Hello crossover fans

It's a fellow fan of Transformers and Mass Effect

So I've read some stories on these crossovers and I decided to make my own

This basically starts off from the end of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and begins when Commander Shepard gets back the Normandy in ME1

Definitely going to be an AU

Lot of things planned

Also, I do not know much about the tech in both universes so I can't exactly get everything right

I'll use the wikis as much as possible, but I can't promise everything will be perfect

I do appreciate flames because they help me correct and make the story better

So without further ado

Let's begin

There were those sounds. The sounds he had depicted during the battle for the Dark Spark. The crumpling of steel, the rending of metal, the sounds of the arena. They were so vivid, overriding his audio receptors and blocking out the explosions that rocked the ship.

Optimus raised his sword and blocked Megatron's next attack, locking blades with him. He acted quickly and pushed forward, putting them in a power struggle. This had happened frequently during their battle, locking their swords together and entering a struggle to overpower the other.

Only one got the upper hand, but they would lose it none the less. They had done everything from beating each other's chassis with their bare hands to stabbing each other's various limbs or torso with their blades. In Megatron's case, he had even blasted the Prime with his new Riot Cannon.

While the bot dreaded this battle, the con was overly thrilled. As a records clerk, Orion Pax had never wished to fight, but as a gladiator, a battle and a challenge were everything D-16 had every cherished. A both were once simple workers, a records clerk and a mining drone, but they became so much more. Transforming into a commander and a politic before becoming a Prime and a warlord.

They entered yet another interlocking of swords as the Ark shook. The Ark, the final hope for the Autobots, attacked by the Nemesis, once the terrifying Trypticon. Both continued speeding towards the ruptured space bridge, the salvation which would take them to a new home or at least a world to which they could harvest Energon from.

Then it happened, Optimus won the power struggle and took a risk. He swung and caught the gladiator off guard, the blade slicing through his chassis. Megatron fell backwards, landing on his back as sparks flew from his new wound, energon leaking as well. He roared in pain as Optimus swung backwards, swinging the sword so that he held it backwards.

Raising it up, he stabbed downwards and pierced the con's torso, right below his spark core. Another agonizing scream tore through Megatron's body as he cried out in outrage and pain. Suddenly, the Ark shook as multiple explosions rocked it violently.

Both leaders began tumbling down its golden hull before grabbing the ground and slowly rising up. They looked at the portal and their optics widened in shock.

"No! The portal!" Megatron cried out in shock as he witnessed it violently tearing apart both ships.

"The vortex is tearing the ship apart!" Optimus cried out in horror as they fell back down, only to grab the hull.

They desperately began climbing, attempting to escape their imminent doom. They had no true destination, just some safe haven to find shelter in. However, they would find none because it was already to late. Pieces of golden and purple cybertanium hull flew into the vortex as the ships lost control and began tumbling.

"No! I will not be denied!" Megatron roared in outrage as he followed the Prime, desperate to kill his foe before he became one with the Well of Allsparks.

This was not to be for the Ark was rocked by explosions once more. Both Cybertronians lost their grip on the ground and watched as the ship became smaller in their optics. They did not scream, they did not flail, they simply watched as everything went dark.

From Cybertron, every surviving Autobot or Decepticon left behind watched in awe and horror as both ships disappeared into the blackness of space. Night had settled as the Lightning Strike Coalition, or 'Dinobots' as Swoop had dubbed them searched for their missing leader, Grimlock, but their attention was averted to the lights in the dark sky that showed the golden Ark and dark Nemesis tumbling towards a portal.

The Space Bridge, once a circular shape colored void black. It was ringed with a forever flaring aura of blue light, but now it was ruptured, shattered like glass. Golden lights seared through it, bursting like flames around its ever expanding and contracting form as more lights ripped open wholes in it and sowed it back together.

The final hopes for Cybertron disappeared into the portal, never to be seen again.

Or would they?

Commander Jane Shepard was mad, no furious, scratch that, she was going ballistics.

She had survived the slaver raid on Mindoir, watching her family and friends be slaughtered, some of them even enslaved. The Alliance found her and she immediately joined as young as she could, graduating as one of the youngest ever.

She wanted to make as difference and she had at Elysium. The same slavers that had attacked her home had come back for the planet and she was there to stop them. The galaxy had come to know the name Shepard for a short time as the hero who almost single handedly stopped the slaver raid and she was proud of it.

