Sonic's popcorn adventure: Chapter 1

Sonic decided to eat some popcorn. He was pretty hungry. He grabbed a popcorn bag from one of his cabinets, put it in the microwave, and pushed the popcorn button. While waiting for it to cook, he decided to watch some TV.

Later while watching TV, he heard a loud noise from in the kitchen.

"Huh? Anyone there?" said Sonic.

He walked into the kitchen and found that while cooking the popcorn, the microwave exploded and created a portal to another universe.

"What the...?" he thought. Without thinking much, he jumped in the portal.

"Ahhhhh!" he screamed while he was being transported to another universe.

After the transportation was done, he found himself in a place that looked just like Earth. He was in a city that had buildings everywhere and people walking around.

He turned to the side and saw a huge ball rolling things up. "Ah! What the hell is going on?" said Sonic.

He noticed the ball was rolling his way, so he attempted to run away. "I can out run this damn ball!" he said to himself, while running away from it. He was picking up speed, getting farther away from the ball.

"Whew!" he said in relief.

The ball started getting bigger while rolling things up. It started rolling up buildings around the city, making it bigger quickly.

"Who is rolling this giant thing?" Sonic said to himself, wondering.

Sonic looked closely and noticed that a tiny green thing was rolling it around. "Who is that, and what is he trying to do?" Sonic thought.

The ball was rolling towards Sonic, and without Sonic noticing, it rolled him up.

Sonic screamed in shock while this was happening. "Ahhhh! Let me off!" He screamed.

The ball was picking up more things and started to cover up Sonic.

"That's it, I'm out of here!" He said. Sonic started to spin-dash out of the ball, knocking himself and some other items in the ball out.

He dropped out of the ball and hit the ground. The ball started to roll towards him again, and before it could pick him up again, he ran away from it.

He was far from it now and had nothing to worry about.

"Ha! Think you can out-run me, tiny green thing? I'm Sonic! Sonic the hedgehog, the fastest thing alive!" said Sonic.

To be continued.

(Yo! My name is Qwerty! This is my first fan fiction, and it's a crossover between Sonic the Hedgehog and Katamari Damacy. Hope you enjoy it, and sorry about this chapter being kinda short. I'll have chapter 2 done soon! It'll be longer and have more to it.)