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Dragonball Z


Home Improvement

(A little while later)

Things moved really quickly following the interplanetary tournament. The media swept in to cover all the details of the story, from the victory of the Z-fighters, to their commendation, right up to the King's proposal to form an alliance with the new visitors from space. This being the first time any sort of interstellar relationships had ever been discussed between two planets on Earth, the news behind this development was to die for. That wasn't even counting the fact that Hercule Satan had confessed to the entire world of only having played a small part in Cell's downfall, as opposed to having destroyed the android with his own two hands.

The press was lucky to have received only a few minutes to get an exclusive with the Z-fighters and the Champ. However, everyone knew that there were even bigger problems to take care of first, namely the damages caused to the numerous cities and towns the battles had gone through.

This was quickly rectified by Kure and her personal army of CAT droids, whom she immediately sent out to repair all the damages. The little robots got straight to work, starting with the crater in the middle of Satan City, which they helped fill and patch up through use of their resources. While they worked under the supervision of the feline representative, San and King Koku, the latter of whom wanted to make some changes to the square, the Z-fighters used that opportunity to return to their homes.

Bulma, Mobi and Yamcha stuck around with Kure, so as to keep an eye on the woman and make sure reconstruction went smoothly, while Vegeta and Trunks returned to Capsule Corp with Cal in tow. Krillin, Tien, Choutzu and Android 18 flew back to Kame Island, with the latter insisting on taking one of the CAT droids as her own, for both her and her daughter. It was a request that Kure was more than happy to oblige, the blonde woman leaving the city square with a big smile on her face and a new companion in hand.

Most of Gohan's high school friends went off on their own way. As for Gohan, he, Goten, Videl, Zangya, Sandra, Maya, with Erasa and Lime accompanying, flew back to Mount Paozu where the first rounds of their interplanetary tournament had began. While they were airborne and flying over the lush countryside making up the majority of the East District, Goten riding atop Nimbus, and Lime and Erasa perched high up on Icarus's back, the group engaged one another in casual conversation.

"This is a really beautiful planet," Sandra spoke, wind rushing past her as she took the time to admire the mountains and forests that passed under them, "Such green and fertile lands, with a blue sky that seems to stretch on forever. No wonder you fought so hard to defend her."

Gohan beamed across at the woman as they glided along, "This place isn't just good to look at. It's also our home. Of course I was going to fight hard for it. You'd do the same for yours."

"Indeed," Sandra replied, watching a series of rivers and farmlands below drift past them, along with the clouds they were soaring over. "A jewel like this deserves the very best protectors the universe can offer. It's a shame I wasn't sent to this place when I was a baby."

Hearing her remark loud and clear had Zangya smirk across at the Saiyan Empress in their formation, "If you had wouldn't you have just destroyed it along with the millions of people living here? You know… because it was your mission?"

It was this question that had Sandra pause for a moment before glancing away sheepishly, "Oh. Good point."

Videl laughed a little when she saw the look of embarrassment appear across the warrior's face, "Your fantasies kind of fall apart when you look back at the place you come from and realize what could've really happened, huh?"

"Yeah. If my dad hadn't fallen down that cliff and bumped his head when he was a child, who knows what might've happened," Gohan said, looking ahead of him with a sigh. "The future would've been so much different."

Flying in closer on Nimbus as the yellow cloud puttered along, Goten gave his brother a curious look. "Dad was sent here on a job to destroy this planet, wasn't he, niichan? That's what you told me a long time ago."

"Uh-huh. But thankfully things didn't pan out that way," Gohan replied, flipping over while flying and placing his hands behind his head. Staring up at the sky as he literally glided through the sky on his back, the Saiyan chuckled in amusement. "Dad would've never met our mum, and you and I would never have been born."

"And I never would've met you," Videl spoke, flying into position above the Saiyan so that she was flying directly over him. Just a few inches of space hung between them as both teenagers ended up staring into one another's eyes intently as a smile framed the girl's face. "I would have lived my entire life not knowing of the amazing things out there in the universe, because I never would've met my soul mate. How tragic does that sound?"

Gohan grinned, "Very."

Their little aerial engagement earned intrigued looks from Erasa, Lime and Zangya, with the pair riding on the little purple dragon exchanging grins of mischief. As for the Hera, while she was flying at her own pace and watching the pair have their little moment, she suddenly felt someone else pull up alongside her and looked to see Maya flying next to her with her arms crossed…

A little too close for her liking, as her shoulder was damn near close to nudging against hers.

Freaking out a little at their sudden proximity, Zangya stuttered when she mounted an inquiry, "W-What's up?"

Maya, unable to hide the blush on her cheeks, threw a couple of furtive glances at the Hera-seijin. "Nothing. Just flying."

"Just flying?"


"Right next to me?"

"Yep. Right next to you."

"Like, literally right next to me?"

"As close as I need to be."

"How close?"

"Close enough," Maya replied without missing a beat, even daring to move in a bit and cause Zangya to lean away with uncertainty. Almost immediately upon doing so, the dark-skinned female's expression became one of want, appreciation and fondness. "Your sweat smells just like wild flowers in bloom."

"Oooo-kay," Zangya said, nervously extending the 'o' before swallowing the fluid that built up in her mouth. She then turned to look across at Gohan with her face showcasing a completely new shade of scarlet, the likes of which didn't even exist in nature. "If you guys will excuse me I'm… taking a lap."

It was this statement that had Videl look across at her teammate in confusion, "A lap of what?"

"Anything!" the flustered and embarrassed Hera shouted, before powering up and shooting off towards the East Coast as fast as she could, leaving a vapor trail and several sonic booms in her wake.

Seeing the orange haired female leave so quickly drew a series of surprised blinks from the crew. All the while Maya couldn't help but snicker and continue gliding along with a triumphant smile on her face. It was quite clear she was happy with the way Zangya had reacted to her flirting and only served to spur on the advances she had planned for the future. Noticing this drew an amused look from Sandra, who'd watched and listened to the entire conversation firsthand.

"Keep it in your pants, Maya," the Saiyan Empress warned, though this was clearly a half-hearted attempt.

"Just admiring the craftsmanship, ma'am," the alien warrior sung, yet was unable to keep her sly tone from leaking out. "She has such smooth and supple lines."

"I bet she does," Sandra chuckled, really not in the mood to argue with her horndog of a best friend.

It didn't take long for the group to finally arrive back at Mount Paozu. As soon as the troop saw the Son Residence glint into view on the horizon, Gohan and his entourage of powerful fighters gracefully descended upon the property, where they all touched down one after the other just a few feet from the front door. With Goten springing off of Nimbus and Lime and Erasa unsaddling Icarus, the team then approached the steps, where the half-Saiyan wasted no time in knocking on the wooden barricade. Almost as soon as he finished the third knock, the door swung open and out stepped Chi-Chi, dressed in her usual yellow qi pao and white apron, and her knuckles planted firmly on her hips.

Gohan took a nervous step back when he noticed the harsh glare his parent was throwing his way, prompting him to chalk out one of his usual, sheepish laughs, "H-Hey, mum. We're back." It was impossible for him to hide the fact that he'd not only brought Lime, Erasa and Videl along with him, but both Sandra and Maya as well, all five of whom were arranged behind him in a rather cliché yet fashionable arrangement.

The son returning to the house with a plethora of gorgeous ladies? A mother could interpret that in so many ways.

Choosing to forgo a pleasant greeting to start with, Chi-Chi simply scowled with her typical impatient demeanor as she surveyed the troop in front of her. After panning over the two strangers, who she easily recognized as the warriors who'd fought both her son and Zangya, the Son mother then inhaled deeply. "So… I take it the fight went well?" When she received simultaneous, quiet and obedient nods from Gohan, Goten and Videl, the home owner narrowed her eyes even more dangerously. "No one got killed?" The trio shook their heads. "No cities were destroyed?" Again, the group shook their heads. "Are you sure?"

"Weeellll…" Videl began, pushing her fingers together and looking up innocently.

Before the crime fighter could answer, Chi-Chi's façade finally cracked and a smile reappeared on her lips. The woman shook her head as she ambled forward, "Normally I would be screaming my head off right about now and telling my boys how reckless and inconsiderate they were. But as long as no one got seriously injured, then I'm completely fine with however the fight turned out. Especially since it was our side that came out ahead." Her last statement carried an inflection of pride in it, which was a note that did not go amiss by any of them, especially her family. A few steps later placed the mother directly in front of Sandra. "I hope my son gave you a satisfying battle."

