Shadow Dancer

Part Four

Final Classes

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~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Gohan headed slowly towards English class, eyes downcast and body half-slumped. He wasn't looking forward to MORE people going after him with their barbed remarks and stupid--not to mention pointless--rumors. Now there was a rumor out that he was with the mafia to get Videl. He had to roll his eyes for that one. How stupid were these people anyway? Very, it seemed. Videl grinned at him and lead him back towards the classroom they had vacated just half an hour prior.

"Is she any better after lunch?" Gohan wondered aloud, thinking that maybe she was cranky because she was hungry.

"Iie. She's even worse, if that's possible," Videl grinned. "She likes to pick on people. She'll probably pick on you today, partially because you're new and partially because you effectively made a fool of her within five minutes."

Gohan made a face, "It's little wonder no one likes her. She could make even my FATHER annoyed. And my father almost never got mad and any one."

"Your father?" Videl tilted her head, she seemed to have forgotten that Gohan mentioned him in class that morning. "What was his name? And why are you talking about him in past tense?"

"My father's dead," He informed her flatly. "He died because of my mistake. And don't tell me it wasn't my fault. Maybe the fault is partially his, but it was my bad decision that caused it in the end. And no, I don't want to talk about it."

Videl frowned at him slightly, but nodded her assent, "That's fine." She muttered. "We're here anyway."

Gohan's lip turned up in a sneer and Videl giggled slightly as they entered the room. It was nice to have a friend that didn't care about her fame or money. Gohan also didn't want to date her just because she was "Hurcule's daughter." Actually, he didn't seem to want to date her, period.

The Demi Saiya-Jin stepped into the classroom and nodded regally to the teacher, then moved to his seat. He was polite, despite his perchance for fighting. The teacher offered a sneer in reply, then began the lesson. Gohan drifted off to sleep.

"SON GOHAN!" The teacher slammed a ruler down on his desk. Or, she WOULD have slammed it down if Gohan hadn't grabbed it and snapped it in two.

"May I help you?" He demanded in English, scowling.

"You can stay awake in my class!"

"If your class wasn't the most boring part of my day, maybe I would. I have been reviewing my knowledge in all of my other classes too, but they, at least, hold my attention for more than ten minutes!" Gohan borrowed Vegita's glare long enough to use it on the teacher, then finished the rant.

The teacher looked floored. Gohan had done the whole thing in English without a single hesitation. In fact, she suspected, he could even insult her fluently in it.

"Where did you learn that?" The teacher's face indicated she'd bitten into a soured lemon.

Before Gohan could answer, the bell rang. And he was gone.

Videl followed closely behind him, demanding to see his schedule once he left the room. "Advanced Martial Arts?" She asked, awed. "You have to try out to stay there. Though if what you did in gym is any indication, it won't be a problem for you."

"Who's the teacher?" The Demi Saiya-Jin grabbed his schedule back.

Videl mumbled something and Gohan frowned, "I don't think I heard that right. Did you just say your father was teaching it?"

Videl nodded. "That's why I HAVE to take it. He's doing it to show how WONDERFUL he is to the community. You know how it is, charity and everything. But he still makes the school pay for him."

"He just better not insult my Otousama," Gohan snarled. "I'll kill him if he does."

Videl gave him a strange look before nodding, "I forgot who your father was. It's strange how he always seems to be putting your ''tousan down to better himself."

"There's a reason for that," Gohan shrugged, "But I'll tell you someday. Right now, I'll just try not to kill him."

"Thanks. He does annoy me, but he IS my otousan, after all," Videl chuckled. "But his ego is larger than our house, and THAT is saying something. Maybe you could knock it down a bit?"

"Perhaps. I'll see when I get in there. But we had better hurry, we're going to be late."

The two made in time for the bell, rushing to change. Gohan reflected that the reason his mother had enrolled him into the class was probably because Hurcule was annoying her. He threw his go on quickly and hurried out. Hurcule was already there, clipboard in hand. "You're gonna run ten laps and stretch," He yelled in his annoyingly loud voice. "Then some new kid's gonna fight me. If he knows what good for him, he'd better get up here."

