"Whaat? You've got to be kidding me!" Sonic said to The King. "That Katamari is huge!"

"Not huge enough. Ready to roll again?" The King replied

"Fine! This time I'll make it huge enough!" Sonic said, hoping what he was saying is true. Sonic was starting to get nervous.


Sonic was got another chance to roll a Katamari, The King just transported him to another city. Sonic rolled up a circle of Huge Tress he found.

"Yes! I just started rolling and I already got a huge size boost!" Sonic said happily

He went over to a place that had very huge buildings everywhere. He tried rolling them up, but instead he bumped into it and lost some items out of the Katamari.

"God damn it! The Katamari isn't big enough!" Sonic screamed in frustration.

Sonic went over to a place that had huge crowds of people by small buildings.

"This should get the Katamari big enough for those buildings!" He said.

Sonic rolled up the crowds of people and the buildings. It gave him a huge size boost, so he decided to go back to the tall buildings and see if he could roll them up. He went over there, dashing pretty quickly, and rolled up all the buildings

"Yes! This should be big enough, but I can get it even bigger!" Sonic said happily.

Sonic rolled over everything in sight, he got the Katamari really big, and he knew it would be big enough.

He found some more things to roll up and rolled them up. Time eventually ran out.

"Time is up, Sonic! How was the rolling? Let's get back to space! Royal Rainbow!" said The King.

They got back to space.

"Oh my, this Katamari is very nice, Sonic! Good job!" The King told Sonic

"So, can ya help me get back to where I belong now, please?" Sonic said.

"Of course! We shall zip you back, thanks for this Katamari, Sonic!" The King replied.


Sonic was transported back home now.

"Well, that was awesome!" Sonic thought to himself, remembering everything that happened.

Sonic went into his kitchen and found a bag of popcorn, right by a broken microwave.

"Oh look, it cooked. Time to eat some popcorn!" Sonic screamed out.

The End

(Hey! It's Qwerty again. Thanks for reading my story. Sorry that it was kinda short, but my next fic will be much longer. I hope you enjoyed, and again, thanks for readying!)