Recoiling a little at the woman's remark, the Empress in the white and revealing one-piece Saiyan suit straightened up and nodded, "Yes. He did." She then bowed to Chi-Chi in a royal manner. "I apologize for causing you any undue stress or anxiety with our feud."

"Ah, there's no need." A wave from the mother was her immediate response, "I've watched my son fight in dozens of battles ever since he was little. Believe me, I'm used to it." Chi-Chi then rested that hand at her side and grinned. "Now, since all the fighting is over and done with, how about we go inside, have some tea, and get ourselves ready for a celebratory dinner? Since the day's been so pleasant this afternoon, I figured we could have our meal on the back table under the old oak." She then gestured to their new guests. "The two of you are more than welcome to join us."

A smile appeared on Maya's face as she nodded back in appreciation, "Thank you. That's very kind of you."

"I wouldn't be such a good hostess if I was to turn away every single friend Gohan brought home," Chi-Chi replied, smiling at the two Saiyans before turning around and heading inside. "I'll get the kettle started."

"I'll help you, Chi-Chi," Lime offered, nudging past Gohan and giving the teen a fond smile, upon which she then skipped after the woman.

"Me too," Goten chirped, running up to jog alongside his mountain neighbor, all the while singing cheerily, "I want to bring out the cakes and biscuits! I'm so hungry!"

As the three disappeared into the home with varying moods of joy and enthusiasm, Sandra approached the spot where Gohan was standing and gave him an appraising stare. "Your mother is a very strong and generous individual. To invite a couple of troublesome strangers into her home so willingly is the mark of a woman with great purity."

A chuckle left the Saiyan's lips, "That's mum for you."

Videl smirked and glanced across at the two Saiyans, "Wait till you see the other side of her. Then you'll be in for a shock."

"Though don't let her catch you saying any of that," Erasa whispered, feeling a phantom shiver run up her spine when she remembered the time Chi-Chi had to chase off a dinosaur that had wandered onto their property. That day did not end well… for the dinosaur that is. "She'll kick your ass three times before you hit the ground and fight off an entire army barehanded just to prove a point."

"Considering her current power level that definitely seems like a possibility," Gohan remarked, looking down at his blonde haired schoolmate with a grin. "Rule number one at the Son household; never mess with our mum… especially when it comes to housework."

"Except for me. She loves me," Erasa said cheekily, at the same time head-butting the boy in the arm.

"Oh yeah, I'm not going to argue that," Gohan chuckled, reaching up to rub his chin. "There's something about you that mum really enjoys, I just can't quite put my finger on it."

"I'm a people-person," Erasa added with a wink, before reaching up to pinch the man in the arm. "Heck, even Vegeta laughed when I told him my story of Touya and the pineapple."

Gohan blinked in disbelief, "Wait? Vegeta laughed? Like… genuinely laughed?" When he saw her nod, the half-Saiyan chuckled, "Wow… go you." He then shared a crisp high-five with the girl, an exchange that went over the heads of both Sandra and Maya, and earned an amused look from Videl.

Following that brief exchange on the lawn, Gohan and his friends quickly retreated indoors. Once they entered the small country domicile, the demi-Saiyan showed Sandra and Maya around the place with Erasa providing on the spot commentary. He introduced them to the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and his bedroom, the latter of which he explained were most of his studying took place. The Empress in particular became extremely fascinated by his living quarters, commenting that she never expected a warrior of his incredible power and stature to have been brought up in such small and simple dwellings. This then led to the hybrid telling her about how their family had always lived off of the bare minimum, this being whatever money the father and grandfather were able to rake in, with most of their earlier days being piggybacked on Goku's winnings at the martial arts tournament.

Sandra accepted this history breakdown with welcoming arms, to which she then stated that her and Maya's childhoods were spent wrestling in similar financial and domestic circumstances.

Not long afterwards the entire family and their guests sat down at the dining table for tea and cake. Goten finished early and took Erasa into the next room to play video games on the console, as if completely unaffected by the day's events. Chi-Chi meanwhile used that opportunity to lightly probe Sandra and Maya for information, wanting to hear more about where they came from and how they ended up where they were now. Though they were brief on the details, the Empress did divulge some very interesting facts about how she governed a whole star system and controlled an entire planet, which she considered as her personal estate for all her years of suffering.

"How did you and your friends come across your planet anyway?" Gohan asked, holding his tea in one hand while watching Sandra sniff hers with interest. "If what all the stuff Kana told me is true, terrestrial worlds capable of sustaining life like the Earth are really hard to come by."

Maya, enjoying the scent of the various teas and treats in front of them, crossed her arms over her chest and leant back in her seat, "Believe it or not, we actually came across Corvus purely by accident."

"A few months after our battle in the Maelstrom arena, Kure and I were performing a routine flight around the quadrant searching for a group of pirates who'd attacked a nearby star system. Since we pretty much liberated that entire area of space from Emperor Mao Kogen when we defeated him in the pits, every single planet previously under his rule elected us to be their new leaders, so we decided to stick around," Sandra informed, setting her tea down and staring across at both Gohan and Videl thoughtfully. "While we were checking the outskirts of the Vulpan quadrant, the two of us stumbled across an enormous nebula, which the civilizations of that region referred to as the Doorway of the Gods. It was there we found the planet orbiting around a rogue star, along with two gaseous giants and three smaller planets."

"Originally it was only one terrestrial planet with two moons," Maya said, picking up two biscuits and holding it up in front of her. "But after we constructed our base on its highest peak in the northern hemisphere and set up the shield generator, we also borrowed a few more moons from the same system and placed them into orbit of the planet. Kure arranged them into a pattern that not only created gravitational balance, but also helped mask our ki signatures from the rest of the quadrant."

"Not that the nebula we were orbiting didn't already do that," Sandra interjected with a shrewd grin. "There was so much celestial activity going on in our area that it made picking up our energy signatures next to impossible. This was especially useful in keeping a low profile, so that interstellar governments and people looking for Saiyans wouldn't be able to find us." She then chuckled and rubbed the back of her head, "We… got into quite a few skirmishes over the last couple of years, so there's a good chance we may have made a few enemies along the way."

"Join the club. We've got jackets," Videl remarked, at the same time gesturing across to her boyfriend sitting comfortably next to her, "This guy and his friends killed most of their enemies, but about fifty percent of them came back for revenge. That's not even counting the number of criminals the two of us caught while cleaning up Satan City."

Blinking, Sandra and Maya looked at one another before turning to stare back at the pair in confusion.

"Killed… most of your enemies…" Maya parroted.

"But fifty percent of them came back?" Sandra muttered before shrugging, "How does that work?"

The hybrid host rubbed his chin for a moment before holding a hand out to his guests, "Okay, first of all, spoiler alert. Second of all, this is going to start getting very complicated very quickly. I don't even know where to start." Scratching his head, Gohan then grinned and snapped his fingers. "I guess we can start with my dad's childhood."

"Kakarot, right?" Maya asked while nodding to the boy, "Bardock's son."

"Yeah," Gohan nodded, folding his arms on the table in front of him. "My dad got wrapped up in quite a few adventures while he was living here on Earth."

This remark earned a grin from Videl. "He also killed a ton of bad guys when he was a kid… a lot more than you would expect from a man like him. Most of them came from this massive military group called the Red Ribbon Army and a cult working for Piccolo's dad," Videl informed, as she remembered all the stories Gohan and Goku had told her when they went to visit him up in Otherworld. "All of this stuff happened way before his father even realized he came from another planet. Heck, he didn't even know anything about the Saiyans or his real parents."

"But then my dad's brother Radditz came to Earth and the entire game changed for everyone," the demi-Saiyan continued, waving his hands through the air to illustrate the gravity of the event. He then started recounting the tales and adventures as briefly as he could. "While my father and I were visiting friends on Master Roshi's island, Radditz appeared, kidnapped me and held me hostage, threatening my dad to kill at least a thousand people if he ever wanted to see me again. Shortly thereafter, my father and his then arch-rival, now best-friend Piccolo ended up teaming up and fighting the bastard, in which Piccolo killed both Radditz and my dad when he sacrificed himself to hold him down. At first we thought that would be the end of it."