"Son Gohan." The teen held himself arrogantly, telling Hurcule he wasn't impressed.

Hurcule didn't recognize him, but he did start laughing. "You? Kid, you're too scrawny!" Hurcule roared. "I bet'cha can't beat up a fly!"

"What you see is not necessarily what is," Gohan told him coolly, then began to jog around the gym. Hurcule shifted uneasily at the teen's words. There was SOMETHING about him. . . Something familiar. He frowned, calling for his daughter.

"Who is that kid?" He asked, glaring at Gohan.

"Son Gohan, Otousan. He just introduced himself. I guess he's Son Goku's son. He's really nice." She smiled at him, but Hurcule sneered.

"He LOOKS like a pansy," Hurcule eyed him. "I don't want you hanging around him anymore, sweet pea. He'll ruin my image and he just wants into your pants. And you know you ain't allowed to date no-one that ain't stronger than me!" He laughed, what he thought was a heroic laugh, though the poor Demi Saiya-Jin cringed.

"I'm not dating him, otousan," She sighed. "And I'm not going to stop hanging out with him. You might be surprised about him. Don't write him off just yet."

"We'll see when he tries out to stay in this class." Hurcule muttered. Videl rolled her eyes. There were only ten students in the class, not counting Gohan. Videl and Sharpner were two of them. They were definitely the head of the class, though Videl didn't expect someone that could defeat her without breaking a sweat would stay below them long.

They were outside that day, enjoying the warm weather, and sunshine. Hurcule was relaxing on a lounge chair he had demanded until Gohan coolly strode over to him. "I'm finished, sir."

Hurcule smirked, "Good. I'm gonna call the rest of the class over, and we can see how well you rate against me. You can stay in the class if you do good."

"May," Gohan corrected. "Can is the ability to do something. May is for permission. I assure you now that I have the ability to get into the class. It is only if I may stay that I am fighting you for. And I assure you, I will not do GOOD," Gohan sneered there, "I will do WELL."

Hurcule frowned at the Demi Saiya-Jin and gestured for him to step inside the ring painted on the grass. The class gathered around to watch as the two faced off. Hurcule settled into a fighting stance but Gohan yawned and studied his fingernails.

"You better get ready, kid, 'cause here I come!" Hurcule lunged, fist outstretched, and Gohan blurred slightly. Hurcule fell through the boy and introduced his face harshly to the ground.

"Haven't you anything better?" Gohan asked from behind him in the same stance. "I could dodge that in my sleep. My little brother could dodge that in his sleep."

"You asked for it, punk!" Hurcule wound up a fist. "Megaton Punch!"

Gohan dodged again, still unconcerned. Hurcule followed the punch through with another series of punches and kicks, all of which Gohan dodged before yawning. Hurcule brought his fist up again, and screamed, "Megaton Punch," a second time.

Gohan blocked it with his middle finger. The he walked calmly over to the "Saviour of the World" and flicked him in the forehead. Hurcule flew from the ring and landed on his back, almost out cold.

A whisper of awe ran through the group as Hurcule got to his feet. "He beat HURCULE," Someone whispered.

"He cheated! Used mirrors and. . . tricks! It's all illusions!" Hurcule laughed loudly.

"I did not know where this class was held, nor that it would be outside, until I got here for the class. You were unaware of me coming until I showed up. When would these mirrors have been set up, do you suppose?" Gohan smirked. "I also know I did not use tricks. Nor did my father."

"Son Goku never fought honorably a day in his life!" Hurcule snapped.

Rage lit Gohan's feature's and power swept over his body. Ki crackled like lightening around his lean form. "You DARE," He snarled, "Insult my Otousama in my presence? You dare tell me he cheated when it is YOU that will not see the truth? Tell me, Hurcule, are these, too, light tricks? Just like they were the day I defeated Cell? The day you cowered behind a rock as my friends, my Otousama, and I fought for this rock? Were these the tricks that KILLED MY OTOUSAMA BECAUSE I WAS TOO ABSORBED IN MY POWER TO KILL CELL WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO? WERE THEY TRICKS THEN, HURCULE?" Tears streamed from his eyes, swept from his face and evaporated before anyone else saw them from the sheer power crackling in his aura.

