This is my first Brooklyn Nine Nine fanfiction so all feedback (positive or negative) will be highly appreciated. (Haven't written fanfiction in over a year and a half so I may be a little bit rusty). Also, as you will probably guess from this fanfic, I am definitely a Jamy shipper.

Chapter One

It had been almost 7 months since the Nine Nine had lost Jake. Though most tried to deny it, It had taken its toll on everyone in the precinct. None more than Amy Santiago. The night Jake was fired from the NYPD he had told her the truth about his feelings for her.

' I wish something could happen between us-romantic stylez'

Those words had been the soundtrack to her summer. As much as she tried to ignore them, they were on a continual loop in her mind. She had thrown herself into her work, more than usual, and, although her arrest rate had gone through the roof, it was not enough to stop the familiar voice whispering in her ear. And as much as she had wanted to deny it, it had affected every aspect of her life- her relationship with Teddy had fizzled out due to the work load- at least that's what she tried to tell herself. Teddy was everything Amy thought was looking for, and yet, something was changing. She was changing. Those words had unlocked a world of different emotions for Amy, some that she was definitely not expecting to feel, and some that she was not prepared to deal with.

It had been an early start for Santiago that morning- a case that she had been working on with Boyle had a fresh lead that she was keen to follow up on. Although she was the secondary on the case, she was happy to be doing anything and everything that Boyle needed her to do. Keeping her mind occupied was the only thing she could do to ignore what was going round in her mind.

"I'm headed out. When I get more information, I'll be in touch. Okay Boyle?"

Charles looked up from his desk and watched Santiago as she headed for the door. He had seen Amy's demeanor change all summer and was being increasingly worried for his friend. He jumped up from his seat, grabbing his jacket and charged towards her before she reached the stairs.

He lightly touched her arm. "Mind if I tag along? Would like to see where this lead takes us." Despite being the primary, Charles was always conscience of letting Amy having her own space.

Amy turned around with a small, deflated smile. "Of course."

Although she would have preferred to go along, she was always grateful to have Charles beside her. He was not only a great detective but a true friend to anyone who needed it.

They had walked in comfortable silence to the car but as soon as the door closed on both sides, Charles began to speak.


"Yes Charles."

"Can I ask you something?"

Worried by his tone, she turned to face Boyle, her eyes making contact with his.

"Please tell me if I'm way out of line but is there something you not telling me? You've not been yourself all summer."

She felt a look of shock cross her face but she knew in her mind he was right. She let out a sigh and settled back into her seat. She didn't want to lie to her friend but she didn't want to tell him the whole truth either. "I'm okay Charles. I'm just been so busy that I'm a little worn out."

When she heard the words fall out of her mouth, she could see by the look on Boyle's face that he didn't believe her.

"That's what has had me worried." he replied honestly. "I know you're a hard, driven worker but you've not stopped for months."

She was touched by his concern and felt guilty for not opening up to him. Instead she smiled as sweetly as she could at him. "I'm fine, Charles, really I am. But thank you."

She leant across and touched his arm. A forced smile appeared on his face, obviously deciding it was best to go along with her despite knowing there was something else bothering her.

They both clicked in their seatbelts and Amy put the car into drive. The short journey to their destination with filled with silence, small talk not seeming appropriate now.

Santiago and Boyle arrived back at the precinct around 2pm, the lead that they had followed up with proving to be a less than helpful. It had led them to an apartment block that was residential care for the elderly. They had spent two hours knocking on doors to no avail. Not a single resident had recognized the perp in the photo.

But the precinct was not how they had left it this morning. Everyone was sat at there desks in silence, staring towards Holt's office.

Amy made her way towards Rosa, who despite herself, was focused on the door too.

"What's going on?" she asked, her tone low, almost at a whisper as not to break the silence.

Rosa hadn't even felt Santiago approach her and was uncharacteristically taken aback by the person now at her side.

Despite the fright, her voice was its normal self. "Holt's with a suited dude from the FBI."

Amy felt her heart drop into her stomach. A feeling of dread taking over her entire body. She could see on Rosa's face that they were all thinking the same. News about Jake. Even worse, it had to be bad news about Jake. Amy's feet stayed firmly stuck to the floor, her entire body tense. She felt sick to her stomach, and could feel all the blood rushing away from her head.

She closed her eyes to try and regain her senses. As soon as she had, she heard the familiar clink of Holt's office door opening.

Holt's monotonous voice seemed to boom across the whole precinct. "Thank you."

The agent shook hands with the Captain and sharply made his way to the exit.

Holt could feel all eyes on him.

"Diaz, Boyle, Terry, Santiago. My office, now." his tone unchanging.