"But then they learned from his uncle after Piccolo pretty much blabbed about the dragon balls that two more Saiyans were still out there and would be coming to Earth in about a year or so," Videl informed.

"Dragon balls?" Sandra repeated, not knowing what the duo was referring to.

"Uhh, the… orange crystals that the Namekians use to summon a mystical dragon to grant wishes," Gohan explained.

"Oh. Right," Maya nodded in understanding, "Our friend Gast mentioned something about his people creating those."

"Well, long story short, Piccolo kidnapped Gohan and trained him for about a year. Several months later Vegeta and his partner showed up and started wasting everything in sight," Videl said, beginning the next chapter of her boyfriend's tale. "They destroyed all of East City the moment they stepped out of their pods and laid waste to an entire naval fleet. I read about it in our school's history books."

"After we wished dad back to life using the dragon balls, my friends and I fought against the Saiyans, in which most of us ended up being killed by Nappa," Gohan explained, breathing a heavy sigh as memories of that day flooded back into his head. "Dad finally showed up, saved us, crippled the Saiyan brute, and then watched in disbelief as Vegeta finished him off. After that me, dad, Krillin and Yajirobi fought against the mercenary prince and beat him half to death." He then shook his head in amazement. "Man. No matter how many times he got hit, that guy just refused to go down."

Sandra let out a chuckle, "That's a Saiyan Prince for you. He will not take no for an answer." She then gestured to the boy to continue.

"Anyway, since Piccolo sacrificed himself to save me during the battle with Nappa, we knew that the dragon balls wouldn't be able to work, as their power was directly linked to his life force. So we decided to head to Namek to try and find some there. But when we arrived, not only did we run into Vegeta again, we ran into Frieza and his group as well. Vegeta killed most of them, but when the Ginyu Force showed up and came after him, we got the crap beaten out of us."

"How did you survive?" Maya asked, narrowing her eyes on the pair. "Those guys were Frieza's elite. The best of the best. You couldn't possibly have beaten them on your own."

"Nah. My dad did," Gohan said, smiling when he looked across at the women. "He showed up and kicked each and every one of them to the curb with barely any effort at all. Initially he left them alive, but Vegeta -being Vegeta- finished them off and killed the red guy by himself. We even fought Ginyu when he came around and beat him too… well, after he switched bodies with a frog that is."

This part caught Sandra while she was in the middle of drinking her tea, which she ended up spitting out and laughing in disbelief. "W-What?!"

"Yeah. Dad threw a frog at that weird beam he fired from his mouth and he switched bodies with it." His casual reveal of this information had Sandra and Maya staring at the kid for a moment, until both women broke out into outrageous fits of giggles and laughter. Once everyone managed to calm down and catch their breaths a full minute later, Gohan was able to continue his story. "Though we killed off his entire crew, the guy's still hanging around. He's actually living in one of the animal sanctuaries Bulma has set up over in Capsule Corp."



(In West City)

In the lush, green garden that served as one of the many research plantations at the billion dollar industrial headquarters, along one of the dozen creeks passing through the manmade paradise, a collection of about a hundred small reptilian and semi-aquatic animals were gathered around the shallows. There, sitting atop the tallest rock, was the easily identifiable off-green, spotted, red-eyed amphibian from Namek that the soul of Captain Ginyu currently inhabited.

His loud, throaty croaks filled the entire area with a gentle, calming melody that accentuated the serenity of the garden as he addressed the various animals in what most people would believe was a speech preaching peace and harmony for all creatures, great and small. However, when Ginyu-Frog's words were translated back to a language that was understandable by humans, the words her uttered carried a completely different tone.

"Hear me, my fellow amphibian and reptilian brothers!" Ginyu-Frog croaked loudly in an expression hauntingly similar to the late Stalin, "Today is the day you've all been waiting for! The day that the creek folk of the Southern quarter rise up against the mammal oppressors dominating the hills to the North!" Bringing up a flippered hand, the frog slammed it to his chest and croaked out even louder. "Long have we endured pain and humiliation at their teeth and claws! No longer! Arise! Arise warriors of Ginyu's Army! Though our bodies shall be broken and our fangs shall be splintered, our spirits will carry us on to a new day! A red day! And the sun RISEEEEEES!"

All at once, every single frog, toad, snake, turtle, lizard and iguana standing before the alien critter rose up and cheered, showing whatever limbs they had in support of their brilliant, tactical leader. In that moment of glory and under the roaring adulation of his followers, Ginyu-Frog also thrust his flipper into the air, rallying his soldiers to him and hollering at the top of his lungs.

"Fight! Fight with me! And the memory of your name shall be remembered forever, by your children and your children's children!" Ginyu cried out with a fierce and undying passion. "We're going to die today and it's going to be AWESOOOOME! WHO'S WITH ME?!" Another cry of support came from all the reptiles and amphibians present. The moment their cries rang out, Frog-Ginyu turned and faced the hills further up the stream they were gathered around, and pointed them forward. "Give thanks, men; to all those who've fallen and to all those who will fall! TO VICTOOORRRYYYYYY!"

And with that, every single toad and reptile behind Ginyu-Frog followed the amphibian up the stream and hill. As if expecting the attack, the various furry mammals living in the grasslands and bushes in the northern part of the garden, including the mice, rats, possums, armadillos, cats and otters, had all gathered in preparation for the war to come. The moment the first frogs burst out of the bushes and attacked the mice on the front lines, all hell broke loose.

What followed from that point was a glorious battle, reminiscent of all the great charges in modern cinema.

However, pulling back from the battle now taking place across the clearing; seeing an army of tiny reptiles attacking an army of equally tiny mammals was quite an unusual sight. This much was obvious from the bewildered reactions of the two scientists on duty standing just a few meters away from the squabbling critters.

After a minute of watching the determined Ginyu-Frog and his allies tackle a large possum to the ground and bite into its flesh, the female scientist with the glasses and brown hair tied in a bun turned to her black haired male colleague quizzically.

"This is the third time this week. What is wrong with these animals?" the woman asked incredulously.


(Back in Mount Paozu)

"So after that battle, dad needed to be thrown into a healing tank so that he could recover. While that was happening we wished Piccolo back to life and Frieza showed up, and boy was he pissed. From there it was just chaos, mayhem, Vegeta and Krillin dying, and dad going Super Saiyan for the first time when he finally joined the battle," Gohan said, crossing his arms proudly but then shrugging afterwards. "We thought they both died when Namek blew up, but as it turned out dad and Frieza managed to survive."

This news had Maya raise an eyebrow, "Your father didn't kill him?"

"No. He thought Frieza would actually learn something from the ass-kicking he gave him and left him barely alive to soak it in, but that only made things worse. He came to Earth years later to get revenge on dad by killing all of us," the half-Saiyan informed. "Unfortunately for him he never got that chance and ended up getting killed by Trunks."

"Trunks? As in…?" Sandra spoke, lifting a thumb and gesturing over her shoulder, obviously referring to Goten's adolescent best friend in West City.

"Oh, no. Not that Trunks. Another one who came to us from the future," Gohan chuckled, watching Sandra and Maya's faces twist into expressions of confusion. "See. I told you it would get complicated."

"That's not even counting the other battles they fought in between those ones," Videl informed while gesturing towards the demi-Saiyan. "There was that Garlic Junior guy Goku and Piccolo butted heads with a month before Radditz's arrival. Then some crazy robot doctor named Wheelo decided to mess with the planet while Goku was gone. After that some Turles fellow showed up… then this planet conquering Namekian named Slug…"

"Oh yeah, and Garlic Junior came back a second time and attacked Earth while dad was up in space," Gohan added with a shrug. "Funny stories. Terrifying battles. Tell you about them later." This earned a couple of understanding nods from their Saiyan guests.

"After Mirai Trunks killed Frieza, Goku finally came back to Earth. When he did, our half-Saiyan friend from the future told us that a couple of androids would emerge to wipe us all out," Videl said, placing a hand on her hip while glancing over at Gohan. "These guys were created by the head of the research and development team of the Red Ribbon Army, which Gohan's dad destroyed years before."

