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Black Lab - This Night.

Jem and Sophie sat in the library. The day was slowly winding down to an end, and Jem required some more help on his assignment. He looked up at Sophie; he noticed gradually that she was becoming more confident – today her hair was perfectly straight, and she was wearing small amounts of make up around her eyes. It made him smile; he was glad she was gaining confidence, she needed some. She was a good woman, a helpful one.

"Jem?" Sophie asked softly.
"Hmm?" His eyes darted to hers.
"You've spelt it wrong." She chuckled softly.

"Oh." Jem quickly erased his mistake and began again, rewriting the word.
"That's it." Sophie smiled.
"Sophie," Jem put his pencil down, "Can I ask you something?"
"Of course." Sophie placed her chin on her palm.
"You know Will, right? My roommate?" He questioned.
"Yes, yes I do sadly." Sophie laughed softly.
"Um… what sexual orientation is he?" He asked slowly.
"Oh." Sophie began to laugh a bit more, "You mean is he gay?"
Jem nodded slowly.
"Nobody knows with Will really. I think he is bisexual. He has women but… you know Gabriel Lightwood?"
Jem pondered the name for a moment, "The tall one with blonde hair?" He recalled him from the party, dancing with Cecily, a scowl permanently on his features.
"Yes." She smiled, "Well, they slept together."
Jem's eyes widened, "Really?"
"Yeah, that's why you will never see them around each other. Gabriel hates him. He hates him for having sex with him." Sophie shrugged.

Jem tried to find a thing to say but couldn't, his lips moving as though to form words but nothing being said.
"Shocked?" She laughed softly.
"Yes, something like that." Jem leaned back into his chair, crossing his arms. He smiled kindly at her. "Jem…" Sophie bit her lip slightly, "Do you… want to keep working?"
"Um, I suppose… I… why?" Jem looked at her, his gaze following her as she slid out of the chair and began walking to her side.
"Because I thought… maybe you'd like to do something else." Sophie murmured.
"Like?" Jem looked up at her.
"Like…" Sophie then leaned down, pressing her lips to Jem's.

Jem's eyes widened. He didn't know what to do other then kiss her back gently. His eyes slipped shut as he allowed the sensation to take him, his lips moving against hers. A small noise came from the back of her throat as she cupped Jem's face. Jem reached up to touch the back of her neck, stroking the skin slowly as he applied more force to the kiss. He stood up slowly, encircling her small body into his arms.

Suddenly the door opened of the study room and a student flew in; Cecily. Jem gasped and pulled away, as did Sophie in a hurry. She was flustered but Cecily didn't seem to notice. Her makeup was running as though she had been crying – and judging by her red eyes, Jem guessed she was.

"Sophie, there's a body in the court yard. Somebody committed suicide."
Quickly Cecily disappeared. Jem's heart leapt. The words were like an odd ring to his ears that made his stomach do summersaults. He suddenly had a thought it was Will and his whole body seemed to go into a slight fear he didn't expect he would have.

"Oh god!" Sophie quickly ran out, her eyes wide, he hair bouncing as she left. Jem followed quickly, his feet carrying him quickly as his heart pounded at the though. Could it be Will….?

When they got there, a ring of uniforms stood in a circle. Jem could hear Henry telling students to back away, pushing them away from the scene. Jem followed the path that Sophie made via pushing students out of the way, with the mere force of her little body. Jem followed until he could hear the murmurings loudly, and then could see Henry visibly, pulling students into line.

It wasn't Will.

Jem noticed the gun first. The gun in the grip of the dead hand. A woman's hand – a woman with long brunette hair, now stained scarlet.

"Oh…" Sophie's hands covered her mouth, "Oh, Tessa!"

Hours passed. And then more hours. It was intense – Jem

watched as they cleaned up the blood and took the body away. He couldn't believe it – Tessa seemed so happy, even the few times he had spoken to her. Jem didn't see Sophie again that night, she left quickly. He tried to follow her but she was so emotional he thought had had better leave her be. He flushed slightly when he thought of the kiss and the events but that memory was very dull when compared with seeing Tessa's corpse in the centre of the school.

Jem approached his dorm door. He couldn't help but remember that small feeling of fear when he thought it was Will but chocked down that memory violently. He wouldn't care. He opened the door and closed it behind him. When he turned around he straight away saw Will.

Will was dishevelled, his clothes crinkled and his hair falling over his face. He was pale – and deadly silent. He didn't even look like he was breathing. Jem's lips parted and he started forward.
"Hello…" Jem said softly.
No response. Will's hands were clenching and unclenching against the blankets. Jem couldn't blame him; from what he had seen, Will and Tessa were close.
"William… I'm so sorry…." Jem tried to share his condolences.
Will was stone; cold hard stone. He wasn't talking, he wasn't breathing.
"I'll go…" Jem turned around; he would go back to the library or visit someone's dorm. He knew Will needed his space when suddenly he heard from the dim room.

Jem spun around, his eyes on Will, "What?"
"Don't go." Will looked up; he looked like he was looking through Jem rather than at him.

"Okay." Jem slowly approached Will like a wounded animal, pressing a hand to his knee gently.
"She meant a lot to you, didn't she?" Jem asked softly.
Will said nothing, but slowly moved to cover Jem's hand with his own. The sudden force of him squeezing it made Jem jolt internally but he didn't move from the position he was in. With his spare hand, Jem leaned over and snuffed out the oil lamp.

They sat like that in the darkness the rest of the night; Jem's hand in Will's, Will's hand squeezing tightly as though Jem may fade into the blackness.