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About Today - The National.

Jem didn't expect this would happen; but there it was, written in cursive font.

James Carstairs, after considering your application, there is a spot for you at Nephilim Academy…

He didn't need to read anymore. Joy flowed through him. His past mother and father would have been so proud. He scanned the paper in his hands again. He smiled slightly to himself. As much as this excited him, he couldn't help the slither of anxiety that coiled within him. This means he would have to move to London. He had been to London before, he had lived there for a few years after his parents had died; and then when his uncle called for him, he moved back to Shanghai and lived with him. For the past year he had schooled here, and was used to the surroundings.
Not only that, what of his appearance? Most males his age had at least some muscle, Jem was tall and thin. Add that to his slightly tilted eyes and the silver colouring to his features, and he would surely be considered a freak.
And to be pulled out of home to be put in a different country again… He bit his lip slightly.

However he knew he would attend. He wanted to. He needed to.

Jem tucked the paper into his pocket. He smiled to himself again before heading upstairs to begin packing.

The campus was a lot bigger than he expected. There were people scattered everywhere, chatting amongst themselves.
Jem's hand tightened on his violin case, his eyes scanning the place. He followed the cobblestone path up to the large white building, pushing the large door open lightly. He stepped inside to see what looked like a large office, but however more people were crowded inside the area, chatting quietly. Jem also noticed the uniform – some kids wore the grey blazer over their white button up shirts - he did – and some did not. He was minority, and this made him further more uncomfortable.

Jem looked around, unsure of that to do. He coughed softly and observed his surroundings awkwardly.
Suddenly a short girl was standing in front of him, wide Sapphire eyes staring up at him, fascinated.
"Are you James Carstairs?" Her voice feigned innocence – however it was silky, a roll on her vowels that he assumed wasn't all that sweet.
"Um… yes. But I prefer Jem." Jem murmured quietly.
"Ah, okay." She smiled – her lips that were bright red forming a perfect arch. "My name is Cecily Herondale, and I'll be guiding you through the school."
Jem nodded slowly. "Right…"
Jem took in her appearance. She wore the uniform, like he did – except she wore a skirt, and under that skirt, black tights and white slip on shoes. It made her look even more innocent, but he knew that was probably a lie. Her black hair flowed down her back, ending at her mid-back. That hair looked unbelievably clean, not a follicle out of place. Her blue eyes were rimmed with make-up, making them look sleek, and an almost appealing look to them in themselves.

Cecily removed a piece of paper from her pocket, and observed it for a few moments before popping it back in. "Your first class is English, but first, we need to take your things to your dorm."
Jem inwardly sighed; he didn't mind English, but that was a more practical class then he had liked – his passion was music, and he was hoping to have that as an introduction class.

He followed Cecily through the crowds of people.

The room was large, but Jem knew there was a reason for that as it consisted of two single beds. He knew this meant he had a roommate, but he didn't know who and the thought made him slightly uneasy. His bed had crisp white sheets and a black pillow, whilst the other bed had twisted and tangled purple sheets, the pillow crinkled and half hanging out of the case. There were also handprints and footprints on the wall, marking it slightly. Against the wall were drawers, and across the room, another door that lead into a bathroom. The place was just to clean for Jem to feel comfortable – he felt like he couldn't touch anything.

Jem awkwardly placed his bag and violin on his bed – he was unsure if his roommate would appreciate it on the floor, so he decided against the idea of placing it there.
"Oh," Cecily piped up from the doorway, "You get my brother."
"Pardon?" Jem asked.
"My brother. He is a Herondale as well, obviously." Cecily laughed – it was a lovely laugh, causing Jem to smile.
"Right." Jem placed his hands in his pockets; he noticed Cecily staring at him, almost taking in his appearance, like he had done to her earlier. He shuffled slightly. Not one person here seemed foreign, so it made him feel like he was standing out.