"He blamed my father for all of the pain and loss he suffered since that day and spent the last decade designing a group of cybernetic soldiers to kill him," the demi-Saiyan added, taking his cup of tea into two hands and staring down at it with a look of dread. "Thanks to Trunks's warning, we thought we would be ready for when they arrived. But the truth is we weren't. Even though my father, Vegeta and Trunks were all Super Saiyans, the androids managed to beat every one of them, including our friends. We had to pull back for a bit and rethink our approaches, and even managed to find an old room in another dimension where we could get special training to increase our power in a short amount of time. While some of us stalled, the rest of us trained in that room and we thought for sure we had a way of winning."

"But the worst was yet to come," Videl interjected, her expression becoming grave. "The three androids who came first and their Plan-B counterparts were only the start. Doctor Gero apparently had a Plan-C hiding in the depths of his laboratory; a biological android crafted from the cells and DNA of all the strongest fighters on Planet Earth, including Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Nappa, Trunks, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Frieza and King Cold."

This news had Maya's eyes widen in shock, "Damn. Are you serious?"

"Yeah. He was a monster made out of monsters. A creature from your worst nightmares and the most dangerous villain we'd ever fought," Gohan said, his expression remaining serious as he glared across at the two Saiyan women. "He was designed to use all of our abilities and techniques, and had a ridiculous power level to match. What's more, and though I never actually saw this, he could absorb people into his body by drinking them through his tail." This piece of information had Sandra and Maya cringe with disgust, and earned a scoff from the teen. "Yeah. And that's not even the worst part."

"What's worse than being sucked up through that monster's tail?" Maya asked. It was honestly the most horrifying thing she'd heard from another person, as she'd obviously never encountered a creature that could do something like that before.

"The creature went through evolutionary stages similar to an insect. By absorbing two of the other androids created by Doctor Gero, he could modify his physical form and attain heightened levels of power. This eventually led to him achieving what he called his perfect form and gave him the self-proclaimed title Perfect Cell." He then looked up at the Saiyans with a grim look on his face. "The power he had in this form was unlike anything we'd ever seen before. A single attack from him could wipe out the entire solar system."

Videl shivered at remembering seeing that creep on television and turned to look at their Saiyan guests. "He had so much confidence in his power that he created an event called the Cell Games, in which the planet's greatest warriors would face him in one-on-one combat to decide its ultimate fate. He pretty much had the whole Earth as his hostage."

"Every single member of our group reached new levels of power leading up to that final battle," Gohan said, clenching his fists tightly while looking down at his hot tea. "My dad and I especially. But when dad called me up to battle Cell in his place and I stupidly refused to fight back at full power, that monster began goading me by torturing my friends. He did this through a form of cellular mitosis, in which he produced several clones of himself and sent them after dad and the others." His gaze quickly shifted back up to Sandra and Maya. "When he killed one of them, my rage finally got to me and I transformed to the second level of Super Saiyan."

Sensing the boy's pain and feeling the gravity behind his words drew a sad yet understanding nod from Sandra. "That was a rough time for you. What you went through was probably far more painful than what my friends and I had to endure."

"I was only eleven when I fought that battle," Gohan stated, inhaling deeply at the memories of that day. "With my new power I killed Cell's clones and took my anger out on that beast, and I thought I had everything under control. But then he did something that I never expected him to do…" He tensed up on this next part. "He threatened to blow himself up… and take the entire planet with him. When his body set itself to combust, I knew I'd screwed up." His eyes shimmered when he looked down at the table's surface. "My dad jumped in and sacrificed himself to teleport the bastard away to another planet. But that wasn't the end of it. Cell regenerated and came back stronger than before, and I was forced to fight him one last time and finish him off… when I could've easily done it when…" He stopped there, shaking his head furiously.

The negativity in Gohan's voice as well as his mood was easily picked up by the other people in the house, Goten and Erasa stopping their game to listen, while Chi-Chi and Lime glanced over their shoulders through the kitchen archway. Sandra and Maya also respectfully remained quiet when they sensed the distress in the young adult's voice and gave him the time he needed to catch his breath and settle his thoughts.

Observing that Gohan was having a hard time recounting that final part of his story, Videl reached over and gently gripped his hand. Her gesture helped calm the boy down and settle the bundle of emotions gathering inside of him. When his glazed eyes turned to his girlfriend, he saw the crime fighter give him a smile of assurance.

Feeling cheered up, Gohan beamed back at his guests. "A lot of things happened that day… and nothing that I don't regret. I just have to live with it."

Sandra also gave the teen a smile and, leaning forward, placed a hand on his arm. "Believe me, I know how you feel." Her eyes meeting his, the pair of Saiyans stared at one another for several moments in silence. When that tine passed, the woman leant back with a grin. "Why don't you tell me everything else that happened afterwards? I doubt your epic tale of adventures and battles ends there." She said this while grasping the cup of tea in front of her.

After recovering from his bout of gloom Gohan, together with Videl, went on to talk about the other battles and mind-blowing events that followed. This included the Intergalactic World Martial Arts Tournament where Bojack showed up with Zangya and his gang, the visit of the envoy Kana from the Planet Trade Organization's preservation branch, Paprika's first appearance at the World Martial Arts Competition, the monstrous parasite Zeru coming down on the continent's West Coast and wrecking havoc on the planet, leading to a resurgence in the Earth's life-force, the battle with the God of Storms Set, and finally the mech-suit assassins. Needless to say, Sandra and Maya were absolutely rapt by these stories and regarded the boy with their utmost attention.

"Gods, demons, cyborgs, assassins, mystery, excitement…" Sandra counted on her fingers one after the other, before then grinning across at her partner and best friend. "I think I'm going to like it here."

Nodding in agreement, Maya quickly turned back to the demi-Saiyan with an expression reflecting determination. "If you and your friends ever need our help, don't hesitate to ask. We'll be here to support you however we can."

When Gohan accepted the women's words with a grateful dip of his head, they were then interrupted by the return of Chi-Chi and Lime from the kitchen.

"That's good to hear," the mother interjected in a cheerful tone, to which she then directed a happy smile at their guests. "The Earth's been attacked by so many monsters and aliens in the last two years alone, we could use with some more allies. Honestly, you guys have been the best invaders we've had since Kana, and even then she smashed through several buildings and properties before even finding her first opponent. You guys even sent your own personalized greeting video."

It was then Maya rubbed her chin thoughtfully, "That reminds me, I have to realign the satellite dish on top of the castle and patch it through to the one setup on moon five. The signal we gave off on that first entry was shocking."

Taking another sip of her tea, Sandra nodded in approval, "Your plans have been duly noted."

Staring between the two women for a moment, Chi-Chi couldn't help but catch on to one of the key bits of info the second in command had to say. "Hold on. Back up a little. Did you say you two say that you own a castle?"

"Hm? Of course," Sandra replied, appearing confused for a moment. "It's pretty much the only property we own, apart from our planet's moons." Almost immediately the woman balked and threw her hands up in disbelief. "Ah! Damn it! I forgot to collect the deposit we put down on that apartment we rented back on Argo!"

Also remembering this, her dark-skinned Saiyan colleague cursed under her breath and looked at her friend, "Shit! How long ago was that?"

"Nine years ago!"

"Ah. Crap. Well, it's gone now."

Despite the pair's sudden lapse back to their childhood years when they were planet hopping across their part of the universe, the Son mother couldn't help but become enthralled by the new information they were now sharing with her. Almost on cue, Chi-Chi began asking the Saiyan Empress about her estate, with the most standout questions being about her furnishings and income, which she guessed was probably through the roof. This soon transformed into a rather entertaining conversation about how Sandra and Kure were constantly bickering with one another about what kind of drapes they wanted to have hanging around the castle hallways displaying their various galactic banners.

Sandra wanted purple and Kure wanted green, a color that the Saiyan Empress was completely against.

Shortly thereafter Chi-Chi returned to the kitchen to continue making dinner with Lime, leaving Gohan and Videl to entertain their new friends, all of whom weren't quite finished with their drinks. This allowed them a chance to discuss other things around the table that weren't as relevant but were no less entertaining. When it involved a group of some of the best warriors on the planet, what else could they possibly talk about than their respective battle histories?

If they weren't knocking heads, they were measuring egos. It was one of the fun things about being a person in their shoes.

However, while the group was in the process of exchanging fight records with one another, recounting the various wins and losses they'd experienced in their lives, the congregation of super-powered fighters were soon interrupted by the arrival of Zangya. Looking even more haggard than before and sweating profusely from what they could guess was one hell of a training session, the Hera slogged past the living room and down the corridor, her intentions focused solely on a shower.