All four looked at each other, sensing they were all bracing themselves for the worst. They made their way to the over and passed Holt who had remained at his door. Once they were all inside, he closed the door behind himself, before pulling down his blinds.

Holt made his way behind his desk, although did not sit. This made the team unnerved.

"I have some news regarding Detective Peralta."

Boyle took an audible breath in but he was not the only one who had.

The Captain continued." He had been a vital part of the undercover team, and thanks to his hard work, the FBI have been able to infiltrate the Iannucci family and have successfully arrested all suspects in the case."

The atmosphere in Holt's office immediately changed to one of near jubilation. Even Rosa cracked a smile.

Holt, sensing the change quickly interjected. "I wasn't finished."

Amy grabbed on to the nearest thing she could, which, luckily for her was the strong arm of Sargent Jeffords. His directness had almost knocked her sideways, and the breath out of her. Maybe the dread she had felt earlier was about to come to fruition.

"Detective Peralta was nearing the end of his undercover assignment when he was involved in an incident."

"What kind of incident?" Rosa inquired.

Holt took a small pause. "He was shot."

Amy let out a small gasp. She could feel her eyes immediately start to burn as tears threaten to fall from them. She looked at Boyle who was shaking and, Rosa had uncrossed her arms and looked visibly deflated. Terry's arm that Amy was leaning against, had become as hard as a rock.

Everyone remained silent, stunned by the news. Holt could see how the news had affected his squad. With a softer tone he tried to comfort the team. "Jake is in a stable condition, and if we know Peralta as well as we all do, he'll be back in the precinct in no time."

Rosa, who had known Jake since the academy, was quick to reply. "Are we able to go to the hospital? I mean, the assignment is over now, so?"

Holt nodded. "I am heading over there now. The hospital will only let two of us in at a time. Santiago, you will come with me, Boyle you will go with Diaz, and Terry, I would like you to take Gina. They have been friends for a long time. Can you please tell her everything she needs to know?"

"Yes Sir." Terry headed towards the door, briefly looking back at his detectives, giving them a small smile.

Boyle and Diaz made their way to the door too, both giving Amy a small touch on the arm as they left.

Amy was now alone with Captain Holt. He looked at her with a look that she has never seen before. It was a kindness, almost compassion. "I will drive. I can see that you are in shock." He said with subtly stern voice.

Amy went to speak, but no words escaped her lips. She cleared her throat and tried again. "Thank you, Sir." Her voice was small but she was glad something came out. She did not want to appear this weak, especially in front of Captain Holt, and would try to mentally and physically pull herself together before getting to the hospital.

Captain Holt led her to his car. She knew the journey would not be a comfortable one but she was grateful that she got to go with him. Captain Holt was her 'rabbi' and whenever she needed to summon strength of any kind, she would think to herself 'What Would Captain Holt Do?'

As they drove across town, she sat, almost slumped in her seat, childlike. She looked across at him, like a child to a father, his face as stoic as ever. He could feel her eyes on him and he turned his face ever so slightly as he began. "Santiago. I know that Jake is very important to you, and not just as your partner."

Her eyes widened from his statement. Even in times like this, he could surprise her.

"He'll be okay."

His words gave her strength, like she knew they would. She sat up, pulling herself together, in more ways than one.

"I know, Sir."

As they pulled into the hospital parking lot, Amy drew in a deep breath. She didn't know exactly what to expect. As a detective, she had had training on how to cope with situations like this, but not when it came to someone she held more dearly than she had previously cared to admit.

She and Holt made their way towards the nurses station. Captain Holt took the lead.

"We are here to see Detective Jake Peralta. I believe you've been informed that were on our way."

The nurse looked down at the records with a quiet determination on her face, and, with a 'oh yes' looked up.

"Jake Peralta is in private room One Thirteen. Just down the hall, to the left."

Captain Holt smiled politely and headed down the corridor. Santiago walked purposely slowing than Holt, needed to take a few more breathes to ready herself.

Holt entered the room, turning the doorknob slowly. He peered his head around the door slowly, not wanting to startle its occupant.

Before Amy could enter, she heard a familiar voice. Croaky, but familiar.


Amy's heart skipped a beat. She had missed that voice.

She remained behind the door for a few seconds longer to give Holt his moment.

"It's good to see you." Holt's velvety tone was uncharacterisically warm.

All of the blood rushed to Amy's head. With one more deep breath, she mustered her will to lead her into the room.

It took a few seconds for their eyes to make contact. She had never been so happy to see his chocolaty brown eyes. A smile appeared on her face instantaneously.

"Jake." her voice said at a whisper. She walked towards him, her stomach full of butterflies.

"It's really good to see you Amy."

She took his hand in his.

"It's good to see you too."