Now, however, she was a disgraced commander, left to sit in her apartment while some other guy got the Normandy. The people outside of the apartment got quite the surprise when they heard glass shattering and saw a couch fall into the lake. A feminine scream of fury echoed from the apartment and people rushed by, hurrying to leave the premises or be hit by another falling couch.

Shepard fell back onto her bed, teeth grit and eyes narrowed as she glared at the ceiling. Suddenly, there was a knocking on the door and she got up, staring at it.

"If you're with the Council, go shove it up your ass! If it's the landlord, I'll pay you later!"

Who ever was behind the door was most likely not going to think she was being serious, but Shepard meant every word of it. She did want the courier to shove it up his backside and she could pay the landlord with all the credits she had gathered from her many missions and 'side' missions as she had taken to calling them.

"What if I'm not both of them?" Kaiden Alenko's voice rang out and she smiled.

"Door's open then!" she shouted back and he opened it, walking in with wide eyes.

"Damn Commander, you did a number on this place."

"It's my apartment, I can do whatever I want," she stated and crossed her arms. "Now why're you here?"

"Got a call from a friend saying he heard a girl screaming in anger and a couch getting thrown out a window by biotics. I only know one biotic crazy enough and pissed off enough to do both."

"Good assumptions," she remarked while pouring herself some water.

She downed it while the biotic sentinel just stood there awkwardly, out of place in the trashed apartment.

"So, Commander. You wanna go get a drink to calm down?" she asked and she shook her head.

"You don't want a pissed off and drunk biotic with a grudge against the Council right now, do you?" she asked and he quickly shook his head in response, enticing a laugh from the biotic vanguard.

She turned to pour herself another drink, but something clicked in her head.

"Anderson!" she cried out and he jumped back at her voice.


"I forgot!" she said as she grabbed a coat and ran out of the apartment. "Sorry, can't drink with you. Already got a drinking buddy!"

Everything was calm over Freedom's Progress, the skies were light as the human colonists went about their daily lives. The stone shapes that had been carved into the foundations gleamed in the sunlight as children played with their pets and security mechs patrolled.

Then it happened, it happened all of the sudden. Day had turned to night and people were either in bed or heading there when a loud boom resounded throughout the entirety of the world. People got up, screaming or silent as they rushed out to find the source of the noise.

Their eyes landed on lights in the skies. They weren't steady, they weren't blinking nor staying solid, but they were descending. Meteors or falling stars, no one knew what they were as a multitude of massive flaming balls fell down from the sky, heading for the planet's surface.

No one saw the golden metal hull behind the flames that were started by the entry into the atmosphere. No one even saw the pitch black void surrounded by golden lights that lay in the sky before disappearing. What hey did see was the meteors crash into the nearby mountains.

Gathering their weapons and armor, a few men and woman journeyed out to oversee the damage done to the landscape by the falling objects. It was a long drive, but one full of chatter as they talked about the new adventure. They thought of meteors, falling stars, maybe even something new to their galaxy.

They were not far off from the truth.

"Ah," a voice groaned, low and humble while holding an electronic tone to it.

Blue optics lit up, glowing as Optimus woke up. He lay in the ground, half buried by dirt and stone. He weakly moved his head, observing his environment. He was laying in a crater, the massive blemish in the landscape filled with mostly molten pieces of Cybertanium.

He tried to move his arm, but only succeeded in overloading his nerve receptors with pain.

"Ratchet... Ironhide... Bumblebee... Anyone?" he called out weakly, but no one answered.

Suddenly, there were lights and he felt a slight stinging at the new light source. He adjusted to it quickly and his optics zoomed in on a small group of bipedal beings. His first thought were Decepticons, but then he noticed the weapons they carried and the armor they were.

They were not standard Decepticon requisition nor were they anywhere close to Cybertronian technology as far as he could tell. He did a scan and quickly identified heat sources underneath the metal armor plating.

"Fleshlings," he mumbled as they slid down the crater towards him.

"What is it?" one asked as they neared his prone form.

"I dunno, but look at the size of it! We could strip this thing down and sell it for millions!" Another cheered and Optimus felt fear at the idea of being torn apart like a simple machine.

"Or we could repair it and use it as our secret weapon, something that could help us keep the colony safe!" the last of the group spoke up and there were murmurs.

"Or ya could hand him over to us!" a familiar voice rang out.

The trio of fleshlings looked up at a massive metal being, his body covered in crimson red or grey armor and optics lit blue.