Noticing the frizzy-haired woman walking by the wall, Gohan couldn't help but lean back in his seat and watch his friend stagger down the hallway with slight concern. "Hey, Zangya. You alright?"

"I'm fine. I'm fine," the blue fighter replied groggily, at the same time waving over her shoulder, "Just… going to dunk my head in a barrel of cold water for the next couple of hours. Then I'll hit the hay."

"Oh. Okay," Gohan answered, not willing to argue with his exhausted partner, "Have fun." When he heard the door shut behind Zangya at the other end of the corridor seconds later, the spiky haired Saiyan turned back around, appearing slightly confused. "Flying a couple dozen laps around the planet doesn't normally tire her out. The fight she had today must have taken a lot more out of her than I thought."

Feigning ignorance to the Hera-seijin's current condition, Maya quickly hid her smile behind her tea cup and glanced away offhandedly, suddenly finding an interest in Chi-Chi's china collection on the nearby shelf. "Yes. The battle. Let's go with that."

Sandra shook her head at her best friend frivolous reply and plucked another biscuit from the plate, "Give her until tomorrow morning. I'm sure your friend will be back tossing mountains over the horizon in no time." After nibbling on the crumpet and giving it an appreciative look, the Empress then looked up at Gohan and Videl. Noticing how close the pair was sitting next to one another and how both teenagers were interacting, the boy feeding the girl half of his biscuit before poking her in the nose, the raven haired woman tilted her head curiously. The scene, showing the playfulness of the boy's character as well as his affection for his loved ones, then led to Sandra cracking a smile of her own and returning to her drink, quietly filing her observations away for another time.

Things seemed to quiet down even more after that, which saw Gohan taking Sandra and Maya to their backyard to show them the far reaching borders of their estate. Not gonna lie, there was a lot more than just grass and bushes to show off from their front porch, as there were hundreds and hundreds of acres of infinite greenery stretching out beyond the first row of mountains on the horizon. The visitors to the humble little home were certainly impressed.

By the time the sun started to set, the entire household was gifted with a feast fit for a king courtesy of Chi-Chi and Lime, complete with an otherworldly aroma that had Sandra and Maya practically salivating. They pair looked as though they were going to dive right onto the table. However, containing their baser instincts, the two women sat down on either side of the bench with the best dining etiquette they could muster. Of course this didn't stop the pair of hungry warriors from digging in alongside Gohan and Goten, which put more than a couple of amused smiles on the rest of the family's faces as bits of rice went flying everywhere.

Seeing two other Saiyans, particularly female Saiyans, stuffing their faces with food next to the two local bottomless pits was absolutely priceless. Erasa and Lime even snapped a couple of pictures of the four eating in perfect sync for posterity.

Eventually all the food was gone, with nothing but bones and crumbs being left behind. Once the slate was cleared, Sandra and Maya didn't hesitate one bit in giving Chi-Chi and Lime the most spirit lifting and sincere reviews on their cooking that they could. They practically spouted lines of poetry in their appraisal of their abilities and even helped to clean up most of the dishes. Needless to say they were the best visitors the Son mother could've possibly asked for.

In return for cooking, Erasa cleaned up all the dishes, allowing Chi-Chi to rest and giving Lime a chance to have a few rounds with Goten and Maya on the game console, which inevitably resulted in a rather vigorous onscreen contest between the two Saiyans over who the superior talent was. As the mood in the house settled, Gohan spent the rest of that evening chatting with Sandra and Videl on the benches outdoors, watching as the stars gleamed into life and their new planetoid neighbor pulled into view from over the horizon. When the trio finally came back inside with a set of empty glasses and plates, they quickly joined the rest of the family by the television, where they then showed off a movie to their intergalactic guests.

One after the other, as the minutes ticked on into night, the kids started to drop off. Goten and Maya were the first to fall asleep, followed shortly by Erasa and Lime, both of whom collapsed next to one another on a couch and beanbag respectively. Their light snores filling the room with a gentle atmosphere, Chi-Chi and Gohan quietly tiptoed about collecting the spare pillows and sheets they had stashed away in the laundry, which they then laid out over the dozing guests. Once that chore was done, the heads of the Son household and Videl moved over to the hallway and looked on as Sandra took her boots off and got comfortable on the sofa.

"I always wondered what it would be like to have a sleepover at a friend's place. I'm afraid that experience was lost on me in my years of traveling from planet to planet," the Saiyan Empress remarked in a whisper. She then turned towards the owners of the house and gestured to the cushions next to her. "May I?"

"You're our guest. Help yourself," Chi-Chi answered.

Sandra returned her words with an appreciative nod. "Again; thank you for your hospitality." The three then watched curiously as the gleefully smiling Empress laid back on the couch's pillows and, giving one last yawn of satisfaction, quickly fell fast asleep.

Needless to say, it'd been a long day for all of them.

Switching off the television as well as the lights to the main rooms, an exhausted Chi-Chi turned to her eldest and placed a hand against his cheek. "You get a good night's rest too, son. You need it."

"Thanks mum," the hybrid replied. "And thanks for letting them stay over. I'll make up for it tomorrow."

Gazing up at her boy lovingly, the mother then leant up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, before heading for her room. When her door at the end of the hallway locked shut, Gohan and Videl shared one last look with one another in silence.

Noticing the bags under her boyfriend's eyes, the raven haired girl giggled and reached up to brush his hair. "Hell of a day, huh?"

"Oh yeah," Gohan chuckled tiredly, giving a wide stretch that had the muscles in his back pop one after the other. "Hey. If I ever decide to use Kaioken and Super Saiyan 3 at the same time again during a fight, please feel free to give me a good, hard slap. Seriously. Using that form almost killed me."

"More than Sandra?" Videl asked jokingly, while at the same time thinking back to how much the pair had brutalized one another during their battle across the Solar System.

"Oh, no. What she did to me was way worse," the Saiyan laughed, before then cringing at the phantom pains that went shooting through him. He then glanced back into the living room, where he and Videl could see the woman was fast asleep on the couch in a very Vegeta-like manner.

"Sandra Could-kick-Gohan's-Ass… that's her official new last name from now on," Videl said with a broad grin in play. "How close did you think she came?"

"Honestly… it wasn't that far off. Out of all the people I've encountered over the years, Cell, Frieza, Zeru, the Ginyu Force… she gave me the hardest fight I've ever had," Gohan stated, without an ounce of hesitation to be heard. "I know I may have said that a lot in the past, but the amount of times I thought I was going to pass out or die when getting hit by her was just insane. Every attack I threw was just sheer agony."

"Poor baby," Videl whispered in a very motherly tone of voice, reaching out and wrapping her arms around the teen's neck. When she felt the hybrid's hands rest firmly on her hips and pull her towards him, the raven haired girl gazed at him approvingly. "Remember to keep your guard up and your chin down next time."

"Don't worry, I will," Gohan murmured, looking into his girlfriend's eyes and rocking her from side-to-side. "The last thing I want to do is mash up this perfectly good mug for you."

"Hmm… maybe it's not just your mug that I'm interested in," Videl replied, narrowing her eyes suggestively as a mischievous smirk formed on her lips.

"What is it? My hair?"

The girl bit her bottom lip. "Mmm… no."

"My chin? My hands? My magnetic personality?"

Videl's grin only seemed to widen, "Keep digging."

For the next minute the pair stood there, just appreciating one another's company. Affection and warmth shimmered in both their eyes, accentuated by the dark of the living room on one side and the light of the hallway on the other. In those few seconds of silence the young couple seemed to draw even closer to one another and, for a moment, it looked like Videl was going to say something. By the way her cheeks turned red and the way her lips seemed to part in a faint exhale, the question she wanted to ask was obviously intimate yet nerve-racking at the same time.

Her heartbeat quickened when the urge to utter her words became more and more perilous.

Even Gohan seemed to pick up on her dithering nerves. Feeling his face starting to become hotter and hotter as he stared down at Videl's soft expression, the Saiyan suddenly found it much more difficult to maintain his composure in her presence. Gone was the confidence and charm he'd built up interacting with his friends and loved ones over the last seven years, and gone was his ability to communicate and function at his usual capacity. The man's courage was quickly replaced by nervous quivers, as his mouth opened and closed a couple of times in a vain attempt at a coherent response.

