaaaaay!" Nora squealed and leapt off the balcony.

"Let's go!" Jaune nodded at Ren and both boys followed suit.

Pyrrha ripped off the thrusters from the Paladins and sent them racing towards her team, equipping them in mid-air.

"…flying…" Weiss could not believe her eyes.

Team JNPR was airborne!

Unfortunately for her struggling mind, the surprises didn't stop there.

Chunks of the Knights were torn off by the mistress of magnetism, the metal appearing to turn into liquid as Pyrrha freely molded it into whatever she wished—like a set of flexibly and durable armor, which attached itself on her and her team's bodies.

"Weiss?" Ruby called as she approached her partner curiously. "What are you—oh my gosh, it's a robot army!"

"Ruby," Weiss cringed. "Please try to contain your excitement."

"I need!" Ruby hyperventilated. "I need that so much!"

"Ruby," Weiss tried again, this time more firmly. "Focus. That robot army's coming to attack us."

"It's like attack on clones!" Ruby squealed before blinking as Weiss' words finally sunk in. "Wait, what?"

Weiss inhaled deeply. "I told you that Roman Torchwick hacked into the Schnee Dust Company servers and it seems that he used the data to hijack the Knights and Paladins and now he's using them to storm Beacon Academy."

Ruby blinked again. "Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?"

"Ugh," Weiss shook her head. "Futility…"

"Oh, look!" Ruby gasped and pointed at where a certain team of armored individuals were fighting. "It's the metal rangers!…wait, isn't that?"

"Yes. It's Jaune and his team."

"Oh, cool! I didn't know they could do that!"

"It's all Pyrrha."

"I didn't know Pyrrha could do that."

"You know what? Neither did I."

Weiss deflated. Thinking about the situation… was not at all good for her blood pressure.

The Schnee heiress resolved to… enjoy the spectacle alongside her excitable team leader.

"Oh look! Phalanx!"

"Yes. It seems Jaune and Pyrrha are the vanguard."

Watching those two work as one made her envious. It was as if they were dancing; their movements fluid as they swiftly advanced. Their shields defended each other; their blades fought for each other.

Pyrrha's sword cut through a Knight's torso, and Jaune swiftly raise his shield to deflect a Paladin's missile. Jaune threw his sword straight through the barrel of the Paladin's mounted canon, and Pyrrha leapt over Jaune to run her spear through an upcoming Knight's head.

The Paladin's arm exploded, toppling the metallic hulk to the side. Pyrrha withdrew Jaune's sword and sent it flying to Jaune, who caught the blade just as he bashed his shield into a Knight that attempted to take advantage of the preoccupied redhead.

All this happened as the two instinctively dodged Nora's support fire. Ren, it seemed, was focused on protecting Nora.

Weiss was impressed.

It was as if Jaune and Pyrrha had known each other for their entire lives.

"Oh, look, Weiss!" Ruby suddenly called. "Pyrrha's dual-wielding!"

Indeed, in the thickest part of battle Jaune and Pyrrha found themselves in, the redhead's shield transformed into a sword. With sword on her left and spear on her right, Pyrrha's onslaught doubled and she and Jaune tore through the metal army as if they were paper.

Once more, Weiss was struck by how finely Pyrrha had mastered her semblance; she was literally bending the metal to her whims.

And, it seemed, Pyrrha's current whim was to massacre.

"The Invincible Girl, indeed." Weiss murmured in quiet awe.

It was at that point when Nora became fed up playing support.

The Valkyrie descended upon the battlefield.

Weiss concluded that, if Pyrrha was a blade dancer, Nora was a god of war.

"Ruby," Weiss whispered, unable to tear her eyes away from the massacre—nor was she able to un-hear the thoroughly unsettling sound of Nora's mad cackling that somehow reached them. "Do you… want to be held?"

Ruby slowly nodded her head. "Yes please."

Nora batted a Paladin at least fifty meters through the air.

Weiss did.

They both shivered.

A/N: I kinda hope Monty and the RWBY team will showcase the full extent of Pyrrha's powers. What can or, more importantly, can't she do? I mean, we've got Ruby creating a vacuum with hardly any distance and Yang seemingly pulling a Hulk-Sebastian Shaw lovechild, so here's hoping Pyrrha's ability is taken to the extreme.

From flying, to magical girl/Iron Man-style transformation, to friggin' metal-bending (however hard that will be to animate), Pyrrha's potentially the most OP character of RWBY, particularly if you don't set her any limits. I mean, imagine her pulling in a meteor 0_0

Admittedly, Pyrrha could have ended this fight by herself, but where's the fun in just crushing things? D:

The Phalanx of Two idea hit me while watching 300: Rise of an Empire. Other (obvious) inspirations for this piece were AtLA/LoK and Magneto himself.

And speaking of Korra… wowzers. Just, wow, that Season 3 finale. Granted, Zaheer had the philosophical depth of a petri dish, but dayum, Korra, ouch!

Just a quick note regarding this omake: it's an omake.

Also, yeah, Jaune's completely OOC and I kinda feel bad for shoe-horning Weiss into the voice of (drowning) reason XD

Random pet peeve: I really dislike how Pyrrha is called "Spartan" considering, well, "Sparta" does not exist in the RWBY world (as far as I'm aware of). Unfortunately, this leads me to a lexicon quagmire... what other word can be used that refers to her? Apart from "that red-haired she-devil with a sword" of course.

Hrmm... Red Sonja/Pyrrha fusion...

Pyrrha, bikini scale-mail...

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