Shadow Dancer
Part One

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~*~ ~*~ ~*~

His feet slammed the ground pitching him forward. The small boy fell to the ground in exhaustion and passed out, turquoise eyes falling shut. Gold hair turned black and his aura crackled for a moment then disappeared. His foe was gone, forever. Cell would not return. There was nothing but ashes left of the android, nothing to regenerate. He could not return to the realm of the living.

And neither would his father, the boy learned soon after when they sought to wish those killed back. He was staying dead. The boy would always remember his parting words. "I'm proud of you, my son. And I love you, Gohan."

Gohan wasn't proud of it, he didn't care what his father's reasoning was, he wanted him to come BACK. But the wish was not to be. And so, the legend of Son Goku died, leaving his eleven year old son to fulfill his legacy.
~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~

Gohan never was quite the same after that, throwing himself into both training and studies, the first of which his mother was furious about. Her son would not be like his father! He would be a scholar. The argument that ensued was very brief. Gohan won. He would train and study, to Chichi's dismay. But the woman hadn't the heart to tell him he couldn't. This was something he and his father did. His way of remembering his father and feeling useful.

When Goten was born only half a year later, he was the only bit of joy in the depressed boy's life. Gohan wasn't the happy child he had been before, his father's death taking it's toll on him. His was growing older, and the depression still remained. Not quite so pronounced as before, and there were four people that could snap him out of it.

Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, and, surprisingly, Vegita. The first two were more by default than anything. Goten was practically Goku-reincarnate after all, and Piccolo was simply Piccolo. Nothing more need be said about that. Trunks was almost another little brother to the young Demi Saiya-Jin. But Vegita? That was the shocker. Vegita was teaching Gohan about Saiya-Jins, and he liked to learn about his heritage. Nothing surprising, but Vegita also know when to try to beat the crap out of him.

Sometimes, the depression got bad enough that Vegita had to force him out of it. But only around the time of the cell games.

And so, Gohan grew, a lost sheep in a wasteland. At least, until one fateful day.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"You are going to school, young man! I mean it! I'm tired of seeing you mope about and pity yourself! You need friends!" Chichi shouted. So far, the argument was in her favor.

"Kassan!" Gohan protested with a scowl. "I'm not human. I don't belong there!"

Chichi shot the poor teen a death look and pulled out the frying pan of death. Something he'd only faced down once. "You WILL go, understand?"

"Hai, kassan." Gohan muttered sullenly, retreating towards the stairs.

"No you don't! You need school clothes!" Chichi snapped, grabbing his collar. "And you will be shopping for them. You need to get out of the house. And nothing you say will phase me."

She shoved a credit card into his hand and pushed him out the door. "And don't come back until you have something other than gis! For every day!"

Gohan made a face as he left, contemplating sending her a not-so-nice gesture, but thought the better of it, as she still had her frying pan out.

Gohan leapt into the air with little concern and headed toward the city. Satan City it was now called. What a stupid name for anything, much less a city. And all it did was remind Gohan of the day his father died.

There was a mall not too far from the outskirts, pretty big from what he gathered, and would suit his needs perfectly. He hoped. He could have chosen to land and walk part of the way so people didn't see him fly, but scowled. He didn't care if they saw his power. Maybe they should fear him. Maybe they'd learn what a fake Hercule Satan was.

The teen's scowl deepened and he entered the mall, walking into a store, not caring what store it was. All he needed were some dark colored shirts and pants. Black, dark green, dark blue, blood red. As an after thought, he picked up a white shirt and headed toward the register, stopping only when one shirt, black with white writing caught his eye. "One by one, the penguins steal my sanity?" Gohan blinked, snickered, and bought the shirt.
~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~ ~~*~~

He was seventeen, and it was a new day. How joyous. Not. He wanted more sleep, but his alarm clock insisted on going off. Continuously, at five thirty in the morning. His eyes narrowed and he slammed his fist down on the offending object. There was a sickening crack as it was smashed to bits. Gohan smiled. "NIICHAN!!!!" The next offending object approached. Goten.