In their minds, both teenagers knew what the other one wanted to say and could sense what was going through their minds. The evidence was staring them right in the face and being held in their tender loving grips. However neither one wanted to make the first move for simply stepping into this new territory was rife with uncertainties and new experiences too terrifying to even contemplate.

Moments later the ice was broken.

"Well…" Gohan said, clearing his throat and drawing a surprised look from his girlfriend. "It's… uhh… it's getting late. I think we should turn ourselves in for the night." He then gestured her down the hallway. "You want to have a shower first or-?"

"Oh. Umm…" Videl stuttered, before putting on a small smile. "Yeah. Sure. I mean, after being thrown through hillsides, trees and farm houses for most of the day, a shower sounds really good right about now." She rubbed her shoulder nervously after stepping out of her boyfriend's arms. "Goodnight, Gohan."

"Goodnight, Videl," the hybrid replied, watching his girlfriend slowly amble down the hall.

Feeling he was missing something important, which probably accounted for a lot of things in his life, the half-Saiyan hero decided to head to his room, where he figured he could organize a hot water barrel out back and scrub himself down before hitting the hay.

Unbeknownst to him and Videl of course, they missed the sight of a pair of eyes watching them from the dark, as the seemingly asleep Erasa followed their conversation from her place on the couch…


(Later that night)

The quick dip in the barrel out back had Gohan feeling both clean and refreshed, as he was able to use the entire period to rid himself of all the kinks in his system. Once he'd emptied out the water and extinguished the fire, the spiky haired hero of Earth returned to his room for a long and much deserved rest.

Adorned in a pair of grey fleece pants, Gohan cleared the space on his desk, tidied up his books, and dropped down onto his mattress. Hands placed behind his head and on his pillow, the boy spent the next few minutes staring up at his ceiling, counting the multiple smudges formed in the paint and contemplating the various events that'd transpired in the wake of Sandra and her planet's arrival. Though it seemed pointless and borderline obsessive repeatedly replaying the same battles in his head over and over, the truth was that he was merely doing this out of some nervous effort to cover up the feelings currently surging through him.

These were of course the ones regarding Videl.

After powering through such a long and hard battle that had him sweating blood, it made sense for his body to have produced an insane amount of endorphins to compensate for the loss of other minerals. The chemicals pumping through his system made him feel happy, excited, and played a significant role in blocking out a lot of the pain he'd suffered as a result of the experience. The exercise he undertook from such a rigorous workout gave him a powerful form of 'runner's high', something he assumed was thanks to his Saiyan DNA kicking in and adding their juices into the mix.

The sensations of excitement he received were overwhelming. That being said, it wasn't so much of a stretch to believe some of the 'other' parts of his anatomy would be acting up in response to the chemical fireworks going off inside him. It was a completely natural response.

His hormones and adrenaline helped emphasize the many other emotions he felt on a day to day basis and most of these were aimed directly at the girls closest to him, especially Videl. When he'd held his girlfriend in his arms and gazed into her eyes, whatever feelings of love and desire he felt for her in that instant had been multiplied tenfold, and resonated throughout his entire body like a strobe. It fired him up, made him feel anxious, and compelled to act on his instincts.

So profound were these sensations that Gohan, scared of what might happen next, was forced to retreat and gather his thoughts. This was one of the reasons why he decided to take the long dip in the tub. Even when he had all the confidence in the world to go through the most dangerous and daring trials a person could face, all of that nerve and resolve went away the moment he was faced with the reality of what might've- what most certainly would've- happened in that hallway.

This was the human part of him acting up: the innocent, rational, realistic, and levelheaded side of him that would always come into play when dealing with a new and unfamiliar situation. It made him curse himself and grit his teeth, thinking how much of a coward he was for backing away like that.

He loved Videl and he couldn't even muster up the guts to approach her and take their relationship to the next level. That had been the perfect opportunity to do so and he missed it.

"Well… I'm going to make up for it right now," Gohan thought, a determined look coming to his face as he leapt out of bed and headed straight for his bedroom door. He then grasped the handle and swung it open, only to come to an abrupt stop when he found Videl standing right there in a white over-sized t-shirt, looking as though she was about to knock. The two jumped in surprise. "V-Videl?"

"Gohan?" the tomboy murmured, hastily lowering her hand. At first not knowing what to say, once she realized the demi-Saiyan was standing directly in front of her, Videl averted her gaze and blushed, "M-Mind if I come in?"

Recovering from the shock, the hybrid Saiyan gently smiled and ushered her inside, before shutting the door behind her, "You don't need to ask to see me, Videl. You're always welcome in my room."

Videl walked in with her hands behind her back, feigning interest in the various furniture around them, "I… didn't wake you up, did I?"

"No. Of course not. Why?" Gohan asked, keeping his smile up as he watched his girlfriend pace about his room, "Were you standing outside my door this entire time?"

"N-No," Videl replied defiantly, trying to put on a tough exterior. Failing when she saw the Saiyan's eyebrow arc upwards, the raven haired girl then rocked on her heels bashfully and kept her gaze on her bare feet. "Well… only for the last couple of minutes. But that's it. All I wanted to do was check to see if you were doing alright."

Sensing she was trying to play off the real reason why she was here, Gohan smiled warmly, "You don't need to worry about me, Videl. I'm fine. There's no way I'm going to let myself check out that easily." He then sat down on the edge of his bed and smirked at his visitor. "I don't plan on doing that for a while."

Videl giggled lightly as she lingered in place for a moment, "Sometimes I forget I'm dating the toughest man on the face of the planet." She then tiptoed forward and stopped within arm's reach of her boyfriend. "That and the fact he always seems to find himself in some kind of trouble." Without even missing a beat, she straddled the teen's lap and draped her arms over his shoulders.

"You know you love it," Gohan said, reaching up to gently rub Videl's cheek. Feeling the girl's delicate hands begin skimming over his shoulders and back, the hybrid then brought both hands down and laid them on her lithe waist, which he easily felt through her oversized T-shirt. This move earned a kiss from said girl, "So what, if I may ask, have you come to see me for then, babe? Were you hoping for a chance to nurse me back to health?"

"Oh, I can do a lot more than just nurse you back to health, stud," Videl replied, teasingly giving him another peck on the lips, at the same time her hands started to become a little more adventurous. She then moved back a little to stare into his charcoal eyes. "Did you just call me 'babe'?"

"Uh-huh," Gohan nodded with a mischievous grin. "Problem?"

"No. None at all," Videl answered with a giggle, her expression deepening into one reflecting appreciation, excitement, and a range of other profound emotions. Seconds ticked by as she sat there gazing at her boyfriend and admiring the contours of his handsome profile. Her heart started to race a little faster, causing her expression to twist into one of desire and longing, until her wall of restraint finally gave way. "Gohan… I can't wait any longer."

"Yeah. Me neither," the hybrid replied, swallowing nervously when he felt his girlfriend slide a little further up his lap. "I wanted to say something before… but I… I guess I was nervous."

"So was I. But not anymore," Videl whispered, shaking her head in disbelief as her breathing quickened, "Kami, I want you so bad."

"Me too." Feeling his girlfriend's hands start running over his chest with need, Gohan immediately responded by slowly moving his palms around her waist to grip the full globes of her ass. "Do you think it's a good idea… right now? I mean, with so many people-"

"It'll be okay," Videl replied with a mischievous grin, "Just try not to make too much noise."

The Saiyan responded with a smirk of his own. "I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be my line." He was promptly silenced by Videl grabbing him by the back of the head and crushing her lips against his in a passionate embrace.

"Ass," Videl breathed affectionately when they parted, before quickly going back to their newly rescheduled program.


With their wants, needs and objectives established, the pair began setting the mood the best way they knew how as first timers. As Gohan proceeded to familiarize himself with the curves of Videl's body, his hands slowly sliding up her hips and under her shirt, the pair once again became locked in a passionate embrace. Their kiss, which was chaste and tender at first, quickly became heated as the pair's tongues intertwined with one another and hungrily devoured their partner's mouth.

Their energy escalating, Videl made her intentions known by beginning to grind her hips into Gohan's pelvis, who reciprocated her actions by grabbing both sides of her waist and pushing her down. Feeling the heat between them growing and the intensity of her boyfriend's actions increase, the raven haired girl pulled away and moaned softly.

