Authors Note: Hello Everyone. This will be my first Fan Fiction so feel free to point out any stupid and newbie mistakes that I will make throughout the story. Anyway, time for a brief synopsis: 1 year has passed since the destruction of both Cell and Pharaoh 90. The Sailor Soldiers and the Z Fighters decide to lie down for the time being but get suspicious when abnormal activities start occurring. This is also a Gohan and Chibiusa pairing so they will be the main protagonists of the series. I think it's pretty obvious but just to be on the safe side:

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z. Sailor Moon is owned by Naoko Takeuchi and Dragon Ball Z is owned by Akira Toriyama.

Chapter 1 ~ Connect

The autumn night was thin and crisp. The wind coming off of the mountains blew the orange tainted leafs across the dark clouds in the sky. There in the Juuban District laid the Tsukino's. Within the household on the upper floor, a young girl with pink hair was sound asleep under the covers. A sudden ray of light came in through the window, shining of the young maidens face. She slowing opened her puffy crimson red eyes as she sat up and started rubbing them. She took a deep yawn and glanced towards the window. The sky was immensely bright for it being night time.

"What a strange moon." She murmured.

The full moon seemed unusually big and yellow. The pink haired girl quickly got out of her bed and subconsciously started making her way down stairs. Still in her teal pajamas, she turned the knob on the front door and pushed in forward. Something or someone was calling her. She ran down the empty city roads with her bare feet touching the cold cement every step of the way. Her presence was needed. Before she knew it, she came across a forest. The young girl didn't even remember waltzing into as she made her way through the bushes and trees that surrounded her.

'What is this, woods? I don't remember this being around here." Rambling as she wondered aimlessly in the mysterious forest.

A drop of water was heard. The girl quickly turned to the direction where she heard the sound from. Her scarlet eyes lit up. There in the clearing stood a young boy who seemed about a year older than the girl. His hair was very unusual. It was blonde and it stuck out in all directions. He had a long white cape that almost touched ground. His back was turned so she couldn't get a good look at him. She suddenly felt a strong urge to approach him. To see his face. To hear his voice. She felt her cheeks getting warm as she slowing made her way towards the young man. She reached out her arm out an attempt to call out to him. A bright light suddenly engulfed the maiden. Her teal pajamas were replaced by glistening white dress. A mark that resembles a crescent moon appeared on her forehead. The boy finally sensed her presence as he looked over his shoulder glanced at her. Her eyes widened and her cheeks turned the color of red. She caught a small glimpse of his small emerald colored eyes. She stared at him in a daze as the moon shined downed onto the forest. The girl blinked, bringing herself out of her daydream. She rubbed her crimson eyes then attempted to speak to him. But he was gone. Confused, the girl in white started looking around to get a clue of where he had gone off to. She suddenly felt scared. All alone in a forest where no one would hear her if something were to happen at the moment.

"Who was that boy? Was he the one who called me here?" Questioned the pink haired girl.

"Hey!" A voice from behind called out from behind. Her head turned slowing in the direction the voice came from.

"Wake up!" A blonde haired woman stood front of her. "Hey! It's time to get up!"

"Huh?" The little one sat up confused to where she was at. She was back in her bedroom, wearing the same pajamas when she left. "It was just a dream…?" Chibiusa mumbled rubbing her watery eyes.

The 16-year old blonde haired girl named Usagi, kneeled down next to the bed with an impatient look on her face. "Chibiusa! Hurry up and get dressed! Everyone else is waiting at the park."

Usagi quickly grabbed Chibiusa's hand and helped her out of bed. After brushing her teeth and fixing her mangled poofy hair, Chibiusa threw on a blue plaid dress with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. There at the front door stood the blonde pigtailed Usagi, who was dressed in a white long sleeve shirt and jean shorts, still looking a bit impatient as she waited for the 10-year old.

"We're leaving now!" The two girls called out letting the rest of the family know that they were taking off.

