A/N: A friend of mine suggested a little writing experiment to start with. See if I can come up with a coherent and compelling story using dialogues alone. Let me know if I succeeded in any way. ;)



Hello there. What's your name?

My name's Georgiana Wickham an' I'm 5-years old.

Nice to meet you Georgiana. You can call me William. And who's this? Is she your friend?

She's my doll, silly. Her name's Anne.

Hi Anne. How are you? I bet you're doing a great job keeping Georgiana company.

We—we got lost.

Well Georgiana, how about I help you find your mommy?

I don't have a mo—

Georgie, there you are!


I've been so worried. I've been looking all over for you. Are you ok?

Yes. I'm sorry.

Thank you so much for staying with her.

It was no trouble. She's a lovely kid.

Can William come with us to my room? He's nice. I like him.

Honey, I'm sure Mister—


Mr. Darcy is probably very busy and—

I don't mind. I can take her.

That really isn't necessary.

No, really. I insist.


You know Georgie, my cousin's the same age as you and she has a doll just like yours. But she call hers, Cat.

Really? What's your cousin's name?

Funny you should ask. Her name's Anne, just like your doll.

Wow! Can I meet her?

Sure, if you like. She's also here in the hospital.

She's sick too, like me?

Yes, but the doctors are doing their best to make her feel better.

That's what Lizzy said about me! But—but Lizzy also said I have to stay in bed an' get some rest. I don't wanna be sick no more. I wanna see my dog, Fitz.

Hey, don't cry. How about we get you tucked in, nice and warm so you can get some rest just as Lizzy said? Then when you're feeling better, you can go home and see Fitz. Would you like that?


Good night, Georgie.

Good night. Will I see you again?

I'll drop by tomorrow. I promise.


You're really good with kids.

You shouldn't have let her wander the halls unattended.

Uh, yeah. We don't normally let our patients wander the halls by themselves Mr. Darcy. Especially sick 5-year olds. But the hospital's a little understaffed today. And her dad's...well...she doesn't have anyone else.

Just try not to lose your patient again Miss—

Bennet. Dr. Bennet.

Right. Yes. Anyway, I have to go.

Thanks again for—

Don't worry about it.


Hello. About earlier, um...I came to apologize Miss—I mean, Dr. Bennet. I was...


Yes, actually. I don't easily talk to strangers. I was tired. I jumped to conclusions and I—I don't want to make excuses. I really am sorry.

You got along well enough with Georgiana.

Kids are...different. They're unassuming. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Adults on the other hand...

It's ok. I get it.

It's not ok. Don't let me off the hook that easy. I mean, I'm really not like that. And I—I want to apologize. I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee. If that's ok?

Apology accepted. But the coffee's really not necessary.

Please. I'd appreciate it if you'd join me for a cup.

Mr. Darcy, thank you. I really would love to. But I just finished a 48-hour shift. Frankly, I'm exhausted and would probably just grab a bite to eat then head home.

Oh, ok. I guess...

I'm getting a sandwich across the street if you'd like to walk with—

Yes! I mean, I'd like that.

- END -