Harry Potter The Avenging Iron Wizard

By Kevin1984

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, or Marvel. All characters in this story belong to either J.K Rowling, or Stan Lee.

New York City Stark Enterprise

A Green eyes and messy black hair boy sat down at the table looking through the local paper the Daily Bugle. It seems Spider-man was spread out across the whole page once more. This time he had foiled a bank robbery and the picture showed him webbing up the two criminal with the headline "Webbed Menace Strikes Again" The boy threw down the paper, he couldn't believe what the editor of the Bugle was printing. Spider-man was a super hero not a menace, not mention a close friend. Peter Parker had helped him out a lot when in school, not to mention they also teamed up together sometimes on mission. The boy father was also a super hero and was known as Iron Man. He was also head of group of heroes that called themselves the Avengers. The boy noticed the lift door opened and a well dressed woman with flowing red hair, in a pink suit walked out and smiled.

"Morning Harry, is your dad ready yet?" Harry smiled back at the woman. This was Pepper Potts, his adoptive father PA and good friend. Harry stood from the table and placed his dishes on the side of the work top.

"Would you like me to take care of those for you Master Stark?"

Harry smirked. "If you would please Jarvis, that would be much appreciated." Harry laughed as he heard the computer reply.

"No problem sir, I am sure the short walk to the dishwasher was too much work for a boy of your reputation." Harry turned to Pepper.

"Morning Pepper, I assume he is in his lab banging out the dents in his armour. Apparently Loki tried to cause trouble again, and dad, decided to call in the other Avengers to deal with it."

Pepper tapped her foot on the floor, arms crossed. "By calling in the rest of the Avengers you mean yourself yes." Pepper noticed the boy just winked and walked away. Honestly the boy was too much like his adoptive father, everything was game to him, not mention his body was well developed for an eleven year old. Harry could also turn the charm on to woo the ladies just like his dad.

Pepper shook her head. She honestly had no clue what she was going do to with Tony. The man had a company to run not to mention other business and he was more concerned with flying around as his ultra ego Iron man. When Pepper and Tony had visited England on one of his business trips, they had found Harry in a Orphanage and discovered the manager didn't treat him very well. Tony felt sorry for Harry and had decided to adopt him, she assumed his life as a crime fighter would have taken a back seat. The whole point of him adopting Harry was so that he could learn some responsibility, however Tony seemed to have taken the opportunity to drag young Harry along with him. Harry himself had a unique set of armour and both father and son could be found flying around the city together just having a laugh and keeping New York safe. Pepper though New York had enough Super Heroes in this city, not to mention S.H.I.E.L.D. However Tony had taken it upon himself to create his own Team of Super Heroes. These included himself, Harry, Thor, Hawk eyes and the Hulk and Black Widow. They were called the Avengers. Of course there were other super heroes that were part of the organisation, but those seven made up the main core of the Avengers. Pepper noticed one of the doors opened and Tony staggered out, trying to fix his tie. Pepper shook her head.

"Come here. For goodness sake Tony. You have meeting at 9am. Harry mentioned that you were out crime fighting last night. You do know you are owner of a company, not to mention other business. I thought when you adopted Harry all this crime fighting would have stopped, and instead you decide to drag him along for the ride. You two are both as bad as each other."

Tony looked over to his adoptive son and winked. He noticed Harry was hiding a smirk as he continued to get ready for the day. it had been eight years since he had adopted Harry. Tony thought back to the first time he had laid eyes on the young boy, he was only three at the time.

St Austin orphanage, Little whining Surrey

Tony and Pepper smiled at the various press as they all gather around him. He had recently opened up one of his research labs in this little town and now was having a small tour of it. This included a trip to the Orphanage, he and Pepper now stood outside of. The manager of the facility had been very kind and had given them a grand tour of the building. it was during this tour that his eyes had witness something. In one of the room a boy was sat on his bed. He couldn't have been more than three years old. The boy had messy black hair and green eyes. He also had a strange scar on his forehead to the right. it was in the shape of lightning bolt. However it was what the child was doing that interested Tony. The boy was sat on his bed and the a chair was being levitated in front of him. Now Tony wasn't unfamiliar with such things. After all he knew of several who could do the same thing. They attended a special school in New York ran by Professor Xavier, who took in children with strange gifts and taught them how to use these gift. These children were known as mutants, and Tony was certain that this boy could be one of them.

