Chapter 3

Hallo! I decided to start the 3rd chapter right as I finished the 2nd. Why? Because I had an idea fresh in my mind and if I went to bed now I'd forget about it. Course you may not read this until a week later because A) I'm slightly lazy when it comes to my laptop, Impulse. And B) a mix of writer's block and motivation. Seriously, if no one reviews my stories I lose interest in them and give them up. They remain unfinished, and I move on to other things. You might find this childish, but I'm not going to continue a story if no one likes it. Anyhow last chapter the group came to Edo City, played a short gig, and met Samantha Kensington—who turned out to be the Teal woman. What happens next? Let's find out. ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

"It's a real pleasure to meet you all." The Teal woman—now known as Samantha—said taking Murdoc's hand and shaking it. "A real honor to be perfectly honest, I never thought I'd Ever get to meet anyone so famous."

"So, you're the representative that sent us that letter?" Russell asked, narrowing his eyes at the goth-punked out woman. Samantha nodded.

"Yes, that was me." She said.

"Yew don't look like no representative I ever saw." 2D said looking her up and down. Samantha blushed a bit.

"An' how many representative have you met?" Murdoc asked, narrowing his eyes at 2D.

"Yes well, I don't normally dress this way. At least, not anymore." Samantha explained, "This whole thing was my employer's idea. She's the one who set up the meeting place, she's the one who changed Bernice's mind, and she's the one who told me to dress like this. To get your attention."

Samantha's blue eyes met murdoc's and her face turned a slight crimson color. After a brief pause, Russell spoke up.

"So this mystery employer of yours sure has a lot of power in this town." He said. Samantha looked up and let out a snort.

"Oh, I assure you, you don't know the half of it. You'd be quite surprised to see what all she can get away with around here." She said then smirked, "Though considering this is a city that allows minors into bars to drink alcohol, that's not really saying much is it?"

"Now, if you'll allow me to, I will take you to the band in question." She continued. Murdoch allowed a sly grin.

"Lead on, love." He stated simply, Samantha nodded and led the group outside the bar to a fairly large cab that was waiting for them. once inside Samantha mumbled something to the driver and the car took off.

"So what is this mystery employer you keep referring to?" Russell asked, eager to get to the bottom of the mystery. Samantha smiled as she took down her pony tail and allowed her teal hair to fall past her shoulders.

"I apologize for all the secrecy, however, my boss insists on withholding that information until she meets you herself." She explained, "I am only allowed to mention that she is the leader of the new group called Metal Voice—"

"Neva heard of em." Murdoc growled. Samantha gave a slight smirk.

"That's not surprising. The group was founded a little over two years ago, and has only ever come out with one real CD, and it's just a demo version. However they're very popular here in Edo."

"And what do they want wif us?" 2D asked. Samantha shook her head.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to disclose that at this time." She said, "But I can assure you, it's well worth your time. I mean, the entire group is a fan of Gorillaz."

"Probably want to make a CD with us. Damn, coattail hanging—" Murdoc was cut off by the cab slamming to a halt.

"We've arrived Sammy." The driver said. Samantha smiled and allowed the band to go out before her. She paid the cab driver and gave him a quick thank you before exiting the car and standing with the group. Gorillaz stared. The building they had arrived at was—put simply—near condemned, there were broken windows that were covered by plywood. The paint was peeling off the brick, and the garage wasn't in any better condition with its door bent like someone had tried to back out of it and had forgotten the door was down. And over the door—which looked like it was in need of new hinges—was a black painted sign, with the words "Metal House" painted in cyan metallic paint. Murdoc and the others looked to Samantha, who had a slight knowing smirk.

"Right, onwards this way." She said—as if she didn't see the condemned building—and walked toward the door.

"You're half crazy if you fink we're goin in there!" Murdoc hissed. Samantha paused, with her hand on the doorknob, her lips pursing in confusion.

"What's wrong loves?" She asked.

"this place looks like one of those places you see in slasher movies. Right before someone gets brutally murdered." Russell said, his feet planted firmly where he was. Samantha let out a slight laugh as she rolled her eyes and smiled toward the group.

"One thing you've got to learn about Edo City, and Metal Voice," she said, then opened the door, "Looks can be very deceiving."

With that she led the music group inside. The inside was the complete opposite of the outside. Inside the condemned building, was well furnished house, the walls were painted black with several rock posters framed and hanging on them. There was a big screen TV in what was to be the living area with a gaming system hooked up to it along with a fairly decent sound system. Next to it was an alien ware computer. The inside of said Metal House, was a fully furnished, and state of the art.

"Can't have the place look too nice, otherwise every two bit crook in Edo would be robbing us." Samantha explained, walking ahead of the group, "Our fearless leader doesn't like to broadcast where we make camp. In Edo we are fairly popular, and can't afford to have our things stolen by local fans or anyone in the city. She can be pretty quick to anger when that happens."

"Sam? That you sis?" A feminine voice called, the group looked as a blond haired woman walked down the hallway that was at the other end of the room. The woman was very tall, and very thin. Her blond hair was tied off into four pony tails, two on either side of her head. She wore a worn white t-shirt with the British flag faded across her chest it was cut off so that her stomach was exposed, and skinny blue jeans, she had a silver studded wrist band, that matched Samantha's, and a black choker with a silver locket. When she entered the room she paused, her green eyes widening with surprise.

