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The Beginning:

October 10th, a day that has been labeled as one of the darkest days in the history of Konohagakure, and for good reason too. It is on this day that the mighty Kyuubi no Kitsune was unleashed upon the mighty hidden village in the middle of the night. No one truly knows how or why the Kyuubi had gotten loose at the time, or at least, no one still living. For the truth is during the childbirth of Uzumaki Kushina, a mysterious man that claimed to be Madara Uchiha had appeared and ripped the Kyuubi out of her with plans of unleashing it upon the village.

Luckily, that plan had been thwarted by the current Hokage, a man by the name of Namikaze Minato, also known by the moniker as the Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō, a title he earned during the Third Shinobi World War for his use of the Hiraishin no Jutsu, as well as his speed. It was with this jutsu, as well as his analytic mind that he was able to force the masked man to retreat after finding a way around his Jikūkan Ninjutsu that allowed him to become intangible. After making sure that his family was safe Minato had proceeded to face the monstrous Bijuu on his toad summon Gamabunta. After a brief battle where in the end he teleported the Kyuubi away from the village, he had come to the conclusion that he had to reseal the Kyuubi into something, or more specifically, someone.

This had lead to him coming to the conclusion of needing to seal the Kyuubi into his newborn son, Naruto. Though his wife had objected at first, and even offered to seal the Kyuubi back into herself, knowing she would also die in the process, Minato managed to convince her otherwise, stating that Naruto needed at least one parent to raise him, and the technique he was planning on using was going to cost him his life. With Kushina going along with his plan, and all the preparations in order, Minato used a seal called the Shiki Fuujin, a seal that was devised by the Uzumaki clan to summon the Shinigami in order to seal away the soul of something in a person or object at the cost of the user's soul being consumed as well. On top of that he applied a seal known as the Hakke no Fuuin Shiki to allow the use of the Kyuubi's chakra to Naruto.

Everything was going as well as it could concerning the situation, that is until the Kyuubi saw what was about to happen and attempted to kill young Naruto to stop the sealing. Fearing for their son's life, both Kushina and Minato jumped in front of the incoming attack, halting it mere inches from Naruto, as well as allowing Minato to finish the sealing. Unbeknownst to all, Minato had split the Kyuubi's chakra as well as soul into their base components, Yin and Yang. Now during the moment, Minato had stopped to think which side would be better to give to his son, and during the time decided that for his benefit he would give him the Yin part of the chakra while sealing the Yang within himself to take it to the grave. As he spent his last moments listening to Kushina lecturing his newborn son, he wondered to himself how his life would turn out. The lasts thoughts of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato was how much they loved their son, unknowing of how his life would truly turn out. It was on October 10th that the legends that were Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina died.

Following the sealing of the Kyuubi within Naruto the reinstated Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, told the population of Konoha that the Kyuubi was sealed within Naruto, and that Minato's last wish was for him to be treated as a hero. Unfortunately, that planned had backfired, as people immediately wished for the infant's death. Seeing that the only option for Naruto to have a relatively normal childhood was secrecy, he created a law that stated if anyone spoke of Naruto being the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki, then they were to be executed on the spot.

Afterwards, he decided that he would place Naruto in an orphanage in the naive hopes of him still having a normal childhood. This, is where our story truly begins, a story of what can only be called a life not worth living.

A child's growth is most important during the youngest years of their life, for that is where they learn many things necessary later on in life. That is why to anyone from outside of Konoha seeing an infant Uzumaki Naruto locked within a dark room would cause quite a bit of shock as well as outrage. Unfortunately, the only ones that knew he was in that room were the ones who put him there in the first place. The truth behind the matter is that even though the Hokage hand picked the orphanage that he sent Naruto to in hopes that the caretakers would be kind to him, he was once again mistaken of their true nature and left him to wolves in sheeps clothing. Truly, it was not his fault, for he could not read minds, and truth be told, he was quite busy trying to keep the village together as well as put a strong front so that the other villages didn't get any bright ideas about Konoha.

It was there that young Naruto spent the first three years of his life. Locked within a dark room with nothing in it but his imagination and dust, fed nothing but scraps, and never spoken to by anyone. However on the rare occasions that the Hokage came to check up on him, he was dressed well, told to smile and nod, and not to tell the Hokage of what happens to him. Being the young child he is, he quickly complied in a twisted fear of his caretakers. It was due to these rare trips, as well as the occasional times where he sat next to the door and listen to everyone else, that Naruto managed to learn to speak, albeit quite badly.