"Mama says I can't have breakfast till you're up. Are you up yet?"

Gohan would have scowled if that had been said by anyone but his brother (or maybe Trunks). No, he wanted to say, of course I'm not up. IT'S FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING! Instead, he replied, "I'm awake. I'm awake. Give me a sec, would ya?"

"Kay Niichan." Goten giggle and Gohan smiled. Only his brother, and maybe Trunks, could ever get away with that.

He slowly got out of bed, tired body protesting the entire way. Who decided that school should start so early? They need to be shot. He grabbed a pair of black pants and the blood colored shirt and pulled them on, a simple leather belt, over which he twisted his tail, to finish the ensemble. He tried to brush his unruly black hair, falling to just past shoulder length, to no avail, and tied it back in a low ponytail. He pulled his regular martial arts boots and picked up the gi he'd packed for gym class (The pricipal told him he'd need it when he'd enrolled in his classes yesterday).

He wasn't going to waste his time hiding his strength from these stupid humans and he wasn't going to waste his time listening to their mocking of the "tricks" his family used.

He raced down the stairs hoping that there was still SOME breakfast left and that Goten would leave him alone long enough to eat it. No such luck.

When his stomach was finally full, he walked out the door and took off, black eyes blazing. Today was not going to be a good day.

The annoyed Saiya-Jin was gone before Chichi could say a word to the boy.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Gohan contemplated walking the last several miles to the school, trying to decide if he should keep his powers a secret. It was a hard decision, but only until he saw Hurcule's picture on the "Welcome to SATAN CITY!" sign. It was a lot less difficult after that. In fact, it was any person without a brain could have figured it out. His powers were going to show that they weren't tricks after all.

Gohan landed in front of the school, his eyes narrowing with contempt. He may be forced to come here, but that didn't mean he had to like it at all. The boy carefully pushed the door open not wanting to smash it to bits with his strength. Just because he wasn't hiding it didn't mean he wanted to be feared for it, nor did it mean he wanted to act like a proud Saiya-Jin prince that he knew.

It didn't take Gohan long to find the main office, and his schedule was ready for him. He and his mother had come in the day before to enroll him in his classes. He grabbed the time table, thanking the woman, the fact that he was having a bad day was not something to take out on her, she had enough to deal with considering the principal's evident stupidity, and she seemed to appreciate the gesture.

"By the way, Son Gohan," She called as he left, "Your first class is down this hallway, fifth door to the left. Hope you like it here!"

"Arigato." Gohan nodded, walking through the door calmly.

The secretary brushed back her short brown hair and sighed. He seemed nice enough. To bad he'd be in a body cast before noon, by either the bullies or one Satan Videl.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Fifth door on the left?" Gohan walked quickly to his first class, paying close attention to the numbers. He had no idea when he'd need them again. "Calculus? This is the most advanced math they have? I've been doing this since I was eight! What idiots." Gohan had paused before the room's door to mutter to himself for a moment and then knocked gently, for him, and nearly blew the door off it's hinges.

He raised an eyebrow at the weak door, but walked in with no emotion showing on his face when the teacher called. "You must be Son Gohan!" He said cheerfully. "I'm Mister Zarboni, but everyone calls me Mister 'Z'." The teacher smiled at the not-so-friendly looking teen and motioned for him to stand at the front of the room. "Tell us a little bit about yourself."

Gohan rolled his eyes, why anyone would want to tell people about themselves seemed stupid, but he did as the teacher asked. "I'm Son Gohan, son of Son Goku and Son Chichi. I've been trained in martial arts since I was five and I learned this shit when I was eight and if you try to copy me, I'll kick your ass. Laugh and I'll blast you to HFIL. Got it?"

The class was dead silent for a moment and then one solitary figure got calmly to their feet. "You hurt anyone and you'll deal with me!" The person, obviously female from the sound of her voice, seemed very confident.