Hurcule took a step back and gulped. "C-class dis-dismissed!" He squeaked.

Gohan growled and swept away, still sparking.

"Otousan?" Videl whispered softly, "What was that?"

"I don't know, Sweet Pea," Hurcule gulped and hoped she didn't see his lie, "I honestly don't know."

Behind Gohan, however, whispers began to rise, and the Demi Saiya-Jin could hear someone clearly whisper, "He kill CELL?"

Two words ran through the teen's mind: Oh hell.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

By the time he reached his next, and final, class, it seemed the entire school had heard of the incident in Advanced martial arts, despite the fact there were only nine students, excluding him and Videl, and Hurcule who wasn't going to say anything to make his fame seem false.

He was in band for his final class and was shocked to find Videl already there, putting together a flute. He blinked, "I didn't know you played the flute. Or anything for that matter."

"I like the flute," Videl defended. "I know it's a girly instrument, but I AM a girl. Daddy almost made me give it up because it looks weak. But I fought tooth and nail. I just can't give up something I love as much as martial arts. Darrow-sensei also says that I might be good enough to go pro!"

"Good. Stand up to your father," Gohan grinned.

"About what you said--"

"I'd rather not talk about it right now, please." Gohan looked so earnest that Videl found herself agreeing. He had seemed pretty upset earlier.

"For now, I do want answers eventually. What instrument do you play?"

"Trombone, saxophone, and flute."

Videl's eyebrow shot into her hair line. "YOU play the FLUTE?"

"And the piano. But yes. I learned to make wooden ones while I was out training when I was little, my mentor was not the best with children, so I used to the flute to keep myself from going crazy, and then mom figured that it wouldn't hurt me to learn to play the real one, and the obsession was born." Gohan blushed. "But the band seems to need saxophones so I figured I'd join them. There's plenty of everyone else."

Videl was forced to agree as she glanced around. There were ten trombones and twelve flutes, but only four saxes. "I see your point," She gestured. "Have you talked to Darrow-sensei? He'll introduce you, he's really nice."

"No, I was just looking for him when I saw you. Have you seen him?"

"He's in the back corner there," She gestured towards the percussion. "See the man with the graying black hair? Really skinny? The football coach underestimated him once and Darrow-sensei took him out. It was really funny. I threatened the coach not to breath a word of it to anyone or I'd send my Otousan after him."

Gohan chuckled. Darrow-sensei had obviously trained in SOMETHING, though it wasn't martial arts, and while he didn't look all that tough, his power was slightly higher than a regular human's. Only a little, he was maybe a six where most humans were a four. Videl waved the man over, introducing the Demi Saiya-Jin.

"Well, isn't that great!" Darrow was obviously delighted. "Another sax! Just what we needed!"

The only girl in the sax section cheered and waved, "We have the new kid!"

Gohan sweatdropped at the comment and went to join his new section. "I'm Aurora," The girl grinned cheekily. "I'm section leader this year to keep these yahoos in line. The tall guy next to me it Jebidiah, though I call him Jeb, and the kid next to him is Aaron, and then Justin, and then Andrew."

Gohan blinked at her cheerfulness wondering how on earth she could be so. . .happy. It was like his brother on a sugar high happy. "Are you drunk?" He finally asked.

Aaron burst out laughing though Aurora didn't seem to find it amusing. "Stupid men," The girl grumbled. "Hate you all." The comment was wasted on Aaron who kept laughing, and Jeb soon joined in.

Gohan blinked, "Um. . . Hi?"

"You play alto, tenor, or bari?" Aurora finally composed herself to ask.


"What's it's name?"


"Well, they all have NAMES, of course. Mine's Viva, Aaron's is Ozzy, Jeb's is Candy Corn, Justin's is Cake, and Andrew's is Poo-Poo Head. Because it's always broken."

Gohan was now lost. These student's had obviously heard of him from the way they recognized his name, but they were just. . . ignoring it or something. "Well," Jeb finally sighed, "What are you doing? Go get a chair! And a stand! No, wait you don't have music. You can share with Aaron. Go get a chair!"