"Ironhide," Optimus weakly rasped and the fleshlings jumped at his voice.

"What the, these things are still alive!"

"Shoot it!"

"I wouldn't do that," Ironhide rumbled as he transformed his Scrapmaker out, pointing the dual barreled heavy weapon at them.

"Ironhide... No, they are only curious," the Prime pleaded and Ironhide faltered at his leader's words.

The fleshling did not know what to think or say as the two massive robots spoke between each other. Optimus felt sympathy for all living things and knew that these new forms of life he had encountered did not deserve death. He hoped his brother in arms would heed his words and was thankful when the weapon disappeared back into his chassis.

"Alright Prime, we'll do it your way," the older bot grumbled as he slid down into the crater. "Step away from him and you can watch what happens next."

The fleshlings obeyed and walked backwards till they were a good distance from the pair of Autobots. Raising his hand to his com unit, Optimus watched Ironhide call for help.

"Ratchet! This is Ironhide, I found Prime and he's leaking a lot of Energon. We need medical support!"

"On my way!" he heard the medic speak through the line before it cut.

Lowering his hand from the com unit built into his helmet, Ironhide gently grasped the Prime's hand in a reassuring manner. The fleshlings stared in confusion, but they knew this was a heartfelt moment.

"Come on Prime, just go into stasis lock, we'll wake ya up when yer all fixed up," he assured his friend and Optimus slowly nodded before his optics turned off.

Across space, far from the Terminus Systems, Udina sat behind his desk in his office, typing away at his computer as he fabricated a report on why the Normandy was being grounded for the time being. However, the fabrication was not to be finished as Captain Anderson marched in, hands clenched and at his side.

"Anderson? What are you doing here?"

The African American man didn't answer as he circled around the desk towards the ambassador.

"I didn't send for-" Udina was cut off as the captain socked him in the face, effectively knocking out his lights.

His hand slipped off the keyboard and Anderon's replaced them as he began unlocking the Normandy's systems. He smiled as he finished and put on a grin when he deleted all of Udina's progress on the fabrication. Nearby, Joker had slipped the Turian and Human made ship from the docks as Shepard shouted orders.

"Let's go! Get us out of here, Joker. Now!"

She ran to the galaxy map and began mapping a course for Ilos, but at the same time mapped another course for Freedom's Progress, another Terminus world where a new predicament had come up.

"We got a call from some colonists on a world in the Terminus System," Anderson spoke and Shepard nodded. "Said they found giant robots that could talk and think on their own."

"That's impossible unless their AIs," the commander stated and the captain nodded back.

"I know, they aren't sure if they're Geth or not, but the leader of the mechs says they come in peace. The colonists are agreeing to not attack them, but only because they don't want a massacre."

"You want me to go don't you?"

"Yes I do Shepard, you've handled situations more complicated than a peace treaty before. Just go do your usual thing."

"You mean piss off everyone I meet and blow up all my enemies while ranting on about god like machines?" she asked and he laughed.

"Yes, but with a lot more talking," he replied and she cracked a smile.

"Commander, we're here," Joker spoke up and Shepard made her way to the air lock.

"Call up Garrus and Tali, I'll need them for this."

"On it Commander."

In several minutes the two aliens were with her as they stepped off the Normandy. They were greeted by the leader of the colony, a man named Herald Wiskens.

"It's a real honor Commander," he greeted and bowed, but Jane gave a confused look.

"What're you doing?" she asked and he snapped back up.

"Oh, sorry. I thought you'd like the glory."


"Well you are the first Human Spectre," Garrus coughed and she shot him a glare.

"Just show us the robots," Shepard sighed in frustration and the colonist led them out of the space port.

They walked out into the colony and everywhere people were in awe as they watched the Spectre walk by. Some kids would come up and ask for autographs and she'd be forced to put on a smile and sign them one.

"Several days ago we watched their ship fall out of the sky and then our salvage team found them. They call themselves Autobots," Herald explained and the trio nodded in understanding. "They mostly seclude themselves in the mountain they crashed in, but some of them have come out as far as the colony premises."

"Reconnaissance?" Shepard asked and Garrus nodded.

"Probably," he responded and they kept walking.

Suddenly, there was an explosion as a warehouse exploded. People ran out, screaming as several more were mowed down by a volley of bullets. The trio halted and ran over to cover. A massive mech walked out, not one of these newcomers, but instead one of the security mechs, more specifically a YMIR Mech.