This, just so happened to be one of those rare trips. Walking down one of the various streets of Konoha's market district was the figure of the Hokage in his robes and hat, holding the hand of Naruto, who was wearing a simple white shirt and beige shorts. The strange thing him was the fact that he wasn't energetically chatting like a child his age should. In fact, Naruto's face was one of complete apathy, even as he looked around to take in the sights. Sighing, Hiruzen knew he had to take the first step as usual, else no conversation would ever take place.

"So Naruto-kun, how have you been lately? I know it's been a while since we spent some time together. Anything new happen?" He asked with a gentle smile on his face.

"Good. No new. Just same." Came the quiet response from the yellow haired child.

"There must be something new. Did you happen to make any new friends lately?" Now Hiruzen was starting to worry, more so than usual. That was always his response. He was starting to think that something was going on in the orphanage.

"No. No friends. Just same."

The way he said that in such a resigned tone, as if he knew that nothing new would ever happened caused the old man to pause for a split second. Such a reaction could only mean that his feelings of something bad happening in the orphanage to be true. While Naruto's quiet nature could have been a hint towards it, in a ninja village seeing a quiet child wasn't as rare as one would think. However, this was enough for the old Hokage to make up his mind. While he couldn't personally adopt Naruto due to the dangers that could come with it, both internal and external, he could help him set up a new life. With his mind made, he turned towards the three year old and posed his question.

"Naruto-kun, what would you say to having your own apartment? I know you are young, but it could give you the chance you need to explore a little more."

"That nice. Please?" This time, the child's response had a bit of hope in it.

"Of course Naruto-kun, let's head over to my office and get you set up. By the end of the day you'll be the proud owner of your very own apartment!" He replied, though his thoughts were darker.

'What has happened to you that I don't know of… Naruto-kun...'

With that, he lead himself and the child towards his office. That was the day that Naruto started living on his own. That was the day that everything wrong, yet right, truly began.

From that point onwards Naruto had lived alone in his apartment. At first is life was great, he had plenty of food, he had a comfortable bed, he could look outside and see the village, and there were even some books and toys he could read and play with. Things were going pretty smoothly, that is until he decided to step out of his apartment for the first time since he got it.

Walking down the street Naruto was looking for a place to buy some food. Up until now, every store he tried either ignored him completely, never allowing him to actually purchase the food, or threw him out immediately, leaving him with his many as well as a few choice words about what the store owner thought of him. So he was stuck wondering where he could possibly go to get food with his weekly funds. Eventually he came upon a store called Yui's Fresh Goods, and from what he saw, it was a fairly nice looking place, so he entered.

The inside of the store was fairly appealing, if not generic. Deciding that since he wasn't thrown out immediately, he might as well try to purchase some food for himself. Minutes later, he stood in front of the cashier and placed his items upon the counter. There wasn't much there, just some milk, bread, cheese, rice, as well as a few other things. The cashier looked down upon the child with disdain, but rung up the items anyway.

"That'll be 460 ryo."

Blinking in slight surprise, he looked at the money he had in his hand, which was his allowance of 500 Ryo, then back up at the cashier. Up till this point, he still didn't know much about numbers, or math in general, so he only hoped that he had enough. Placing down most of the money from his allowance on the counter he looked back up at the cashier.

"Is enough?" He asked with his head tilted to the side.

The cashier looked down at the money, and though he wanted to cheat the young boy out of even more of his money, he didn't want to be in his presence too long, so he just nodded and shoved the items into the boys arms and told him to leave.

Nodding quickly, Naruto ran out the shop and towards his apartment. Unknown to the young boy, there were some villagers who say where he was running, and saw that he wasn't heading towards the orphanage. Unfortunately for Naruto, they came to the conclusion that he must be living alone, why else would he be the one buying the groceries.

News of this spread, and by the end of the day a good portion of the village now knew where the young blond was living. The next day when Naruto head out to see the sights of the village that he was never able to properly take a look at before, the villagers struck.

Storming his apartment like a mass of stampeding bulls they broke the door open and began to unleash unholy hell upon the modest three room apartment. The plumbing was messed with so only could water came, the lights were destroyed, the bed was torn, the lock in the door was made so it wouldn't lock, and much more as well. They didn't leave until they made sure that the place was unlivable as possible.

Soon enough Naruto returned home, in a worse mood than when he left. He had seen some kids in a playground having fun, and asked if he could join. Being kids they said yes, and for once in his life, he was happy. That is, until the parents pulled the kids away after glaring at him silently. This kept happening no matter where he went, and he was slowly beginning to think that maybe he shouldn't try. This thought was simply reinforced when he saw his destroyed apartment. As he slowly walked in and looked around he began to silently wonder to himself.

'What… Why me…? What I do? What wrong me? Why...'