Gohan looked at him with wide eyes and shook his head, "Um. . . okay."

"We don't bite," Aurora added. "Hard."

"Correction. WE don't bite," Aaron gestured to the male sections members. "Aurora on the other hand. . . well, we aren't promising ANYTHING."

The girl shot him a nasty look and Gohan gave his head a little shake and went to get a chair. After that, the jokes fell silent and they got to work. Half an hour later, Darrow told them to pack up. They had been working none stop for several days and he thought they deserved a short break. The saxes had their instruments away in record time and crowded Gohan.

"So, Gohan," Aaron smirked, "What do you do in your spare time? W--"

Aurora smack a hand over his mouth and glared at him. "I do NOT want to hear about your masturbation habits!"

Aaron pouted but fell silent as Jeb took over the conversation, leading back onto safer ground. He really didn't want to get kicked by Aurora since even her tennis shoes felt like they had steel toes when she kicked.

"I practice martial arts," Gohan answered, looking slightly confused. "And I practice my music. And read."

"You read?" Aurora looked like Christmas had come early. "What do you read? Fantasy? Fiction? Poetry?"

"I like Fantasy," Gohan admitted. Aurora looked delighted and they two began to discuss different authors, books, and writing styles. They other saxophones watched in amusement and shook their heads. Aurora was a mystery. Videl grinned when she noticed that the saxes had Gohan cornered in their midst, the unsuspecting teen looking confused and somewhat nervous.

"Hey, guys," Videl waved. Aurora, intent on interrogating their new section member waved back coolly. Videl bit her lip. She and Aurora had been good friends a long time ago until Hercule had become famous. What broke up their friendship was when Hurcule commented that Aurora was bad for Videl's image in front of Aurora and Videl hadn't stood up for her friend.

Jeb glanced at Videl coolly as well. The saxes were a close knit group. Everyone had to be let in by all the others or they constantly felt like an outsider. When Aurora and Videl had split up their friendship, the entire sax section had become much cooler towards the girl. Even now that Aurora and Videl could be in the same room without Aurora getting upset, the section would never show anything kinder than border line contempt.

"Hello, Videl," Aaron frowned. Gohan tilted his head but Justin gave a gesture that Gohan took to mean they'd explain later before Aurora looked up from their conversation.

"Would you care to join us, Videl?" Aurora frowned.

Videl sighed. Her father had ruined her life so many times. And the fact the Aurora was still hurt meant that she wished that Hurcule had stayed out of her business. But now there was no decent way to gain reconcile. Or so it seemed. Maybe in a little longer.

Fortunately, Videl was saved from answering as the bell rang and Aurora abruptly left. Videl sighed as the other saxes, except for Gohan, left as well. "What was that all about?" Gohan finally asked.

"Nothing much. Aurora used to hang out with Erasa and I a lot until my father opened his big mouth and commented about how she wasn't good enough--she wasn't the ideal girl, not really pretty, wears thick glasses, had braces, isn't thin and pretty, all that--and I, well, I didn't say anything in her defense, and she heard, and she thought I agreed, and. . . well, it all kind of went from there. She thought I viewed her as a burden, thought I hung out with her out of pity, and all that. Not that I blame her, I would feel the same way, I think, but. . . I don't know."

"She's always been self conscience?" Gohan tilted his head. "I could tell. She hides it nicely, though. But why didn't she believe you?"

"She. . . it's kind of a long story, and it's not all mine to tell, but we had this fight, and I told her my father was right, and she went over the edge. She nearly killed herself, and the only reason she didn't was because of Kali, who isn't talking to me EITHER, by the way, and all in all, I hate what my Otousama did to my life."

"She's still upset because?" Gohan was fishing now.

"I don't think she really believed what I said, we grew up next door to each other, and my father was practically hers after her father died, then he became famous and said all those things. I think we really had that row because she couldn't face what my father said about her, and so we left it at that."

Gohan's eyes grew sad. Maybe he hadn't made the right decision when he opted not to speak up after all.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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