"Whoa! That's big!" Tali shouted over the sound of its machine gun firing.

"Take it down!" Shepard yelled and they looked over cover, firing at it.

The bullets bounced off its kinetic barrier, barely doing damage to its shields at all.

"It's no use!" Herald shouted as he covered his head with his hands, cowering behind a set of crates. "We just gave it an upgrade on its kinetic barriers. Damn thing is near invincible with it."

"It's still a kinetic barrier and those still drop!" Garrus shouted and fired a round into its head, knocking down a good amount of its shields. "We keep shooting and we'll only have to worry about piercing the armor!"

A rocket flew over them, blowing off a good chunk of a stone foundation. People were screaming and running for their lives while several more security mechs walked out, some YMIR class while others were the smaller, more versatile LOKI Mechs.

"That's a lot of mechs!" Tali shouted as she fired her pistol.

Eyeing and explosive canister next to the group of robots, Shepard fired. It exploded in a plume of searing flames as smoke billowed from it. Unfortunately, I had only damaged them instead of destroying them. A rocket flew over and struck the stone pillar she was using.

The force of it was enough to send her flying back, landing on her armored back. Before the mech could fire again, however, a loud revving sound could be heard a yellow vehicle drove past the small group. It opened up small panels on its side revealing machine guns built into it. It began driving a barrage of... something. Shepard couldn't tell what it was, but it was definitely tearing the mechs apart.

Right before the small car thing collided with the hostiles, it... transformed?

Armor plates on it opened up and shifted, moving apart as the inner machinery did the same. A pair of mechanical feet touched the ground and propelled the now fully transformed robot into the other machine. It collided, but the YMIR Mech had a firm stand as it held its ground.

"Yo! You think you can mess with me! You think you can mess with me!" the bot shouted, its voice reminding Shepard of some random line probably from a movie.

It was colored yellow, with small horns on the side of its head. It was taller than the mech by at least a foot or less, small enough to ride on its back like it was getting a piggy back ride.

The new robot raised its arm and a sword grew from it, the blade glowing a burning orange red color. It shot it down and pierced the other robot's armor, stabbing its head straight through. Pulling it out, the bot jumped off of the mech and transformed back into a small car, driving away as it exploded, sending a shockwave of energy and making a loud noise like a resounding boom.

She got up, watching the yellow car regroup with four newcomers. Two looked like strange trucks while the last two resembled a hoodless car and the other was just like the yellow car, but red. All of the vehicles had glowing red lines all over them, running across the surface of their armored hull like some kind of pattern.

All of the sudden, the lead truck transformed, the front was colored red with two black surfaces that resembled windows. It changed form as a pair of arms came out of the sides and the front became a torso, the back which would be used for hauling stuff turned into legs colored blue while a head came out of the top of the torso. It wore a mouthpiece, like a mask with a blue helmet that had two long ears and a central one too.

"Autobots! Defend the humans!" it shouted in a low, humble voice that had an electronic tone to it.

Optimus Prime activated his axe, watching the Energon course through it until it formed the axe blade. He charged forward, past the group of defending humans. Slashing down, he bypassed a mech's shielding and cleaved it in half. As a Cybertronian, he towered over the mechs as if they were small Decepticon drones.

He hacked and sliced, cutting apart the larger mechs while the fleshlings they had identified as humans shot the smaller ones. Ironhide rammed another mech into a wall, crushing it while Jazz and Cliffjumper rode two others just as Bumblebee did.

Soon they were, but melted pieces of slag that was strewn all across the ground. I stared at the mess of destroyed mechs and memories flashed in my mind. Decepticon and Autobot bodies littered the steel colored ground, large statues of our ancestors were broken and defiled by war. Megatron stood atop a balcony, laughing maniacally as he ripped apart an Autobot.

The sound of weapons cocking took my attention and I looked behind me to find a young human female holding what appeared to be a shotgun of some kind. She was directing the barrel at me, emphasizing a threat.

"I mean no harm," I spoke, deactivating my Energon axe as a gesture of peace.

"Who- What are you?" she questioned as I gestured for my fellow Autobots to do the same.

"I am Optimus Prime and we are the Autobots."


"Short for Autonomous Robotic Organisms," Jazz answered, walking over to stand next to me. "Big bot here's our leader."

"Are you associated with the Geth?" a female organism asked.

