title: accidents happen

notes: Wrote this when an anon on tumblr asked for genin!Sasuke accidentally walking in on Sakura while she's showering, and I couldn't resist. :D

rating: T

disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.



"I'm gonna go take a bath, okay, guys?"

"Go ahead."

"See you when you come back, Sakura-chan!"


The emotionless remark made Sakura sweatdrop; she draped her fluffy, white towel over her arms, making her way through the thick trees and bushes. She figured she'd have no problems going back since she could still make out the dim amber glow made by their bonfire back at camp.

"Sometimes I wish he would just care a little…" she grumbled miserably, stopping at a lake with spring-clear water.

Her body glimmered alluringly when the moonlight hit her as she removed her clothing piece by piece. Sighing blissfully, with a content smile, she relaxed into the water.



Uchiha Sasuke exhaled, exhaustion written on his face. Running a hand through his raven locks, his eyes concentrated on the red-orange flames.

He was the only one left awake with guard duty; Naruto snoring loudly like the knucklehead he was, and Kakashi is probably sleeping with that rubbish book covering his masked face. And Sakura was out taking her bath.


He kept the same crossed-legged position, but his eyes shifted to the tree next to him. "Kakashi."

"It's been 20 minutes; your shift's over." He paused. "And she isn't back yet."

As if he read his mind, he stood up. "Hn." His hands went into his pockets whilst he languidly followed into the direction his pink-haired teammate went.



Berating herself, Sakura cussed every swear word she knew under her breath. Why in the world did she fall asleep for 15 minutes during her bath!? She was supposed to take a simple 5 minute bath! Her team must be worried sick!

Just as she stepped out the water, the bush in front of her rustled, sending surprised shivers down her spine.

She knelt down, feeling the grass for her towel, her other arm covered her chest for obvious reasons, until a figure came out. Time seem to froze at this moment for 5 seconds.

After those 5 seconds, a scream could be heard and the sound of someone running through the bushes, both sporting scarlet faces.

"My life is ruined!" Sakura, now wrapped up in her towel, wailed from her spot on the floor.



For the first time in 13 years, Uchiha Sasuke blushed. Horribly.

"Sasuke-teme, why are you so red? You look like a tomato."

"Did something happen to you and someone else?" Kakashi's amused voice echoed through Sasuke's flustered eardrums, the latter wanting to Chidori the former's ass all the way to Suna.