Lydia was on her knees, and stared at the pool in silence. The blood slowly started to drip on her shoulder though she didn't notice it. Her eyes were wide as she watched the water in the pool ripple. Okay, there is a body behind me. Don't look at it. Don't look at it. Just … look at the pool. Okay, the pool. There is nothing in the pool except for the CPR dummy. Just that and water. Just the water and the dummy… just water and a dummy.

She sucked in breath when she heard someone strolling, no walking, towards her. Biting her lip, she just continued sitting there. Even when the person reached her and sat down next to her. As her lips started to tremble, she looked at them. The Ice Queen of BHHS could feel her entire body quivering as she turned to look at the person.

The girl who was sitting beside her had already pulled her pants up to her thighs, had peeled off her shoes and socks, and now her bare legs were in the water. She had great taste in fashion, which Lydia noticed with great pleasure. She was wearing black jeans and a classy button-up pearly white long-sleeved shirt which had a black collar and was covered with black spots. She had white pearl earrings on and a crimson red jacket on her shoulders.

She was quite beautiful, Lydia could suppose. Her ebony-black hair hung in waves to her shoulders. She had mesmerizing doe-like emerald-green eyes. They were quite similar to Allison's but had more… darkness in them. Lydia could feel her breath out like she was calm, like these sorts of things happened to her every day.

Lydia was suddenly startled when the girl beside her chuckled.

"Yeah, I'm wearing pretty fancy clothes. I went on the plane right after I came from a family reunion." She sighed with a sad smile as she kept looking at the pool. Lydia however continued looking at the classy girl with interest who had a British accent. She backed when the latter blinked and quickly turned around to face her with a dazzling smile.

"Sorry, I forgot to say who I was. I'm Amelie but you can call me Ellie." She raised her hand in front of her and held it for Lydia to shake it. The teenager merely blinked and shook her hand with a, "Lydia.".

Ellie turned back to the pool and sighed.

"It's hard, isn't it? To find dead bodies. I've had to deal with them my whole life and it hasn't become any easier." She ended the sentence with a humorless laugh. Lydia blinked. She didn't understand anything that the girl was talking about, "What?" Her new friend looked back at her with shocked eyes.

"You don't kno-" She was cut off when a familiar jeep drove into the parking lot of the pool. Both girls stood up and turned around to face the person who was already walking towards them and was yelling, "LYDIA, LYDIA! Are you okay? And who exactly are you?" He had reached them and was now staring at Ellie with raised eyebrows.

She sent a radiant smile at him and lifted a hand, "I'm Ellie. Just another teenager at Beacon Hills." Stiles blinked, surprised by the accent. He narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously before shaking her hand, "You're British?" Ellie nodded with a smile, "Yeah. Came here for more opportunities." The suspicion was still there in Stiles but he ignored it and looked at Lydia. The latter just pursed her lips which had started to tremble again.

"I'm okay. But that," She gestured to the dead body on the lifeguard stand, and shook her head, "Not okay."

Stiles glanced at the bloody corpse and back to Lydia who was looking away before getting out his phone, "Okay, okay. I'm going to call my dad." She merely continued looking at the ground while shivering.

"I already called 911," Stiles rapidly blinked and looked incredulously at her as if he didn't understand why the police was more important than him.

"You called the police before me?"

"I'm supposed to call you first when I find a dead body?!"

"YES!" Both teenagers didn't even notice the small amused smile sent to them by Ellie.

Ellie had walked to the other side of the pool and was now sitting on one of the diving stand, looking like finding bodies was least important on her list. Lydia still didn't get her. How could someone not be affected by finding bodies? She shook her head, trying to clear all these suspicious thoughts. Ellie was just another teenager in Beacon Hills, like she said but she seemed to have more than just a little darkness in her soul and eyes.

"-ing to be surprised." Stiles' voice showed the feelings she felt: shock, pain, disbelief and the coldness which was starting to spread all over her body.

"Make sure it was them? Scott, who else is going around ripping throats out?" She heard him wait and then sigh before looking again at the dead body. He started to step closer to it, peering up to it. The body, or the person, was definitely murdered by a werewolf. The blood was absolutely everywhere, there were deep cuts in the corpse and the only clean part on the body was the 'Purity' ring.

"Yep, it's them," Stiles stepped back, and lifted the phone up to his ear, continuing the conversation with his best friend. The latter just sighed before ending the call. He took the phone from his ear, and stared at it disbelieving.

"Hey, you guys! What are you doing there with the body? We shouldn't be touching it," The two were startled when Ellie started to shout at them, and walk towards them. The teenagers stared at each other in shock. Neither knew what to do. However, they didn't need to do anything. The police was here.

They all turned around when red and blue lights filled the pool, and officers started to run to them. Most stopped when they saw the body. One started to back from it until he reached a trash bin in which he threw up.

"Okay, okay. Let's start clearing this area. I want no citizens able to see this," Stiles sighed in relief, recognising the voice as his father's. The latter instructed the police officers till he reached the body… and Lydia, Ellie and Stiles. He sighed and muttered, "I should've known."

"Hey dad…" The Sheriff just shook his head, "I don't want to know." He looked back at the three teenagers, only now noticing Ellie.

"I'm sorry. I'm the Sheriff so if you have any problems, come to me." She smiled gratefully at him before lifting a hand for him to shake, "I'm Ellie Black. New to Beacon Hills." Stiles' father shook her hand before calling another officer to take the girls to the ambulance car to get warmer. As soon as they were out of the hearing distance, Stiles' dad pulled him closer to himself, and looked around suspiciously.