"Holy shit, they actually came!" She exclaimed, then beamed as she walked over to them, "I'm Rebecca, but you can call me Becky. I play drums for metal Voice. It's totally crash you guys actually came!"

The woman—now known as Becky—gushed as she introduced herself. She seemed more excited than Samantha to meet them, then again she had mentioned that everyone in Metal Voice was a fan.

"Becky, where're the others?" Samantha asked, cutting Becky off before she really got going. Becky stopped and stood up straight.

"Blud's out in the garage lookin at the Metal Roller, trying to figure out why it's makin that screechin sound when we drive it." She said, "As for Othello and Creep, well, Creep got an idea for an outfit, and you know how she gets when that happens. Just glad I wasn't the one closest to her when the idea sprang to mind."

"Can you get them? please?" Samantha asked. Becky nodded, then surprised everyone when she let out a loud yell, calling the three aforementioned members of the group. It didn't take long for three other people came into the living room. Two men and one woman.

"The hell Becky? I was in the middle of something!" The female of the group said, she looked like she had stepped straight out of the 80's, her hair was pale lilac and pulled back into a giant pink bow, she was wearing neon purple leggings with a black off-shoulder tunic that exposed the strap of her purple tank-top, and her lips were painted a misty blue. On her left wrist was a pincushion bracelet and her right sported a bright neon pink fishnet glove.

"She looks like a loony one doesn't she?" Murdoc mumbled to 2D. To the right of the purple haired woman was a man with short length shaggy brown hair, he was dressed pretty simply with a black Anarchy Tee, and holey jeans.

"Weren't really focusing on the task at hand anyway…." He said with a slightly perverted grin. The woman smirked. Then to their further right was a very tall man with grease spots on his face. Murdoc made a face when he saw him. The guy was pale—ghostly pale—with heavy black eyeliner on and black shoulder length hair. He wore a black ripped t-shirt with a witch's pentagram painted in red, with the words 'Witches not devils' on the front and black worn out jeans. He remained quiet.

"Guys, these are the Gorillaz." Becky said, then moved to stand between the two groups, "Gorillaz, we are Metal Voice."

"Creepula Strange," The 80's looking woman said, coming up and grabbing 2D's hand and shaking it, "But you can call me Creepie, everyone else does. I'm mostly backup vocals for Hagane-sama, but I also play the occasional key board. It's so great that you guys actually came, I've listened to just about all your music, 2D you're an amazing pianist!"

"uh…thanks?" was all 2D could manage, the woman—Creepie—was very excited, to put simply. She seemed to be gushing at the same time, perhaps there was a part of her that had a thing for the scrawny boy. Creepie grinned, before she was pulled off by Becky.

"She really is a loony." 2D mumbled back to Murdoc.

"Sorry bout that, Creep's a bit touchy feely. Ya get used to it." The Anarchy wearing man said, "I'm Othello by the way, I play guitar."

Noodle spoke up. She seemed excited to hear that, finding out that the man—Othello—was the guitarist, however given the language barrier none of them seemed to know why she was speaking to enthusiastically. There was a pause.

"Where's Shirley when you need her?" The Goth looking man mumbled as he whipped his hands free of oil, "I'm Kenneth, but everyone here just calls me Blud."

"Wait, where's Hagane-sama?" Samantha asked, crossing her arms.

"Oh yeh, she's still out. You know how Ren gets when Shirley's involved." Becky explained. Gorillaz scowled.

"Who's that?" Russell asked. Becky looked over to the large drummer.

"She's out leader, she's out getting Ice cream with a friend," She explained, "She'll be back in a bit."

"Shirley sure loves her ice cream." Othello snorted, putting his hands behind her head. Samantha let out an exhausted sigh.

"Hagane-sama has a habit of disappearing at times," She said, running her hand through her hair, "However given how she specified on the time and place, and insisted on me digging out this old tired outfit—"

"Not that tired." Becky put in.

"—I assumed she wouldn't disappear like this." Samantha finished, "For all her strictness she sure is lenient when it comes to her being on time. I swear that girl has no concept of time."

As Samantha went on her slight rant, she was stopped by someone behind them clearing their throat. They all turned to see the two girls that were previously at the bar standing in the door way. The only difference being that pink had her punk friend's jacket on. The punk girl had a slightly annoyed look on her face as she sucked on a lollipop. The girl with pink hair stared with excitement.

"No. Way. They actually showed up!" She squealed. 2D, Russell, and Noodle scowled.

"Aren't yew two from that bar?" 2D asked pointing to the two. The girl with pink hair smiled.

"Yeah, that's us." She said scratching the back of her head, "Rennie wanted to see you guys, make sure you guys at least saw Sammy. Good thing too. Ren forgot to tell you about the bars here. they really don't have a restricted age. They have the signs, but don't really listen to them."

The punk girl—now revealed to be Ren—shrugged silently. The pink girl pursed her lips at Ren as she placed her hands on her hips.

