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JFK Landing Strip

The private Jet landed smoothly on the runway, Harry looked out of the window and smiled he was finally home. He had missed the States and his muggle life. He could see the limo waiting for them, along with two individuals one he recognized as his dad, and the other was Happy the family Chauffeur. Once the jet came to a complete stop, Harry removed his belt and noticed Sirius had done the same. During the flight, Sirius had managed to woo one of the stewardesses and was now an official member of the mile high club. Harry smirked as his Godfather seemed in a more relaxed mood now. As they disembarked from the jet Harry noticed Michelle handed Sirius a small piece of paper with her phone number on it. That wasn't going to be much use, especially when his Godfather didn't even know how to use a phone. Soon as Harry's feet touched the tarmac he inhaled a deep breath of air. He then looked over to see his Dad talking with Happy. He forgot about Sirius for a brief moment and raced over towards him.

"Dad!" Harry crashed into his father who hugged him and then messed his hair up a little.

"Hi kiddo welcome back, I trust there was no problem with the flight?"

Harry shook his head. "Nope although Sirius did join the mile high club, Michelle couldn't resist him."

Tony eyes widened. "Really it took me at least several attempts before she surrendered to me." Tony noticed a man approached them he was dressed in a long black coat, black shirt and trousers, his face had that rugged look, and his beard was neatly trimmed. "You must be Sirius Black Harry's Godfather, I am Tony Stark, welcome to America."

Sirius shook the offered hand. "Thank you Mr Stark, and thank you for all you have done for Harry, I really appreciate it."

Tony smiled back. "Don't mention, besides it hasn't all been one-way traffic, Harry has helped me become the man I am today. Before I adopted Harry, I wasn't that responsible but now that I have a son and future Heir then I have had to tone down a little. Tell me how did you enjoy your first flight by muggle means?"

Sirius coughed nervously, "Very well thank you Mr Stark, your assistants were very lovely and made me feel right at home."

Tony laughed. "Good to hear it, please I have already cleared you through security, So Harry no Daphne?"

Harry punched his dad in the arm hard. "Ouch what was that for kiddo?"

Harry groaned. "I told you I wasn't bringing her, besides this holiday is all about me and Kitty, We've haven't seen each other since August. and am going to take her out on Christmas eve around the City."

Tony smirked. "Okay kiddo, but don't forget I don't want to be a grandpa too early"

Harry didn't know what to reply to that, his mouth was left hanging open for several moments before he recovered. "I'm Eleven! For crying out loud, We aren't going to do anything, maybe some kissing but that's it."

Tony laughed and ruffled his son's hair, "I was joking kiddo, ah and here is my lovely girl now. Evening Gorgeous?" Tony kissed Pepper "I trust everything went smoothly."

Pepper broke the kiss and then punched Tony in the arm. "What was the big idea sending a Limo? a normal private car would have done just fine Tony. Poor Harry was nearly mobbed at the stations as everyone wanted to see who the limo belonged too. Oh, before I forget."


Harry winced at the sound of the slap that had been harder than usual, still Harry thought his dad deserved it, I mean who in their right mind would install a screen in the shower.

Tony rubbed the side of his face. "Guess you didn't like my little screen then?"

Pepper's arms were crossed against her chest. "What do you think? Besides it worse when your not even there with me, I have to take care of things myself...

Harry started to hum loudly while putting his fingers in his ears. "La, la TMI guys, at least save it for the bedroom. Hey, whats that?"

Harry heard a sound in the distance, he could see an object in the sky approaching them fast. As the object got closer Harry could make out it was a person who was standing on some type of flying board. His eyes widened. "Get down!" Harry grabbed the scruff of Sirius Coat and dragged him down, just as a manic laughter filled the air, followed by several loud explosions. Harry peeked from behind the car, what the hell was the Goblin doing out here? His playground was normally the city itself.

The Green Goblin was actually a famous business Tycoon called Norman Osbourne, he had been trying to create a formula to enhance soldiers and was planning to sell it to the military, however, the military thought the formula was too unstable and refused to buy it. To prove that the formula was sound, Norman Osbourne had tested it, on himself. The experience had been a success, he was twice as strong, but it had also caused a split personality, one side was Norman Osbourne the other side was his alto ego The Green Goblin. Harry ducked as more pumpkin bombs were thrown around the area, just what was he trying to do?