Quickly, I identified her as the species known as the Quarians and cross referenced the Geth as a synthetic species they had created and soon were defeated by.

"No, we have no affiliation with the synthetic race," I admitted and I could see small eyes narrow underneath her mask.

"Where are you from?" the fiery orange haired one asked and I looked down.

"We come from a world, far from here. It would be much easier to explain everything on our ship," I said and transformed into my alt mode.

The rest of my brothers did the same and the fleshlings' eyes widened in awe.

"We will transport you there if you so choose or you may follow us back to the Ark."

"The Ark?" a bird like alien asked and I recognized him as the militaristic species known as Turians.

"That's right, The Ark. It's our ship," Cliffjumper answered and Ironhide smacked him upside the head.

"You idiot, don't tell them everything!"

"I wasn't! Geez, we can tell them its a ship at least."

"Enough, both of you," I ordered and they straightened up before I returned my gaze to the trio of aliens. "I ask of you, heed my plea and do not act violently against us. We have traveled far and would have gone offline had we not crashed here, on this world rich with energy."

"Um, okay," the female human spoke and did something to her weapon, deactivated it I believe for it transformed into a more compact form before magnetizing to the back of her waist. "We're actually on a tight schedule, need to save the galaxy and stuff."

"Then we shall be quick."

They hesitated a bit, but reluctantly climbed into Jazz's seats that were usually occupied by Minicons. It was near an hour later that we arrived at the Ark. They marveled at the massive, golden ship impaled into the side of the mountain. A cave led had been made by the crashing of the ship into the mountain so we began using it as a threshold. The engines stuck out while the front of the ship was embedded deep in the mountain stone.

"We have arrived," I spoke as my chassis shifted and transformed into my robot mode. "Please follow me."

They reluctantly did so the walk to the bridge was slow, but we arrived none the less.

"Optimus, are you alright?" Ratchet demanded as he ran over to us.

"I am fine old friend. Luckily, their mechanical drones were to primitive to offer much damage to our overshields."

"Thank the Allspark," the medic sighed as he stepped back, "you rushed out of here so fast after we intercepted the colony's distress call."

"Lucky for him, we were almost toast," the human female spoke up and my old friend looked down at her in shock.

"You brought one of the humans here?"

"I have already spoken to her Ratchet. She will not attack unless provoked, I hope," I explained and the trio of aliens we had brought lowered their hands from where they rested near their weapons of choice.

"Well hopefully we aren't provoked," Shepard stated and walked up to face the broken terminal in the front of the bridge.

"What happened to this place?"

The bridge was once an awe inspiring room that was a part of a ship that was considered a masterpiece, far larger than any other transport ship that had been launched from Cybertron. Now it was reduced to a destroyed room, terminals barely functional with what Energon we had been able to harvest from solar energy and fossil fuels that were easy to find.

"It was destroyed in the Ark's final battle," Ironhide answered as he walked up next to the human.

"We come from a world far from here, a planet called Cybertron," I began to explain and the organics took up more comfortable positions next to each other. "For many solar cycles we had known peace as we all lived during a golden age, but all times of peace must be balanced out by ages of chaos and discord."

Ratchet repaired the terminal enough to emit a holographic image of our world before the war. It flickered and came to an image shot after the Ark was a significant distance from it for a perfect view. Once it was whole, a planet bustling with activity as bots went about their normal lives, then every single Cybertronian was forced to take up arms and fight to survive against each other.

"A lone gladiator from the illegal gladiatorial pits of a city called Kaon rose up, once known as D-16, he took up the name Megatronus, a myth amongst our people. He called for a new government, a new leading order to replace the High Council of Elders. In turn, a movement known as the Decepticons followed in his wake, but hey were prone to violence and quickly made a name as a terrorist group."

"So what happened?" the turian questioned and Ratchet switched the hologram to show footage of Megatron fighting his way through Iacon.

"We did not know it at the time, but Megatron was secretly leading the Decepticons. By the time we had discovered so, it was to late. While the Decepticons had lain siege to Iacon, our capital, he had struck from within and caused great panic amongst our people," I somberly explained and they gave us all a sympathetic look. "For nearly 50 million of your Earth years, we fought each other, brother against brother, Autobot against Decepticon."

"You were caught in a civil war?" the human simplified and I nodded.

"Our leader, Zeta Prime was slain by Megatron after he had discovered an ancient and dark power source known as Dark Energon."