"Anyway, are you going to be okay getting to class?" Cecily asked.
"Yes, I'm sure I will be able to." Jem smiled.
"Alright, I'll leave you to it." Cecily matched the smile and then left, her shoes making soft noises against the concrete floor outside the dorm.

Jem was wrong. He had wandered around searching for the class, to only arrive twenty minutes late to it. The teacher was already annoyed, glaring at Jem as he went to sit down in his seat. Jem sat at the far back of the class. As soon as he did he noticed he was the odd one out – people all sat in pairs, leaving him to be the only one to share two desks to himself. He shifted uncomfortably when he could feel everyone's eyes on. He knew how strange he looked – the silver hair and eyes was enough to draw people's gaze. He had already heard people murmuring slightly around him.

His eyes flicked the classroom. No foreigners. He could see a few people meeting his gaze, and he tried to avoid them. He noticed one of them was a pretty young girl sitting across from them. She had chocolate coloured curls that fell around her shoulders and chest, wide grey eyes that stared back at him with interest. Her lips – which had no make-up – were parted in a slight smile when she noticed he was staring back. Jem gave a small quick smile, and then noticed the person next to her.

His head was in a book, clearly not interested in whatever was going on in the world. He had angular features, prominent cheekbones and jaw. His charcoal coloured hair fell over his forehead, blocking Jem from seeing the colour of his eyes.

At that moment a girl turned to him; the girl sitting in the seat in front of him.
"I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you Asian?" She asked softly. She was a mousy girl with hair a shade lighter than the girl across from him, with hazel eyes that seemed shy.
"Yes, I am. My mother was Chinese…" Jem placed his pencil to the paper, "My father was English."
"That explains your height." She smiled, "Because…. Chinese aren't very… tall." She flushed in embarrassment, but Jem waved it off.
"No, they are not at all." He said softly.
"Your hair is very blond too… well; I think its blond… is it?" She asked, tilting her head, her hair moving to the side.
"Silver, but you can call it blond if you like." Jem began to write what he saw on the board.
"Does that run in the family to?" She asked.
"No." Jem answered shortly. He was growing uncomfortable with the conversation, especially as it was about the colour of his hair. "It's not…" He smiled slightly - he didn't want to upset the girl.
"Oh…" The girl seemed disheartened but made a second attempt at conversation. "My name is Sophie…"
"Jem." Jem smiled, "You have a lovely name."
Sophie flushed, "Thank you."

"Excuse me, Miss Collins. Are you going to talk all day or actually pay attention? Because if you wish to just talk, I can send you outside." The teacher pointed to the door as though to prove a point.
Sophie suddenly whipped around, her hands in her lap, "No sir, sorry sir."

Jem could tell this was going to be a long class.

The classes went for what seemed like forever. He had tried to avoid people, but he had had at least eight people question him on his hair colour, and each time he sighed softly and replied it ran in the family. Truth was it didn't, but he wasn't about to say that. One class he did end up enjoying was Music – it was run by a very funny but very destructive teacher. He was tall and clumsy, and the first thing that struck Jem was the bright orange colour of his hair. What made him smile was when the teacher asked the students if they could call him by his first name, 'Henry'.

But besides that, he had already received an English assignment. Jem walked towards the library, using on campus maps to guide him. It was dark, so oil lamps were lit to lighten the way.

When Jem finally arrived there, he quietly closed the door. He noticed students were still studying, books lied out in front of them like they never left class.
It's eleven at night… Jem thought to himself as began heading down the aisle, searching for the topics he wanted. When he found the topic 'Classics' he began walking down that small aisle. The oil lamps were damp in this aisle, causing Jem not being able to see well at all. He skimmed his fingers along the books, stopping when he found the right one, when suddenly he heard something coming from the study room down the hall.

"Oh Will…. Not here….. We'll be caught…"
"Isn't that the fun?"
"This is… fun…?"
"I owe you from last night, don't I?"

It sounded like a breathy female, and a placid male. Jem couldn't help his curiosity. He wanted to know what was going on. He slowly slid down the hall, pressing his ear to the door.

