A/N : Alright guys, do you remember my first story? Well I have decided to make a requested oneshot series about that! You guys can request any pair

you want and you can add an idea for a chapter and if I like it enough I will write it! Enjoy!

1 dey de phenboi cheli di kiler was gong 2 disneyland 2 c his favrit carater mikey mus, wen he bumpd into athen sycs.

"Exus mi mam" he sad untl he sah how hot che was.

"is gucci" she said

as che walked off, chely decidd to use hitman skils nd stak her, cus che hot

wile h e was staking her, chely relisd he was bord nd tot che was hot, so he decided best plan

a loud "420 yolo" cud be herd as chely ran upto atena and started 2 make out wit her

2 his supris che started to undres him nd he undresd her

evry1 stard

censored for graphic safety

20 years later

atena kild evry1 in rite anyting agesi wit help of chely

dey mad 20 babehs

dey smo3kd d gud ku$4 lader

A/N : I do hope you enjoyed this great first chapter and I hope you stick around! Thanks for reading!