"Wait, what is Dark Energon?" the Quarian asked and Ratchet collected a canister of our life blood.

"This is Energon, in a simplified explanation, it is pure energy in many forms. It is our life blood, our ammunition, and our fuel. It can appear as a liquid or in a crystalline form," the medical officer explained and their eyes widened.

"Our war soon turned from a struggle over political power, to survival of our species," I continued as the hologram shifted to our planet's core. "Energon is our life source, much like your blood. It is forever created and sent out from the core of our world, but Megatron infected the core with Dark Energon, a far more volatile and unstable form of Energon."

"He gave your planet a disease?" the Quarian asked and we all solemnly nodded.

"I personally traveled to the core to find a way to cure it, but alas there was none," I stated and Ironhide nodded.

"But we got he next best thing," the red bot spoke as he clasped my shoulder. "Primus himself offered Optimus here the Matrix of Leadership."

"Wait, Primus? Matrix of Leadership?" the human questioned and I nodded.

"Primus is what your people would call God, he is the higher being in control of Order while his brother, Unicron is in control of Chaos. As the legends go, both gods clashed and in order to win victory, Primus created the thirteen Primes, my predecessors. As time went by, they went offline, but their legacy was set. Primus himself transformed into our very world and I suppose the legends were true I spoke to the core and he offered me a piece of his spark which he called the Matrix of Leadership."

My chassis transformed, opening up to reveal the legendary artifact within my torso unit. They looked in awe as they stared at the piece of Primus' spark, a light blue mist coming off of it and letting out a field of wisdom and unity. I closed my chassis and began my story again.

"After I was declared the new Prime, I called for all our people to leave Cybertron for the Dark Energon had halted the production of our life blood. Megatron attempted to stop our escape by creating a monstrosity called Trypticon, but it was easily bested, but not before taking thousands of innocent lives," I sadly admitted and they gave yet another sympathetic look. "Many years passed and finally our battle concluded with the launching of our ship, The Ark. The Decepticons turned Trypticon's corpse into a usable ship they called the Nemesis and our final battle took place aboard our ship."

"They pursued you," the human interrupted once more and I nodded again.

"The space bridge we used, an inter dimensional portal capable of sending us anywhere across the universe was unstable and-"

"Wait, Space Bridge? Universe? You mean you're from another galaxy completely?" the Quarian demanded and many of us shrugged.

"It is possible," Ratchet spoke up as he turned the hologram into an image of the space bridge, "we believe that shortly before we launched, a rogue Autobot named Grimlock stored Kaon and destroyed the space bridge generator and caused it to rupture and become unstable. There is no telling how many Autobots or Cons have been ejected all over your galaxy, perhaps across multiple galaxies."

"Sounds like a tough bot," the turian remarked and I nodded.

"He was a powerful warrior, a brute and arrogant at times, but even he knew the dangers the Decepticons posed and I gladly accepted him into our ranks."

"Your a kind leader Optimus," the human said as she approached me.

Outstretching a hand in a handshaking gesture, she introduced herself.

"My name is Commander Jane Shepard of the Human Systems Alliance, my team and I are on a mission to stop a rogue, Turian spectre named Saren from unleashing an army of god like machines called the Reapers."

"The Reapers?" Ironhide gasped and we all looked to him. "I thought those were rumors."

"You know about the Reapers?" the Quarian questioned, still untrusting of us.

"The Protheans sometimes talked about them," the older bot explained. "Whenever they'd visit Cybertron during the golden age they always talked about organic killing machines called Reapers. The Council wasn't in favor of war so they didn't join in the battle against them."

"You guys knew the Prothean too?" the Turian asked and we all nodded.

"They were a warrior race, strong and proud, but also cruel at times," I explained before returning to the subject at hand. "But besides that point, may I ask that I join in your mission."

"Wait, what?" Shepard asked, raising and eyebrow. "Why would you want to help us?"

"As an Autobot and a Prime, it is my sworn duty and solemn belief that freedom is the right of all sentient beings," I exclaimed and they all looked at me in awe.

"Optimus, you can't be serious," Ratchet argued as he approached me. "You can't just go run off with the human as if you were sparkmates!"

"I would do no such thing unless necessary, old friend," I rumbled and gripped his shoulder. "Besides, this journey may yield clues to where are brethren may be and perhaps even find them."

He stared at me, he continued to keep his optics locked on mine before venting some air, the Cybertronian equivalent to an organic sighing in defeat.