"And you are...?" Gohan raised an eyebrow.

"Satan Videl, daughter of Hurcule." She smirked.

"Bravo for you." Gohan snorted, voice dry. "Maybe the fake was worth something. But don't think you or your pathetic father can stop me."

"He defeated Cell! Of course he can stop you!"

"Please." Gohan rolled his eyes. "Your stupidity hurts. Shut up and sit down while you remain some shard of dignity."

Videl stared at him, shocked, for a moment, and sat down mouthing like a landed fish. Gohan calmly walked to the only available seat in the room, located so that not one person stood between the two, and sat down with a look of superiority etched on his cold, but handsome, features.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Videl couldn't believe the words she heard coming from the new boy's mouth! She didn't care if he was the son of Goku, the legendary martial arts master that used tricks against his opponents, he had no right to say such things about her or her father. She glanced toward him for a moment, then paused. He was fast asleep at the moment, looking quite innocent. Nothing like himself when he was awake. He muttered something softly and started, eyes snapping open. Onyx met sapphire for a brief moment then both turned away, not saying a word to each other.

Videl sighed. His eyes had been so sad, not at all like the mask he wore at the front of the room. He seemed so...tortured...somehow. It made no sense. She shook her head, she needed to pay attention, unlike Gohan the perfect student, to get good grades. The girl yawned and set her head on her arms. It was so heavy that it wouldn't hurt to lay it down just for a moment, her eye lids grew heavy and fell slowly shut.

Something poked her. Startled, she shot up and looked around. No one had noticed her falling asleep, except Gohan, it seemed, and he was looking at her sideways. Besides, why would he have woken her up? She rubbed her face, smoothing her black hair away from her mouth to prevent herself from eating it and sighed. This class was way to long.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Gohan nearly snickered as he saw Videl drifting off to sleep. Now he couldn't allow that, now could he? It would just ruin his grades. Swiftly he poked her side and smirked as she shot awake, hiding his amusement adorning his features behind a much used mask devoid of any emotion. He couldn't help his amusement. First she says that she wasn't going to let him hurt anyone and THEN she falls asleep in lecture so that if he did try to kill someone, they'd probably be dead before she woke up. The human amused him, in other words. And something else. She seemed almost Saiya-Jin, sitting there and glaring at him.

"A good fighter, a good mate." Something whispered in the back of his mind.

"True," He agreed with the voice. "Too bad she's such a bitch."

"Come now, you like them fiery." The voice snorted.

"Hm..." Both left the conversation for later. This could take some looking at. Maybe he should be friends with her instead of shutting her out. It would be nice to have someone to talk that was his age. And this little female would do quite nicely. Besides, it give him a way to find out more about her father. And lead to his fall off the podium of his conceit. Yes, he liked this plan.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Videl?" The teacher called up, just before the bell rang to end first period. "Could you show Gohan around today?"

Videl sighed, resigned to her new job. She shouldn't leave it to anyone else with the threats Gohan had dealt out earlier today. "Hai. Why not?"

"Thanks, Videl." The teacher gave a sigh of relief. It was pretty obvious they'd both had the same thinking.

"It's not like I'd actually kill anyone." Gohan said to the girl, startling her slightly. "I'd only maim them a little."

"I didn't realize you were eavesdropping." Videl replied icily.

"Really? I have good hearing. It was hard to miss and I try not to overlook anything that involves me."

"I see. Well you should-." The bell cut her off. "Never mind. I don't want to be late for gym. Follow me. Did you bring something to wear?"

"Hai. Where are we going?" He followed her through the parking lot and she laughed.

"The gym. Haven't you been to school before?" She was somewhat taken aback by his open frankness. Not to many people had that quality, or used it, anymore.

"No. I've been home-schooled. The nearest village was five miles from our house and it was only a one room school house. Not many children lived there." He replied, walking next to her so she could hear him.

"Really? Where do you live anyway?" She was clearly shocked.

