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This was it. Finally after all this time he'd made it. The Smash Estate.

"Oh wow this is incredible" He said, a smile beaming across his face as he looked down at the huge, complex area were cultures collided.

His name was Sam and he had won the right to be the representative for the Mii Fighter on Planet Smash; the competition was tough and many fought for the honour, but it was his Mii Gunner skills that allowed him to win overall. It had been a good year since then and everyone who has ever been in a Smash tournament took residence here, from veterans like Mewtwo to new-commers like Palutena, they all lived here. The lift seemed to take forever as it came down from the space port to the planet and Sam took a seat against the wall. His head filled with worries.

"What if they don't like me? What if I'm not as good as them all?" He said to himself, running his hands through his long blond hair.

He stood up and looked in the mirror fixing the hair he'd just messed up. His blond hair was shoulder length and covered his ears, he had a long fringe which swept across his face and covered one eye; he wore narrow square glasses which covered his blue eyes and despite his worries he still had a beaming smile. The lift came to a stop as he turned around to the glass door to see that he'd come to the lift station on the ground. Plucking up his courage he stepped out of the lift and wandered into the empty station, which was essentially just a long corridor with a light at the end.

"wow" He said, coming out from the tunnel and looking around, the mountains in the distance were giant and the area was nothing but green with lots of hills.

He looked back at the long pillar leading into the sky and then to the hill in front of him, he sighed and wandered forward to the top of the hill. From there he could see everything; a huge castle in the very centre of a massive village shaped like an octagon and branches made from train tracks reaching into smaller cities, eight in total, and then finally in the sky there was a huge mansion with the smash emblem logo on it. His future home, Smash Mansion. He was so overwhelmed by the sight of the flying mansion and the huge cities ahead of him that he never noticed the woosh sound getting closer.

"POYOOOOOO" Came a voice from his right.

Sam fell back as a bright yellow star came flying past him at an amazing speed and continued off into the sky, slightly dazed he stood up and followed it with his eyes, oblivious to yet another thing coming towards him.

"Hey, hey look out!" A young voice came from above.

This time he wasn't so lucky as he fell to the ground with something on top of him. After groaning and rubbing his face he sat up and looked at a boy doing the same thing; he had brown hair and wore white robes, where those wings on his back?

"Ah I'm sorry, I ran out of flight power while chasing Kirby. I haven't seen you around before...oh you must be the new-commer...the Mii Fighter right?" He said excitedly.

"Y-yeah that's right, I'm sam...those wings...you must be-" Sam was saying, his tone matching the boys.

"Yep! I'm Pit the angel, head of Lady Palutena's army" The angel said proudly while standing up and saluting.

The two stretched off their injuries and walked a little, it was a little awkward, Pit decided to break the silence.

"So, you probably need to be shown around, do you mind getting us up to the mansion? My flight won't come back for a while" He said, followed by a nervous laugh.

"To be honest, I was wondering how I'm meant to get up there myself..."

"Wait! You don't have magic or a vehicle of some kind?" Pit said with a worried tone.

"Well I could have used my arm cannon but my stuff isn't getting delivered until later this week." Sam replied with an apologetic voice.

Pit sighed and looked down at the city, he then gave a huge smile.

"Well in that case we should head down to the city, Wolf is often down there drinking a lot of adult drinks...or Samus could be looking for a new weapon upgrade" He said hopefully.

Sam nodded and decided to walk to the city with Pit, it took a while to get to one of the stations but then they headed on a train towards the central station. Upon arriving the two left the station involved in a heavy conversation when they came to a large building labelled 'Get Smashed'. Sam walked in and Pit nervously followed, the place was full of drunken chanting and mini-brawls; near the counter was a hunched figure with a grey tail.

"Hey Wolf! Pit shouted over and the animal-like person turned around.

"Oh look, it's Paultena's little -both Pit and Sam muted the word out in their heads- wadda you wan'" His speech almost a drunken slur.

"Could you fly us up to the mansion? My wings aren't working right now and Sam's transport won't be here for a while" He replied.

Wolf looked at Sam and smiled, then put his hand on Sam's shoulder.

"Listen, kid -hiccup- there are two kinds of people in Smash..." But before he could continue he crashed out and fell to the floor.

Pit and Sam looked down and blinked, before walking out calmly.

"So that's the famous space villain Wolf..." Sam said.

"He's more like the drunken uncle of the family" Pit said with a chuckle.

"What about our ride?"

"There's always Samus"

The two boys wandered around for an hour before giving up, luckily enough Pit's wings started to glow blue. With his power of flight restored Pit carried Sam up into the sky and landed in the front garden of the floating mansion. The garden was amazingly large and full to the brim with greenery, Sam was admiring it all when suddenly he was tackled to the ground and restrained from moving.

"Pit! We don't bring non-smahers into the mansion you know that!" The person shouted, the voice was that of a girl and very demanding.

"B-but Samus, he is a smasher, he's the Mii Fighter representative!" Pit whined at her.

With that said Samus got off him and helped him up, she smiled and her blue eyes were very welcoming.

"Sorry about that, it's nice to have you here" She said holding out a hand.

Sam reached out and grabbed it and was then forced into another restraint.

"Hmmmm, sloppy reactions, you sure you're the representative ?" She said jokingly before letting go and walked into the mansion.

"Sorry about her" Pit said "She liked to play with the new-commers, plus she's rather jumpy...you wouldn't expect her to be would you?"

"Doesn't surprise me" Sam replied, rubbing his arm.

The two wandered into the mansion and Pit gave him a quick tour, showing off the: Kitchen, social room, games room, gym, pool room and then finally they located Sam's room. They both ventured in and it was very empty apart from the bed, TV and WiiU system.

"Hey, my rooms at the bottom of this corridor, so feel free to come see me any time ok?"

"Okay" Sam said with a smile.

Pit opened the door to his room and sighed, upon entering he threw himself onto his bed and buried his head into the pillow.

"Argh, I made a total fool of myself didn't I?" He moaned into the pillow.

Upon Pits wall was a photo of Sam upon winning the competition to be the representative. Pit had been watching Sam for a while and though he was extremely cool; in fact, he was over the moon when he had been the first to bump into Sam. he wanted to be his friend.

Sam opened the door to his room and wandered out, he wanted to go have a look at the social room more, after all the more friends he made the better. At least, he hoped Pit thought of him as a friend. When Sam entered the room it was nearly empty, the large TV was on and from behind the sofa a long green cap was visible. Sam wandered over to find none other than the Hero Of Time sitting there, the two looked at each other briefly before Link turned back to the TV.

"Take a seat bro, I'm not gonna slash at you...yet" He said and then followed with a smile.

"Oh thanks, I'm Sam-"

"Nice to meet you Sam, I'm Link" He interrupted as he looked at the TV with an angry expression. "And that smug little brat is Robin" He continued pointing at the TV.

On the screen there was a live brawl happening, the combatants were the male Robin and the legendary Mario. After Robin sent Mario flying he turned to the camera and pulled his ears to make them more visible, they couldn't hear the words but they definitely made out the Robin had said 'Got him, Santa's Little Helper".

"I am not an elf or a dog!" Link roared at the TV.

He then stood up and started to run out the room.

"Sorry Sam, I'll catch up with you later, I've gotta teach a little bird how to fly" He said with a wave.

Sam looked up at the TV again and watched the match closely, he sat back in thought.

"Everyone seems so different to how they are in their games...I suppose this place will be interesting" He said smiling and started to chuckle as Mario fell over straight into a smash attack from Robin.

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