This is a spin-off of my Finding Peace story and a collaboration with my friend whose fanfic name is Writing Impasse. It makes much more sense if you are familiar with Finding Peace but I think it's ok as long as you know the canon characters involved. The events referred to in the first few paragraphs of this story happen in FP in chapters 7 and 8. We aren't sure how far we'll take it but it's 3 parts for sure.

I told someone I would write a GenmaxKayo (OC) for her and this is the result. Of course I don't own any part of Naruto, the OC Kayo and the Tanaka family (except for Hikari) is my friends creation and I have to give credit for the cabbage leaf to Snapple, made from the best stuff on earth! I hope you enjoy and check out our other work also...

Disclaimers- All characters and the world are the intellectual property of Masashi Kishimoto. He's done an amazing job of creating them and making them come alive for us. This story is my creation of what might happen with his characters. Thank you for reading

Genma was sneaking into town early on a Sunday morning desperately hoping he wouldn't run into anyone he knew. He'd lost a bet and had to wear a cabbage leaf in his headband for the entire day. He was sure he wouldn't hear the end of it if his friends saw it. Or if they found why he was wearing it. As he was slinking through the shadows he reflected on what had gotten him into this mess in the first place, his big mouth. He grimaced to himself maybe he should sew it shut with a senbon pin.

Kayo and Hikari finished closing up the shop. Asami's ankle was healing nicely which was good because Kayo would be cleared for work again soon and wouldn't have time to help anymore. Asami was sad about that but understood, and respected, that being a ninja was Kayo's first responsibility. Kayo had been injured on her last mission and she was fully healed but the medical-nin had told her she still needed a week or so before he was willing to put her back in the field.

They laughed together, as only sisters can, on their way home. Hikari's long red hair which was lighter at the ends than it was at the roots glistened in the sunshine and made Kayo's pink look even pinker than it usually did. As they came into the center of town Kayo had an idea "Hey! Lets stop for pancakes! I've got onigiri coming out my eyeballs and need a change." Kayo didn't understand how Hikari had worked in that shop for the last three years. Everyday it was onigiri this and onigiri that. Tuna onigiri, umeboshi onigiri, you name it Asami made it. She knew they were the best around but that didn't make her like them anymore. She'd had enough onigiri to last her a lifetime and she didn't even eat them! Unless she had to of course, on a mission you ate what there was to eat, even bugs and onigiri.

Hikari laughed and was about to answer when Genma appeared in front of them. Kayo had actually almost walked right into him, it had been his sharp ninja skill alone that had saved her from being bowled over by the almost six foot ninja. "I could go for a pancake. Do you two lovely ladies have an extra seat at your table?" His senbon pin hung out of his mouth in a precarious position, as if it might fall out completely but he seemed to have good control over it so Hikari wasn't too worried.

"Actually I promised Obasan that I'd come home and help her with something, I can't Kayo." Kayo looked sad, it was apparent that her older sister wanted to get to know this senbon wielding ninja. When he'd come by the shop with Kichirou and Raido the other day to see Asami she had noticed Kayo checking him out. She had an idea. "But Kayo would love to lecture you on the history of pancakes Genma. She's quite the expert." Really, it was sad but even though she was in her mid-twenties teasing her older sister was still her favorite pastime.

Kayo wasn't sure if she should hug her sister or just kill her straight away. She had just engineered a date with senbon boy for her after all but in the same breath she'd made her sound like a freak who studied pancakes for a hobby. She decided to let her live. "Oh yeah senbon boy, I know all about pancakes, it's fascinating." She rolled her eyes at him and looked at her sister sideways.

Genma wasn't sure what he had gotten himself into. He knew the Tanaka family was known for their unconventionality but the history of pancakes? Well, it could be interesting and she was pretty to look at if nothing else.

Hikari took off for home and Genma and Kayo waved goodbye and headed for the pancake stand.