"Four thirty-nine mountain area. It's only about five hours from here by car." He shrugged nonchalantly.

"How do you get here and still have time to sleep?" She gaped at him.

"I fly."

"What kind of jet do you have? Where would you even park it?"

"I haven't a jet. Who said anything about a jet? I told you, I fly."

"Without a jet?"

"Hai. Is this the gym? Where do I change?"

"Over there. The boy locker room." Videl told him stupidly, still in shock from what he had said.

"I see." He turned and left, not paying the girl any heed.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Gohan stepped out of the room, the class pausing for a moment to gawk at his muscles, the boys in jealousy, the girls in lust. "Hey, Gohan!" Videl waved him over.

"Now what do we do?"

"Warm up. Usually three laps, some stretches, sit-ups, and push-ups." She shrugged. "Nothing major. I personally don't call it a warm-up, but everyone else finds it hard.

"I'm with you. not a warm-up. You train in martial arts?"

"Since I was ten." She said proudly.

"I see." Was the noncommittal reply. "What are we doing today?"

"The teacher was going to get some martial artiest to show us some moves. It's not my father, he had a photo shoot today, but it was going to be some one good. That's all I know. And that they've been in a few of the Tenkaichi Budokais." Videl shrugged. "What I want to know is what's with the attitude change?"

"You didn't seem like you were going to try to take advantage of me, and I figured that you would probably make a decent friend. Is that a crime?" Gohan asked, defensively.

"No, I just wondered." She shrugged again and left it at that, mostly since the teacher came in at that moment.

"Hello class!" He shouted. "I heard we have a new student today! Introduce yourself, son." The man sounded like a drill instructor and his voice was killing Gohan's ears.

"I'm Son Gohan, sir." He stated coolly, looking the teacher over. "I assume you're Gartellio-Sensei?"

"Right, son. Get in line. Warm-ups first. Two laps, twenty push-up and thirty sit-ups. Is that clear?"

"Sir, yes sir!" The students chanted, beginning the warm-up. Gohan and Videl rolled their eyes at some of the people that complained about the work, simply doing it and not wasting breath talking about something that neither bothered them or would be changed.

"At least someone besides me finds this amusing." She admitted, grinning at him.

Gohan shrugged and kept running, staying in step with her. "Well, what would I say? And besides, I'm used to doing a lot more than this for training. Who's that?" He pointed at a girl limping along.

"That's Melissa. She doesn't normally limp or go that slow. Wonder what's wrong. Hey, Melissa?" Videl ran towards her.

"Hi Videl! Where's Erasa?"

"Not pacing her today. Why are you limping?"

Melissa gave a sheepish smile. "I managed to sprain my ankle and forgot a note. Never run and limp at the same time. I'll tell you now that it does NOT work."

Videl laughed and nodded. "I'll keep that in mind. Right now, though, you should go sit down. I'll tell him."

"Thanks. Ouch!" The girl tripped and fell. "I am not having a good year." She didn't try to get back up, already knowing she'd just re-hurt her ankle. Out of pure frustration, she beat her fist on the track.

"You need some help?" Videl held out a hand. Melissa was a bit of a geek and wouldn't gain anything pretending to be Videl's friend. Besides, she was too wrapped up in her books most of the time to care what anyone else was doing.

"Yeah, thanks. I don't know if I can walk. I just fell on my bad ankle again."

"Gohan, come here." Vidle ordered. The boy sighed, but did as asked.

"What now?"

"Help her to the bleachers. She hurt herself."

"Again." The girl added in a sarcastic whisper. Gohan snickered but didn't comment, lifting her easily and taking her to the bleachers. Videl looked on in shock. Gohan acted like Melissa didn't weigh anything! "Thanks you guys." Melissa smiled and sighed, relaxing and elevating her leg.

"No problem." Videl grinned and went towards the gym floor. She and Gohan were both done anyway. And now, so was most of the class. The teacher waited for the stragglers to finish then smiled.

"Here's the assistant teacher for the day, Krillian!"
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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