"Stiles, what's going on? What are you not telling me? Is there something going on?" The teenager just glanced at his father with a, "Nothing. Nothing's going on." It seemed as if he tried to rather convince himself than his father. The latter searched his face for any give-aways but there were none. He slowly let go of Stiles and walked away, glancing at him every few steps. Only when the Sheriff was completely occupied with his job, he breathed out in relief.

His eyes started to go over the crime scene, first glancing over to the lifeguard stand where the body had been. It was being searched for any evidence but there didn't seem to any. Hearing someone cry out, he quickly turned in the direction but only saw the corpse. It was near an ambulance car, on a bed, and surrounded by a couple who was crying. It seemed to be their son.

"It's sad, isn't it?" Stiles jumped a few feet into the air when a voice spoke next to him. He put a hand on his rapidly beating heart and looked at the person. Ellie was standing next to him with a shock blanket on her shoulder, replacing her jacket. She had a grim smile on her voice as if she had seen this before. He breathed out, still shocked from the not meant scare.

"Do you always do that?" The girl looked back at him still wearing the same expression, "Sorry. Past experiences," She looked back at the body, the couple surrounding it, and glanced over to Lydia who was shivering in the ambulance. Her eyes softened at seeing them.

"I've learnt to push the grief, pain, the hopelessness and the feeling as if you should have done something to prevent it… Even if it was inevitable," He looked at her, puzzled. He didn't get her. How could someone see so much of death? Ignoring the warnings in his heart, he took up a conversation with her.

"So, I'm Stiles." Ellie chuckled, "I'm Ellie but I've already said that." An awkward silence filled the air since neither of the teenagers knew what to say.

"…" Stiles looked uncomfortably around the scene, clasping his hands behind his back. He opened his mouth before closing it. He opened it again, speaking up.

"So," Ellie looked up to him with a sweet smile, "Are you going to study in Beacon Hills High School?" The latter nodded, her eye glancing over the officers.

"Yeah, but I have no idea where it is."

"I… could show you around and give you a ride to school."

"Oh, that would be heaven. Wait, let me give you my number," Ellie searched through her purse which Stiles hadn't even noticed was there, before taking out a pen. She took his hand and, quickly wrote a number on it. Finishing, she smiled up to him, "I'll send you the details later." Stiles smiled back at her. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe, she truly was a normal teenager in Beacon Hills.

He blinked back from the clouds when someone waved their hand in front of his hand. That someone, Ellie, took back her hand and smiled at him. She gestured to her wristwatch which showed it was quite past ten in the evening, "I should get going. Got to get to school early," She started to walk away before turning around to wave with a smile, "Bye." She turned back to the parking lot, walking to a cab. He waved back at her with a confused smile.

"See you in school."

"She's a strange one, isn't she?" Stiles blinked when Lydia showed up next to him. He strangely enough found himself agreeing.

"Yeah, she is." He breathed out as they watched Ellie drive out of the parking lot.

Ellie stretched in the forest along with her classmates. Coach had made all of them run to see if some would make into the cross-country team. Of course she would make it – if she would show her athletic skills which developed with raising Ted. The boy is a running machine – but maybe that wouldn't be for the best. She would show out and wouldn't stay anonymous. Of course befriending two of the 'strange group' – as the others call it - wouldn't help. She blinked out of her thoughts when someone, probably Coach, blew a whistle.

Ellie started to jog in the same rhythm of the others. If she wanted to, she could speed up, go in her speed. However a sight distracted her. She tilted her head when one boy breathed out to another, "It's them," and ran to the front of the running group. He ran faster and faster till she couldn't even see him. The other boy ran after him. She moaned. It has to be something supernatural. It always is. Making a half a second decision, she started to run after him. From the corner of her eye, she could see her classmates' jaws dropping as she passed. The teenager only shook her head, ignoring them.

The girl was almost near the boys when a loud shrill shriek distracted her. Deciding it a danger, she started to sprint towards the yeller. She slowed down on a hill when she saw all the students crowded around a tree, on which was a … dead body. She inhaled sharply in shock. Putting a hand on her mouth, she slowly walked down the hill closer to it. How could someone do this? I mean, Voldymort had a plan. This is just… plain old murdering. A serial killer can only do this… or something supernatural. She scowled when a police officer knocked her to the ground running by. He didn't even look back.

Sneering, Ellie tried to get back up by herself but that wasn't necessary. Someone had offered a hand to help her. She accepted the hand, and with that she was back up. Wanting to thank them, she looked at the person. She was pleasantly surprised.

"Stiles?" The smiling boy was surrounded by two teenagers. The others watched her with a suspicious look but Ellie dismissed them in her mind. They probably can smell me. "Thanks for that. And you are?" She turned to the other boys with a smile. They were silent and had narrowed their eyes at her until Stiles nudged them with a "Dude!?" Ellie turned her head away to hide the small amused smile. The tanned teenager held up his hand with a smile which she shook.

"Scott." She smiled at her which was returned by a bigger grin. He's like a puppy. So cute… and probably in a relationship.

"Isaac." The other boy followed his lead... but didn't shake her hand. Otherwise Ellie grinned at them, "I'm Ellie." She turned back to Stiles with a questioning look.

"Do you know where Lydia is? I wanted to take her out shopping to take her mind off the… pool," She bit her lip. Would they let me? Stiles would, the puppy would… not so sure about the last one. Stiles grinned.

"Sure! I'll send you her number later," She smiled at him gratefully. God knows she needs it. Being a banshee is hard. It could make you go crazy.

"Thanks. I'll see you guys later." Walking away, she waved at them. However she quickly interrupted by the grinning Coach.

"Hey, new British girl, I saw you running. Want to join the cross-country team?" Ellie merely shrugged. She needed something to do anyway. No friends + new girl + loner = nothing to do… except homework, "Why not?"'


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