"Very well, just don't get to hurt. I have to stay and repair the Ark with the others."

"Indeed you must Ratchet, I shall go on this mission alone."

"What!" all of my comrades yelled simultaneously and Ironhide charged up to me.

"Optimus! You can't go alone! What if you're wounded! None of these organics'll know how to patch you up."

"Yeah, at least take one of us with you, big guy!" Jazz shouted in outrage.

I vented some air as well and looked up at the five Autobot heroes who had stood by me since the beginning.

"Very well, Bumblebee, you shall join me," I stated and the mute scout's eyes widened.

He looked around before tuning into a radio station to speak.

"You talking to me?"

"Yes little one," I said and placed my hand on his shoulder. "You are a capable warrior as well as an excellent scout. Your skills will be needed in this mission."

He excitedly nodded before punching the air.

"Don't get to excited Bee, don't want to burn up all your Energon," Ratchet stated and grabbed several canisters filled with our life blood. "If you're really going you're going to need these. Should keep you up and running for a while."

"Thank you Ratchet," I said and transformed, keeping the containers within my cab.

Bumblebee did the same and opened up his side panels, transforming his inner workings to create seats for the organics.

"Autobots, it has been an honor serving with you and I hope it shall continue to be," I spoke as they saluted to me.

"Go find our brothers, Optimus," Cliffjumber spoke, on the verge of leaking Energon from his optics.

"If you find any Cons give 'em a good beating for me, would ya?" Ironhide asked while saluting.

"Don't get to damaged, I won't be there to heal you, got it?" Ratchet ordered as he saluted.

"You find any of those Aerialbots, tell 'em we could use some sky supremacy, 'kay big bot?" Jazz asked and saluted with everyone else.

"Goodbye my brothers, Till All Are One," I stated and drove off, back to the colony and to where Commander Shepard's ship would be.

Meanwhile, back at the colony. A lone man sat in a destroyed warehouse, hidden in a room as he called his superiors.

"Tell the Illusive Man the plan worked, those alien robots came out of hiding to stop the mechs I hacked," he spoke and the woman on the other line nodded.

"Will do," Miranda Lawson replied and cut the call

There was darkness and only darkness, but then there was light. His optical sensors reactivating and several command sequences appeared in his vision before disappearing, leaving a view of a glowing blue visor in his face.

"He online yet Swoop?" a voice grumbled and a bulky bot came into view

"I dunno, you wanna slap him and see?" the smaller bot asked, but he groaned. "Wait, actually he is online. Come on Shockcon! Wake up! Up and at 'em!"

Shockwave groaned as he slowly rose up, using his non-severed arm to push his torso unit up.

"Where am I? Why did you save me?"

"Cause your the only one who can save Sludge you piece of scrap!" Swoop yelled and grabbed him by the collar of his chassis, but was forced to drop him when Slug grabbed his friend's shoulder.

"Swoop! Stop! He won't be of use to us if he's offlined again."

"Fine," he admitted and they looked down on him, "you work for us now, got it!"

"And why would I help you?" Shockwave demanded to know as he stared at the nub that was once his arm.

"Because if you don't, then you go offline and when you go offline, you can't keep doing your sick experiments!" Swoop shouted and the Decepticon took a thought to this.

"Very well, I will aid you, but only if I may do the same procedure to Test Subject- er, Sludge," he bargained, halting his designating for their compatriot when they began narrowing their optics at him.

"You want to experiment on him right after you bring him online!"

"No, I shall simply do it on his stasis locked form," he explained and the duo looked at each other before calling in Snarl to help decide.

Hesitating, they agreed and if Shockwave had a mouth, or any emotion, he would've had a joy filled smile.

Back in the new galaxy occupied by the Autobots, a massive bot reactivated. His newer chassis had helped him survive the Space Bridge event, ultimately saving him from going offline when he crashed. Getting up, he noticed the organic life around him, many trees and rocks around the crater he was in.

Slowly getting up, he looked down at the small wounds inflicted on his near broken form. He had learned how to patch up such wounds back in his days before the Lightning Strike Coalition so finding enough parts and harvesting the Energon necessary for this would be harder than the actual procedure.

He wiped off some of the dust and dirt on him before climbing out of the crater and searching for any sentient life. He found none, but did see a colony off in the distance.

Little did Grimlock know, he'd become its salvation one day.

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