Slowly but surely he took everything in, making sure to close the now unlockable door behind him, and laid down on his bed, curling into the fetal position as he stared at the wall. Even though he was young, he had a feeling that this wasn't going to end. As he closed his eyes and kept asking himself why he slowly drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

His feelings were correct. The attitude of the villagers never changed, not even after two years had passed. After the initial destruction of his apartment, when the Hokage came to visit him and saw the state of the place, he had it fixed up, and even added more security measures to stop something like that from happening again. Sadly, the villagers were stubborn to a fault when it came to making Naruto's life miserable. No matter how hard it was to get inside his apartment, they always managed to do so, and they always ruined it, with each time being worse than the last. Eventually, both Naruto and the Hokage came to the saddening conclusion that they might as well not try fixing it, for it would only make things worse for the young child.

Outside of his house it was just as bad, if not worse. Unknown to him, he was still always charged double or triple the needed amount for food or clothes, which meant that he could only buy something once a week, and even then he had to moderate. Just as well, he was still ignored by children after their parents warned them to stay away from him, and they told their friends, and so on and so forth, till he was always alone. This had caused him to spend his days in the one place that treated him moderately better than the others, the library.

The story behind him finding the library wasn't something too major. It started off quite innocent actually. He had asked the Hokage of a place where he could learn to read new books as he had already finished the ones that were left for him, the ones that weren't destroyed anyway. While surprised at the question, the old Kage directed Naruto towards the library, and told him that there he could find more books than he could ever hope to read. Even though the Hokage had reassured him that he would be fine there, Naruto knew otherwise. It wouldn't be the first time he was thrown out of a place that didn't want him.

However, in a stroke of luck, it turned out that the librarian was one of the villagers that simply ignored him and went on with their lives, content that as long as he didn't bother them, they wouldn't bother him. With unlimited access to the library, Naruto read all the books he could get his hands on, as well as understand. From educational, to fictional, romance to horror, biographies to myths, he read them all. And up to a point, he was content. There was no one to glare at him, to look down on him, to belittle him, none of that was there when he was in the library with books. He felt safe with the thousands of books that surrounded him in a fortress of knowledge.

But Naruto still had a thirst for something. He never understood what, until he came across a book talking about the shinobis of the world, people with great powers that originated from a source called chakra. People that could do superhuman things, and held fame and glory. People that were looked up to. That was what he had wanted. He wanted to be a shinobi. He wanted power, more specifically, the knowledge that shinobis had access to. He knew that they had their own libraries filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of books and scrolls filled to the brim with knowledge that he simply craved to have. He also just so happened to know someone who could help him get that knowledge.

Thus, the next time Hiruzen came to visit him, he was prepared with a statement that threw the old man for quite the loop.

"I want to be a shinobi." Came the sudden statement from the five year old.

"What? No hello Oji-san?"

"I want to be a shinobi." Repeated the blond.

Sighing he looked down at the child through weary eyes. "And why, Naruto-kun, do you want to be a shinobi?"

"I… I want to know more. The only way to do that is to be a shinobi."

"Know more of what Naruto-kun?"

"Just to know more."

Sighing once again, his gaze softened and he placed a hand on top of the child's head. "The life of a shinobi is a hard one. It is a life filled with death, and danger. It isn't the glorious life of saving princesses and freeing countries that books make them out to be. Are you sure you want to do this?"

The only response he got was a single determined nod from the young boy.

"Very well Naruto-kun, I shall enroll you into the academy when you turn six. Is that fair enough?"

He got another nod from the quiet child. As Hiruzen closed his eyes and wondered what consequences his decision would have, he couldn't help but feel that this was the right thing to do, no matter what others said.

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Now in this case, instead of having an abundance of physical chakra, Naruto has an abundance of spiritual/mental chakra, which means an increase aptitude for Genjutsu, increased chakra control, as well as an increased intellect. But, he still gets more chakra from Kurama, though that is where things get a bit funky. The way I see it, and based off what we know, the Yang part is half of Kurama's chakra as well as the life and body aspect of chakra, meaning an increase in healing and strength due to an increase in Yang chakra in ones body, as well as the obvious increase in chakra. Yin on the other hand would be half of Kurama's chakra as well as an increase in mental fortitude and potential as well as strength in soul, and that is precisely why I would imagine it would help in giving Naruto good chakra control. Not because of the Yin alone, no that would still be unbalanced in a manner quite similar to Yakumo and how she was amazing at Genjutsu but she was extremely weak physically, but because Naruto is an Uzumaki, thus meaning that he would have an increased chakra reserve, which would slightly balance out the Yin-Yang ratio in Naruto's chakra. I might write more on this next chapter if you people really want to hear my thoughts on the inner workings of chakra.

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