"G-Gohan?" Videl gasped, looking down to see Gohan's arousal pressing against the panty covered apex of her legs. She then grinned mischievously, "Damn. You're really ready for this, aren't you?"

"Have been for a long time," Gohan retorted, before then feeling his girlfriend start rubbing herself against him even more. A groan was released from his own lips when he felt her hand reach down to palm his aching erection, "And you're not messing around either."

Videl giggled before leaning forward to kiss along his jaw line. "Well I know what I want and I'm tired of waiting for it. So go ahead and give it to me," she whispered in a sultry tone, before letting out another sound of appreciation when she felt her boyfriend nibble at her ear and start moving down her neck.

As he suckled on her flesh, drawing even more groans from the hot tomboy, Gohan's hands ventured further up Videl's shapely frame under her top, before finally resting on her ample chest. His quick discovery had Gohan raise an eyebrow and grin against her collarbone. "No bra?"

"D-Didn't need it," Videl stammered, before gasping when she felt her boyfriend give her breasts a testing squeeze.

"Good. Makes things much simpler," Gohan whispered eagerly, proceeding to leave a trail of kisses back up her neck and to her lips, at the same time rubbing and kneading her breasts under her shirt. He then promptly silenced his girlfriend with another deep kiss when her excitement started to get more vocal.

Their mouths battling one another in a vigorous lip lock, the pair continued on with their ministrations; Videl's hands moving over Gohan's hot muscular frame while his palms continued to explore the amazing body she had under her shirt. In the midst of their engagement, the raven haired angel slowly pushed the demi-Saiyan onto his bed, where she wound up straddling him and grinding against him from a dominant position.

With their enthusiasm escalating, the pair started to get more adventurous. Videl's hands slid down Gohan's abs and began rubbing them shamelessly, while the demi-Saiyan was already attempting to slide off her panties.

But just as they were about to get into the good stuff, the bedroom door suddenly opened, and a large shadow fell over the duo. Looking up with a start, the two youngsters on the mattress looked across the room to see Zangya, clad in a white robe, standing in the doorway. Her blue skin reflecting the light of the moon and giving her an enchanting glow, the orange haired woman stared at the pair with an unflinching expression and a firm stance.

Seeing Gohan and Videl, caught smack bang in the middle of their brazen activity, caused the young Hera's face to slowly transform into one of surprise and embarrassment; cheeks turning red and her fingers curling and uncurling repeatedly. Seconds later Zangya felt a warm sensation rush through her entire body, causing her limbs to tremble and her breathing to quicken.

While she was standing there, looking as though she was about to scream or flea, a second figure suddenly poked her head around the doorway and stepped into view. "Ooh… what's going on here?" Erasa's chirpy voice suddenly cut in.

Finally registering to the fact their two best friends were now in the room and watching them, both Gohan and Videl's moods switched instantly, as they quickly found themselves staring back at the intruders with their respective deer-caught-in-the-headlight expressions.

"Z-Zangya!" Gohan stuttered. "Erasa?"

"Th-This isn't what it looks like." Videl sat up off of Gohan, unable to hide the fact that her hair was a mess, her shirt was ruffled, and her panties had been tugged slightly down her hips, "We were just, uhh…"

Grinning, the most popular blonde in Orange Star High, clad in her signature green halter top and dangerously revealing blue, leather short shorts, took a couple bold steps into the room with her hands placed on her waist. "It seems like we caught you guys in the middle of something naughty," Erasa remarked in a mischievous tone of voice as she turned to look back at her fellow gatecrasher. "Can you believe it? Gohan and Videl were trying to get some nooky-nooky time with each other and we weren't invited."

Zangya however wasn't listening, at least not completely.

Biting her bottom lip momentarily and fidgeting restlessly on the spot, the woman with the orange locks stood in silence for several seconds, confusing Erasa, Gohan and Videl with her disposition. But then, out of nowhere, the anxious Zangya wordlessly rushed passed the blonde teenager and leapt at Gohan, throwing her arms around his neck and crushing her lips against his in a searing kiss. The attack was so sudden and so passionate that the Saiyan, in the midst of his confusion, was too shocked to respond as he sat there looking at the woman with wide-eyes while Videl, still perched on his lap, gaped at the Hera-seijin.

After remaining like that for several seconds, pressing her bosom into Gohan's chest and clawing at his body like a lifeline, Zangya pulled away, red-faced and breathing heavily. When she gazed into the young man's eyes, seeing his astonishment and awe reflected in his charcoal irises, the powerful Hera spoke in a raspy voice. "I can't take it anymore, Gohan-kun. I just can't. I want you…" Hands running up and down his back before resting on his neck, the woman shuffled closer to the boy and wrapped a long leg around his waist. "I want you right now."

"Zangya?" Gohan whispered.

Her expression showcasing nothing but sincerity, the blushing and obviously excited woman ran her hands over the boy's chest wistfully, "I've been running myself into the ground for the past month trying to keep my feelings for you in check. But with every day that's passed us, I've found it harder and harder to hold myself back. What with the flirting, the teasing, the fun and games we have together, and not being able to do more than just look… all of it is driving me crazy. What's more, seeing you fight and go wild against Sandra today, unleashing that beast from inside you, made things even worse." She then gazed hungrily into his eyes. "Now, no matter how hard I try, I just can't stop thinking about you."

"Me?" Gohan asked, as if the answer was the most shocking thing in the world.

"I love you, Son Gohan," Zangya whispered, running a hand up Gohan's head fondly. "I love you so much it feels like my chest is going to burst… and now… I want to show you just how much you mean to me… how much I want you." She then proceeded to run her hands down his back yearningly, moving one to the front to ghost tantalizingly down his abs. "Do you… want me too?"

Blinking, the demi-Saiyan cracked a smile. "Zangya, I…" It was then he realized the current position he was in and looked at Videl, whom he could see was still on his lap, watching and listening to them carefully. Freaking out a little when reality came full circle, the red-faced Gohan stammered fearfully, "I… don't know what to do. I'm not sure what I should-" He was at a complete loss. This situation was a complete first for him.

After staring at her boyfriend and the Hera for several moments, the previously embarrassed Videl then put on a smile and, leaning forward, draped her arms around her boyfriend's neck once again, resting her arms on top of Zangya's. "Geez. You can stand up to a monster capable of destroying an entire planet, but the moment another girl throws her arms around your neck and confesses her feeling for you, you get cold feet. Honestly, you're such a push over." A sly grin then came over her face as she sifted her fingers through his spiky locks. "Why don't you show us the same confidence you do when you're fighting? Maybe then it will make things easier… and a lot more fun for me."

"Huh," Gohan whispered, before feeling his girlfriend lock lips with him in another deep kiss. When she pulled away moments later, the hybrid took a few seconds to catch his breath, while at the same time gauge the implication of what the girl in front of him was now suggesting, "Are you serious?"

"I am," Videl replied, her eyes shimmering with admiration. "I know in my heart that I'll never be able to find another man as kind, strong and compassionate as you… not in a million years. But as long as I'm with you, I know I'll always be happy, even if I have to share you with more than one girl." She then looked across at Zangya sitting next to her, "Especially since they love you just as much as I do."

Nodding, the Hera also looked up at Gohan and looked into his eyes, "You mean more to me than any other person in the world, Gohan… and I've visited a lot of worlds. Of all the countless galaxies and the millions of people living in them, the warmth and kindness that you showed me when I came to this planet was unlike anything that I'd ever known. You opened your heart and soul to me… and in return you opened mine." She then glanced back at Videl, "You feel the same way too, right?"

This drew a soft smile from the raven haired beauty, "As long as I'm his first, you can have him as many times as you want. Deal?"

"Deal," Zangya agreed without a second thought.

And with that, the pair looked back up at their crush, with Videl beaming with self-assurance, "Well… what do you have to say to that?"

Hearing his girlfriend's words put a relieved smile on Gohan's face, moments before a serious glimmer flickered through his eyes. "Alright… if that's what you wish." Placing his hand behind Videl's head, the Saiyan stole a third kiss from her, crushing his lips against his girlfriend's and surprising her at his intensity. Pulling away seconds later, he then turned his attention to Zangya and, wrapping an arm around her waist, pulled her in to kiss her too.