"'Details,' she says." She scolded, "That's a big detail to forget Ren-Ren, you got lucky." The girl then looked to the group and smiled, "I'm Shirley by the way, Shirley Jetter's best friend of Rennie here, and Metal Voice's number one fan."

Ren said nothing, simply looked the invited group up and down. Silently examining them and creating an awkward silence in the room as her friend—Shirley—rocked on her heels giddily, completely unaware of the awkwardness.

"Oh! Right!" She shouted, as if she had just remembered, "This is Ren Hagane, she sings for the group. And she's the one who founded Metal Voice."

"WHAT?!" Shirley flinched at the sound of Murdoc's shriek. He glared at everyone in the room, "You tellin me, we came all the way to America, only to find out that the person who called us, is a thirteen year old girl."

"Rennie's not thirteen." Shirley said with a pout.

"Oh shut up! This was a scam! I want my money back!" Murdoc shouted, Ren cocked an eyebrow.

"Ok, A) you didn't spend a damn dime here." Becky said flatly, putting her hands on her hips, "And B) this ain't no scam old man. Metal Voice is a legit band, we ain't all that popular yet, but we are popular. The fact that we have Ren is just an attention grabber."

"Also Ren's an awesome singer!" Shirley exclaimed as she hid behind Ren's back. Ren nodded, "Besides, you guys have Noodle, and she's only thirteen. Why Can't Metal Voice?"

"Oh shut up, what's a kid know about runnin' a group? What, you only play kid music for a bunch of preteens?" Murdoc hissed. Ren scowled, the whole rooms scowled.

"You're going to be mean to me one more time before Rennie decides to shut you up." Shirley said. Murdoc leered, he wasn't a bit scared of Shirley's threats, and her friend Ren wasn't all that threatening either. Little brat hadn't said a word the entire time they were there. What damage could she possibly do.

"Ooh, I'm shaking." He grumbled. Becky cleared her throat.

"Perhaps, Murdoc, you should listen to what Shirley's sayin'." She said. "At the very least listen to our offer."

"There's no way in hell we're stayin here another minute." Murdoc hissed walking toward the door.

"Oh please, just hear us out!" Samantha pleaded grabbing Murdoc by the arm. He paused, "You've already come this far, to go back now would be such a waste of time. We know it sounds strange to have someone so young run a band, but she really knows what she's doing. Just hear us out."

"Come on, please. At least hear us out, then if you don't like what you hear you can leave." Creepie shouted, "But at least hear Hagane-sama's offer."

"Yaknow, they do have a point Murdoc," 2D mumbled, "We did come all the way out here."

"Fine! FINE! We'll stay long enough to hear what ya got to offer." Murdoc growled in annoyance. The whole room seemed to relax after that, "So what ya want from us."

"It's really quite simple really," Samantha said, "Hagane-sama wants you to record an album with them."

"No." Murdoc simply said.

"You'll be more than compensated for your time." Shirley said, "Ren's thought this out completely."

"Oh yeh?" Murdoc hissed, glaring down at the young pink haired girl. Shirley nodded, "Then why is this so called Leader letting yew lot do the talkin?"

Shirley pursed her lips and looked to Ren, who's brows rose as she placed her hands behind her head. Shirley shrugged, "Ren doesn't talk much."

"Rennie speaks on a level that's better communicated through music," Shirley went on to say, "But she knows what she's talking about when it comes to business and legal matters."

"And how does she know that?" Russell asked skeptically. Shirley shrugged.

"My daddy." She said sweetly.

"Long story short, Ren knows a lot more than most kids her age." Becky said, "And yew've got a better chance of negotiations with 'er. We're all fans of ya, Ren the biggest one 'ere."

The silver haired singer nodded silently as she crunched down on her odd colored lollipop. Swallowing down the hard candy she flicked the remaining stick away and cleared her throat.

"Why don't you sleep on the decision before you tell me no again." She said revealing a boyish voice, "If you haven't changed your mind by tomorrow you and your band are free to go. However in the meantime feel free to spend your time in Edo, and for me to extend the metal hospitality."

Murdoch scowled as he looked at the young singer. There was something off about that one—more so than her group of loony-tunes—however he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Ren looked back at him, her expression remained indifferent, making it hard for Murdoch to determine what the kid was thinking. If she was even thinking at all. The two stared off for a while before someone else chimed in.

"It probably wouldn't hurt to stick around one night." Russel quipped, "Sides I think Noodle's tired from our flight here."

Murdoch looked to his youngest band mate who yawned. He groaned, probably the only thing bad about having a child in a rock band, they needed sleep. So, against his better judgement, he took the kid's offer to stay.

"You won't regret this!" Sammy said with a smile, "Welcome to Metal House!"

I honestly had no idea how I would end this chapter, and so rather than type myself into a bout of writers block I decided to end it here. This way I have a fresh idea to start out with. Hope you all enjoyed it. Also if there are any spelling errors do forgive me, I'm not using the laptop I'm accostumed to so the spell check settings aren't what i'm used to, and I got annoyed trying to go back and fix everything. So please forgive my crap spelling in this.