"Excuse me Mr Thomas, but why is this boy locked in his room?" Tony had attempted to open the door and found it locked which he found most strange. However taken a closer look at the room, he could already see that the boy was clearly not looked after. He was very thin and his bedding was a mess. Not to mention there was not one thing other then the bed and the chair in the room. All the other children he had seen, had all sorts of stuff in their rooms, posters, toys, some even had computer games, however this boy had none of that. Tony glared at the manager, waiting for an answer.

Mr Thomas growled. He was hoping that Mr Stark had not noticed that room. Inside was a boy called Harry Potter, a compete trouble maker and some type of freak. He was kept isolated for this exact reason.

"Forgive me Mr Stark his name his Harry Potter. He arrived on our doorstep two years ago. Since he has been here, he has been nothing but trouble. He tends to stay in his room with the door locked. He doesn't get on with the other children and ends up hurting them. So we decided to keep him separate from the others, to avoid any problems."

Tony narrowed his eyes. "More like you are scared of his unique ability and decided to isolate him because of it. He is also looking under-fed and from the state of his room, there is clear signs of neglect."

Mr Thomas paled , obviously Mr Stark had not bought his lie, and now knew of the real treatment of the boy.

"Does he have any family? I have noticed the other children rooms are filled with all sort of stuff, yet Harry's room is rather empty. except for the bed and chair in there. You know there is another reason why I came here. I was planning to adopt on of these children, and I think I have made my choice. I would like to adopt Harry Potter."

Mr Thomas paled. Surely Mr stark wasn't being serious, there was a lot of other children deserving of a good home. This boy certainly wasn't one of them.

"Mr Stark surely one of the other children would be more appropriate. Mr Potter here is known to be a trouble make and would cause you no end of problems. Are you certain that you wish to adopt him?"

Tony looked into the room once more. He didn't know what it was, but he was being drawn to the boy. Maybe when they got back to New York, he would take Harry to see professor Xavier and see if he was mutant. Tony turned back to the manager.

"I will be back in tomorrow. I want Harry ready, along with the relevant paperwork. I will be taking him home with me tomorrow afternoon. If you try to block this, then i will take what I have found to the local council. it is clear that the boy has been neglected in your care, just because he had a unique gift. Tomorrow Mr Thomas no later."

Tony and Pepper then had stormed out of the Orphanage. He had several call to make, to his lawyer and he needed to get Harry sorted with a passport and other things the child might need. This included a whole new wardrobe and other essential that it was clear the child had not had.

Present day

That had been eight years ago, it had turned out that Harry wasn't a mutant, but in fact a wizard. From the research Tony had done on his adoptive son. he was quite famous for stopping some sort of mad man. unfortunately it seems Harry's parents had died, and originally he was suppose to go to his aunts. However it had been her and the husband who had abandoned young Harry and left him on the Orphanage door step. he had found all this out from the letter that had been left in the basket with Harry when he was baby. Tony remembered his first ran in with the so called Albus Dumbledore.

American Ministry of Magic

Tony stark sat next to his five year old son. Sat opposite him were too old looking men. Both were dressed in outdated robes and both had long beards. One was called Albus Dumbledore, the other was called Wilson Kennedy. Albus Dumbledore it seems had been the one who left Harry with his relative in the first place, and now the old fool wanted Harry to return to the United Kingdom with him, as he felt he didn't belong here in the states. The other man was the Minister for the American Ministry, and the fact that the boy was now a US citizen meant the American Ministry had to be involved.