"Be safe!" Ikuko Mama poked her head out of the kitchen and waved to them as the two girls opened the door and ran out into the early morning breeze.

Sitting on a boulder and gazing down upon the city, Son Gohan scouted the districts for any unusual activity going on from peak of Mount Paozu. Something was out there. Very abnormal earthquakes have occurred recently. They happened three to five times almost every day for the month. Gohan felt the enormous amount of power every time there was tremor. It wasn't just the city or even the mountain shaking. But it was the entire Earth. Gohan suddenly felt uneasy just thinking about. This power is much more powerful and sinister than Cell and far beyond his own capabilities. Abruptly, the tall green Namekian Piccolo appeared out of nowhere right by Gohan's side. The Half-Saiyajin boy got up onto his feet and looked at his friend and former master with a worried expression on his face.

"Are you alright?" Piccolo asked his former student. Normally, he wouldn't show any type of concern for Gohan's behavior. But he could sense the look of fear in his eyes.

"I'm fine." Gohan's tone contradicted what he said otherwise. He then turned his attention back to the city. "What do you think is going to happen? Are we strong enough?"

"I don't know." Piccolo admitted gravely. "But we can't let it have its way when it decides to show itself can we? Make sure you're prepared when the time comes. You've grown soft over the last year."

Gohan nodded at his master. His studies had begun to take priority over his training, now that his father's presence was no longer here within the last year. He should have expected that, as the strongest fighter in the universe, he was certain to draw attention. But his mother was definitely going to rip him to shreds if he missed out on his studies too much. He felt himself smile at the thought of his mothers' reaction to him beginning his training again.

Though if he could, he'd prefer to avoid fighting altogether. But it couldn't be helped.

"Should we train at the lookout or here?" Gohan asked, curiously looking at his master, who sneered down at the powerful Saiyajin.

"Oh, were you under the impression that you'd be training with me?" Piccolo asked and Gohan laughed, smiling innocently and brightly like his father.

"I could train with Vegeta, but he'd probably try to kill me. At least if you happened to kill me I know it's an accident." Gohan laughed lightly and Piccolo chuckled as his friends comment. The thought of extremely injuring him, let alone killing him, is laughably impossible for the Namekian warrior.

"I'll be at the lookout whenever you're ready. But you should probably let your mother know first." Smirked the Namekian and Gohan smiled, laughing nervously.

"Oh yeah, I was meant to be gathering wood!" Gohan snickered, smacking his own forehead with his tongue sticking out in an idiotic like manner. He began to lightly float into the air, looking down to his friend. "See you later Piccolo!" He called and flew off towards the sky. His bright smile was suddenly replaced with a forlorn look as the thought of the abnormal earthquakes filled his mind. Gohan stopped in midair, looked up at clouds and sighed. "I really wish you were still here Dad…"

Son Goku removed his hand from King Kai's back and smiled to himself, releasing a small sigh.

"He still misses you very much Goku." stated the old King, looking at the dark haired man. "And it's clear how much you miss them. Are you sure you didn't want to have a word with him?"

"It's better this way." responded Goku, looking into the glowing sky of Other World. "How else is Gohan going to manage with me being dead if I were communicate with him, I just like to check in and see how he and the others are doing."

King Kai nodded as he watched his young apprentice

Goku suddenly became very serious and looked at his master, who seemed to be thrown off at the sudden change of attitude. "But that new ki we sensed is something I'm worried about. It's a lot stronger than Cell, and was enough to shake the entire planet. The King nodded at Goku, frowning before he spoke. "Yes, I definitely felt that too. But there's nothing we can do from here Goku."

Goku folded his arms and scowled, stumped by their situation. He couldn't stand to do nothing when he knew that there was new threat approaching the Earth. But, he had to put his faith into his son who would now be able to handle it with the other Z fighters Yet, Goku still wanted to help Gohan. But all he could do now is to just sit and watch for what will happen to Earth.

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