title: green eyed demon

notes: I feel guilty that I've been writing a lot prompts and stories on my tumblr rather than here lately, so I'm going to submit all the SasuSaku prompts I wrote on my blog over here on this site for you guys to enjoy too. This will be like my summer collection (hence the title).

rating: T

disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.



"Oh, Sakura-senpai. There's a patient waiting for you in room 106. Here's his charts." the nurse told Sakura while handing her a clipboard with papers neatly clipped.

"Alright." Sakura thanked the nurse and headed up the stairs to room 106, along with Team 7. She was in the middle of chatting with Naruto and Sasuke until the nurse came and interrupted her.

Sakura had to rub her poor temples from Naruto's rambling about how ramen was the best food in the world throughout the whole trip.

'Finally.' she thought, as she laid her hand on the handle and opened the door of room 106. "Naruto, Sasuke-kun. Can you guys please sit down over there until I'm done?" She pointed over to two chairs by the wall.

Both guys nodded and obediently sat down.

The patient was now awake and sitting up, his eyes roaming over Sakura's… body.

"Okay… Taki-san…" Sakura started, looking at his papers. She was completely oblivious to his longing gaze that was still on her. "It says here that you received a long gash on your chest during your mission, am I right?"

He nodded. "Hai, Sakura-san." His voice sounded awfully sweet and sugar-coated in Sasuke's disturbed ears.

"Okay, let's get you bandaged up. First, I'll need you to remove your shirt, please." she said, turning away and getting the bandages. Naruto and Sasuke had eyes of an eagle, observing the scene intently, never blinking.

Sakura started to wrap him up, until she felt something coil around her waist, making her look up.

"I can't stand it anymore. You're just too irresistible. Such lovely lips like yours tempt me too much…" he purred.

She widened her eyes, and before Sasuke and Naruto could get out of their seats, he smashed his lips on hers.

Sasuke felt his chakra flare up to maximum power. He would have beat- no. He would annihilate the damn idiot, but he remembered that he and Naruto promised her not to cause any problems in the hospital.

All he saw was red.

He couldn't take it anymore and stomped his way over to them, grabbing the collar of this so-called "Taki-san", and dragging him out of the room. He threw him inside the broom closet and activated his Sharingan.

Next thing everyone heard was a blood-curdling girly scream, echoing throughout the whole village.

Let's just say that "Taki-san" was never heard of again.