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Jasper and Bella reached the field after a quick tour of the house and saw everyone else was already there.
Edward's eyes were immediately on Bella and Jasper bared his teeth as he stepped in front of her. Edward frowned and turned his head. Bella gave Jasper a look and he shrugged.
Carlisle and Esme walked to her, "Hello I'm Carlisle and this is my wife Esme."
Bella smiled, "Hello I'm Bella."
"I'm sure you know the rest of them. Why don't you come over here to watch?" Esme said guiding her behind home plate.
Carlisle turned to Jasper and shook his head, "Crazy."
Jasper nodded and headed over to Emmett who was shouting at him.

Jasper watched Alice throw the ball to Rose. He watched as Edward's head snapped to the woods.
"Three nomads," Edward spoke.
Jasper darted to Bella and got her behind him, "Esme. Rose."
They stood by her as Emmett and Carlisle moved closer.
"There are nomad vampires coming. Stay behind them," Jasper instructed as he rolled his sleeves up.
Jasper moved forward, "Edward, Alice move by everyone else."
Edward's eyes narrowed.
"Edward." Carlisle spoke.
Edward and Alice moved behind Jasper.
The nomads emerged.
Jasper's arms were crossed, his scars easily visable. He took them in.
The blond male stepped forward, "Hello... We thought we heard something interesting."
Carlisle and Emmett flanked Jasper.
"We were playing baseball," Jasper spoke.
"Mm... Is that a snack?"
"Not very welcoming are you?" the guy smirked and stepped closer.
Jasper narrowed his eyes, "I suggest y'all head back the way you came."
"She smells good though. Why don't you give her here and we'll get out of your way."
Jasper smiled, "Leave before I make you."
The guy sneered, "Not like you could do anything without your friends."
Jasper laughed, "They can leave if you'd like."
"Let's see if those scars mean shit."
Jasper looked at the others, "If you disagree with him I suggest you leave now."
The dark skinned man turned and darted away. The red head smirked.
Jasper stepped towards him and bowed. The man laughed.
Jasper straightened and looked over him before darting forward. He noted with interest that he had some fighting knowledge. He was able to dodge Jasper's first move.
Jasper smiled and ripped off his arm.
The guy cried out and launched himself at Jasper with his teeth bared.
Jasper easily avoided the teeth and got a grip on his neck which he then detached.
"James!" the woman screamed launching herself at Jasper, "You bastard!"
Jasper cornered the flighty bitch and over powered her.
"Do we have matches?" Jasper asked.
"We can't kill them!" Edward spoke.
"No?" Jasper raised an eyebrow.
"They are jus-"
"They dared threaten my mother-" Jasper snapped his mouth shut.
"Mother?" Edward asked.
Bella stepped out with a curious expression.
Jasper swallowed, "I am Prince Jasper Whitlock Volturi," he pulled out his locket and carefully covered his father's face before showing it, "You are Queen Isabella Marie Volturi."
Bella gasped as she looked at herself in the locket.
"I don't know how or why but I know that you are."
Bella fumbled as she unhooked her necklace.
She held it out to Jasper and he took it from her with shaking hands.
"Her necklace," he whispered.
Bella felt like her head was spinning.
Jasper handed it back to her like it had burnt him.
Jasper then ran away.
"Jasper!" Bella called.
Carlisle wrapped an arm around her, "I'll take you home."