Harry activated his gauntlet and looked to see his dad was doing the same. He noticed Tony said a few words to Pepper who nodded. He then stood up and took off towards the Green Goblin, Harry was about to follow however a hand grabbed his arm

"Harry what are you doing?" Harry turned his head towards his godfather and grinned. "My real Job, stay with Pepper Sirius I will see you soon. " Harry mask snapped into place he too then took off towards the sky.

Norman Osbourne was having a blast, there was no way that the eight-legged freak would follow him this far out, He needed to let off some steam, a business proposal had gone wrong, and now his helpless victims were going to pay the cost. He was having a blast until he noticed the familiar red and silver suit. Honestly, you couldn't go anywhere these days without bumping into a superhero.

"Grr, You damn heroes always spoiling my fun!"

The Goblin let off two missiles from his hoverboard that flew towards Tony, who swerved to avoid them, it was then he noticed the missiles turned and started to follow him.

"Jarvis Heat flares now!"

Parts of his leg began to slide around. a small compartment was revealed that launched several small flares high above. As he had planned the missiles changed course and began to follow the flares.

Harry had seen the Green Goblin fire the missiles and he was now flying towards the green armored maniac, this guy was going down.

The green Goblin Laughed as he watched Harry approach. "Oh, Iron Jnr wants to play too! Well, take this!"

The Goblin then threw a handful of small green circular objects that suddenly all started to transform into small flying spinning blades. He then turned his hoverboard and shot off quickly.

Harry weaved in and out of the barrage of sharp spinning blades, however, several did scrap the paintwork on his suit. "Not so fast Goblin, "Aressto Momentum!" Harry cast the spell which hit the board causing it to come to a complete halt, as it did The goblin went flying off the board.

The Green Goblin cried out as he was falling towards the ground fast if he didn't do something he would be a grease pool on the tarmac. Just then he felt his momentum stopped and noticed Iron man had him by the scruff of his armor.

"That's enough fun and games from you Osbourne."

Tony touched down onto the ground and then slammed his metal fist hard into the mask of Goblin causing it to crack and for the supervillain to fall to the floor knocked out. Tony noticed his son touched down next to him, with the board under his arms.

"What the hell is Norman doing this far out dad? He normally sticks to the city?"

Tony shook his head. "Not sure kiddo, maybe he figured Spider-man wouldn't follow him out here, anyway I've contacted S.H.I.E.L.D they're sending a craft to pick him up."

Just as Tony had finished speaking a large futuristic craft appeared above them. "Well, that was fast."

Tony and Harry dragged Norman towards the craft which had now landed. The back door of the craft opened up to reveal four armored S.H.I.E.L.D agents carrying rifles, and in between the two rows of agents was Nick Fury himself.

Tony handed over Norman to the agents. "He is all yours Fury."

The spy grinned. "Thanks, Tony, and you too Harry also welcome back to the US. Oh, by the way, we might have few new upgrades to your suit soon. Dr. Conner has been working on something quite special for you."

Harry wondered what the S.H.E.I.L.D lab tech could be working on, however, that question had to wait, Harry had been so thrilled to be back home and doing what he loves that he had forgotten Sirius was here.

Sirius had watched everything from a distance with Pepper, he had seen people fly before, but it was the first time he had seen someone do it without a broom, and what was that thing that Green creature was flying on, so many questions were filling Sirius head, that he didn't hear Harry call him.

Sirius, hey Sirius" after several more calls he snapped out of his trance-like state. He turned to see Harry was now back in his normal clothes standing next to Tony. "You're going to see a lot of crazy stuff, Sirius, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The world has changed and evolved while the wizarding world has planted itself in the Victorian age. Come on there lots I want to show you."

Sirius followed Harry into the large black limo, which had just pulled up, he again was amazed at what muggles now had. The seats curved around the inside of the car, and on one side was a mini bar, and ahead was another one of those screens he had seen on the plane. The car was soon full and the car started to drive off.

Pepper and Tony were sat on one side, while Harry and Sirius were sat on the other side. He was looking at the window as they crossed a large bridge and drove towards towering building. He had seen tall buildings before, but nothing like this. The Car eventually pulled up and Sirius noticed Tony and Pepper got out.

"Okay kiddo this is our stop, take care and I will be in touch, you and Sirius have got one of the top floor penthouses in Avengers Tower, I thought you might want to show him around, and let him see and learn more about you and what we do."