Caught completely off guard, Zangya quickly responded to his gesture with a fiery passion, her hands running over his naked body adventurously and clawing at him for extra purchase. In the heat of the moment, her over leg wrapped around his waist and pulled her towards the handsome hybrid, allowing the Hera to grind up against him. A string of moans left Zangya's lips when she felt Gohan's hand run down her back to grip her buttocks, at the same time Videl leaned in to kiss along the Saiyan's jaw and neck.

When Gohan pulled away from Zangya moments later, the heat of his breath mixing with hers in a mist, a very Saiyan-like grin spread across his lips, "To answer your question, Zangya… I love you too."

Her face lighting up in joy, the Hera-seijin kissed him one more time, before moving around to nibble him lightly on the ear. "Just for that, I am going to rock your world tonight, stud." Nipping at his lobe, she then moved her hand down to his boxers and gripped his erection through the fabric, which drew a groan from the Saiyan and a gasp from Zangya.

While the three were busy having their bout of fun on the bed, they completely forgot about Erasa, who was still standing in the doorway and watching them.

At first Erasa wanted to tease Gohan and Videl a little more, having caught them in an act so promiscuous, she knew that it would embarrass the hell out of them for many more weeks to come. However, her plan quickly backfired when she saw Zangya jump into the fray and, after hearing her confession loud and clear, watched in silent wonder and amazement as her three friends expressed their love for one another in the most erotic manner imaginable.

Stunned by the development and unable to say a word after hearing Videl and Zangya's non-aggressive pact with one another, the astonished Erasa's expression slowly morphed into one of envy, a deep shade of scarlet crossing her cheeks and her thighs rubbing together as she saw Gohan take her best friend's lips in his.

As the trio's passion escalated, so did Erasa's arousal. Her right hand sliding down the front of her shorts while her left hand moved to paw at her bosom, the blushing blonde then bit her lip before deciding right then and there what she wanted.

If the other girls were going along with it, then why not her too?

Unbuttoning her shorts, sliding them down her long legs and kicking them off her feet, leaving her in her white thong and green halter top, the blonde rushed forward and, clambering onto the bed, wrapped her arms around Gohan from behind. Pressing her ample chest into his back, the blonde drew the attention of the half-Saiyan and the girls already in front of him, causing them to stop their activity prematurely.

"I… I can't hold it back anymore either, Gohan," Erasa said with a red face, looking Gohan squarely in the eye as hers irises shimmered with want and need. "You're the most amazing, selfless guy I've ever met. You're smart, strong, kind, handsome… everything that I'd ever want and love in a man. You see me as someone more than just some girl… more than just some piece of ass… and I don't want to lose you ever." She clutched the boy desperately, pushing her chest further into his back and causing the boy to blush brightly. "Please… let me be part of your life too."

Initially appearing surprised, Gohan then smiled and nodded in understanding. "Yeah. Absolutely, Erasa."

A joyful laugh left Erasa's lips as a positive glow filled her eyes. Quickly reaching a hand around his head, the blonde pulled the demi-Saiyan towards her and planted a deep kiss upon his lips. Slipping her tongue into his mouth and allowing it to dance with his for several seconds, she then pulled away with a gasp. "You're so hot, Gohan-kun… I need you so bad."

"You're not the only one," Videl also spoke, turning Gohan back to her and pashing him for a few seconds. "Mmm… let's keep going."

While Erasa kissed and nibbled on Gohan's neck, at the same time letting her hands roam freely over the front of his body with Videl mimicking her actions, Zangya snuck in a second taste of the demi-Saiyan's lips.

As their exchange started to get a little more salacious, the Hera suddenly pulled away for a reassessment of the situation. "W-Wait a second. Since there're four of us now… we're…" Her blush developed a deeper shade at her next line of words, "We're going to be making a lot of noise."

Stopping her own venture short, Erasa looked up worriedly, "Yeah. You're right." She then looked at the man she was embracing from behind. "Where should we go?"

Thinking on it for several seconds while the girls stopped having their way with him, the sandwiched Gohan then perked up and smiled. "I know a place. Hold on." When the trio braced, the young Saiyan focused for a moment and vanished in a flash of gold, their bodies disappearing from the room via countless individual streaks of light.

A second later, the four rematerialized atop another bed, a large two-person spread with curtains drawn and open. When Videl, Zangya and Erasa looked around, they found a white room surrounding them with a big, circular window on the far side, double doors, shelves, oriental style furniture, and a table and cabinet set up against the wall. It was a small, modest little domicile with very little in it, but it still felt like home.

Videl actually did a double take when she recognized the interior. "Isn't this-?"

"Your great grandpa's house?" Zangya apparently also recognized the establishment, "The one sitting on the other side of the tree line?"

"Yep. Just a hundred yards away," Gohan replied, leaning back to survey the place. "The family helps keep the place in good condition. The bed, the cupboards, the floors… everything is cleaned and dusted once every few weeks in case we ever have a guest who can't find a place to sleep." He chuckled when he remembered the current number of people at their home. "Luckily everyone decided to crash where they dropped, so we have this room all to ourselves."

Erasa, sitting on the mattress beside the other three with her hands in her lap, murmured thoughtfully, "A hundred yards, huh?" She then raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Think that's far enough?"

"Well, we'll soon find out," Videl replied, gripping the bottom of her shirt, "In the meantime…" She then lifted the white fabric away and tossed it to the floor beside the bed, leaving her topless before the trio. When she saw Gohan, Zangya and Erasa react to her exposed cleavage, particularly the man of the hour, the leering girl then slowly crawled towards her boyfriend like a hungry lioness, "Let's pick up where we left off."


Panting as he lay there on the blanket, Gohan soon felt a pair of bodies snuggle up against him, along with a third. Looking down, he saw the hot, naked bodies of Videl and Erasa curled up on either side of him, while an equally satisfied Zangya had crawled on top on of and was now lying with her chin on his chest. All of them smiling tiredly, the demi-Saiyan returned their loving and warm expressions with one of his own.

"I love you girls," he whispered hoarsely, wrapping his strong arms around the three as he felt their hands roam tentatively over his torso.

"I love you too, Gohan," Videl whispered, rubbing her stomach from the warmth inside of her as she kissed and nibbled the Saiyan's neck affectionately.

"Me too," Erasa chirped, running her hand up his sexy abs.

"You were amazing, stud," Zangya said, giving a soft moan as she embedded herself onto Gohan's still hard erection.

Groaning when he felt the girl slip his manhood inside her, the demi-Saiyan looked up at the Hera in amusement, "You want to keep going?" His answer was Zangya giving him a deep and tender kiss, while Videl and Erasa's hands started exploring his and her body with a little more enthusiasm.

The tired but still willing and excited Hera replied in earnest, "Oh yeah. For the whole night." Zangya then gave him a sly, challenging grin, "That is… unless you can't." She then shrieked and laughed when Gohan suddenly flipped them over, leaving the blue beauty lying flat out beneath him, her breasts pressing into his chest and his manhood buried deep inside her pussy.

His own eyes reflecting eagerness and excitement spurred on by the Zangya's teasing, the half-Saiyan hero smirked down at his lover, "Challenge accepted." When the Hera giggled, he then leant forward and captured her lips in a searing kiss, her giggles transforming into moans of pleasure as Gohan then kissed Videl and Erasa, who crawled over to make out with the man.

Soon, more groans and cries began echoing out of the small mountain home and over the hills, a chorus that rang all throughout the night and into the earliest hours of the morning.

By the time they were done and their passions had finally subsided, the four lovers wound up snuggling together under the sheets of the bed, sleeping safely in the arms of the ones they loved most.


Author's Note: GOHAN, MY BOY! YEAH!

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It is clear that I am not a big fan of Dragonball Super (or the two new movies for that matter). In fact I hate them with a passion and am not afraid to admit it. It's like the author is trying to redesign Dragonball to be more like One Piece and other Shonen shows, which really explains why he's brought back a bunch of previously forgotten and forgetful characters from Dragonball, and has Vegeta and Piccolo acting like Zoro and Sanji respectively, when they clearly never have previously. What's more a lot of the storylines don't add up and, even though Godly ki was hyped up to be this universe bending element in the show, thanks to the recent episodes with Mirai Trunks and Zamasu, it's now just become a useless gimmick. Power scaling doesn't matter anymore, even though the author showed how formidable God characters could be at the very beginning of Super and in Battle of Gods, where a single tap from a character with Godly ki could immobilize a Super Saiyan 3 character. No matter how much you try to argue, that shit makes no sense.

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