"Mr Stark I assure you I have young Mr Potter best interest at heart. I have only been made aware that young Harry here was placed in a muggle Orphanage, and I assure you had I known sooner, then Young Mr potter would have been removed from there immediately."

Tony frowned at the old man. Why had it taken him two years to discover what had happened to Harry, and why had he just left the boy on the doorstep of his relatives. Common sense would tell you that you would talk to the relatives first, not leave some bloody note.

"Mr Dumbledore. I find it hard to believe that it has taken you several years to find out where Harry was. As you should know. I legally adopted Harry and he is now my son and future heir to Stark Enterprises. he is also a American Citizen. Besides after how I found him, I would never place him in someone else care. Especially some old wizard who left him and abandoned him in the first place. Harry is having private tuition from the American Ministry to help him with his gift. I understand this contract with your school, being how I don't want my son to lose his gift. But that is nearly six years away. I feel Harry will be better staying here in the United States with me, until his eleventh Birthday. I will then allow him to attend your school, only with certain conditions involved I might add. You say that this Voldemort is dead and that Harry killed him when he was child, you mention that he could still be in danger, yet the Ministry has informed me here that no such danger exist in this country. If I was to send Harry back with you, then I would only be putting his life at risk, which is something I promise the courts I wouldn't do when I adopted him. Mr Wilson I believe we are finished here."

"Mr Stark i must protest. Harry would be safer in my care then in yours. After all you are just a muggle and you can't protect him from those who would wish to harm him."

Tony stood up, he then pressed a button on his chest and suddenly red and gold armour began to cover his entire body, until only two white slits for eyes could be seen. "I assure you Mr Dumbledore Harry is more than safe in my hand. besides you may be wizards but I am certain by the way you are dressed that you have no idea what technology is." Tony sent a small repulser blast at the far wall to prove his point.

Albus sat stunned, he had thought that he would be dealing with some normal muggle, however it was clear that Mr Stark was far from that conclusion. The very sight of the armoured man had Albus gripping his wand for dear life, just in case this metal monster decided to attack. Albus noticed his American counterpart giggle.

"As you can see Dumbledore. Mr Stark is far from a normal muggle. In fact he is a super heroes and a defender of this proud country. Mr Stark knows of young Mr Potter talent and is working alongside us to make sure that he will be prepared to enter the magical world when he turns eleven. The British Ministry is so behind with times, that you don't even train your young wizards when they are children. However here we have establishment littered across all major cities that cater for our young wizards and witches needs. They are taught basic spell casting and other things they will need to survive in our world. I would also like to inform you that we Have our own Wizarding schools, and had Harry not been enrolled into Hogwarts then he would most likely be attended one of those. Now If that is all, i am sure Mr Stark and his son has other business to take care of."

Tony still didn't trust the old fool. However he had been true to his word. Harry was now capable of casting basic spells and been informed of everything he would need on entering the Magical world. Tony had also taken it upon himself to train Harry in crime fighting, and now he was the youngest member of the Avengers. However unlike his armour which was based on technology and weapons. Harry's armour was designed to protect him from spells and and also allow him to be able to use his magic freely, but transferring it through his armour. of course he also had access to arrange of other weapons. This was the condition he had mentioned. Harry was allowed to attend Hogwarts only if he was allowed to keep his armour with him.

"Harry was there any post this morning?"

Harry walked over to the pile of letters and then placed them on the table. However he noticed something suddenly hit his the window of the kitchen. Harry turned to see that it was an owl. Harry opened the window and noticed the owl had something tied to it's leg. This wasn't the first time he had received mail like this. Harry noticed the envelope was for him. he turned it over and could see some sort of red wax seal. Carefully he broke the seal and then opened the envelope and pulled out the letter inside. His eye widened as he read the letter. He then looked up.

"It looks like my Hogwarts letter has just arrived."

A/N: People wanted me to turn this into a story so I have decided to grant their wish. I haven't decided on pairing for the Harry's Marvel side just yet, however I have decided on the Harry Potter side, and like most of my stories he will be paired with Daphne Greengrass.