Harry was thrilled this was going to be great, no one other then S.H.E.I.L.D or the Avengers were allowed in the tower, but for his Dad to trust Sirius allowing him to stay there, made him love his dad even more. As the door was about to close Pepper poked her head in.

"Harry don't forget the tickets will be waiting for you at the arena, enjoy the game. It was nice to meet you Sirius, and I am sure I will be seeing you soon." The car door closed and Happy pulled away into busy traffic.

It was just Harry and Sirius now since they had left the airport, no words had passed his Godfathers lips. He could see the fear on his Godfather's face when he transformed and helped his Dad take down the Goblin.

"Sirius you don't need to worry about me, I have been flying around this City, since I was nine, I wasn't in any danger."

Sirius looked over towards his Godson. "It's not I was scared Harry, it was the fact that I am trying to get my head around the fact that you are eleven, and you present yourself as someone a lot older and wiser. It makes me wonder if you need me at all."

Harry frowned. "Sirius you are all that is left of the bond you shared with my real parents, I don't want to lose that. However you have to understand although I am eleven, I didn't have a happy childhood before Dad took me away from the Orphanage. I had to grow up fast. There is still a lot I don't know about the wizarding world, and was hoping as my Godfather you could teach me."

Sirius was pleased to hear those words from Harry, only if it was a little need. His pup still needed him. "So what is this Ice Hockey game like?"

Harry grinned. "Wait and see, but I tell you this now, it much better then that rubbish you call Quidditch.

Madison Square Garden

Harry was right, he wasn't ready for what he was watching. Sure Quidditch could be brutal, but these muggles were far worse. Whats more everytime one of the muggles went down under a challenge the crowd cheered. Sirius also didn't understand why the muggles were playing with sticks knocking around a small object, was this suppose to be muggles idea of fun. Sirius held his ears as a loud siren went off and a red flashing bulb at the top of a pole lit up. He turned to see Harry who was now standing up with the rest of the crowd dressed in a large black jersey, on the front of it there was Penguin skating with a stick and what Harry called a puck. The Penguins had just scored and now they were up by three goals. They were in something Harry called the last Period, according to Harry. There are three periods of play in an Ice Hockey, game and if the result is a tie then they carry on playing for another period until someone scores, however, there were only 2 minutes left on the clock and now the Penguins had something called a power play.

"What do you think Sirius? Isn't this great."

Sirius wasn't enjoying himself, but he didn't want to spoil it for Harry, he wanted to build stronger bridges with his Godson, not burn the few he already had.

"It's different Harry, I will say that. Although I think I will stick to Quidditch less violent."

Harry shrugged. "Well the games almost over now, so let's go, Pens have won this game. Also, I want to avoid the large crowd leaving the arena. I was thinking we have Pizza tonight."

Sirius had never heard of Pizza and wondered if it would taste nice. However nice was the understatement, after his first slice he wanted another. Godfather and Godson walked down the busy streets of New York, with their Pizza's in their hand eating and laughing. Sirius was telling Harry about the pranks they used to pull at Hogwarts.

"I've got to try that one when I get back. Seeing that old fart, thrown off his throne-like chairs would be really funny, Sirius you keep mentioning Mooney who was he?"

Sirius sighed. Far as I know he still alive. Mooney was his Marauders name, but his real name is Remus Lupin. He was inflicted with a curse when he was child Harry. You see he is actually a werewolf. He was bitten by one when he was a child, and every full moon he transforms. James and I didn't know at first, as Remus kept it a secret, however, one full moon we followed him. Dumbledore had been aware of his condition and had set up a special location so that he could transform. The potion master at the time was a man called Slughorn. He brewed a special potion called wolves bane. It basically put Remus to sleep. When James and I had revealed we had seen him, he told is everything.

James being a Potter, and their stance on loyalty, didn't want his friend to be alone, and so we decided to become animagi. This way we could go with Remus on the full moon, and he wouldn't feel so alone when he changed.

My animagi form is a Grim and so was given the name Padfoot, your father was a stag and so we called him Prongs, Peter turned out to be a rat, so we called him Wormtail, and Remus was Moony for obvious reasons.

Harry wondered if Remus was so close to his parents then why hadn't he tried to come find him all those years ago. When they got back to London he would seek out those answers.