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"Phew, glad we got all that done!" Clemont said just after he had finished the seemingly never ending pile of gifts.
"I don't know about you, but im exhausted" Bonnie said whilst letting out a loud yawn.
"I wonder how Ash is getting on in the kitchen?"
"I'm sure he's ok!" Bonnie replied.

"Hm, parsley, salt, pepper and chilli." Ash repeated over and over again to himself. As he opened the pot of salt and carefully poured it in, his fellow partner Pikachu accidently knocked his arm whilst reaching for the spices, causing at least a cups worth of salt into the large pan.
"Ahh Pikachu that was way too much salt!" Ash shouted at him.
"Pika, Pika" Pikachu said and then ran off, feeling very guilty.
"Well, maybe if I add some more sugar and pepper, it will even out the taste more."
"And while im at it, I'll add some of that basil."
"And there! Finally made this lasagne!" Ash said whilst looking down at his rather odd looking creation that stood before him.

"Hey Ash, are you done?" Clemont asked whilst walking into the room.
"Yep, what do you think of my lasagne?" Ash asked, his eyes gleaming.
"Well it definitely is interesting..."

Clemont looked down at the 'lasagne'. It had very uneven layers of meat and pasta. The meat looked as black as coal and as crispy as crackling. The pasta on the other hand looked like it hadn't even touched and boiling water. It was hard and crunchy. Ash had tried to cover up the damage he had done by painting his 'masterpiece' in white sauce, but of course, he used too much. It was dripping down it and already forming a white puddle around it.

"So, do you think Serena will like it?" Ash asked.
"Woah, what happened to that thing?!" Bonnie said as she came in, pointing at the lasagne.
"Its my lasagne, do you like it?" Ash asked.
"That is seriously a lasagne? It looks like it has been thrown at a wall and them licked by a pack of hungry Poochyena" Bonnie replied.
"Well, I think it is unique" Ash said. "And unique is always good."
"Well in this case, I think you mean almost always good" Bonnie replied back. "Im just glad you bought lots of other food to serve as well as that thing because I don't think that the 'lasagne' is going to be that good". Bonnie replied

"Yeah maybe you're right" Ash replied, scratching his head.
"Im sure Serena wont mind." Clemont said
"That reminds me, we should finish off the rest of the preparations, come on, we have no spare time!"

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