He could hear a string of moans and begs from the female voice. She sounded like she had been running a marathon, but instinct told him something else. Jem flushed; he knew the actions of sex and what to do, but he himself had never had a woman. Actually if people asked, he had never experienced a climax, though he wasn't rushing to experience one anyway.

Jem cracked the door open slightly by pressing his fingertips to the wood. He glanced inside. The oil lamps that hung in the room were dim, only showing him a clear view of the woman, but silhouetting the man slightly still. Jem's lips parted – the woman was the one from English. Not Sophie but the other girl, the girl with dark curls and gray eyes. However this time she was a lot more exposed. She sat on a desk, her body arching into a pair of fingers – the male's fingers – that were sinking into her two at a time. Her breasts were heaving, covered slightly by her hair that flowed down her body. Her body glistened with sweat as the male who was still masked by shadows worked on her body, one hand sliding up to cup her breast.

"A-Ah!" The woman threw her head back, her legs spreading wider, giving Jem a more full on view. To say this woman was aroused was an understatement. She was practically leaking onto the desk, her legs quivering as the males – 'Will' – fingers worked more rapidly on her private places. Jem watched in amazement at the way her body reacted, his own breath short.

"Tessa, you ought to be quieter, we'll be caught." Jem could practically hear the smirk in the male's voice.
"Shut… up…" The girl – 'Tessa' – panted. Her body was rapidly becoming a mess of breaths and convulsions, moaning the male's name, gripping onto his arm as his fingers sunk deeper into her.
"I can't…. I'm…" Suddenly the girl threw her head back and cried out, her body locking up as she seemed to become wetter, her thighs suddenly clenching around the man's hand. She was panting, her body still seeming to be throbbing. After a few moments, she slumped back, panting.
"Are you alright?" The male asked.
"We shouldn't have… done that here…"

At that moment Jem went to move – to turn away – he was uncomfortable with what this had done to his body. He felt a strange tingle and his body had grown hot. His skin was flushed – almost like the girl's. As he turned, his hand slammed against a shelf, knocking a book against the door with a soft thud, opening it more slightly. A sudden and panicked gasp could be heard from inside the room, the woman shooting up and covering her breasts. Jem noticed the male turn, but as soon as he saw that bit of movement he had turned and ran.

He was out of the building by the time he could process what he had just seen.

Jem lie in bed. It was midnight and he couldn't sleep. Not only was it a new place, but he couldn't get the imagery out of his mind. The woman gasping and moaning and the man being relentless on her. It confused and excited him; he had never seen that much of a woman, let alone in that position.

He swallowed and tugged on his night shirt before turning around and trying to rest.

Suddenly the door opened and dim light spilled into the room. There stood a male – a tall one. Jem sat up.

Ah, he thought, this must be Cecily's brother.

Then he realized where he noticed him from. The boy from English, sitting next to the girl who- yes. Her.
"Oh. You must be my roommate." Jem spoke softly, "I'm James. But you can call me-"
"Jem." The boy spoke roughly, "I've heard that's your name."
"Yes… Yes it is." Jem held out his hand. The boy took it, shaking it slowly.
"My name is William Herondale…. But you can call me Will." Suddenly he smirked.

Jem went cold. His lips parted and his heart sped up. It was him. The man from the library. Will's hand tightened and Jem looked at his face. He could now see his eyes; a deep blue – a deeper blue then Cecily's.
"Tell me… Jem… do you like perving on people?" His voice was laced with a toxic tone that made Jem think he was about to get into a fight.
"No," He tried to remain calm, "I don't. I'm sorry."
"Then why were you watching Tessa and I?" Will questioned.
"I didn't mean to… It wasn't… I'm sorry." Jem sighed, going to drop his hand. Will tugged his hand, so suddenly he was inches from his face. Jem locked up slightly, but not visibly.

"Next time you want to fulfil your own fantasies, do it away from mine, okay?" He then dropped his hand and turned his back to Jem, heading for his own bed.

Jem turned to face the wall, flexing his hand.